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I started this blog in Januar 2009 and have almost daily updated with many posts related the the fantastic world of watches.

The focus of this blog is to collect some of all the knowledge that exist around the world concerning watches. This will be both for the latest new watches from the major watch companies but also with focus on the Vintage world of watches. I'm have no special knowledge of the watch world, but have collected some information during my latest 5 years of looking for watches. There is some very good information to be found by some of the very knowledge people that contribute to the multiple watch sites that exist.

An other interest of mine is photography, so I would very much like to focus on some special photography of watches - not the standard "nice" watch shoot - but photos that have something more - good pictures where the watch is present.

I hope you can find some good information here and if not I hope you can enjoy some of the pictures that I plan to put on this blog.

The Idea behind this Blog

The idea is for me to have a place to collect watch related information and other information I find interesting. My first idea was just to collect the data for my own use. But then I remember my own initial start into the world of watches where the problems of buying the right watch at the right price, and all the questions related to buy and spend my very limited money on a "new" vintage watch.

All this information I hope to be able to collect in one place, so some of my own questions and answers is collected here for anyone to access and use.

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