rolex 16610LV Panerai 1B Rolex Explorer II 16550 Rolex GMT 1675 Panerai 4B


Well to be true to this site - I must confess that it was a Rolex watch that started me on the road to become a WIS.

It all started when I was about 13 years old, and I noticed a full page Rolex Advert in the National Geographic magazine, and at once fell in love with the Oyster day-date.
Somehow this watch was for me the most elegant watch I had ever seen.
But I quickly understood that a Rolex was relative expensive watch and something special.

I moved on to high-school and my french teacher had a nice Rolex Explorer (1016), and my math teacher had the gold oyster day-date. Eeach time I saw these wonders the more I wanted one. So when I graduated, I was lucky to get a Rolex Explorer II (model 16550) with black dial. This watch was my only watch for the next 18 years before I got the next Rolex. And the more I get to know and love these watches - the more they grew on me - I feel a joy of seeing them, using them as daily watches and enjoying every moment I check the time. It is difficult to understand for anyone that is not "into" watches - but please let me keep this nice hobby.

Then in 2003 I had a opportunity to get a new watch - but which watch should it be? It quickly became a search for a Sea-dweller, as this watch had history and looked good. So I finally added that to my "collection" of now two Watches. The Sea-dweller then became my daily watch for the next year or more.

But now I had the watch bug - I started to search the Internet - finding Watch forums - reading and trying to get a hold on my new hobby. But I understood that it was only a matter of time before watch number 3 would join my little family. And as the say "The rest is history".

Now I'm checking out vintage watches - somehow the older version of the modern Rolex has some quality and history that I find interesting but at the same time I'm aware that trying to get some nice vintage Rolex can be very expensive. So I'm going in that direction now but very carefully - as collection vintage watches are a completely different game, where knowledge and trust must go hand in hand.

The rolex daytona - Zenit

The rolex daytona have always been special, hard to get, and with used prices much higher than from new. This was true for the old Zenit steel daytona, and not so much more.
Why there was this lack of daytona watches - what was the reason for a waiting time that could be more than 2 years - was it due to a "real" lack of watches, was it due to the fact that rolex keept the demand high to create a higher interest, or ....

Personal I don't think it was due to the fact that Rolex wated to create a hype - somehow the "old" rolex way of working - was to produce and release watched in their own speed, and not give in to marked hype.

The Rolex Daytona Zenith model will continue to have high focus, and this model is on my list of iconic watches, even if the Rolex daytona have changed more than e.g. the Omega Speedmaster and Rolex Sub.
Should I get a Rolex Daytona of the newer versio, with Rolex inhouce movement, the super nice clasp system, but with a dial I find a little less attractive.

The history of the different brezel on the Rolex Daytona can be found on vintagerolexforum, and yes this is what we WIS people like to see. Get into the deteails.

  • an authorized translation of a work made by Pino some times ago ...
  • 1) mk1 : consistent from R to L 500.000 ,but you can find it also on later case numbers ;
  • 2) mk2 : consistent from L 230.000 up to L 500.000 ,but you can also find it on higher case numbers ;
  • 3) mk3 : consistent from L 500.000 up to low S ; also on higher case numbers
  • 4) mk4 : consistent from L 500.000 up to all S ; also on higher case numbers
  • 5) mk3 bis : consistent from L 500.000 up to low S ;
  • 6) mk5 : consistent from S up to medium A ; also on higher case numbers
  • 7) mk6 : consistent from A up to P ( end of production )

Some final photos of my Daytona Zenit - what bezel version is that ?? Mark 3,4,5 or 6...

Getting the gold bug?

I think that I somehow is getting the gold bug, the more I look at gold watches the more I think they have something special. I could easy see a gold sub, gold gmt or even a mix of gold and steel.
Yes the gold / steel combi is somewhat underrated, and the prices are still very good.
Some of the newer gold rolex models are maybe a little over the top, but the original slim rolex gmt, rolex 1680/8 subs and not to forget the day-date are just perfect.
Funny thing is that I might even look at a day-date in white gold. That would be a simple yet special watch. A watch that only the WIS people would see as a white gold watch.

My "dream watch" is a number of watches...

My quest for a Rolex Explorer II 1655 (straight hand) is now moving into a part where I have send request to two private sellers, and is awaiting their replay. The Explorer II have a big place in my heart - the Rolex Explorer II (16550) was my first rolex, my first expensive watch, and the was selected over rolex subs and gmt at the time in 1985.

So I'm a sucker for rolex explorer II , from the first model to their last, I could see my self having one of each model number (1655, 16550, 16570, 216570) - check out this write-up on the rolex exploer II it explains the history very good.
I for one LOVE my 16550 Exp II, and because it was my first it will be my last !!!!

Now I only need a 1655, 16570 and 216570 explorer II !!!!

I would buy semi-vintage over new almost ANY day.

When I see on the price for new Rolex watches - even "entry" models are now very expensive. And this also result in very expensive prices for used modern Rolex watches.
And when I see that the prices for older semi-vintage or vintage Rolex I for one would 90% of the time always get a semi-vintage/vintage Rolex over a full new modern version.

I would prefer the older gmt vs the newest gmt, the older sea-dweller over the deep-sea (well two different watches), the older day-date over a very expensive newer day-date.

I'm aware that the newer watches have more modern movements, better clasps, etc.......

But I think the test of time with the older Rolex watches are OK proof for me that they can continue to give pleasure many year to come.

So always buy the older Rolex watches - (and even more Omega) - when looking for the next watch.

