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Watch Photo Part 4: MobilePhone photos - be creative

Just because you don't have your camera with you at all times, but most of us have a mobilephone with build-in camera - and the quality of the photos made by these "mobilephone cameras" are becoming better and better.
I own a HTC Hero - the quality of the photos are NOT very good - so when I'm making photos with my watch - I just try to use some special setup - mostly with me in the photo and with "funny" and different frames and colors.

There exit much better phone cameras out there - my old Sony Ericsson did a MUCH better job.

On my HTC hereo I use Android programs like.
  • Vignette - Free
  • PicSay - Free
  • Adobe Photo - Free

But their exist many more kinds of programs - that can turn your phone camera into a fun camera - so with these photos the focus should be on the "artistic" kind of photos.

I have many other photos from my phone - but I don't normally "post" them - they are mainly for FUN - but stay tuned more to come.....

Watch Photo Part 3: The POST-processing - at home with the PC

When you have change different photos on the camera - it is time to get started on the FUN part - The Post-processing of your newly shoot photos.
Basically you will be able to manipulate you photo into different forms and different looks. Black and White, high contrast, funny colors, white balance manipulation, different views, different crops, etc..

95% of my photos are shoot in RAW format (RAW+Jpeg) becasue the RAW format just give that much more options for manipulation than a straight JPEG photo - but with that said - JPEG can be used as well - you just need to make the adjustments on JPEG files, and each adjustment will result in quality loss.

And don't be afraid - try something different - make high contrast black and white photos, play with the colors. Try to make the "colorspace" special - total washout colors.

If you try out differnt settings, all I can say is that the quality of your photo after post-processing will improve the initial photo greatly.
So don't be afraid - try out different things - and if you don't have any "professionel" photo manipulation tools - their exist many free tools you can try out.

Watch Photo Part 2: The Setup - internal and external (on location)

Now we come to the actual photo-shoot - and again I will say - keep it simple - start with internal photos.
I start by finding a place with some good light - better natural light than artificial light - but just place in near the window on a calm background.
The just fire away - move around - change the way the watch lies - don't be afraid to try something different.
Here I have placed the watch on a chair and on my knee - and quickly made some photos. These photos are just quick and dirty photos.
I have used my D70 and extension ring on the manual 50mm 1.4 on Manual (D70 can't be used on Auto with manual lens) - and with white balance set to "flash".
The reason I set white balance to "flash" and not Auto is because I'm a old "fart" - and used to shoot with slide film (Fujichrome 100 and 400) and black and white (Ilford HP5).

From those old days I "know" how slide film will "look" when shoot under daylight and other light sources.
And the beauty of shooting RAW is that changing the white balance is as easy as a click.
Shooting with the manual lens and extension ring does demand a little more concentration than shooting with my AF zoom lens on auto - but I like the photos made with my old 50mm 1.4.

And some of the results ....

But I prefer to make photos outside - the light is much "better" and I like the photos in real environments - so the photos are with some "background" action.
Again these photos are made quick and with my AF zoom on 70mm or with my 50mm1.4 and extension ring.

All photos with my watches in water are made with D70 and AF 18-70mm on Auto. That combo is perfect to make some photos without making any detailed planning of the photo.

Here are some examples of the photos in the wild.....

So All I can say is to try to make some new alternative photos of watches - lets try to make some "new" views of what a good watch photo should look like ;-)
More to come.....

Watch Photo Part 1: Equipment and Software

Equipment is NOT everything - I still use my old Nikon D70, and with the technology advances this model is way to old.

This is just to say that equipment is not everything but it does help you a little - and for the record I would say that any camera will do nicely - better with a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) than a compact, but some of the compacts out their can really delivery some fantastic photos.

My equipment is this for 98% of my watch photos:

This is basically what is needed to make the shots, but the fun part comes when doing the post processing - and there I would recommend anyone to get a dedicated program to manipulate the photos from the camera.

I would also recommend shooting in the RAW format - which is much better than the "default" jpg file output. The RAW format is like the digital negative - from where it is possible to manipulate the photo in great extent without "destroying" the original photo.
With RAW you have the possibility to change white balance, increase/decrease exposure, etc. The options are "endless".

