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I have been active on TUMBLR, INSTAGRAM and TWITTER much more than the old fashion web. I hope that you can access these new formats before I remove this old fashion way of communication with the world.

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The Rolex Dweller Deep Sea - is the new big boy on the block

Well the Rolex Submarine gold and steel, model 16613 , was not the last watch in 2015. I have a soft spot for the real tool watches of rolex. I have the original dweller 1655, and like that it was made for a special purpose. I have the replacement for the 1665 - the 16600 dweller. And the newest version of the dweller is just my latest addition. Welcome to the Dweller Deep Sea 116660.
When the ROlex deep sea was introduced - it was also the end of the dweller 16600, and many people was not happy for that. Some found the deep sea to big, and the origial dweller 16600 just perfect. I had the same feeling (until I got the new deep sea). But fear not, rolex introduced a new more modern version of the dweller - the 116600
I have used and worn this watch for a extented time - and can only say that the size is no problem. The wife can't even tell the difference between the deep sea and the orginal 1665 version. Below are some photos of my newest watch.

My Rolex gold and steel - version 16613 - once again ;-)

Status of my watches in 2015 is that I missed my 16613 gold and steel Rolex sub so much that I have been on the lookout for its replacement. Somehow the gold and steel model with the blue dial is just done right.
The story goes that my wife think that this model reminds her of a accountant (nothing wrong with that) - and that made m trade it together with a lot of cash for my rolex explorer II 1655.
After all I'm a explorer II man.
So after about a year without my 16613 I finally found a nice one - price was a little high. But it was a nice model with t-dial, and still with the original green sticker on the back.
Below are some of photos of the unpacking and watch.

I have not been away - just on other media - tumblr and Instagram.

I have not been away from my interest in watches. I have just used my other social medias like tumblr, instagram and pinterest.

My tumblr profile is Whichwatch - again only my own photos.

My Instagram profile is watchblogdk again only with my own watches but will comment on other photos
My Facebook profile is watchblogdk mainly related to watches and photography

My new Camera Fuji x-pro 1

I have been having fun with my new camera - the Fuji x-pro 1 nd 18mm/2 and 35mm/1.4. A almost perfect picture machine, always something that can be changed. But for now it is perfect for me and my Nikon D3S and 24-120/4 sits and waits for its use when that is needed. It is two different machines, for two different kind of photography.

The Nikon is for action, and when you have time to make photos (a photographers kind of camera), while the Fuji x-pro 1 is more a thinking man's camera, easy to carry, easy to have with you, and still produce some fantastic pictures.

Welcome 2015 - keep it safe and keep watching

Hope all got into 2015 with all their fingers, and with not to much of a hangover.
I had a very nice new year evening with fellow WIS and his family. It was mostly fun and very little watch talk, but we did talk about what we was looking at. And my full respect to my friend, one of the very few that have managed to make deals that are out of this world. I looking forward to 2015 and the watches he will find. I also hope 2015 will mean that I can get a new watch, if time (money) allows


Which watch did I use to say hallo to 2015 and goodbye to 2014.?

Well the daytona was the watch - had to use it to time the meat ;-)

2014 is NOW in Archive - Please check them out

Remember to check out the archives - There might be some funny info for you in the many archive pages.;-)

Social media - my new idea - the status

Here are the latest status of my followers on the social media. I will continue to see how many followers I can get on my Instagram profile, Pinterest and facebook profiles.

So please add me and join me in my quest to add new people to my "circles".

My webblog ONLY a simple HTML page - no fancy wordpress or the likes.

My tumblr profile is Whichwatch - again only my own photos.

And last my Instagram profile is watchblogdk again only with my own watches but will comment on other photos

And last my Facebook profile is watchblogdk mainly related to watches and photography

Status pr. 30 December 2014

  • Webblog: Nov 2014 - Unik visits 5037 - Visits 8075 - Pages 15943 - Hits 525038
  • Tumblr: Dec 2014 - 174 followers (was 146 followers in october)
  • Instagram: Dec. 2014 - 755 posts, 566 followers - (was 25 followers in october)
  • Facebook : Dec. 2014 - 1196 friends.

Which watch to have on when saying goodbye to 2014 and welcome 2015?

Happy X-mas to all - and lets have a nice new year 2015.
This New Year is going to be with another WIS person. So maybe I can have some watch talk, and think of what 2015 will bring in relation to watches.
What are his throughts about new watches in 2015, what do I think, and last but not least. What watch will we be wearing when saying goodbye to 2014 and welcome to 2015.

From my point of view I think it will be my always present Rolex Daytona Zenith. Somehow it is classic, and will match any formal dress.

