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What is a fair price?

What is a fair price for a watch?
Well it depends on your way of thinking. I could ask the same in relation to cars, shooes, pocket knifes, etc.
I value of a watch should be based on their second hand value. If you can sell it again, for a price that match your initial cost. Well I guess that the watch is priced fair.

Is vintage in decline?

Looks like I'm getting my Rolex dweller 1665 back. Sometimes I feel that the number of people with a focus on vintage Watches are in a decline. The watch golden era, was just before the financial crisis, and the way back takes some more time. It looks like buying the more modern models is a safer way to go, than paying the same amount for a beautiful vintage watch.

Box and Papers (b&p) what is the deal?

When buying a new watch it is now normal that you get box and papers. But when buying a vintage watch, you have to be lucky if you also get the original box and papers. In the old days, long before the internet and the many different watchforums, people bought a watch to use, and not as a part of any collection.
So would you pay extra for a vintage watch with b&p?
Yes I would,

My quest for the next watch - part 1 - Rolex

As always, I'm on my quest for the next watch. And because I don't have the contacts to get watches at a discount, or watches almost free, I. most always select my next watch based on many factors.
I will not buy a watch that cost $$$$ whiteout the possibility to sell again with a minimal loss. I will only buy a watch I will wear, eg. no safequeens for me, and last the watch will also probably be a watch I have wanted for some time.
Right now I have 4 brands (5 if you push it) that could be a candidate for the next one in the family.
They are:
  • Rolex
  • Linde Werdelin
  • Panerai
  • Audemars P. ROO
  • Patek

Let me describe my thoughts about each brand - first one up is Rolex.

Rolex is my first real watch after my Heuer. And probably the brand that many people think as a brand to explore on many levels.
The Rolex is also a brand that have their own way of working. If it ain't broke don't fix it.
This has been the status for the last many years, but lately they have begun to follow some of the watch trends that have been underway. (vintage, history, size,..). But one thing that Rolex is not know for, is their focus on vintage Rolex. And for me with 50/50 between old and new Rolex, their service prices are not good for my pocket. So for me getting a new /old Rolex will be a secure investment, a brand I will forever be involved in, but also a little dull, when a new Rolex just will be number x in my little collection.

My Rolex candidates are:
Rolex deep sea.
A real toolwatch , nothing special
Rolex millgauss GV
Rolex explorer ll - new model.

What is the status for me in 2014

Been a little inactive the past months. This is mainly due to other priorities and a little more focus on my work. But I plan to be more active the on my blog and on different watchforums.

Right now my watch status is "looking for a new used watch".

1. trying to sell a watch.
2. looking for many different Watches.
3. continue to look for Watches.

Link to danish webpage with Rolex sub and GMT info

When looking for Rolex information - you can start to look around the net or maybe your so lucky that the information can be found on one page. I found this page (in Danish) that have the very basic information related to rolex subs and gmt.
And the best advice Danny gives is "buy the seller"!!!!
Check out the page here SUBCENTRAL:DK

You will find info related to dials, inserts, etc..

Do you like color on your watch or not?

Most of the time I like the more simple watches, simple in look and simple in function.
But that is not the complete truth. But sometimes I find that watches with color can be just the right thing.

The first colorful watch I got was the Rolex GMT - the red/blue bezel is just right.

The next color watch I got was the Rolex 50 years sub - the 16610LV (lunete verte = green bezel) in 2003. This watch have been the talk of the twon for some years.
Was the green sub only a limited version, or was the LV model a new color. As it has turned out the green bezel submariner is now a part of the submarine models. Now in a more beefed up model with ceramic bezel.

I like the "original" green sub - the first modern rolex with maxidial - and you still have the possibility to change the green bezel with a black.

Then came my latest color watch - my Rolex sub 16613 - gold and steel with blue bezel and blue dial.
It have a little more punch in the colors than the other watches with black dial (GMT and LV), and the gold adds some more bling bling to the watch.

But in the end I find that I always return to the simple look again and again.

Do I need a Patek watch ?

The more and more I think about my way in the watch collecting / using time. The more I'm looking into the more expensive watch brands.
Is the end of the road for me a Patek Phillipe watch??
I really think that a Nautilus could be my final watch, maybe one together with my rolex'es. And also a Audemars ROO could find the way to my home in time.
When I have my Patek Nauilus and my Audemars ROO I will rest my case ;-)
Maybe only some more exotic watches that can tickle my brain

Again a fantastic story on a watch

I love to read these watch stories where you get a complete watch story from the original owner and the life the watch have lived.

Again it is on vintagerolexforum where a watch dealer have found and all original Omega Speedmaster and a Rolex sub from 1958 - in all original shape.
Just take a look at the super nice Rolex after it have been through a minor service - it just looks so nice and perfect.

And after the service - just take a look at the rolex

I suggest you head over to the foum and enjoy the many nice photos.

My quest into Linde Werdelin watches ...

Will it continue - maybe - The Linde Werdelin watches is for me what I would call my sleeper watch.

I like the design - it is special, the idea of a real tool-watch (even if the sale of the rock and the reef is low).

The present watches "only" includes the spido (but in many different looks) and the Octopus (again in many looks).
I miss some of their old models - my own Elemental is very nice - understated compared to the newer models.

It has some time since I last looked into the Linde Werdelin watches and the LW people have moved away from my last (and first) visit at their R&D in Denmark.
Check out my little Linde Werdelin story here , and I really need to update my Linde Werdelin INFO page - last update about a year ago.