Just check out these vintage Rolex vs the newer versions.

Still thinks the first rolex LV was and is a great watch.

This is probally a watch that has been trough many hands - do see that many being used as a daily watch. Well the dansih crownprince is seen with this watch more often - so at least he uses this watch as his daily watch - and respect for that.

But somehow I feel that this watch is a little underrated - it has maxidail, still small case (40mm), the early models did not have the rolexrolexrolex on inside, still the old claps and bracelet, and even if you like you can change the green bezel to a black and have a unique look.

Before and after a simple cleaning...

The very nice thing with Plexiglas is that it is VERY easy to make as "new" again. It only takes some cleaning stuff, and wupti - you have a almost presinte watch.

Just take a look on this watch - the before photos are from when I got it home, and the after photos are after a quick cleaning in soap and hot water, and the plexiglas recived a quick polish with some paste we use for cleaning the ceramic oven (but brasso is also very good).



It just looks very nice now....

Classic Rolex vintage watches goes with EVERYTHING.

Right now the newest 1665 are my daily watch - yes it just works perfect - somehow the classic look just goes with everything you will used it with. T-shirt, casual wear, formal wear etc..
Have not found one situation where a vintage rolex would look out of place (But I can see many places where a new 42mm Sub, GMT or deep sea would look out of place). The vintage rolex just slide under the shirt - the vintage rolex just looks perfect when peeking out under a shirt, in the sun, at the beach, at the café, etc..

The Patina on dials can "look" very different on same watch.

Some of my new photos of my new "old" Rolex sea dweller 1665 shows how easy it is to make the patina on dials look the way you want.

For WIS people the yellow look of old tritium is much better than the white of luminova, and the more yellow the better.

Just check these photos out - same watch - same day - but major difference in dial look.

When is 100% original 100% original?

Or to be more specific - is a replacement dials OK - or is the original dials "more" original.

From a collector point of view - all must be original. The watch must be as it left the factory from x years ago. And be left in the box - untouched and never worn!
If you have the original box, papers, receipts, wrapper paper, etc. Then your in collector heaven. But what about us WIS people that like to wear or watches and use them as a normal watch. Wearing it 24/7 for ex tented period of time, and don't care if the watch gets a scratch or two.
And if your really nitpicking - then if everything should be original - then no part must be exchanged during service, but that is not what I think people would like. I have a photo of the the number of parts that is changed during a service of a AP ROO - that is a lot of parts!!.

I don't know if the number of parts exchanged during service of Rolex is the same - but one thing we can be sure about, is that if a high end watch is more than 10-20 years old and sent for service - the number of parts that will be exchanged is relative high. Meaning that the watch is no longer "as it left the factory", it is still original in respect to the parts exchanged, it is still a valid timepiece, it works "better" than before, and it will serve you many years from now.

So you can see that no watch after 1-2 service will be as it left the "factory" - it has been "updated" with new parts - sometimes even new and better parts.

My Rolex 1665 - aka sea-dweller - aka the great white - has been looked after by Rolex at least 3 times in its life (markings on the inside of the back) - see photo....

And this has resulted in a replacement dial - one of the rare - SWISS - T<25 - luminova dials - normally ALL replacement dials is only with SWISS.
And how does this make me feel - is this watch less original than when it left the factory - No - still 100% original Rolex - I don't know if a spring or other inside parts was also exchanged.

But I now have a Rolex "vintage" sea-dweller - that have been serviced and works perfect.

Rolex Subs on a "stick" - well my old Dive knife.

Have been seen before - but I do like the photo - 4 "subs" on a dive knife - you can easily see the linkage between the different models - even if they span the period from 1971 (5513) to 1989 (16600).

My Subs on a row...

  • Rolex 5513 - ca. 1972
  • Rolex 1680 - ca. 1976
  • Rolex 1665 - ca. 1975
  • Rolex 16600 - ca. 1989

I'm a sucker for the Explorer II model.

My first rolex was the 16550 - Explorer II - in 1985.
And lately I have a deep lust for the "original" Explorer II - aka 1655, and now I do find that the new 216570 - the new Explorer II - is also a watch that I would like.

I have always had the feeling that the subs are "overrated" and the Explorer's underrated. I still belive that my Exploerer II 16550 is a iconic design - it is a tool watch and at the same time a somewhat of a dress watch.

I also think that it would be nice to have "all" versions of the Explorer II - as a kind of homage to this model.

  • Rolex 1655 - TO COME
  • Rolex 16550 - OK
  • Rolex 16750 - TO COME
  • Rolex 216570 - TO COME

I would realy like a 1655 - was so close in june - but the deal did not fly.

My 16550 - My first Rolex - last to leave - has a special place in my heart.

Some thoughts about my fist time with gold Rolex watch as my daily watch.

OK - here are some input from my real first 4 weeks with my first non-tool Rolex watch, my first gold watch and my first real pristine watch that I have used since my days of buying from Rolex AD (Rolex Exp II and Rolex LV).
Let me say it like this - I have always been a simple steel watch man (ok - one Ti watch - my Pam 25C) - steel and black dial.
But now I have selected to try out my new gold watch - Rolex day-date 18038 - and see how that was as my "daily" watch.

First impressions:
  • No problem with the smaller size it don't feel that much smaller.
  • With the correct bracelet size - it fits just perfect.
  • Was a little unsure if the extra bling bling did was a "problem"
  • Got many eyes on the watch - many many from the family
  • Soon I was doing gardening, grill, etc - what I normally do during stays in summerhouse
  • All in all - a positive experience of wearing this watch
  • But I miss some of the features of my sub/dweller/daytona - the possibility to measure time.
  • Right now it is my semi daily watch - together with my dweller 1665

My new watch says hallo - and welcome summer.