So for post processing I would recommend a "good" RAW converter program.
I'm not in ANY way religious in that respect - I use BibblePro - as it works on Linux, Windows and Mac - and I think it works well. Other programs might give you the same options - so feel free to use whatever you would like to use.

  • Digital Photo program - RAW converter - Bibblelabs

With that we are ready to move on to making the first photo;-)

And what I don't use for my photos are, macro-lens (would be nice - but not on my budget yet), no flash (I use existing light only - or fixed lamps) and no table-shoot setup.
My focus is to make it simple (KIS - Keep It Simple) - the equipment, the setup and the post-processing.

Next HowTo is on the setup for the photo - internal/external and the setup on the camera - stay tuned.

Watchphoto - Some simple hints and howto.

I will try to make a short - KIS (Keep It Simple) - HOWTO on making watch photos that are just a little "better"/different from the normal point and shoot photos we can all make - even with a mobile phone camera.

I plan to keep it down to about 3-4 parts:

  • Part 1: Equipment and Software
  • Part 2: The Setup - internal and external (on location)
  • Part 3: The Pre-processing - at home with the PC
  • Part 4: MobilePhone photos - be creative
  • Part 5: ....

Stay tuned - the first part will come shortly.

Wife off to London for some shopping - I can take some new photos ;-)

At last - time to check out some of my watches ;-) The wife and daughter has left on quick trip to London so I have had some time to bring out some watches and take some more pictures.
Always nice to have some time to enjoy watches - and with the snow - it is easy to make some fun photos...
Getting the watches out in the free - makes me think twice again on what my next watch should be ... A Deep Sea will make my sea-dweller line-up complete (1665, 16600, and the deep sea), but again the daytona will be something completely different, and going for a AP ROO will match my Linde Werdelin (of being a scratch magnet).

But enough of that - this time it was only to make some new photos of my watches, that are not my daily watches...
But I can still see why I have this small collection - each watch has something, that makes it special and a "keeper".

First photo is of the box'es - And I can say that Panerai and Linde Werdelin have some BIG boxes, compared to Rolex, even compared with the latest size of Rolex boxes. What will be next - boxes will increase in size - again and again.
Looks like the packing is becoming more and more important.

But back to the photos - First the boxes....

Then some overall photos of watches....

And last some fun photos in the snow....

Women and watches mix well ;-)

We all know that women and watches work perfect.

Found this photo of my all time favorite model - Danish "supermodel" now photographer Helena Christensen.

I used to be a photographer in the OLD analog times, and I'm still a Nikon man at heart. And I still have my Nikon F and my daily worktool - the Nikon F3P.
And only manual fixed lenses.

Well from that time - I use to have a saying - that if I ever should photograph HC (Helena Christensen) I would by a smoking to do the shooting in ;-)

Well that time never came - but I still have HC as one of my all time super models.....

Found this photo with watches and HC.

And some of my old photos from my time as a photographer.....

My Linde Werdelin Elemental - will I get one more?

I have now been the owner of my LW Elemental for +6 months - and what can I say.

This watch will be in my collection and get additional wrist time - more than my Rolex watches.
Why? Well because I think that the look and the quality really is so different from my other watches.

The completely different look of the LW watch - makes me look at the watch more often than any other watch (I think). Mainly because the dial pops out and the case is so different than any other watch I have.

I just like it - nothing else to say ;-)

The ROLEX 5513 - a true classic that will forever be loved ;-)

Rolex have many watches in their line up - but one watch will forever remain the true icon of Rolex - the Rolex Sub.

With the Rolex Sub LV in 2003 - Rolex celebrated its 50 years since it first was available.
Their have been many different versions of the Rolex Sub. But for me the Rolex Sub model 5513 will forever be the ultimate Rolex dive watch.