Maybe it is time to a new visit to Linde Werdelin and see what have changed - what are under the radar - what is the next move.

I have some idea for LW.

  • Entry watch - have people move into the LW world with a "simple" watch - ala sub non date
  • Personalize watch - why not let people personalize a watch - one of a kind watches LW have done it before.

I can only suggest that you check out their site - and look at my old factory / R&D tour on these pages.

Some of my photos from the R&D tour.

And some photos of my Linde Werdelin watch - The first Elemental

Watch Military Codes - information

I don't have any Rolex milsub aka 5513/5517 - even if this is a dream watch for me - but I do have some other military watches that are avaliable for all people out there.

Again the vintagerolexforum is THE place to check for any vintage/special rolex watches. The amount of knowledge that exist in this forum is second to none.

Just check out this detailed desciption of UK military watch codes on this LINK.

Just some minor extract from this thread...

Nato Stock Number
NSN arrives around the middle of the 60s : it was studied to make a perfect identification within NATO of every kind of supplies ( from bullets to spare parts for laundry machines) , in order to have an easy classification and supply of all items already in use or expected to be used in the military environment.

It consists of 13 digits so defined :

A) the first 4 digits define the SPECIES (=sort ) code ; in other words they define " the family " to which belongs the item , so for ex. 5305= screws , 6645= wrist watches ;

B) digits 5 and 6 are the code of the country who has given this NSN , that can be different from the country who has made the item ; so for ex. a watch produced in France can have the country code of another nation , such as Germany or USA .

Some country codes are :

-- from 00 to 09 : United States

-- 99 : UK

-- 12 : Germany

-- 14 : France

-- 15 : Italy

C) the last 7 digits are the own item code : so all 7 digits codes describe an item ( or a group of items with extremely close features ) within the nation that has requested this particular NSN.

This means :

1) the 7 digits code is defined as " with no inherent significance " , so it doesn't give any evident information about the item ( in other words it's completely at random ) ;

2) it's progressive and depends on the time in which the codification has been requested ; for ex. " 545.7078 " can be a lamp and the following number ( " 545-7079 " ) a ground-air missile.

3) some 7 digits codes have been used by more than a country ( as for watches ) some only by the country who has created that code.

Some UK examples :

*) a British Army Smith watch delivered in 1970 had this NSN : 6645-99-961-4045 and the complete delivery code would be :



I have the following Mil. watch that are easy avaliable for ALL.

STOC - State of the collection 2013.

As the year ends and a new year starts - what have left your collection and what have entered your collection. From my point of view - 2013 was a very quiet year - nothing much happened on the watch front. But let me summarize.
Last year 2012-2013 I sold my Panerai 1B, and got number two of the classic Rolex 1665 and my first real gold watch - my Rolex day-date 18038.
What did 2013 bring then ?

Also a first - my first gold/steel watch - the Rolex 16613 - with blue dial.
This watch has some history on my part. When I was traveling in Africa back in 1980-1990, with my Rolex Exp II (16550), I first saw this watch in real life on a man that "really" live the life. So from that day on - that special Rolex (submariner with blue dial and gold and steel), have had a place in my mind.

And in has been on my wrist for the time I got it until now - only replaced with my 1665 - the watch I see as most classic - in the same league as the 5513 (just a little more beefy)

So for 2013 it was:

  • Goodbye to ---- Nothing - I do have my other 1665 on sale - but still in my collection
  • Welcome to ---- Rolex submariner 16613 - first gold/steel watch

My quest for a Rolex Exporer II 1655 - ongoing

My quest for the simple Rolex Explorer II (1655) is under way.
But as things goes - the "time" to get this watch is a little uphill compared to the more "normal" price watches out there. I'm in the process of talking my self into the idea that a Rolex Explorer II (1655) is a must. But somehow it can be a difficult task, when you compare the price with that of a new small car!
I think many WIS people have this dilemma, how can a watch be of that value, after all it is just some steel and some "paint".

2013 is NOW in Archive - Please check them out

Remember to check out the archives - There might be some funny info for you in the many archive pages.;-)

Welcome 2014 - and good bye 2013.

Now we have entered into 2014 and as always can look back on a year gone bye. What have we done with our life, have we enjoyed life enough, do we want to change something, was was good and what was bad. Well from my point of view 2013 was one busy year with my normal work, why my and quest for new watches was on a low.

The year have been so busy - no real summer vacation, many extra hours on the job, and changes in the organization. I start the new year with a "company takeover" - as my old company is now become a part of a bigger organization. I see this as very positive and hope that the next two years will bring many changes and more responsibility to me. We must wait and see, but I think that it is time to speed up my work profile.
On the watch front, I hope 2014 will bring me back in "contact" with the watchworld and give me some more time to update my blog and the other forums I'm on. So again I say to all - welcome 2014 and let it be a good year to come.

My daily watch for is for now the Rolex sub 16613

Since I got my Rolex sub gold and steel (model 16613), it has been my daily watch. The wife still thinks it is to "nice" - the gold makes it look like a "not a mans watch" in her mind.

But I like it ;-)

I'm starting to grow warm on Panerai again.

After a periode where Panerai have been in the dark from my point of view. I'm starting to enjoy the old look and size of the Panerai watches, and will focus on the early models. Somehow the newer models are to high priced for my "time".

Maybe a Panerai Logo, just to get a basic model back into the family.