If you have to ask - you can't afford it...

I don't know in detail on watch shops around the world - but in Denmark you very seldom see the price tag on watches in window displays - meaning that you really have no idea on the price range of any watches - unless you have a good general idea.
We have a saying in Denmark - "If you have to ask - you can't afford it" - don't know if I agree - sometimes you could get a positive surprise.
But how is it in other part of the world - I guess there could be some local laws that demand prices to be shown, but not in Denmark. Here you can do a lot of window shopping without having any idea on the price.

Here is a some pictures from a quick stole from my present work by some different watch shops - please notice the lack of any price tags.

Enjoy the walk ;-)

Icon watches - how many exist for you?

Well for me their exist some icon watches that will forever be connected to some person or event.

Lets start out of this world.
The Omega Speedmaster - aka the "Moon Watch" will forever be "The Moon Watch".
What will the watch be when we sometime in the future land again on the moon and on mars. Well time will show.

Next in the line of Icon watches I put the Rolex Submarine - It is the essential man watch - and for me the real James Bond watch.

Then comes the next icon in respect to watches and names - the Rolex Daytona. This watch will forever be a icon watch - maybe less the newest models - but for sure the classic "Paul Newman" versions.

Another brand is Audemars Piguet- there Royal Oak Offshore - and especially the "End Of The Days (EOD)" - is also in the same league of icon watches. The EOD was one of the first high end watches PVD models on a high end watch. And that has NOT effected its price in a negative way.

Then we have some less know brands that in their own way is or will become icons in time.

I personal feel that the classic Pre-A panerai is one one these -

And i the IWC brand I feel that the original Ingenieur and Mark 12 is icon watches as well.

Their is many more out their in the big world. How about the Cartie Santos, Bretling navitimer, etc..
But what is a icon watch for some might not be a icon watch for others. So I leave it up to all you to name the 5 most iconic watches from your point of view.

I have only mentioned the specific models - not a specific version of that model - then I could talk forever on the many different Rolex Subs I would put on the list.

How often do you do it? .... I mean sync your watch?

This is a little strange input - but hey its weekend soon so lets have a less original entry.

How often do you sync your watch - and by that I mean how often do you change/reset the time. Personally I used been very focused on this during my first years with my first rolex (Exp II) - I checked and rechecked daily and keept small notes on deviation in my notebook. Yes I know it sounds strange but hey - are you a WIS or not ;-).
This kind of obsession with the correct time has somehow drifted away during the last many years.
Now I only reset my watches maybe once a week or once every second week. And this for my Panerai 1B / Panerai 25C that after 2 weeks have gained maybe 5 min.

So over time I have become more relaxed in this respect and will not cry or send my watch to a watchmaker for adjustment if the gain/loss is within 10-25 sec/day.

But I do suspect that many people out there has the "sync syndrome" in some degrees more or less thant me - so let me hear -

How often do you do it?

Some photos of my Pam 25C in the pool - some very limited dive photos

Ok - my notebook is back online and I'm ready to upload some of the warm photos from my little tip to Spain.

Please allow these pictures - it is nothing special but when I see them I think back on the sun, good food, good company.
The next 3-4 months in Denmark is now the dark time - it is dark when you leave for work, and it is dark when you drive home from work.
And it is in these situation that looking at warm pictures can almost bring a smile to your face and wish you back to the time.

Enjoy - and lets the sun come back soon...

OT: PC problems - hardware failure on my notebook - buggers...

Somehow my Notebook decided to stop working yesterday...
First I had the idea that is was a boot problem - I'm running Linux at home and Mac on work - have not been to near a Windows PC for some time ;-)
But it was not a linux issue it was the Intel Boot Agent that stopped - only way to fix is by flashing it - will it work - I don't know but I do feel a little "naked" without my email (maybe I should move to googlemail)
I have done ready my photos from my little 3 days visit to spain - but I 'can't upload them until I have my notebook fixed.

Diving with high quality and expensive watches - what is the chance ?

We all know that most dive watches is mostly for desk diving - and not for real diving.

Only a very small fraction of the people owning a gold rolex sub, a GP sub, a PP sub, etc.