But why this model, and not the latest version with ceramic bezel or one of the more early versions.
Well here is my list of reasons ;-)

  • The 5513 was the version available when I first looked into Rolex watches
  • The 5513 was the version seen in many 007 movies
  • The 5513 was the model used by the SAS/SBS - aka the Milsub (version 5514 and 5517).
  • The 5513 is just so clear in its looks
  • The 5513 is just classic - don't know how to "improve" the design ;-)
  • The 5513 ... you can continue here

Just some photos to start the summer

I'm off to the summerhouse this weekend with some friends and family. We paln to enjoy the sun, have some steaks on the grill and in general just small talk.

I will probably have two watches with me - my new Linde Werdelin and my old faithful Panerai 25C.

So again my update on this blog is not up to the speed I would like.
I also plan to finalize my review of Linde Werdelin watch (The Elemental) and last but no least - hope to make some nice photos of my watches in a new situation - watches and friends.

Here some photos from last year - and some photos of my new watch doing some grill work.

Linde Werdelin Elemental Watch Linde Werdelin Elemental Watch Linde Werdelin Elemental Watch Linde Werdelin Elemental Watch Linde Werdelin Elemental Watch Linde Werdelin Elemental Watch

Summer is near - last update before May 2010 - The summer is here at last.

Now we are close to the real summertime - official the summer is 1 may in Denmark.
And one more important things is that it is the wife's B-day - so I hope the weather will be very nice.

But to end this April month with some memory's from last summer - here are a little showdown of what to come.
Mainly it will be enjoying the time in the summerhouse - Maybe a small trip to Berlin if times allow.

Enjoying the garden, playing with the kids, performing at the Weber and having friends over for a nice glass of red wine or beer.
The evening will bring time before the TV with a nice whiskey - thinking out loud on how lucky a man can be.

I also what to flash my "new" watch - but more of that to come.
Even if I'm a Rolex man at heart I can allow myself to mix with other brands.

Watches are like mistresses - expensive - and you always return to the wife ...... Just kidding - I'm a one woman man.

Watches and knife - they do mix well

People that "collect" watches sometimes also have a interest in e.g. knifes - why I don't know, but I do find that people that like nice watches have the same view on other things in life. That being knifes, pens, food, travel etc..

We do tend to like the "quality" things in life...

But back to the topic - here are some of my watches together with knifes. Enjoy.

My old Heuer 200 professional Diver Quartz photos

Here are some photos of my Heuer dive watch - together with my ABC equipment (same as for the Panerai 25C photos I did at the same time).

All I did was that I found my old ABC dive equipment (mask and fins) and together with my old Dacor Dive knife made some new photos in the back garden of my summerhouse.

I was thinking of making the photos at the beach - but that knife would cost me some weeks in jail if I was stopped on the way to the beach.

We have a very strict "weapon" law in Denmark - it is not even allowed to have a good pocket knife on you.

Somehow I have become more and more "interested" in this old Heuer watch- I must say that it does hold up very nice for a watch which is +30 years.

And with the new battery - it just keep perfect time ;-)

Enjoy the photos....

Some new photos of my Panerai 25C - and the nice strap from my locale strapmaster.

Here is the latest photos of my Panerai 25C with the moster strap from my locale strap master here in Denmark.
It is still a nice strap - it is a moster one - +6mm but somehow it feels very nice on the wrist.
Much better than slim straps - it matches the size of the watch - and I really can't say how much a nice strap does to a watch.

I like my straps dark - no light straps for me - and I'm ok with color stitching - that can give some nice look to a normal strap.

SOmehow I like the green color stitching - it matches the tritium on the dial.

And I will as always end by displaying a grill shoot....

New photos of my Heuer Diver 200m professional

Spring is on the way - So I was a quick trip to the summerhouse and at the time toke some new photos of my first real watch. My Heuer 200m Diver Professional - which I got when I started to scuba dive, and get my CMAS ** "dive licence".

Somehow that watch was a very nice one - even if I would love a Rolex that time, I did'nt have the money for that kind of watch. And I can even remember that I did select the Heure becasue it had minral glass and the rolex only came with plexi!!
If only I had known - I could have had a rolex 5513 vintage - with all the box and papers now. But there is ofcause no saying if I would have been become a WIS back then.