If you need a xmas present for a WIS - what to get?

All the WIS people I know, love the idea of a good book with pictures or if that is out of reash, get one of the many magazines about watches that exist. It is a true WIS present, and it will ensure a happy receiver.

For me the only books to get would be mondani books, they exist in many prices and cover different topics. The books are a bit expensive, but are also very nice. There exist many other books on watches, so the just find one that could give a WIS some extra time off-line enjoying his/hers hobby/passion.

Last day before X-mas - what could be a present for me ?

Here the last day before xmas, I have made a list of watches I still would like to see and maybe own.
Some of the wacthes are more in the area of dream watches, while others are in the area of possible watches.

Below is my limited list and some thoughts about each watch and why it is still on my radar. In no special order.

  • Rolex Explorer new version - black dial: Still a must have watch for me, I think that the explorer watches are some of the most underrated watches made by rolex. Simple, elegant, and still a real tool watch. I would love to also get a 16570 version.
  • Rolex DeepSea - The original black dial - the new blue dial don't do it for me yet. Just to have a mother fu...ker Rolex tool watch.
  • Rolex Gold sub - the 1680/8 - black dial - Somehow it says class, says the 80-90, and have a look that is out of this world.
  • Rolex Gold and steel sub (maybe gmt) - blue/black dial - had the blue dial version, but sold it, still miss it when I see my photos of it. And the price is still in the relative low end.
  • Rolex day date in white gold/platinum - this would be a super classic watch, a stealth watch.
  • Patek Philipe Nautilus - somehow I would like this watch - it is classic (like the day date in WG). But still have not see one in real life.
  • Panerai 372 - big watch - but true to the history of panerai watches - I think that panerai have gone down a wrong way - but their early watches are still ok
  • Panerai 005 logo - again a simple, relative cheap watch from panerai - that have all the right qualities of the panerai brand.
  • IWC - Ingenieur or Aqua - I have always had IWC on my mind, but due to my focus on rolex and panerai I have overlooked this brand.
  • Linde Werdelin - Oktopus - special and limited and VERY expensive - so probably not for me.
  • Tudor snowflake - old version - still a true classic, and will become more and more iconic
  • Omega Speedmaster - moon watch - the original speedmaster just is cool - why I don't have it yet I don't know ;-)
  • Omega Seamaster 300 - old version with sword hands - again - classic and the original Military watch.
  • AP ROO - the old model - have been on my radar for many years - gone away and come back.... it is a big maybe watch.
  • And yet many more ....

Xmas is near - have you any Xmas watch present for you?

Now when xmas is near - it could be the time for a little present for your self. And in this regards I talk about watches.

For me - it is no cigar - I have a new roof to pay, that is costing the same as a PP almost. But remember that watches are just for fun ;-)
But the more I look at watches the more I would like a new addition to the family.

STOC - State of the collection in 2014

As we are comming to and end of the year 2014, it is also the time for the always present State of the Collection - SOTC.

SOTC is the look back of watches that have left your, and the watches that have arrived into your little home.

From my point of view it has been very limited - said goodbye to more watches than I have said hallo to.

My old dweller 1665 had to go - at a very low price - but with a L-dial - so OK for me, and also my newest modern watch - the gold and steel submariner 16613 (complete with B&P).

The reason for this is that I have found my super nice explorer II - the 1655 - straight hand and very nice. The watch is very diffecult to find in that condition - and when talking vintage rolex - the condition is everything.

So right now my SOTC is that I have said goodbye to two watches and said hallo to one watch.



List of watches I like and would love to have if money was no option

With only one month to X-mas it could be nice to list what watches are on my x-mas list to people that would like to donate a present ;-)

I have my "NEXT watch list" page - where I update and change my focus from til to time. That list is more a mix of watch I want, and what could be a reality in the not so distant future.
That list can be seen here "Next watch list"
Well I need to update it a little more - as the 1655 is now in the house.

Here are some other candidates for watches I would like - but probably not a real option when looking at the total cost. the watches are not in any special order.
  • Rolex day date White gold
  • Panerai 372
  • Patek P. Nautilus
  • AP ROO - old model.
  • IWC - big pilot
  • Omega Seamaster 300 - vintage
  • Tudor snowflake
  • Omega Speedmaster - from 1965 or 1969 - vintage
  • Rolex red Sub/Dweller
  • Linde Werdelin Oktopus/Hard Black
  • Rolex Explorer II - new
  • Rolex Sub gold 1680/8 or newer
  • Rolex steel/gold black dial GMT/Sub
  • Panerai 005
  • and many others ...