People in the NEWS and Movies with watch information

People in the NEWS - Reinhold Messner - Mr. Explorer 1655, Mr. OysterQuartz, etc..

Better know to the normal man as the first to climb Mt. Everest Solo, first to climb Mt. Everest without oxygen, etc.. His conquest is to many to mention - but a true legend in his own time.

And the photos of RM with his 1655 on - and the National G. ads with his OysterQuartz is something that I will always remember.

Check out the stories on where there is nice photos...
Respect from my end....

And it looks like a special version of the new Explorer II is under way by the same team that made the special version of the Rolex Deep Sea.

People in the NEWS - Brad Pitts watch in moneyball

Received this link from a reader Brad Pitts watch in Moneyball .
Normally I'm more for the kind of watches I like - aka Rolex, Panerai, AP, and other high end watches - but as a WIS I will always look for watches in movies.

Watches in movies - yes I do check them out....

There is many sites on the internet that focus on the watches used in moves.
And I for one - continues to always check out what watches are used in the latest movies I see. Somehow I can see that many movies lately have watches as a "part" of the movie.

Here are some of mine screenshots form movies with watches I like ;-)

The American:

The Expendables:


Unknown Identity:

Deer Hunter:

The Mechanic:


Transporter 3:

James Bond - Dr. No:

Rambo 3:

Apocalypse Now:

In The NEWS: Rolex DeepSea in Unknown Identity - Liam Neesons watch.

I have just seen the movie "Unknown Identity" with Liam Neeson. A man wakes up from a coma (after car accident) and finds out that NOT only will his wife not recognize him, another man has taking his place.
The plot is very good - and the final showdown is a bit of a surprise - all in all a good movie.
But back to the watch issue.
When Liam Neeson wakes up at the hospital a Rolex DeepSea plays a "important" role - a watch given to him by his wife and with a inscription on the Titanium back of the watch.

I will bring more photos when I can find them.

People in the NEWS - Audemars Piquet - Royal Oak Offshore SE - in "The Mechanic".

Again Jason Statham is the front figure in a action packed movie - after 3 "transporter" movies.

Jason is know for his "love" for watches, both Rolex, Panerai and PP has been seen on his wrist. But this time the movie "The Mechanic" displays a gold AP ROO SE (The Alinghi Team).

This watch is seen as the watch of the "Drug King" - and another version of a AP ROO is used to trick this "Drug King" to make a fatal "wrong" turn.

Some photos from the movie.

People in the News - KOBOLT watch in Steve Austin movie (Hunt to Kill)

At last I found some more photos of the KOBOLT watch used in the movie with Steve Austin (Hunt to Kill).
I will not rate the movie - it can be used to pass time - but my focus was mainly on how many times the watch was seen, and again how "good" the watch made it on the big screen.
Sometimes watches are only seen very quickly - ONLY for the real WIS, but in this movie the watch have almost a "supporting" role.

Only issue is that our "hero" receives the watch wrapped in newspaper from his old friend (so no Box and Papers ;-) ). I for one would be a little suspicious if I was to get at brand new watch only packed in some paper - where are the box and where are the papers - is the watch hot...

Well back to the movie shots of the watch - I REALLY was some good product placement.

People in the NEWS - Steve Austin with KOBOLT watch - Hunt to Kill

Product placement in movies have been seen many times, and for a WIS - taking notice of watches in movies is a known endevor.
Some watches are product placements (aka Omega in 007 movies), Panerai in Sly movies, etc. Mostly the product placement is done in a "not so in your face way" - but in this movie - the Kobolt gets a lot of screentime.

If I can get some own screendumps I will show it.
But I found these on the internet.

Links on the net with the KOBOLT watch.

More photos to come ;-)

People in the NEWS - XXX movies - Some nice watches!

No - I don't see these movies - I have been made "aware" of these movies - "wifey" - where you can see some very nice watches - some of us can only dream of.

  • Rolex Milsub
  • Rolex Paul Newman
  • Rolex Subs
  • Rolex Yacht Master
  • Bell Ross
  • Panerai models - PVD - Ceramic - etc.
  • Other Nice watch models.....