I was not even a WIS when I got my first Rolex - it was only becasue I would LOVE to have a rolex - it was a dream watch for me.

But back to the Heure 200m professional watch - and the new photos.

Somehow it still has a nice look - the design remains a god one - better than many TAG Heuer dive watches I think.
Keep it simple - yes it works.

Watches Photo no.12 - Watches and Travel

This time I will bring photos from travel that have watch content.
Any photo of your watch from any travel is welcome - only rule is that your watch must have a place in the picture and you can see some of the enviroment from your travel.
Ok - now I have come into the no. 12 version of my ongoing series - Watches and photos ;-)

  • No. 1 - Watches and food photos
  • No. 2 - Hand in pocket photos
  • No. 3 - Watches and Water photos
  • No. 4 - Hand in front of you photos
  • No. 5 - watches and drinks photos
  • No. 6 - Watch photo with a story
  • No. 7 - Watch Window Shopping around the world
  • No. 8 - Watch photo -The artistic ones ;-)
  • No. 9 - The Watch with another "object"
  • No. 10 - The Watch group photos
  • No. 11 - The Total Package Watch Photo
  • ...

Water and Ice - Spring is on its way.

I was a quick little trip to the summerhouse, just to see if all was OK, and see if is was ready for the spring time. Well all was nice, just a little water demage in the bathroom - I need a new toilet. Well the old one was very very old - so it was not that big a surprice.

Well I was also a quick trip down to the water - to take some of my "official" water and watch photos, as you all know.

This time I was "lucky" to make some photos with some sea ice - nothing much left - but it will be my sample of sea ice and water photos ;-)

I still have some watches and photos in the back of my mind.
How about .....
  • How about Watches in sports
  • How about Watches on travel
  • How about Watches and animals

I might not have many photos for each of these "photoshoots" but I will prepare them ;-)

Watch photo no. 11 - The Total Package Watch Photo

It must stop now ;-)
- It can't continue - well maybe it can - I still have some watch photos in mind that will come to a forum near you.

This time I will focus on "The Package" photos - this includes photos of "the unpacking", and photos of the complete package.
One type of photos you will see from time to time is the unpacking of a packet with a watch inside.
Again this is a WIS thing - how come you would photo the unpacking of a UPS packet step by step.
Well that is a WIS thing ;-)

But also photos of the complete package - not only the watch - but also the box and papers all in one photo is something for all of us with focus on watches.

Here are some of mine "complete" package shoots and a unpacking photos.

And now the unpacking photos ....

Watch Photo no. 10 - The Watch group photos

Ok - all 10 times yes I did it - can I reach a even more? - Time will show but I have at least one more.
The watch photo group shoots - where we have mulitple number of watches in the same photo.

My list so far:

  • No. 1 - Watches and food photos
  • No. 2 - Hand in pocket photos
  • No. 3 - Watches and Water photos
  • No. 4 - Hand in front of you photos
  • No. 5 - watches and drinks photos
  • No. 6 - Watch photo with a story
  • No. 7 - Watch Window Shopping around the world
  • No. 8 - Watch photo -The artistic ones ;-)
  • No. 9 - The Watch with another "object"
Any photo with more than 1 watch is valid entry here. You can mix the number of watches and you can mix the different brands.
Any layout is acceptable - on the table, in the hand, on the ground etc. All versions is valid just as long as there is more than 1 watch in the photo;-)

So here goes - my entry no. 10 in the ongoing watch photo series....

Watch photo no. 9 - The Watch with another "object"

I'm about to reach the end of different kinds of watch photo. How many different watch photo types can we have - I'm uo to number 9 now.
And have been around the many different types.

  • No. 1 - Watches and food photos
  • No. 2 - Hand in pocket photos
  • No. 3 - Watches and Water photos
  • No. 4 - Hand in front of you photos
  • No. 5 - watches and drinks photos
  • No. 6 - Watch photo with a story
  • No. 7 - Watch Window Shopping around the world
  • No. 8 - Watch photo -The artistic ones ;-)

Now I'm on watch photo no 9 - this time its is Watches and other objects.