It could be that people interested in watches and people interest in diving is limited, but it could also be that even if you have a expensive watch - you would rather dive with a cheaper watch and keep the "expensive" watch on land.

For me that is a no no - if you have it wear it and use it ....

I have no idea on the number of gold rolex subs that have been used for diving compared to the total numbers of gold rolex watches - but I would not be surprised if the number is less that 1 pr. 2000 watches.

So it really looks like that desk diving is where the majority of expensive dive watches will be used.
Sad but true....

Should I continue on the Panerai way or give it a rest ?

Well have seen a Rolex Daytona Black dial on my way back from a small 3 day vacation and it has put the Rolex high on my list. Somehow I have less and less focus on my Panerai watches - even if they have been my daily watch for the best part on two years now.

Somehow I don't feel the same for the "newest" Panerai models - even if they do have inhouse movements and probably better quality.
But I have a saying when looking for a watch. It really has to Sing to you.

But then to be fair I have not seen in real life the newer Panerai models - but I would still Love to have some of the "original" Panerais - Pre-A, A,B and C series. And will still like to change my strap on my Pam 1B and Pam 25C.

My focus is now on Rolex and one or two other brands - but I feel a little sad that my Panerai adventure is put a little on hold.

I really like the DNA, the look and the community of Panerai - but for now I will put on hold - at least for the next weeks and months.

But hey they do LOOK great ;-)

People in The News - The Rolex Explorer II - aka. Steve McQueen - should be named the Messner watch!!

Just found this on the nice watch forum - http://www.watchprosite.com some really nice pictures of people in the news wearing the old classic Rolex Explorer II (model 1655).

Again the funny thing is that this watch has "always" been know as the Steve McQueen watch - but Steve McQueen was NEVER seen wearing one of these watches - the watch he wore was the Rolex Sub model 5512 that was sold at a auction for 243.000 US $!!.

But no information on the Exp II (1655).
So lets call the Rolex Explorer II (model 1655) the Messner and NOT the Steve McQueen for now on...

But check out these old photos of Messner with the Explorer II.

And One really cool Rolex Watch Ad !!

Total weird - just back from 3 days in Spain

I have just been away for 3-4 days - that is why no updates on my blog has been seen - I was invited to spain from Thursday to Sunday for some good food, wine, beer and drinks with two good friends.

Flying from Denmark down to the warn Allicante in Spain was very strange....
Leaving the dark, cold and rainy Copenhagen to land 3-4 hours later in warn Spain is really something that I must do again.

Had my Panerai 25C on - the Panerai 1B is now put a little on hold, and I still really love the Panerai 25C - the dial, the hands, the rough Ti look, etc

What can I say - I say many people selling copy watches - but they where really bad. Did See a Rolex Daytona Black Dial on the wrist of a steward on my way home - and seeing it again in real life still keeps this watch on my top of my next watch list.

But hay some watch photos from my quick little trip to come in a day or two....

What watch will Sly wear in Rambo 5 !

It is now almost official - The next Rambo movie is "under" way - probably with Sly again as the John Rambo kicking ass and saving the world.

Rambo V: The Savage Hunt, as it’s officially called, is now about Rambo fighting some genetically altered half-human bloodthirsty maybe-immortal abomination that he, his partner “Beau” and a bunch of Black Ops dudes have to go in and hunt down.

And as I'm a WIS - I'm much more interested in the watch he will wear that in the "quality" of the film ;-)

Will it again be a vintage Panerai or will it be one of Panerai's newer models, or something completely else.
IF he again selects the vintage Panerai he used in Rambo 4 - he is a real WIS - knowing what it means for the panerai community.
And my guess is that it will be a Panerai again - and probably the same watch as in Rambo 4 !!!

Shoots from Rambo 4 with the Panerai watch (Vintage PVD Panerai - very expensive!!!).

And here seen wearing other watches including, U-boot, Panerai, AP, etc... Yes Sly is a watch guy

Watches I like but is not officially on my next watch list

My wish list is still in it present state - no major changes - but besides the watches on this list I have other watches I would like to see/try/have if I had the opportunity - My next watch list is to be seen as a realistic list for the next many years.