With summer coming - very soon I hope, here are some photos of my new watch in different situations.

Was in summerhouse this weekend and the weather was so so - not very good - but not very bad either. But just to have the chance to get away from the job and spend some time with the kids was perfect.

Did wear the new watch all weekend - my new baby - the rolex day-date. And it did work well with the flip-flops and shorts and general a relaxed attitude.

On the way to the beach and on the beach - it was a pleasant feeling to wear this watch.
The president bracelet is very nice to wear - and the felling of the watch on the wrist was the same or better than my dweller.

But enough talk her are some photos from the weekend of my NOS 1979 - 18038 Rolex day date.

All I can say is that I really like the blue dial - it gives the watch different looks dependent on the way the light hits it.

"Be a Man" - Try a gold watch ;-)

It is something special - the way, the look, the perceived "class" of the person wearing a rolex gold day-date.

For me the person wearing a Rolex Day-Date has always been a person that can manage himself - a man of the world, a man that focus on quality over quantity.
Take a look at these rolex adds for the rolex day-date.

My Rolex Day Date 18038 - from 1979 and almost NOS.

Here are some more photos and some more background story on the watch I now have been the lucky owner of in more than a week.

I have been looking at many day-dates during the last two months - form the older 18038 (only quick set of date) to the more modern 18238 (with quick set of date and days).

My quest soon went in the 1803 direction, as a watch with some "vintage" air around it, but finding a 1803 in a nice condition was somewhat difficult.
And finding a 1803 with B&P was even more difficult - some B&P was not mandatory for me during my quest.

I did try out some 1803 - but their age was easy to see - the bracelets was well worn, the dials and cases did show that they had been trough a life of use (and nothing wrong with that). But It made me much more careful over old day dates on the net, so I started to focus on day-dates where I could try them out before making a buy.

Then a friend of mine - directed me to a subgmt - their new arrivals - and I could see one photo of the day-date with a deep blue dial. A dial color that I never really had on my radar - but all at once this dial on a day-date did something to me.
The deep blue color together with the gold just looked perfect.

Here are the official story of the watch...

  • It was bought by a gentleman in 1979 and he died that night.
  • His grandson found the watch all wrapped up in an attic in 2006 - unworn and unused- and send the watch to a Rolex dealer for a service (since it had been laying around all that time) and a dial change, since he did not like the white dial.
  • The watch was sold in 2006 to someone and he kept it for 6 years in his safe.
  • The DD has still never been worn. It iss all complete, tags, booklets, boxes, writing map, 2nd dial, purchase receipt + the papers.

Well it don't get much better that this - And YES I will wear it - maybe not daily - but on a week to week basis. I still have to find the right way to wear this watch.
Wearing a gold watch is something different from a steel watch - it will get much more attentions than any steel rolex watch.

Sorry for the bigger pictures - but this watch deserves it ;-)

More photos to come - and more on daily use of this watch and my feelings....

Milsub content - Again - some guys have "all" the luck.

Again some rolex colloctors have a preference of the rolex millsub - me included - but I just dont have the "time" (read money) to find the watches I would like.
But that don't mean that I can enjoy other peoples milsubs - still only on the net - I have yet to see a milsub in real life - so if anyone out there would like to share his/hers milsub with me over a cup of coffee or beer - I would welcome the chance ;-)

But back to the photos for the 3 milsubs I just say - anyone would be perfect for me...

Rolex Hotel - Yes it exist ;-)

Just read a super travel log story on - the hotel is out of this world for any WIS or watch interested person. Check out the travellog on here - and like the people say - enjoy life with good friends and good food. Watches are still way down the list compared to having fun and enjoying life.

But the Hotel have so many nice features that I would like to have at home - maybe the bathroom needs some new taps ;-)
And the photos and paintings on the walls was very nice - not to much - but people understanding the watch world can enjoy them on a different level than not WIS people.

Only a small taste here of the travlelog - be sure to read the complete story here.

The unboxing of my Rolex Day-Date

When I arrived home yesterday evening - there was a big packet from fed-ex to me.

The unpacking started and there was alto of wrapping before I finally found my watch right in the middle of the packet.
Funny to have a gold watch on the wrist for the first time - moving from Rolex (40 mm) to Panerai (44 mm) to Rolex sports again (40 mm) and now to rolex (36 mm).

It is a big difference in the look compared to all my other watches (sports/tool watches) - and something I have to get used to.
I can be a daily watch, but I have some reservations in relation to my work.
People don't normally make that much notice of my rolex, being it my sea-dweller or my daytona.
But coming to work in a t-shirt wearing a super bling rolex gold day-date.

Here are some of my first pictures of the unpacking and the watch - a pristine rolex day-date 18038 will all the information, extra white dial, all invoices, all service papers and inner and outer box.

And now to some more detailed photos of the package - watch and Box and papers.....

And last some photos of the watch in the wild - very late last night when the sun was going down.

And my Nikon D70 is not that good for high iso photos - I also need a new camera

Some photos of my Rolex Daytona in different sitiations.

After I recived my Rolex Daytona Zenith last year - this has been my daily watch with no exception.
But with my "new" watch comming in today or next day - I think that it is time for a short run-through og the different situations the watch has been trhough ;-)

Watch arrived from

And now some more situational photos of the daytona, hand in pocket, wrist shoot, vacation, x-max, new year, and close ups, etc.