People in The News - Movies - Buried and RED - Hamilton and IWC

As a true WIS - looking at movies also means looking for watches! Check out the movie "Buried" with Ryan Reynolds. There is some very nice photos of a hamilton watch.
Paul is a U.S. contractor working in Iraq. After an attack by a group of Iraqis he wakes to find he is buried alive inside a coffin. With only a lighter and a cell phone it's a race against time to escape this claustrophobic death trap.

Next is the movie RED (guess what it stands for) - with Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren and Morgan Freeman. Here are a very nice close-up of a nice IWC watch.
When his idyllic life is threatened by a high-tech assassin, former black-ops agent Frank Moses reassembles his old team in a last ditch effort to survive.

Yes - I'm a a sucker for movies - where I can see a nice watch. And my guess is that many of you have the same feeeling.

People in the News - Michael Laudrup - with Rolex Daytona

One of the best danish footballers - Michael Laudrup - is seen here with a gold rolex daytona.

People in the NEWS - Frederik Fetterlein and Linde Werdelin

Frederik Fetterlein is a "known" Danish ex-tennis player - never did anything special in that respect - this was well before Denmark had a no one tennis player (CW). But after his try-out as a tennis player - the understanding was that FF was a big talent in tennis - but didn't use his talent- FF was more interested in fun and girls (nothing wrong with that ;-)) - but not something to do if you plan to do well in international tennis.
Now FF is some trouble in terms of finance - but that will not slow him down ;-)

Living in a penthouse in London (300 m2) and from what I can see still focus on quality - by having a Linde Werdelin GOLD watch on the wrist - Respect for that.

FF have before been know for his love for Rolex watches...

I think FF have both a LW Spidolight (as seen on TV3 - to dinner with....) - and now also a LW oktopus GOLD.

People in the NEWS - Caroline Wozniacki and Rolex

As a Dane - I feel great pride in saying that "our" Caroline W is now number one!

Caroline Wozniacki (born 11 July 1990), is a Danish tennis player. As of 11 October 2010, she is ranked World No. 1 on the WTA Tour. She has won twelve WTA singles titles and was the runner-up at the 2009 US Open.
And I can't say anything negative about her watch - you never go wrong with a Rolex.

Before Rolex Caroline was the the "face" of Rosendahl watches where Carolines lucky number eight is on the dial.

But I guess Rolex made "a offer you can't refuse" - and Caroline became the face of Rolex.

People in The News: Man vs Wild - Bear Grylls and Breitling

In the series Man vs Wild the Breitling watch is seen very easy.
It is the Breitling Emergency model that can be useful if lost - and you need a search and rescue party sent out after you.

He really gives his watches a nice beating - and I have only so far seen him with the blue and yellow dial option.

Check out some Man vs Wild videos on Youtube here and enjoy a watch that really is NOT a safe queen.

People in The News: The Expendables - movie - Panerai

I did see the movie "The Expendables" some time ago - and really noticed the very nice "product placement" of panerai watches. Now I'm not sure if this is real paid "product placement" but the watch do get a prominent role in the movie.
I have not been able to get any "screendumps" from the actual movie - have to wait until in comes on Blue-ray.
But I have received some "unofficial" photos from the movie - and just take a look. Sly's Panerai is seen so many times that I did not count. Jason Statham is also seen with a Panerai watch - but not in so much detail that I can easy say which model - Have to wait until the Blue-Ray comes out.

Another nice/fun thing about the movie is the talk between Sly and Arnold - this really shows that Sly and Arnold are very best friends - that the "govenator" takes time to be in a action movie proves this.

So check out the photos - both with Arnold and the Panerai watch.

And Jason:

People in the news - Sly on a cover shot with Panerai watch - Movie "The Expendables"

Again with the new film "The Expendables" there has been many photos of SLY with many different Panerai watches.
I almost think that this film is the film that include most "Stars" known to like Panerai watches.

Sly, Stratham, Arnold, and probably more of the other guys - Looking forward to seeing this movie - This could become a cult classic just by the cast - First film with Sly, Arnold and Bruce in same scene ?

And how about some "The Expendables" trailers - just check this link out out.

People in the News - Arnold with the monster Panerai.