My present Wish List:
  • Rolex Daytona - black dial
  • Rolex Deep Sea
  • Linde Werdelin Elemental / Hard Black DLC Elemental
  • Panerai models - Pam 064,Pam 001, Pam 002, Pam 287, etc
  • Rolex vintage models will always have its place in my list 5513, 1680, 16800, 14060
  • Omega Speedmaster cal. 321 (the Moon Watch)

My other "dream" watches included, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Bell & Ross, IWC and Sinn.

I would like to have a AP Royal Oak Offshore, the Jumbo Naautilus PP, the B&R BR02, Sinn EZM and IWC Ingenieur, But also the Rolex Milgauss, Rolex non date sub and GMTIIC would do fine.

These are watches I keep getting back to but then are not on my list yet - but they are all close to making it onto the list.

Buying vintage or not - that is the question

Buying vintage watches is normally noting any first time watch buyer is getting into.
And many watch collecting people will never move into the vintage range but keep focus on modern watches.
I for one did not start looking at vintage until after my 3 modern Rolex (16550, 16600, 16610LV) and my focus on vintage was not that "easy". My main reason for getting a vintage Rolex - was to find one from my birth year, as I thought it could be kind of cool to have a watch from the same year as I was born.
I kept looking at different vintage models - but was not feeling ready.

But after I got my first vintage Rolex, my 5513 (and not from my birth year - I'm still looking), I simple got the vintage "bug".

It is not easy to explain the fascination of eg. vintage rolex watches - but it has something to do with the "quality" and "DNA" of these watches.

And it has nothing to do with quality - I do think that the quality of the modern Rolex are much better than the older Rolex'es and this is probably also the case for all other brands.
This means that if I could only have one watch - It would probably be a modern watch (Rolex).
So I can understand all out there that don't really get the idea of having vintage (old) watches as part of collecting, but all I can say is that if you have the option - try buying one vintage watch - you might get the same bug as me ;-)

Here are my first 3 modern Rolex's - before I got my first vintage rolex 5513

Rolex Explorer II (16550), Rolex Sea Dweller (16600) , Rolex Sub LV (16610LV)

Here my vintage Rolex collection:

Rolex Non-date Sub (5513), Rolex Sea Dweller (1665), Rolex Gmt (1675) and Rolex Sub (1680)

Have added "articles" page....

Have added a new place / page for more informative articles.
It will be on many differet topics - nothing will be excluded - but these articles should be seen as more informative, have bigger pictures, and hopefully some more information that any WIS would love.
Check out the links on the left - I hope to be able to add more and more articles but it all depends on time and quality.

The first "article" is the information on my Linde Werdeling factory tour - as I have had many request on this tour, my views and request for posting it again. So now it is here in its own "article".

I predict that GOLD will be the next trend.

I have never been a fan of gold watches - and I'm not talking about gold dress watches, but gold tool watches.
But lately I have begun to drift a little into the gold segment of tool watches.

It all started with the gold/steel Rolex GMT version - know as the root beer (aka the Clint Eastwood watch) - somehow the nipples on the dial and the combination of the gold/steel and dial and bezel color gives this watch something special.
I still like it and would love to have it.
But lately the all gold versions of the Rolex Submariner and Rolex GMT has started to grow on me - especially the gold sub with I would love to have. And after trying on some other gold subs - also the one from Linde Werdelin and seeing the more focus gold watches have gained the latest 6 months - I would not be surprised if this was the new trend.

I would never ONLY have a gold watch - but I'm starting to think that everybody should have a least ONE fold watch.

OT: Link to the Calypso site - the old wooden ship is saved!

I have always been a fan of Jacques-Yves Cousteau - and have read his book - the silent world as well as seen the fantastic tv-movies during the 70s. And was also one of the reasons I started scuba diving.
So for all the original fans out there - check out the first and best environmental pioneer.

check out the site here...

Back form super small Holiday - almost lost my Panerai 1B!