And again in daily situations over time when this daytona have been my daily watch....
Vacation, x-max, new year, etc.

Moving into the gold Rolex - Questions..

Now as I'm starting to look more and more into the world of gold watches from Rolex, I have the same thoughts as when looking at more normal sports models.
In the start I just looked at the classic Rolex Day Date - with president bracelet and the clean yellow dial with baton indicators.
Let me tell you - that was the start for an hunt that are still ongoing. First I looked after these version of the day date, then I started looking at dials with roman numerals on, then on gold date-just and then again on day date with dark color dial.
The I started looking at different model version 18038 or 18238, and then again should it be watch only or complete set.
And then we have the bracelet - as soon as the watch has some years on the back - it get some slack and can be costly to fix.
The questions are many and the answers are not that easy.

  • Model : Day Date - Date-Just are nice but I have a little history on the day date - I never thought I would own this watch - so getting it would be proving me wrong ;-)
  • Version : Model 1803 - I think I can live with the 1803 version - classic - no need for quick-set of the day.
  • Dial : Gold dial with baton index - Simple but classic - I think that will be the model - but the dark dial has not left me ;-)
  • Bracelet : President - what else ;-)
  • Condition : Nice - not to polished, as original as possible ;-)
  • Box/Papers: Nice - but not mandatory - not a deal breaker
  • Safe Queen: NOT - none of my watches are safe queens - NOT and NEVER

Well the hunt is still ongoing - what will I find, what will I land....

The answer is "somewhere out there"...

BUT the risk is there that I will start to look at my grail gold watch - the gold rolex sub 16808 -

Some facts on the Rolex 5513 model

A true classic that will become more and more valued as the time goes bye.
I give to your the Rolex 5513.

The following information is from vintagerolexforum - the best place for information.

  • 1) Ca. late 1961-1963: gilt/gloss dial w/minute track, meters-first depth rating and signed "SWISS"-only below 6.
  • 2) Ca. 1963-1967: gilt/gloss dial w/o minute track, meters-first depth and signed "SWISS - T<25" below 6 .
  • 3) Ca. 1966-1970: matte/white writing dial, meters-first, "SWISS - T<25"
  • 4) Ca. 1970-1976: matte/white dial, feet-first depth rating, "SWISS - T<25"
  • 5) Ca. 1976-1985: matte/white dial, SUBMARINER on top of feet-first depth, "SWISS - T<25"
  • 6) Ca. 1985-1988 (and until late 1990s as a replacement 5513 dial): gloss/white gold surround dial, SUBMARINER on top of feet-first depth, "SWISS - T<25"
  • 7) Ca. 1998 to present as replacement dial: gloss/WG dial, SUB on top of feet-first depth, "SWISS" or "SWISS MADE" below 6, Luminova luminous

Still love my 5513 - and time will tell if this is the only 5513 I will own - I think not ;-)

Again some WIS information regarding the Rolex 1655.

With the new Rolex Explore II out - I have started to look into getting the "original" Explorer II, the model that was NOT a success when it came out - but that have changed. Now the Explorer II aka 1655 aka Steve McQueen - is in high demand and the price reflect this.

But again as with many vintage Rolex watches - it is not just as simple as getting anyone of the 1655 models out there - there is many different dial variations, and for the 1655 also different hands second hands variations and 24 hour hand variations.

From the STEFANO MAZZARIOL BLOG home page - one of the better place to check out different variations of different Rolex models (subs, daytona, explorer II, dweller and others).

And on one of my favorite watch forums - vintagerolexforum - This thread describes the many different dial variations of the 1655.

And when I take a look of my friends 1655, I must say - YES I want one ;-)

Now I just have to start my search for the correct "version" of the 1655 model.

Dweller and Daytona side by side

I think that the daytona looks more stealthy than the dweller, but here are a photo of my dweller side by side with my daytona.

NATO strap on my Daytona - Cool or not cool?

Well according to my post on different forums - NOT COOL ;-)
And all I can say is that both my dweller and daytona is back on their oyster band.

Here are some quick and dirty photos of my daytona on NATO strap - what do you think.

Daytona 16520 - Zenith - my new daily watch.

Some new photos of my new watch - it has now been on my wrist for plus one week and it sits very nicely.
Somehow I feel that the trend of bigger watches has almost died out - we still have the Panerai size watches, and they will have a place, but the trend to just make watches bigger is not a trend I think will continue.

The daytona is less bling bling than my dweller or eg. my LV or GMT - it just sits on the wrist and just works.

So far this will be my daily watch for the next time - I always use any new watch for at least 3-6 months on the wrist before it goes into rotation.

Some nice shots of my Daytona.

Straps arrived - new "shoes" for my Sea-Dweller.

Because I would like to change the look of my Rolex watches - I got 3 straps from just to have some brands I could put on my watches.

Quickly I started to try it out on my Sea-dweller - and somehow the look of the watch changes dramatically.
The wife thinks that watches with steel bracelets are a bit feminine - she like the Panerai watches better because of the "big" straps.

So that is why I have selected to try some of my Rolex watches on a NATO straps with some color.

My Sea-dweller strap change...

Rolex Daytona - Zenith - Black dial - T-series (1997)

Have done some quick and dirty photo of my newest addition - Daytona Zenith.

Here are some quickly made photos of the watch "as stand alone" and the classic "hand in pocket" photo.