We all know that Sly and Arnold have a interest in big watches. Normally Sly with Panerai and Arnold with AP - but Arnold is also know for his interest i Panerai (I even think it was Sly who introduced the brand for Arnold).

So here are some photos of "The Govenator" with the monster Panerai - the PAM 341 Radiomir Egiziano - 60 mm - so you need to have the size to cary ths watch without looking like a complete crazy guy ;-)

People in the News - Sly with Gold Panerai (PAM 140)

Again a picture of Sly with his gold Panerai - somehow a gold Panerai looks OK on him - I would never be able to pull that of. Steel og Ti to me.

But check paneresti - for these nice high resolution photos of Sly with his Gold Panerai.

People in the News - Frederik Fetterlein (ex tennis player in DK) - Linde Werdelin?

This is by no way official - but I think I have spotted two Linde Werdelin models on Frederik Fetterleins wrist.
In the danish TV show - "Kom til middag hos" I spotted a Linde Werdelin SpidoLight and just the other day I think I spotted a Linde Werdelin Gold model (Oktopus).

Now Frederik Fetterlein is no "role model" in my eyes - so it will in no way give extra credit to the brand with him as LW owner.

People in the NEWS - Jason Statham with girl and Panerai.

Found this on Paneristi forum - some nice pictures of Jason Stratham with a gold Panerai - well that don't look good on you Jason - get back to the "Transporter" watch.

But I have no objections to the girl at his side - so I will not put any questions on Jasons good taste.

People in the NEWS - with two watches on - at the same time.

How many of you have seen people with two watches at the same time - not as a one of - but as part of their daily setup.

I have seen Maradonna with Rolex Daytona's on each wrist, and now I think he has two "hubolts" on - but I'm not sure.

In denmark we have Mads Christensen - aka "blærerøven" - is a person in denmark that is know for this. It is almost his trademark.

What do you think about people that wear a watch on each wrist - and do you have more names and pictures.

People in the news - Danish Crown Prince Fredrik and his Linde Werdelin watch !!!

Looks like the Linde Werdelin brand have found a new Ambassador in the danish crown prince. Here he is making his way around Washington on bicycle and what does he have on his wrist - Yes the Linde Werdelin Spidolite.

Now my question is - Did he buy it online ? Or did he visit the little shop in Copenhagen where you can get it (Franz Jaeger & Me).

Well I guess this now makes Linde Werdelin - "Official Royal Watch supplier".

Guess Prince Fredrik has put his Rolex 16610LV (Green Sub) on the shelf for some time.
It will be funny to see how long this will be his daily watch.

People in the news - Panerai and SLY - "The Expendables" Pictures

Found this on rottentomatoes - some photos from Sly - "new" movie with two people known for their love on Panerai watches.
Sly is well known for his love of Panerai - so even say he is the reason it still exist. And Jason Statham - that was wearing Panerai in the Transporter movies (1-2-3).

But here are some pictures from the new "The Expendables" movie - with both Sly and Statham (Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, Terry Crews).

People in The New with Rolex Watch - David Backham

Looks like David Backham is happy with his Rolex Deep Sea. And he looks like he is having fun.

People in the NEWS - Eric Clapton - Rolex

"Everybody" knows that Eric Clapton has some nice vintage rolex watches.
Make a search on google images with the tag Eric Clapton and Rolex - and you will get a lot of nice photos with Clapton and his watches.
He looks like to be a rolex man - haven’t see that many other brands on him - so if you can find a photo of Eric with a watch other that rolex let me know ;-)
Eric Clapton’s watches up for sale ? - well you get a idea of his many watches...

People in the NEWS - Pierce Brosman - Panerai

Found this new on - check it out - I don't know if that photo is a private one - or from a movie - check here for his movie with Panerai (After The Sunset)

I could look like the same watch - PAM 091

People in the NEWS - John Mayer - Rolex

Again we have prove that John Mayer is a guy with a good taste in watches - don't ask me about his music. There I'm no expert.
But anyone with a Rolex Explorer II (1655) is OK in my book.
What would a evening with John Mayer be like, if you only had to talk watches and drink a little whiskey.