Back from a little vacation on Bornholm in Denmark - it was meant as a trip with some nice walks and having some nice food. But the storm hit hard on Bornholm - so hard that ferries was canceled, and taking a walk along to seaside meant a risk of getting Really wet.
Bornholm is the only place in Denmark where there is rocks so I tried to get some shoots with that in.
But I did make some quick photos of my Panerai 1B. And the was lucky that the watch did not get sweet back into the ocean as there came one "mother fuc.." wave as seen on one of the pictures....
It was a close call - but hey - live life and enjoy it.

Here are some of the more normal photos.

Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai

Then the almost fatal photo (for the watch) - but it survived.


The some handshoots of the watch in different scenarios.

Panerai Panerai Panerai

Have updated my next watch list.

I have added the Omega Seamaster 300 to my wanted list - I do think as many others that the Omega vintage watches will become the NEXT big thing for people collecting watches. This included the Omega Speedmasters (cal 321 and 861) and the much forgotten Seamaster 300 - the forerunner for the Rolex milsub. This watch was the official military watch.

Seamaster 300s were issued to British Royal Navy divers from the mid '60s to early '70s. Issued Royal Navy watches can be identified by the presence of military engravings on the back and the solid, fixed strap bars.

Some links related to the Seamaster 300 -

Be carefull - many fake versions exist

I would love to add this Omega model to my collection - So I now have two Omega watches on my next watch list.

  • The Omega Speedmaster aka the Moon watch - ( cal. 321 / 861)
  • The Omega Seamaster 300 -

Some photos of the Omega Seamaster 300 watch including the original Ads in National Geographic.

Will be offline the next week....

I will be off the next week - so no updates the next week. Take the time to check out the archives - many fun entries there ....
See you again soon....

Mr. Cool - Steve McQueen - Accessoires

I do think that Steve McQueen - was Mr. Cool - and when his Rolex 5512 was sold I for one would really have like it - Well the price went through the roof and it was not for any normal watch collecting guys like me.
But then I have found this site - And I plan to get a t-shirt or jacket or something else from this online shop.

Check out this shop - the Gran Prix Orginals and have a little smell of Mr. Cool

Another Moon Watch - The Rolex GMT has been sold

The Moon Rolex GMT watch sold!
This just show how much value the historie of a watch can mean. Check out the story on Jakes Rolexblog or on vintagerolexforum.com.

The auction price of 130.000 US$ is a little money if you ask me.
Here are some of the words that was to sell it at the auction.

A Rolex watch known to have landed on the surface of the moon.

Apollo 17 Lunar Module Flown Rolex GMT-Master Chronometer Directly from the Personal Collection of Mission Command Module Pilot Ron Evans, Signed and Certified. It is widely known that the Omega Speedmaster Pro was the only watch approved by NASA for use on the Apollo moon flights. Its official status has led it be called the "Moonwatch." Many students and collectors of space-flown timepieces are aware that Jack Swigert carried and/or wore a Rolex on the ill-fated Apollo 13 flight which never landed on the moon. The possibility has recently been raised that Edgar Mitchell took his Rolex to the moon. We are not aware, however, of any moon-landed Rolexes ever having been publicly offered for sale. This handsome, all-original, 1968-era Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master was Apollo 17 Astronaut Ron Evans' personal watch. He placed it into his Personal Preference Kit (PPK) which was taken to the moon by his crewmates Gene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt aboard the Lunar Module Challenger, while he orbited the moon in the Command Module America. It remained on the moon for approximately seventy-five hours on what, up to this day, was the last manned lunar landing mission. ....
After Evans' return to Earth, he certified the watch by engraving the pertinent facts and his name along the outside edge of the back of the watch with an electric engraving tool. He wrote: "FLOWN ON APOLLO XVII 6-19 DEC 72 ON MOON 11-17[?] DEC RON EVANS". Apparently, he did not remove the stainless steel band to accomplish this as the "writing" is a bit rough and shaky. The apparent "7" in the "ON MOON" phrase was certainly intended by him to be a "4" but, it being directly below the band's attachment to the watch, and due to the size of the portable engraving machine, the number was not clearly engraved. There can be no doubt that this watch belonged to Evans and that he took it with him on Apollo 17. A totally unique item worthy of the finest institutional or private space or timepiece collection.