Expect more photos to come - even if the daytona is not as "solid" as my dweller - I think it will be a OK beater for the next many years.

And some more here ....

Newest member - Rolex Daytona Zenith - black dial

Today I received my Daytona Zenith from - and what a nice surprise.
They say that the unpacking is half the fun - well maybe not - but it is a little like x-mas to open a fed-ex package.

But the real fun starts when you get to the green box ;-)

Now I only have to update my next watch list - let me do that over the weekend ;-)

Rolex Daytona 16520 - list of information

Found this "photo" of the Rolex daytona 16520 versions and their rarity.

Anyone for a Rolex Milsub - take your pick..... MW selling out?

Mike Wood - the Rolex man with the out of this world photos of vintage rolex watches. Looks like MW is out to buy something else - what could it be, a car, a house, a new watch.
Well something else - something nice are waiting for Mike Wood.

How about 5 Rolex milsubs,a Rolex DRSD or Rolex Exp II (1655).

Get the money ready for this out the world list.

  • GBP£3,500 (approx $5,500 / 4,200 Euro) - Rolex “Thunderbird Turnograph” in 18ct white gold and stainless steel, circa 1968
  • GBP£8,000 (approx $12,500 / 9,600 Euro) - Rolex Mk I “Great White” Sea-Dweller.
  • GBP£17,000 (approx. $26,500 / 20,400 Euro) - Rolex “Black Panda Sigma Dial” Oyster Cosmograph
  • GBP£21,500 (approx $33,400 / 25,700 Euro) - Rolex Mk 4 “Double Red” Sea-Dweller
  • GBP£15,000 (approx $23,300 / 18,000 Euro) - Rolex “Steve McQueen / Freccione” Explorer II
  • GBP£25,000 (approx $39,000 / 30,000 Euro) - Rolex British military Royal Navy issue Submariner
  • GBP£42,500 (approx $66,000 / 51,000 Euro) - Rolex British military Royal Navy issue Submariner
  • GBP£90,000 (approx $140,000 / 108,000 Euro) - Rolex British military Army issue Submariner.
  • GBP£70,000 (approx $109,000 / 84,000 Euro) - Rolex British military Royal Navy issue Submariner.
  • GBP£30,000 (approx $46,600 / 36,000 Euro) - Rolex British military Royal Navy issue Submariner

Hey Mike - How about a payment deal - 1000 euro pr. year for a Rolex Milsub ;-)

To go gold or NOT to go gold.

Found these photos on "" and these gold watches are what I call - classy.
The rolex 1680 in gold (model 1680/8) is the most perfect/beautiful gold watch out there...

The gold rolex day-date is also nice - but the 1680/8 is a class of its own. When can I have one ;-)

Never ... But I can still dream ;-)

More subs galore - Mike Wood - should he stop at 65! (rolex subs that is)

Mike Wood - about 35 years old - and already "thinking" of retirement ;-)

Well retirement of collecting Rolex Subs ;-) - His normal little collections is now at 65 - will he stop there or continue.
My guess is that MW will reach 100 within the next 4-5 years.
I can only say - that collecting vintage rolex subs could be a very alternative pension plan ;-)

What is positive about having vintage watches as a pension plan.
  • It is fun
  • You can look at your investment daily
  • You can wear your investment
  • No tax when selling your watch investment
  • Risk - so so - but that is also true about stocks
  • It could be fun .....

MilSubs galore - Mike Wood is "The Man"

I can ONLY have respect for a person like Mike Wood from UK. His is "The Man" when it comes to dealing with rolex milsubs. If I ever should be in a position to buy a Rolex Milsub - this would be one of the very few people I would trust.
Check out this galore of Rolex milsubs over at

But that will never be ;-) With the price of a milsub in the +50.000£ range - it is for the very special few.

Just check out this "little" collection - I think this is a photo of the most milsubs in one place!!

For me the Rolex milsub is the most perfect example of a watch - the look, the history, the model - all forms together to someting bigger than each part on its own.

The wife thinks my Rolex Sea-dweller is to "feminine"

After having used my Panerai sub 25c for some years now - I have switches back to both my Linde Werdelin and my Rolex Sea-dweller.
But when I'm wearing my sea-dweller for a little over a month - the wife starts to ask when I will switch back to the "real" watch again. She thinks that my Sea-dweller is to "small" - It just don't look maskuline enough!!
This has made me think - will we use our own common sense when buying watches - but will you "NOT" wear a watch if you wife/girlfiend said it was "ugly" or feminine or taht that watch just did'nt look good on you.

This has made me think - that yes I would care what the wife thinks - would a Rolex Daytona look to small and even more feminine with the polished centerlinks!

I for one have seen people making their polished centerlinks into mat finish and I must say I do think it looks good.


Next question is - should I go for the Deep Sea or the AP ROO (old version) - or is the AP ROO also to much bling bling and to feminine!

Check out this Rolex 5513 watch - before and after cleanup

This article on shows just how "easy" it is to get a old and beat up Rolex back to a look that would make people think it has been a safe queen.
The times I have had my Rolex at the local AD, I have had the same feeling - it look like a new watch you receive back.
But it is always nice to see that even if you but an very used and beat up old rolex - it can be made to look super once again.

To go gold or Not to go gold (Rolex Day-Date)

My Rolex story began very early - I had a teacher that had a nice Rolex gold day-date on - But I would never think twice of this model - as I'm a Rolex sports watch man. So the idea of ever checking out these models is completely new to me. For me this model (1803) belongs in board rooms and other places where a suit is the expected work outfit (The watch is also know as the President), and as I'm not that much of a suit man - the idea of a day-date in gold has forever (until now) been a NO GO for me.