That would be nice. So if your reading my blog John - please let me have a list of your watches - and next time you’re in Denmark. Give me a call ;-)

John Mayer's blog

And you can be sure that John is a "Rolex Man" - check out this on ->
Looks like he is into Rolex COMEX as well - and according to this information he should have a little collection of Rolex COMEX watches.
I guess there is some money in the music industry - even with pirate music download ;-) .

I believe he has a full set of Comex watches... so that would be...
  • 5513
  • 5514
  • 1665
  • 1680
  • 16800
  • 16660
  • 168000
  • 16600
  • 16610
all with papers and/or provenance..

Here is John and Clapton together - twice rolex.

People in The News - Tom Selleck - Rolex

Another Rolex GMT person - looks like Tom Selleck both as "Magnum" and his new movie will make the Rolex GMT known as the Magnum / Tom Selleck watch ;-)

Found this on and take a good look - There might be more than 20 years between hthe photos - but hey the watch still looks cool.

Found this other photo on the Net - looks like the Tom man is a Rolex man at heart.

People in The News - Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood have always been "known" for his Rolex GMT in gold - the so called Root beer model. But the Clint have now been seen with a Lange watch. Maybe ok for a man of his age - but I for one will always remember the rolex root beer as the watch own and used by the "Clint".

The Rolex Gold GMT / root beer:

People in the NEWS. John Meyer is a WIS

John Meyers interest in watches is "well known" in the vintage Rolex world - John Meyer even has a dial named after him in a watch auction catalog.
Read this short story here - it is OK to read and gives a view of his interest in watches.

“When I started to make a little bit of scratch, I thought it was time to get a Rolex,” he said, recalling the swagger with which he picked the Explorer II, with a white face. Although buying it was a marker of success — like his first Grammy, which he’d won for “Wonderland” — it wasn’t long before it was not enough. “I get very into something. I want to research it and check it out,” he said. “The Rolex was just kind of the first rung on the ladder. I remember people saying, ‘Oh, Rolex is all right, but IWC makes a great watch. Audemars Piguet makes a great watch.’ So I go, ‘What’s IWC?’ ” .. ... Let the questioner beware: Mayer can tell you more than you ever wanted to know about how few special cross-branded Rolexes were ever made.

People in the News - David Beckham with Rolex

Again some People in the News - David Backham see with the Rolex Deep Sea. Found this thread on timezone and it sure is a rolex deep sea.

Check out the link:

People in the News - Unknown watches and movie actors

During my vacation to Limone in Italy this summer - I cam across this watch/ Jewelry Shop - where I found this poster of movie actor Bruce Willis. Somehow I find it very strange that some of these movie actors that have "enough" money would "sell" them self to "unknown" brands - Like a actor "pop" on on a commercial selling dish liquid. Or is it just me.
I can see a idea in actors promoting a brand because the brand will give some money to a charity etc. But just selling you name and face to sell some product - just to enrich your self - I would be much more selective.

Anyway I have never heard of Cesare Paciotti - but here you go.

Maybe I should make a list of known actors that is paid watch names - compared to actors that in non-paid

People in The News - The Rolex Explorer II - aka. Steve McQueen - should be named the Messner watch!!

Just found this on the nice watch forum - some really nice pictures of people in the news wearing the old classic Rolex Explorer II (model 1655).

Again the funny thing is that this watch has "always" been know as the Steve McQueen watch - but Steve McQueen was NEVER seen wearing one of these watches - the watch he wore was the Rolex Sub model 5512 that was sold at a auction for 243.000 US $!!.

But no information on the Exp II (1655).
So lets call the Rolex Explorer II (model 1655) the Messner and NOT the Steve McQueen for now on...

But check out these old photos of Messner with the Explorer II.

And One really cool Rolex Watch Ad !!

What watch will Sly wear in Rambo 5 !

It is now almost official - The next Rambo movie is "under" way - probably with Sly again as the John Rambo kicking ass and saving the world.

Rambo V: The Savage Hunt, as it’s officially called, is now about Rambo fighting some genetically altered half-human bloodthirsty maybe-immortal abomination that he, his partner “Beau” and a bunch of Black Ops dudes have to go in and hunt down.