Would I pay that amount of money ? - Nope -and then again I might i money was not a issue.
It is probally one of the most special Rolex watches - if you check the historie of that watch.

The untimate Tool watch - DLC/Steel LW ?

Can stop thinking about my visit to Linde Werdelin - The watches keep coming back to me - and when I check out the photos - I would love to make some action shoots of these masculine watches - somehow these watches have a "je ne sais quoi" - something special.

And the DLC version have also grown on me - That is one tough watch - I was told that one of the persons at LW had tried to "destroy" the DLC by banging on the case with a screwdriver - making dents in the case - but the DLC remained - That WOULD never had happened with a PVD model - Just ask me - my Panerai 4B (pvd) was a scratch magnet.

The two other watches that I would love to make some action photos of is the simple steel models with black dial. Somehow I kept coming back to these watches during the visit. There was/is something very basic over them - like a ultimate toolwatch.

Some photos of these beauties.

Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai

Watch Forums - a world of information

Have been busy checking out different forums that talk about watches - I do check out many forums as they all have some difference in the way. Some forums are for the real experts, some focus more on "fun" and again some have people with really in depth knowledge that is invaluable in case your looking for a specific watch or need to have some input on a buy you might want to do - but your a little unsure on the watch as it might have some special "feature" your not sure is 100% correct. Then I would recommend that you visit these forums and ask nicely ;.-)

I visit these different forums weekly if not daily and sometime I just check them out, reading other peoples entries, sometime I answer some questions posted by other members on the forum, and again sometimes I post some pictures.

Here is a limited list of the watch forums I visit - Your welcome to send additional suggestions - I'a a WIS and you can never have to many bookmarks.

First Forums with focus on Rolex.

  • Timezone.com - US site with good general knowledge on a multiple number of brands - If your new in the watch forum world this is a good place to start.
  • vintagerolexforum.com - As the name says -focus on Vintage Rolex - And the place to ask questions in any doubt of a vintage rolex - very high knowledge by forum members on vintage rolex
  • TURF - the ultimate rolex forum - a Rolex forum that have existing for some time - A nice place to visit and find some nice pictures of rolex and rolex and women.
  • TimeKeeperForum.com :: The friendliest Rolex forum on the 'Net! - and that is almost true - check it out - especially if you new in the rolex forums - very friendly
  • PuristSPro.com is again a forum with many brands - the "traffic on this forum is a little limited - and they do have strict forum guidelines - but I do check it out from time to time as some of the people on these forums have some good informtaion.
  • rolexforums.com - A nice forum - but have not used to much
  • And many more out there ...

For Panerai forums the number I visit is a little more limited but the people and the community here is very special. I suggest you all try a visit different panerei watch forums and feel the community.

Panerai watch forums

ANd then there is the many forums that just talk watches - with no special brands in mind - these forums a also nice and can sometimes open ones eyes for new watches one would normally not have seen if you only look into forums dedicated to a single brand.

So to all Happy forum surfing....

A watch is more than a watch - it is also the strap ;-)

Found this thread o timezone.com - it somehow rings true - a watch is so much more than a watch - it is the complete package - watch and strap.

It has not be part of people collecting watches for many years - there was only one strap - and that strap was what came with the watch. nothing else.

But then came Panerai - and the strap mania began. I know no Person with a Panerai without at least a couple of additional straps - and some even have more than 20 straps pr. watch.

I know of no other brand where the strap focus is in the same league.
But it is starnge that some brands - don't "allow" third part straps - If people put a leather strap on a rolex - most people don't like it - it is almost not even OK to put a nylon strap on - of cause ok if a real milsub.

On the other hand - making straps and changing then on a Panerai watch is regarded with respect, and people comment on the different straps, homemade or from other strap masters around the world.
And when looking at the many different straps that is available for Panerai the same watch can change look and character with the change of a strap.

And why not change to a strap with some color if going to a party, or change to a black strap if more formal wear, and that nylon velcro is super when doing sports, and hey how about changing to the ammo strap for that extra tough look.

It was one of the only issues I had with the LW watches - I would love to be able to add "own" straps - add an nylon strap aka the one on the B&R BR02.