But the more I look at it - The more I begin to see a watch that is in a class of its own.
And with the price of these models (1803) - I can't continue to say that a Gold Rolex Day-Date will never find its way back to my home.
Only trouble now is that I have so many watches on my next watch list (I will update it very soon) - that it is a priority case.
Beside the Gold Day-Date I only have ONE other Gold watch on my list - The Rolex 1680 in gold (1680/8).

The evolution of the Rolex watches - What will be next?

I have been thinking - what will be the next evolution of Rolex watches - because when you look at the slow changes made to their sports line - I think I can begin to predict what will come next.

The present line of Rolex sports watches that already have seen a improvement/change.
Rolex changes in the present lineup:
  • Explore I - size increase
  • Date subs - increase in case size
  • Date subs - ceramic bezel (black, green, blue)
  • GMT Master II - ceramic bezel
  • GMT Master II - increase in size
  • Sea-Dweller became the Deep Sea - bigger size and ceramic bezel

We all "know" that next year will the new version of the Rolex Explorer II will see the light, but what will be next?

My Rolex Predictions for the future:
  • Non-date sub will have ceramic bezel
  • Non-date sub will have the new Case Size
  • The Daytona will have new Case with thicker horns
  • The Daytona will possible increase in size (from 39mm to 40-42mm)
  • Non-date sub with "mat" dial like the deep sea
  • Explore II with new case size - aka the GMT II
  • ...

Yes I want a Rolex Daytona and a Deep Sea .....

Yes - the Rolex Daytona is a iconic watch - and the more I have had that watch in the back of my head the more I begin to think it should be my "next" watch.

The Daytona has the same iconic state as eg. the rolex submarina. And yes I do want it.
The small size of the Daytona have before put me a little off, but the more I think about it - I think that the size is just about right ;-)

And yes it WILL be a black dial - black dial is my only choice - and I do think it will be the "latest" version with Rolex own in-house movement, but I still have a positive feeling about the Daytona with the Zeith movement.....

Time will tell.

Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller Taken Apart!

Found this on - The friendliest Rolex Forum on the 'Net. Photos of the newest Rolex Deep Sea dissembled so it is possible to see the very though way the DSSD is build. Just take a look at the crystal - how thick it is.

The craftsmanship of the Rolex DSSD only makes me want one even more.

A good story of a Rolex Milsub buying - Price GBP 60,600.00/US $94,754.16

People that have read my watchblog, will know that my ultimate Grail watch is the Rolex Milsub.
A watch that for me - it only a dream - I would never be able to justify the price of this watch. But that don't mean that I can't dream ;-)

One thing about buying a Rolex Milsub is that there is a major risk of buying a watch that is not what it is said to be - meaning that one should always check, double check and then check again before doing the final buy.

That is also why it is a very good idea to consult the people that have knowledge about these watches.
And again I would recommend checking for expert knowledge.

That is why this little story on the vintagerolexforum about a Milsub buy is fun for us WIS people - read and enjoy.

And Again the price tag for the watch - 60.600 GBP - on a EBAY auction gives you and idea of the value of a simple Rolex model.

Some photos of this nice watch ....

Some "tutorials" from Jocke on Bezel change and tube change.

Somehow I don't see my self changing tubes in the near future but maybe change the bezel. But check out Jocke and his Rolex information - Jocke this well know in the Rolex forums, and I even think he was banned from one forum due to some "misunderstandings" ;-)

Check out Jockes "tutorials" on Rolex here ...

Tube change

Bezel change

Rolex - All you want to know about the Rolex 1680 red sub.

Check out the information on on all about the red sub - aka the Rolex sub 1680 with red writing on the dial.

Mark Lerman have done one nice job - collecting all information on these - and if that is not enough for you - you can also check the for additional information.

The prices on these watches are in the high end - so please be aware - and do your homework and buy the seller.

The ROLEX 5513 - a true classic that will forever be loved ;-)

Rolex have many watches in their line up - but one watch will forever remain the true icon of Rolex - the Rolex Sub.

With the Rolex Sub LV in 2003 - Rolex celebrated its 50 years since it first was available.
Their have been many different versions of the Rolex Sub. But for me the Rolex Sub model 5513 will forever be the ultimate Rolex dive watch.

But why this model, and not the latest version with ceramic bezel or one of the more early versions.
Well here is my list of reasons ;-)

  • The 5513 was the version available when I first looked into Rolex watches
  • The 5513 was the version seen in many 007 movies
  • The 5513 was the model used by the SAS/SBS - aka the Milsub (version 5514 and 5517).
  • The 5513 is just so clear in its looks
  • The 5513 is just classic - don't know how to "improve" the design ;-)
  • The 5513 ... you can continue here

The watch of watches - The Rolex Milsub - this time with a history

My Grail watch - but will never happen - don't even want to think of the price. But what makes this milsub more special is the story that goes with the watch - And I'm more for watches with a history than watches that has been safe queens.

If only this watch could tell is story!!

Some head over to vintagerolexforum and check out this watch.