And as I'm a WIS - I'm much more interested in the watch he will wear that in the "quality" of the film ;-)

Will it again be a vintage Panerai or will it be one of Panerai's newer models, or something completely else.
IF he again selects the vintage Panerai he used in Rambo 4 - he is a real WIS - knowing what it means for the panerai community.
And my guess is that it will be a Panerai again - and probably the same watch as in Rambo 4 !!!

Shoots from Rambo 4 with the Panerai watch (Vintage PVD Panerai - very expensive!!!).

And here seen wearing other watches including, U-boot, Panerai, AP, etc... Yes Sly is a watch guy

People in the News with watches - "James Bond" and Rolex

This time it is "James Bond" alias Daniel Craig is seen with Rolex Sub on a nylon band.
Danial Craig is know for this big collection of both vintage and modern Rolex.
He does have good taste.

Daniel Craig:

Danial Craig Rolex
Some of the older photos of Danial Craig with watches.....

People in the News with watches - Danish "movie star"

This time I found a photo of a "famous" danish movie star" - Mads Mikkelsen.
He is here seen wearing a JC (Jaeger-LeCoultre) AMVOX at a movie festival.
Mads Mikkelsen might not be big outside Denmark - but have had small parts in some international movies.

People in The NEWS - big watches - Panerai 341

We all know that Sylvester Stallone - Sly is closely related to Panerai watches - He has been seen with the latest models - and seen with many different models. And I can tell you that the most discussed watch was the one Sly was wearing in the latest Rambo movie. It was a "vintage" PVD pam - a watch most collectors would not dare take out - and least not bring it into the action of a movie set like a Rambo movie.
But found this like on Paneristi - that shows Sly wearing what I would call a BIG watch - the Panerai model 341 - Also known as the RADIOMIR EGIZIANO. A almost direct copy of the original model.
But with a size of 60mm it is on the limit of watch size I think - Well maybe Sly and Arnold can wear this kind of watches - but for us normal people - it is a little on the wild side !!

Price is about 30K US$ just for infromation.

Well check out the LINK and see the watch in action - at least on a wrist.

Panerai Panerai Panerai

People in the news with watches - Bill Clinton

People in the News with watches - found this shoot of Bill Clinton with a Panerai.
He has been know to have many different watches, but it looks like that the Panerai is one of his top watches.


Sly with big watches on

We all know Sly is a big Panerai and U-boat fan - so it is always nice to find some small clips on with him and his big watches.

Sly looking at U-boat watches (he says that 55mm is to big ;-))

And he says that Arnold is up to 60 mm in size!!

People in the News with Rolex - Wimbldeon

The Rolex Ambassador Roger Federer with a Rolex Day-Date II (41 mm)
And even number two (Andy Roddick) is seen with a Gold Daytona.
They can play good tennis and have good taste in watches.
Ad you can see on the forum - it don't take long time for real WIS people to pinpoint the watches.

Some Very Cool Watch Photos with Brando

Found these photos on the web - Brando with a Rolex GMT (without bezel).
These are from the set of "Apocalypse Now" - where Brando play Col. Kurtz.
Super film - but don't think I can remember in detail seeing any watch when I last watch that movie. But after I found these pictures - I did check again - and you can see the watch in some few scenes.
But these photos are just cool.

People in the NEWS with Rolex watches

Did a quick search on the net and found many pictures of people with watches. This is what we WIS can use a log time on ;-)
Found this site where you can see some more pictures of people in the news with their Rolex watches.
Eg. Brad Pitt with Rolex

And Today it was reported that Michael Jackson is dead - 50 years old.
His is here seen shopping for Rolex watches.
And it looks like there will be many rolex watches in Neverland - probally mostly Gold versions, somehow the Rolex toolwatches don't fit him that well.
With all his challenges and financial problems, Michael Jackson still loves to buy Rolex watches. The King of Pop was recently spotted shopping with his son Prince Michael. In order to keep track of the dissolution of his former residence, Neverland Ranch, he bought a Rolex watch in Beverly Hills. Neverland Ranch is being auctioned piece by piece to pay off the singer’s huge debts. Still, even in the face of such a crisis, Michael Jackson found the time to shop for a new Rolex watch, showing that his taste for the very best in luxury watches remains intact. After he went on a vacation to Bermuda with child star Macaulay Culkin in 1991, Michael Jackson gave him a gold Rolex watch, engraved “From Michael Jackson” with the year 1991 or 1992. For years, Michael Jackson has bought Rolex watches for himself, his family and his friends, revealing a true and consistent love of the Rolex brand.