Some of my straps - and I must agree - that it is fun to change straps - and getting some patina on these. This is the same watch with different straps - the look of the complete watch can change completly

My Panerai 25C

Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai

My little strap collection

Panerai Panerai

My Next watch List - is put on hold ....

To put in short - I have put my Next watch wish list a little on hold. There has been some unforeseen issues/expensise now and in the near future so that is way I will not focus that much on my next watch wish list for the next 4-6 month.
So I will keep the list as it is right now - no need to do any changes - the LW is still on the list after my visit. But I will probably not add any new watch the next couple of months or more.
Well thats life and we are all aware of the main focus here in the life - family, friends and having fun.

My present Wish List:

  • Rolex Daytona - black dial
  • Rolex Deep Sea
  • Linde Werdelin Elemental / Hard Black DLC Elemental
  • Panerai models - Pam 064,Pam 001, Pam 002, Pam 287, etc
  • Rolex vintage models will always have its place in my list 5513, 1680, 16800, 14060
  • Omega Speedmaster cal. 321 (the Moon Watch)

Linde Werdelin "Factory" tour - The Watches - PART 3

My third little blog on my visit to the R&D of Linde Werdelin will focus on the watches and my view of them - I did get to handle and try many different models and my view of the quality of the watches is still intact.

While I was talking to Morten - the watches began to fill the table, gold, stell, DLC and prototypes, with and without straps, different dial colors and different glass color.
One of the nice features of LW is that you can change the look of the watch by changing the crystal color by adding a "folio" of some color.

That way you can have a yellow look, a pink look, green look, etc. And it is relative easy to remove the folio again and have the "original" watch back.

The gold version of the "Octopus" really looked super - it was a massive piece of watch.

And the DLC versions also had some real "masculine" and tough look. But somehow the simple steel model with black dial kept drawing my attention - it looked so classic.

What really did surprise me was the very different look that the watches have - but they all are from the same "DNA" they have the same initial shape - in order to accept the two different instruments.

The many watches ready to be inspected

The many different color combination - based more or less on the same case design.
Somehow the look of these watches can change from the stealthy black DLC to the "flamboyant" Red dial and red strap. And if you would like - how about the Octopus in Gold - it really does have some presence.

On a note - use of different color folio could make smaller changes to the watch - don't know if it is a first that you can change color of the crystal after your mood (the change of the folio does take a visit to your watchmaker - as the folio is inserted to the inside of the crystal).

And some photos of different models together - check out the two watches with pink and yellow folio on - I does change the look of the watch. I think the color folio works best on the white dials - but even on the black dials it can change the look drastic.

Each version of the watch have a special something - what I like is that LW don't make watches as per fashion trend but watches based on functionality. That I can related to - I only hope they stay true to their vision of making watches based on functionality and not come out with some new models without a strong "reason". This is what I like with Rolex, and what I like from the "old" Panerais - before Panerai began maiking to many limited models.
This can easily be seen when making a quick compare between the "founders" watch and the present model - The only real difference is the text on the dial. Check it out. Hat of to that design idea - why change something that works.

After having seen and handled the many different watches - It was time to leave for the design room - but I quickly made a hand shoot of the watches that I found the most interesting. The steel and DLC versions - If I only had to select one ...... Well that is a difficult one. Well why not have them all ;-)

My list
  • The Steel Elemental Black Dial
  • The Steel Two-Timer Black Dial
  • The Hard DLC version
  • And if money was not a option the new Gold Octopus... ;-)

Somehow the "simple" design - and that is meant in a very positive way - has grow on me.
My very quickly personal view of the watches both positive and negative is.

My Positive List

  • "Classic" design - true to its own DNA
  • Easy to recognize - almost like Rolex / Panerai
  • Have a good presence on the wrist
  • The fit on the wrist is really good
  • Limited numbers made
  • Not made as a fashion trend - made from an idea
  • Any questions will be answered quickly
  • ....

My Negative List is also here but not that long

  • Relative unknown re-sale price - but I think it is OK
  • Straps - I'm not 100% into the deployment - maybe over time - Its a Tool watch!

