The Rolex Submariner

Submariner No Date Model 5513

The James Bond Submariner (Live and Let Die) 5513 was introduced in 1962, and replaced the reference 5508. The 5513 was produced from 1962 until mid 1990. Today, the 5513 is one of the most collectible Submariners, and while it is still accessible priced, market prices have almost doubled from 2003 to 2005.

For me the Rolex Submariner 5513 is one of the most classic tool watches ever made. None of the modern brothers can come close. When I have the 5513 on the wrist - it sits perfect, looks so cool, and the dial is so simple and so classic. The fact that the Rolex 5513 has been produced over a period of about 30 years makes the dial variation multiple. I have yet to find the ultimate dial information overview for the 5513. I have entered the most known dial variations below - but even in the same dial layout - there exist many minor variations.
One of the things that many Rolex "collectors" check is variations in dials, and mine 5513 have ink-traps on the hour and 5-minuets markers, something I havn't seen on very many 5513 dials.

As the Rolex Submariner 5513 has not become as expensive as other sports models - the Red 1665 and the Red 1680 - the number of fake 5513 are probably limited so far. But I think its only a matter of time before fake 5513 will become more and more common on the marked. So I suggest any one that is on the lookout for a classic 5513 to do their homework well before buying one.

My 5513 was my first real vintage Rolex watch. I got in 2005 because I was looking for a watch from my year of birth (1965) and had my eye open for any nice 5513. I finally found one that matched almost on the serial and was overall very nice. But as I was to find out, the serial number on a Rolex is by no way a sure way to check the year of the watch if the watch is older that from 1975.

The serial of the watch was in the 1.7 mill. range, placing it in the year 1965-1966, but a check of the inside of the back case showed that the watch was from about 1972. But I have kept this watch and would probably get more Rolex 5513 in my collections as I find the clean dial and history of the watch very interesting.

Special features and life of the 5513

  • Launched in 1962. Depth rated to 200m (660 ft) with 8mm crown. Gilt printing on dial with gilt ring printed around dial.
  • Updated in 1963. Depth rating to 660 ft (200m) with 8mm crown. Non-Chronometer 1520 movement. Swiss T<25 printed on dial.
  • Dial updated in 1976 with wording submariner above the depth rating
  • Dial updated in 1984 with gold markings around the minute and hour markers
  • In 1988 the introduction of Sapphire glass to the 5513 is seen. The last update to the model before the introduction of the 14060 model. i>

Dial variations of the 5513

  • gilt dial 200M with small =
  • gilt dial 200M with large = (and bart simpson coronet)
  • matt dial 200M with small =
  • matt dial 600M with open 6
  • matt dial 600M with open 6 and serif on hour markers
  • matt dial 600M with open 6 - "maxi dial"
  • matt dial 600M with closed 6
  • matt dial submariner above / 600m open 6
  • matt dial submariner above / 600m closed 6/"S" very flat
  • glossy dial and white gold markers - 200m=660 ft seen, closed six
  • glossy dial WG markers 660ft=200m , closed six