Phil Collins and is seen here with his platinum Rolex Yacht-Master.

And now with the Tour de France starting soon - here is Lance Armstrong with his Rolex.
Although Armstrong often wears a stainless steel Rolex Daytona, his favorite Rolex watch always has been the Rolex GMT Master II

Steve Mc Queen Rolex (Sub 5512) sold for 234.000 US$ !!

OK - it is now over - Steve Mc Queen's Rolex 5512 was sold for 234.000 US$...
More that 10 times the estimate on 20.000 US$.

I would have loved that watch - He was Mr. Cool himself!!!!

Thor Heyerdahl and the Ra II expedition and Rolex

Found a old National Geographic magazine with the Ra II expedition story. And based on the many Rolex ads with Thor Heyerdahl and the Ra II expedition - I looked and looked for any Rolex in that article. A true there was a rolex submariner present - but not on Thor Heyerdahl himself - he had a different watch on - and I'm sure it is NOT a rolex.
But I did find a photo of a rolex watch in the article - but check out that watch badn - don't look line a Oysterband - more one one the old expandable bands that was popular in the 70ties.

Well below are some shots or that article and the watch and the only photos of Thor Heyerdahl I could find (I do have a better one inside the article but forgot to take a picture of it (because it was not rolex).

People in the News - Panerai in new Movie - "The Expendables"

Looks like the new Stallone movie with Jason Statham will have some good Panerai shoots. And we all know that Stallone is a major "player" when it comes to Panerai - I guess that he has some good contacts - and can get hold of the watches he want without much trouble.
The other actor is Jason Statham, also a know Panerai watch person, as seen in his three "transporter" movies.
Below are some pictures with from that new movie. Including a close up of his pam 317 he is wearing in that movie

The Real Steve McQueen Watches on sale - UPDATE

According to people on vintagerolexforum this sale could be a little fishy!

This is the fourth McQueen Monaco to surface.
The watch he wore during the filming now is in the museum that TagHeuer has in Switzerland, a watch I owned for a couple of years. The second is one he used for press shoots..that watch is in a private collection in Italy..the third changed hands last year at an auction in Italy IIRC, and now this one.. Watches 1 and 2 both came with authentication papers from the property master of the movie, not sure what accompanied #3..

The Real Steve McQueen Watches on sale - and cheap to !!!!

Now is the time to get the grail watch if you can - estimated at "only" $10.000-$20.000 for Steve McQueens own Rolex 5512 and the famous Heuer Monaco estimated to "only" $10.000-$12.000.
The next Antiquorum action in New York will have some special watches on sale - but for me there is ONLY three, Steve McQueens Rolex 5512, 1655 and his Heuer Monaco!

I do think these watches will be high in demand by any Watch collector.
Steve McQueen was the "icon of Cool" - And I for one would love to have the Rolex 5512 - and at that price - I would jump at it - if I had the money right now ;-).

The Heuer I do belive will fetch even higher price than estimated - I don't think Tag Heuer wIll let this watch go - with their relaunch of that Heuer model - It will find its place in the Heuer Museum.

One of the most collectible vintage Heuer watches, the "Monaco" was made famous by Steve McQueen who wore it while filming the 1971 movie "Le Mans". The incredible thing about this particular Heuer Monaco is that it's the exact one owned and worn by Steve McQueen!

Any of these watches would look great in a collection - and now for the Big Surprise - Steve McQueen did have a Rolex 1655 (also know as the Steev McQueen) but never "verified" - that he had owned one - no photos of him shows him wearing the 1655 - only the 5512 is seen on multiple pictures.

The REAL Steve McQueen Rolex 5512!

The REAL Steve McQueen Heuer

Hmmmmm .... XXX films and Watches.