Then I was introduced to the Design of watches and and got the stories on how difficult it can be to transform an idea into the final product. It might look cool in the CAD program and on the screen but when the prototype returns it looks different - and one part that is special difficult to make and know the final look is the dial. That is why they make plastic mock-ups and put them into existing models - just to get a idea.
So the final result is the work of many hours on the design and many weeks and months of checking prototypes.

Here Morten is making a detail check on the screen - the smallest detail is checked and rechecked.

Some of the very early prototypes in plastic and dial mock-ups

This concludes my visit at Linde Werdelin - hope to visit again some time. The result of the two hour visit was very positive, the hands on was good, the watch talk (all from Rolex Milsubs to the world of Panerai and WIS), the open way I was shown watches and prototypes.
In general I felt very welcome and found that this is how the watch world should be - open f or everyone and lest enjoy what we like best - the watches.

I only have a small wish list for LW - something I would like to see.
And something I think could give something else...

My Wish List for Linde Werdelin
  • Option for own strap design - like Panerai - Make a connection that can be used by all
  • Give me a Velcro strap - it is a dive watch - something like on AP EOD
  • Keep the design simple - keep faithful to the DNA - tool-watch first
  • ...

What I can say after my visit is that the LW watch has not left my Next Watch Wish list - I will stay on.
And last but not least - I made a side by side shoot of the a Steel LW watch and my Panerai 1B - so you can get an idea of the size of the LW watches. It is always difficult to understand the size fro pictures - so I hope this side by side can help you ;-)

I have hoped that you have liked my little tour as much as I have.

Linde Werdelin "Factory" tour - The Sea Instrument - PART 2

My second little talk about my visit to the R&D of Linde Werdelin will focus on the "accessories" of the a LW watch. This is the philosophy of the LW watches and why the number 2 is so prominent in their products. It is called the power of two. And from my talk with Morten I was told that the number 2 is present in some way in their products.

The number of watches made is always with the number two included - either 22, 44, 222,...
The watch is to be seen together with the click-on tool - again the number two. And there where two (Morten and Jorn) that started the company, etc.
Again something I didn't know before my visit - and I guess only information for a WIS ;-)

After the initial show of watches I was taken on a little tour into the workshop of the dive instrument - also know as the REEF aka "The Sea Instrument". That is a dive computer with all the functionality you would expect. When I was a younger I did a lot of diving, but only with a watch and a standard dive table. It was well before the time of dive computers and BC vest.

But I really enjoyed to see the workshop, talk to the guy that programs the software. I was demonstrated the tool and could check out the last dive with all information you could wish for.

First I saw the place where each component is checked and rechecked - one of the reasons for the slim design is that this tool is filled with a special liquid - that is how the weight and thickness can be kept limited.

First I was introduced to the workshop for making and checking the instruments.

On the floor there was a big collection of prototypes - different colors and different surfaces. Making a case is not as easy as it could sound.

Here is the workbench where the components are "filled" with the special liquid - not air is allowed - anyone that dives knows that a incorrect tooth filling can cause a major pain.

Then I was introduced to "the man" that makes the software for the instruments - and check out that desk - that is really software and hardware working together.

Close up of the information screen of the dive on the PC screen. With information on time, temp and depth. That is one modern logbook from my point of view.

Then some closeup of the device - I had only seen it on the homepage - bit I do think that dive computer should looks super.

Linde Werdelin "Factory" visit - Intro - PART 1

Have uploaded the the photos from my little visti to Linde Werdelin and the first little story will be on the super time I had during my small 2 hour visit. Yes time does fly in good company ;-).
I arrived and was guided into the secret part of the R&D of Linde Werdelin.
Always nice to see the black wall for the LW ideas and see a office that can produce some watches I feel more and more interested in.

Why have I been interested in Linde Werdelin watches - well I really don't know, because I'm a Rolex man at heart and somehow also a little Panerai man at heart. I look at many other watches and have had my view on some different brands but have for the last 2 years returned to LW again and again -somehow the look of the watch had something that I can put my finger on - but well I have not been able to not thinking about that watch.