I know many people collecting watches, also is interested in other object of "high" quality.
And sometimes these are objects of interest is put together into one photo.

I have the same feeling on watches as I do on a number of other object. When your going to get something, get the BEST.

Here are photos of my watches together with some other minor objects - mainly a pocket knife ;-)

Watch photo no.8 - The artistic ones ;-)

I will trouble you all again with some more watch photos. This time I think about watch photos that have been manipulated in some way.
The normal photos can sometime be a little to much of the same thing.
That is why I sometimes take one photo and adjust the settings for that photo.
I always shoot RAW with my old trusty Nikon D70 (yes it is a old digital camera).
Either make it black and white, twist the color, or just play around with different parameters.

I do have some favorites - I even have one of my Rolex 5513 as my desktop background at the job ;-)

Here goes some more or less manipulated watch photos for you to enjoy.

Watch photos no. 7 - Window Shopping around the world

My next entry on watch photos - is related to photos of other watches than your own. This time it is window shopping on watches around the world.
If your a WIS like me - you will look after watch shops, and do window shopping whenever your out traveling.
Just to check out if their is any nice watches, any good deals and compare the price, etc.
The wife think I'm crazy - but I can live with that - one of the hazards of being a WIS....

Watch photo no.6 - Photos and watches with a story

My next entry on watch photos is watch photos with a story.

By that I mean that your can tell a story over a number of photos and not just one watch photo.
I don't have that many watch photo stories but I do have a few.

This is the kind of watch photos that are fun to "read" - how can you put a story together that will include watches and still have "meaning".

I have the following options:
  • watch photos in daily life
  • watch photos goes window shopping
  • watch photos making food (ala the food photos)

Here are some of my watch photo stories.

Making a cup of expresso:

Making the grill ready:

And Wacth window shopping in Copenhagen:

Watch photo no.5 - Watches and Drinks

Welcome to the fifth entry about watch photos.
This time I will focus on drinks.

My list so far is:

  • No. 1 - Watches and food photos
  • No. 2 - Hand in pocket photos
  • No. 3 - Watches and Water photos
  • No. 4 - Hand in front of you photos
  • No. 5 - watches and drinks photos
And expect more to come.

This time it has come watches and drinks - any photo with a drink and a watch will be OK for this category.

These photos are just FUN - no special reason for the watch other than in a daily situation.
Many times these photos are done when in a relaxed movement - with friends, on holiday, etc.
These kind of photos are just nice and easy - and many times it is done in the sun ;-)

Watch photo no. 4 - The Hand in front of you shoot

Next on my little list of watch photo sessions that is a little different from the standard static watch on the table shoot is the well known "Hand in front photo".
These photos is mainly done when on special places where you quickly can put your hand up in front of you and snap a quick photo.
These photos can be done quickly and without any people taking any notice.
Something that is a little more difficult when making the watches and water photos where you jump around trying to get the best photo.

Here are some of mine "hand in front" photos.

Watch photos No. 3 - Watches and Water

Watches and Water mix well. That is why watch and water gives some great photos. These kind of photos can ad some action to a otherwise less interesting photo.
Water can give some extra action and movement into a otherwise static watch photo.
I really like if the photo is "wet and wild" - put the watch into the sea and let the waves make the your watch wet.

These kind of photos are showing the watches in the some "natural" surroundings, and not the normal photos of watches on the kitchen table.

My third entry is "watches and water" photos.

And many more ....

Watch photos No. 2 - The Hand in pocket shoot

My next "unusual" watch photo I have selected ;-) Is the official "hand in pocket" photo. Sometimes these photos have can give a "better" view of a watch than the normal watch photo of the watch on the table.
The "Hand in pocket" photos can give a different view of a watch, maybe a better view of the size of the watch, how does it look "on person", and in general a more natural view of a watch in "real life".

I "like" these photos - some are better than other - but these photos are has become a classic style for watch photos.
My second entry is "hand in pocket" photos.

Watch photos No. 1 - Watches and food

Sometimes I find the normal Watch photos a little dull so sometimes I take some photos of my watch in "different" situations. So here are some few different ways to make watch photos.

My First entry is watches and food.