Got to see a small movie clip with what should be see as a xxx film some time ago - and even if it started ok, the my main focus shifted between the action and the watches that both the female and the male "actor" was wearing.
Could it be right!
Was that a Rolex, Panerai, AP and B&R in these short xxx movies?
Yes, and not only a Rolex, a Rolex Milsub, Rolex Vintage Daytonas, etc.
Well guess that Wifey and Hubby have found a good way to finance their watch collections ;-)

Some very small screenshots below - quality is limited but you can get a idea.

People in the News with Rolex watches - Daniel Craig

Well we all know that the "Real" James Bond is wearing Rolex - but due to some deals related to product placement - James Bond is wearing Omega in the movies. But it is nice to see a actor that is still his own man - and can switch to whatever watch when of screen - even when making promotion for the James Bond Movie.
And that he selects Vintage Rolex - I tip my hat for him ;-)
Check out that very nice Vintage Rolex Daytona on Craig here.

People in the News with Panerai watches - Sylvester Stallone and Jason Stratham

Was redirected to a webpage Zimbio with photos of "People in the News". And you can flip through the photos and check the watches on celebrities.

Check out 'Sylvester Stallone & Jason Statham On The Set Of "The Expendables"' Looks Like Jason Stratham is wearing a Panerai in the new movie - looking forward to that movie. I like the work of Stratham - and have been a fan since the first "transporter" movie.
But I like it best if he has a Panerai on (as in all Transporter movies).
But below are some of the pictures of Sly and Jason with multiple different watches.

Looks Like Stratham is wearing Panerai in his New movie.

Sly With a Big gold U-boot and IWC Big Pilot


Sly with Panerais and U-boot

People in The News - Crownprince Frederik of Denmark with Rolex LV sub

I have seen the Danish Crownprice with a Rolex Sub LV on more than ones. The watch "attatched" to the crownprice is normally the Citizen Aqualand Diver Depth watch he used in his time in the danish navy. His nick name was "pingo" named after a penguien - so this watch is in Denmark know as the "pingo" watch.
But now his daily watch looks to be the Rolex Submariner LV - And I can only say - good choise.

Kevin Spacey, Jean Reno, Zinedine Zidane with IWC watches

Again we see some of the "know" faces being spotted with watches. Of cause there are something different in spotting "people in the news" being sponsored by the watch industry and on spotting them with their watch of their own choice.
A good example is Daniel Craig being "forced" to use Omega in the James Bond moves - but of screen he is seen to be a Rolex man.

Last Kevin Spacey, Jean Reno, Zinedine Zidane is seen in Sinn 2009 with a IWC watches.

Movies and watches - Watch Ads using Movies

Movies and watches has been connected for some time and the product placement is a major part of any major movie- In the good old times - product placement was not official part of the movie world - remember the history of how Sean Connery as James Bond in Dr. No used the Rolex Submarina.

Reasently we have seen the follwing movies make ads that use the move they have been used in. Omega - well we all know Omega have their hands on the James Bond movies.

And IWC have been part of the Miami Vice Movie - but I have not been able to find the IWC ads with Miami Vice movie included, but the watches can be seen on the posters.

The watches, which Jamie Foxx (Ricardo Tubbs) wears, are a "Portuguese Chrono-Automatic" and an "Aquatimer Split Minute Chronograph" from the swiss watch manufacturer IWC (International Watch Company).

The newest movie with Al Pacino and Robert Di Nero - Righteous Kill has also been used in watch ads for Tutima watches. But this has caused some issues - as the use of the movie posters was not a deal that Di Nero and Pacino was part of. "Robert De Niro and Al Pacino have joined forces to sue the makers of their recent movie Righteous Kill - in a dispute over a watch featured in the film."
It looks like the payment of 50.000 US$(or 80.000 US$) for 3 seconds in a movie is the going rate. But the trouble here is that Tutima has used the poster with Di Nero and Pacino without there approval. So this has started the lawsuit for 10 million US $!

Who is the biggest Watch "Freak" - Sly or ?