To get back to the story about my visit to LW north of Copenhagen. I left my work early and and arrived at 2 o'clock and was greeted by Martin and Morten and shown upstairs. Here I was seated and slowly the different watches and prototypes began to fill the table. It was mostly Martin that kept the watches coming while Morten talked about prototypes, different coatings, design and the love and focus on watches. I really began to see the passion behind these watches and understand the many difficult aspects of the watch making.

This first little story will be on the many different watches I had my cold hands on and my initial feelings.

Well to cut the story short - I'm a steel man, black dial and no bling. So the classic Elemental Linde Werdelin watch really did it for me. I had a soft spot for the DLC watches before I came - but somehow the classic steel was drawing my attention again and again.

Somehow a classic design will forever be classic ... And from my understanding from Morten there is also an idea in having a design that is easy to recognize even if seen from a distance. A little like Rolex and Panerai. The steel band band of a Rolex is easy to see from a distance, the crown guard on the Panerai is also something easily seen from a distance.

The same is true of the Linde Werdelin watches - the shape of the case, the band connection to the case - all is easy to recognize from a distance.

One of the things that has surprises me from when I tried a watch on for the first time - Is how good is sits on the wrist when you thing about its size.

It easily have the same comfort as my old Rolex watches - but the watch have the same "presence" as eg. my Panerai.

Well here are some of the first shoots - it was a really nice visit and I still think about the black steel LW watch ;-)

Arriving at LW - the "known" black wall with all the secrets on ;-)

And Martin checking if any secrets are there ;-)

The office - well looks like any normal office.

The table where the watches was presented on

The start of the watches in boxes.

And finally for this short presentation some of the watches and prototypes on the table.

Some close up of the watches -I really like the black dial simple watch.

Stay tuned - Next time (tomorrow) I will show more on the watches and my feelings and maybe some secrets will be reveled ;-)

"Factory" visit at Linde Werdelin - very informative

Please stayed tuned - have to upload the photos from my camera after my visit at the Danish R&D for Linde Werdelin yesterday.
First I would like to thank Linde Werdelin for allowing me the visit - it was very fun and informative. I was not really aware of what to expect - but my plan was just to get some hands on and see how the different models looks in real life.
I left my work early yesterday to visit LW office north of Copenhagen - and arrived at 2 o'clock and was greeted by Morten and Martin.
On the funny note is that I got my Rolex Sea-dweller from Martin in 2003 - and still have it - so that was fun.
I was directed to the first floor where there was a nice office - and was then seated by a large table - and slowly the watches started to pop up.
The watches that came to view included many "prototypes" - different color cases, bezel functionality, etc - It ended with a large collection of watches from the early "Founders watch" to the latest Octopus watch.....

Much more to come - expect 2-3 stories on this little visit

SEPTEMBER is NOW in the Archive

Now September of my watchblog is in the Archive - this time with 43 entries ;-)

Remember to check out the archives - There might be some funny info ;-)

Rescission ? No price increase on ROLEX

Just got it confirmed - that ROLEX in Denmark will NOT increase the price this year of the rolex watches.
This should be a first time this is seen in Denmark - normally the price would increase each year in DK as is the norm outside Denmark as well. So just to inform you all that ROLEX price in Denamrk will next year be the same as this year - no price increase....

One of the article points is that the yearly increase in price on Rolex (between 2-5%) would ensure that when people wanted to sell their Rolex they did "loose" money on that. But I do think the Title of the article is a little to much ;-)

"You ROLEX is going to loose its value"

Link to danish article HERE.

I still like mine - and would not sell any, even if financial crises is still in place.

Rolex Rolex Rolex Rolex

A handful of Rolex MILSUBS - "100% PASSION 2009"

Anyone what to see what a million Euro looks like!!
Well the Rolex "guys" can also make some nice GTG (called "100% PASSION 2009") - where the focus is on watches and having a good time - but I expect this is by invite only - just take a look of that collection

Checkout this hand shoot - 50-100k Euro a pop - this hand full of vintage Rolex milsubs would take care of my pension nicely.

But check out the vintage Rolex watches at this little GTG on vintagerolexforum.com
I just have to show these so beautiful watches - I can dream - but they look very nice......
A handful of Milsubs, Paul Newman Daytonas, Double Reds, Comex and other very special watches.