Rolex Submariner - Model Ref. 5513 - Military Submariner - Full Specification
A rare and perfect example of the Rolex MilSub with provenance and delivery letter. Featuring
  • 60 Minute Bezel
  • T Dial
  • Sword Hands
  • Correct 0552/923-7697 xxx/75 Isuue Numbers
  • Matching Serial Numbers
  • Fixed Bars
  • Letter from original owner confirming military provenance
  • Letter from Rolex advising of original delivery
  • Rolex Service papers
Beautiful matching Patina (Hands and Dial). Includes an original Nato

The "original" Green Sub - the 16610LV

With the newest version of the Rolex Green Sub - it is NOW official that the original Green Sub is history.

The original green sub (aka 16610LV) was introduced in 2003 as part of Rolex 50 years anniversary of the rolex sub, and did undergo many changes in the last 7 years (2003-2010). This means that this model Only had a life time of 7 years - and if I should count - I would say that there is sold between 20-30 normal subs for every green sub (pure guess).

I foresee that the early versions of the Rolex green subs - without rolexrolexrolex on the inside ring - will start to raise in price over time - little by little.

Somehow I still have a split feeling about this watch - the green bezel makes this watch a little unique - how will the green color look in say 20 years from now...

As the saying goes - if in doubt - select black!!.

But I do like the idea of my watches has a little color - and when I don't have any red subs or DRSD - I can live with my rolex GMT with pepsi bezel and my green sub.

My Rolex Sea Dweller 1665 - Best Rolex Design ever?

The Rolex Sea dweller 1665 keeps surprising me - every time I put it on - this watch becomes second nature to me.
I can really see that this first design, the case, the crystal, the dial, the complete package just works perfect together.

The Newest Rolex Sea Dweller (the Deep Sea) has divided the rolex people - some like it, some don't like it, some find it to big, some find it perfect in size, some see the strap as to small, some see the strap as perfect,... etc.

This will never be a issue with the original 1665 - this design just signs to your - don't see ANY thing I would replace or change.
Well maybe if I could get a DRSD (Double Red Sea Dweller) - I could enjoy the fine joys of a little color in my daily work ;-)
My watch comes with Rolex replacement dial (with luminova) and new hands - this means that the watch is just as functional in night as in daytime.
This watch has been used, and serviced by a person that just wanted a working watch - and if Rolex recommended a dial replacement (and hands) this was of cause done during its rolex service.
For some this would make this watch less nice (not completely original) - but for me I can live with it - this means that this watch is no safe queen - it is a watch to be used daily.

My Kind of watch ;-)

This will forever be a true classic in my world.

Some more photos of my 1680 - A true classic

I used a hour to make some new photos of my Rolex 1680 - probably the most pristine Rolex vintage I have.
It just looks so classic and timeless that I keep forgetting this watch is more than 35 years old.
So without delaying it any more here are some newer photos of my 1680 (white). And Yes I would like a 1680 with red writing. But the prices are in the high end now.

The Rolex Explorer II - The "unknown" Sports Rolex

A good friend of mine have just added the first version of the Rolex Explorer II (1655) to his little collection.
It was therefor in place to make a side by side picture of his 1655 and mine 16550 to see the change in looks for this iconic watch.

Somehow I feel that the Explorer II lives the life of the unknown - it think that the buying ratio of rolex sub vs rolex exp II is like 10 to 1.

From my view the Exp II is way underrated - For me it is still the watch to keep - my Rolex subs, gmt, etc will be long gone before I part with my initial love - the Rolex Exp II.

So here you go - pictures of the "underrated" Exp II watches.

Just some photos of my nice 1680

I was a quick trip to the summerhouse last weekend, and made some photos of my Rolex 1680.
This watch don't get the amount of wrist time I would like. But that is the trouble with to many watches - I mostly rotare between 2-3 watches - My latest watch - the Elemental (Linde Werdelin), my old used Panerai 25C, and one nice rolex (vintage or non-vintage).

So with no more reason than - it is some photos of of my most perfect vintage rolex - best case, best dial, with box (no papers), and overall a true classic from the hands of Rolex.

And as you can see from my initial writeup - It was not a watch I in the start was that much interested in.

My Rolex Date Submariner 1680 was the one that I somehow felt was missing from my collection as the 1680 Date sub is the link between the original Rolex Submariner (in general the 5513 non date) to the modern Date Submariner (model 16610). I was so lucky that I was able to get a pristine example with the original Box and brochure included. Its becoming more and more difficult to find nice examples of vintage watches which has some of the original box and papers included. But with this white 1680 I feel that my "collection" has become more complete.

A Mini GTG in the summer house - Vintage Rolex Content

Had a friend to a little cup of coffee in my summerhouse. He just came from another GTG - so for him it was a weekend of watches.

Well the weather was nice, the coffee was good, and last but not least the watches was nice and the watch talk was very informative ;-)

So what did this little GTG bring forward. Well a classic and very nice gold 1675/8 with original very nice faded bezel, and his latest family member - this very pristine Explorer II 1655 straight hand.
That watch was so clean that I can't believe it has been used that much from it birth year 1972.

My friend started his journey into the the vintage Rolex for less than a year ago.
Before that he "only" had his standard Rolex sub, and was looking a little into the Panerai world.
But then we started talking, and he quickly started to look into the world of vintage Rolex - but getting these two Rolex vintage icons within 12 months - that is more than I could dream of - and when he starts to talk about the next watch - I can only say he has the vintage bug in a big way.

I had selected to bring some of my daily watches - not in any way as Iconic as his 1675/8 or 1655, but they are mine - and I use them weekly. They include a pointed guard 1675, a 5513, a 1680, a 1665 (with replacement dial), my 16600 and my all time favorite - my Explorer II - the 16550 black dial.