When looking on the "people in the news" that are seen with multiple different watches - I have some to see "Sly" as the one with the most different watches, both within the same brand but also seen with multiple different brands.
From latest Rambo movie - pictures from behind the scenes shows Sly with Roger Dubuis, Panerai (new and vintage), and from other sites we have Sly with AP models and also U-Boot. He probally have many more different watches but I'm sure we can say he is a watch "freak".

Daniel Craig is a Rolex Buff

The more I look around Jakes Rolex information page the more I think is has some of the best information around - the pictures, stories and information is very detailed.
I think that we now can say that the James Bond watch is a ROLEX - by historie and by Daniel Craig wearing multiple versions of Rolex watches - from Vintage Rolex to the newest Rolex Millgauss.

People in the News with Rolex

After some looking around I found that the site have some nice photos of people wearing Rolex. How about Chuck Yeager, Lance Armstrong etc.
Have a look - here.

Chuck Yeager:

Lance Armstrong:

German Rolex website with Nice Rolex / James Bond pictures

The website give some nice information on the different rolex models.

The site also have some good movie screenshoots with Rolex related to James Bond.

Panerai watch in movies

Check out this site - it is also the unofficial Panerai forum and information place - there are some good movie screenshoots of Panerais seen in different movies.

Steve Mcqueen wearing his Rolex 5512

Steve Mcqueen was know for wearing his Rolex 5512 - here are some pictures of Steve Mcqueen wearing his Rolex 5512. But it is the Rolex Explorer II 1655 that is known as the Rolex "Steve Mcqueen" but I have yet to see a picture of Steve Mcqueen wearing the Rolex Explorer II (1655).

Rolex GMT in Street Kings with Keanu Reeves.

In the 2008 movie Street Kings you can see Keanu Reeves wearing a Rolex GMT - easy to see.

Different People in the News with Rolex

James Cameron wearing a Rolex Submariner

Matt Damon wearing a Rolex Explorer model 1016

France President - Nicolas Sarkozy wearing a Rolex Daytona with Black Dial - Nice watch

Sharon Stone wearing a Rolex Daytona with Black Dial

And James Woods with Rolex Daytona

Panerai spotted in the New Transporter movie

Just say the relative New movie "Transporter 3" - and again Jason Statham is again wearing a Panerai model - In "Transporter" it was a 40 mm Panerai Chronograph, In "Transporter 2" it was a 44 mm model Chronograph (PAM 196) and then now in "Transporter 3" it is again a Panerai. Which Model I'm not sure about - but I could be a PAM 212 Flyback - but any information is welcome.

Here are the watch I think it is - the model 212 - Luminor 1950 Chronograph

People in The NEWS: Barack Obama's watch

Barak Obama's watch and more information on the watches he has used from this link. It is a Secret Service watch

The Rolex GMT worn by People in the "News"

Where to start with people that is know to use and wear the Rolex GMT.

"Cornel Kurtz" in Apocalypse Now is seen on some pictures wearing a Rolex GMT without the brezel.

NASA people have been seen wearing Rolex GMT.

Pussy Galore in the James Bond movie "Goldfinger" is seen wearing a classic Rolex GMT.

And finally Che Guevara - where this picture is used in a Rolex Advert.

People in the News with Panerai

It is not possible to talk about Panerai without having Sly (Sylvestor Stallone) in the Picture. Below a picture from lates Rambo movie (John Rambo) - And it is a Vintage Panerai


But Sly is also seen wearing other Panerai's - they match his size very well.

But lets not forget the former President of USA - Bill Clinton - he is also known for his use of a Panerai GMT model.

Watches in movies

As a real WIS - Watch Idiot Savant I can't keep my eyes of peoples watches in the daily life and when seeing a movie. This page is for the people that have the same "disability" and I will try to link with real pictures from the movie and not just the words. Some very good links to other sites that have looked into this is at the bottom of this page.

Links to External "Watches in Movies" sites

Watches in movies - a great place with some of the most in detail information.
Panerai in movies - Panerai's in the movies - it has not been updated lately.

Watches in Movies - a watch blog with some minor information on watches in movies - has been replaced by ""
Watch this movie - a good overall location of a multiple number of moves where you can find information on the watches in that movie.
Rolex in movies - a subset of the above list - with focus on Rolex watches.