Enjoy first the table shoot of the watches - and last some more close up of the 1655 - and say to me if that is NOT one nice watch!!!

I'm a Rolex man at heart - I think ;-)

When checking some of the nice watches on either vintagerolexforum or any of the good net watch-shops.
Somehow I keep returning back to both vintage and modern rolex watches.
And somehow - I start to see many nice watches on sale - that was not available for e.g one year ago.

For sure no one will make a mistake if getting a "new" rolex watch.
I still have the rolex daytona, deep sea, and "many" vintage models on my next watch list - no I only have to win the lottery ;-)

Some of the ones I would like to own:

One thing is for sure - I will continue to have a big focus on Rolex watches - but will allow myself to venture into other brands to get the feeling - and return to wear my old 1675 GMT - it is a nice change from the bigger watches like Panerai.

I foresee that the BIG watch trend is slowly decreasing - and people are returning to the "classic" size watches.
Time will tell.

Check out this Nice BASEL 2010 report by JOCKE

Take a look at this little photo report by Jocke from this years Basel.

I like the close up of the rolex and and of-cause the LW watches, but I have to say that my "verdict" is still out on the new Rolex Subs.
The "new" green sub is a little over the top I think - why did they make the dial green as well - now that is a little to much color for my taste.

But the new Explorer I with mat dial and black out numbers looks very nice.

Rolex watch winder - Jocke the "crazy" swede ...

This is one nice watch winder - check out this you-tube video.

Looks like the "old" Rolex numbering has changed

It is a walk in the Jungle when trying to match your rolex serial with the correct year. I have from a very knowledgeable source (Copenhagen Rolex AD for last 30 years) that you can't really use the serial for date verification after about 1970.

But people around the world have made a very good effort in making list that define the year of the rolex based on the serial.
But it really looks like Rolex is changing the serial numbering as well as the case numbers for different designs.
Now we have to decipher the serial code from Rolex ;-) - Well it is all in a days work for a WIS ;-)
New Rolex Serial:

And for the case design, Rolex have also change the way case numbering should be performed. From being one case number pr. model to have multiple models within same case number-

Will the Rolex Kermit become "history" after BASEL ?

This is the never ending story - will the Rolex Green Sub - the 50 year anniversary sub be history as we know it after this years BASEL.
I think it will be removed from the current line up in the version we know of today.
The reason for this is that Rolex will introduce more ceramic bezels and add the maxi dial to "all" their subs.

People have be talking about this on multiple forums, rumors have been around, but as it always is for Rolex, noting is for sure until Rolex reveal their lineup.

There is many different views of the Rolex Green Sub (16610LV) - some like it some don't - I would love to know the ration of green subs vs normal subs sold.
I very seldom see the green sub in real life.

And the talk about that the "original" Green Sub (LV sub = Lunette Verte Sub) will become highly collectible when/if it is discontinued this year I find less convincing.
The LV will have been around from end 2003 until now (that is a period of 7 years) - and it that period there has been multiple variations of the Green Sub, last with the addition of the rolexrolexrolex engraving on the ring close to the dial of the watch.

I for one like my Green Sub - Don't love it - but think it has a place in the line up.
If it was not for the Green Sub the only way to get some color into your watch life was the Rolex GMT ;-)

That is also why I think that the Rolex GMT with Pepsi bezel is the a super nice watch.

But lets wait and see what the BASEL will bring for Rolex.

Rolex Green Sub - aka the Kermit, aka the Tuborg, aka model 16610LV information.

As the green sub (model 16610LV) is probably about to leave the normal line up here is a short walk through of the different dial variations and other very minor difference in the model from its launch i 2003 and up til now.
The LV stands for lunette Verte = Green bezel, and as you will see in on the newer models with the form is now - model number and the bezel type (LN = Lunette Noire = Black Bezel).

Again the net is fantastic - I found this WIS blog that really have done his home work on the evolution of the 16610LV - identifying 8 different dials (Mark 1 - Mark 8). Somehow the term Mark X has become the standard for dial identifications.
For some this fascination with different dial variations can be seen as a little to much. But the it is important to understand the dial variation of the original. That way is can be more easy to spot any fake dials that might come into the marked.

This guy have his Rolex Green Sub dial variation in place ;-) And I think that the Rolex Sub 16610 LV will be replaced here in 2010 with ceramic bezel, making the Rolex Sub 16610 one of a very short run - 2003-2010 - probably only 6-7 years in production.

So respect for this work - and especially as the never models are in less focus that the vintage Rolex dials.

The Green Sub was the 50 years anniversary model of the rolex sub so when it came out you could be lucky to get this information package from rolex.

Here is the different dial variations of the Green Sub:

Alternative format ;
  • Mark 1, Oval 'O', 'R' in 'Oyster' aligned with gap between left and right feet of 'R' in 'Rolex', '5 Ticks', Flat 4 (2003 Issue Models ONLY), From Y966xxx 19 September 2003 To F068XXX November 2003
  • Mark 1, Oval 'O', 'R' in 'Oyster' aligned with gap between left and right feet of 'R' in 'Rolex', '5 Ticks', Flat 4 (2004 Onwards) From F100000/F110000??? F Serial Late October 2004 To ???????
  • Mark 2, Oval 'O', 'R' in 'Oyster' aligned with gap between left and right feet of 'R' in 'Rolex', '5 Ticks', Pointed 4, From ??????? To F78XXXX 23 February 2005/F730XXX April 2005/F8XXXXX
  • Mark 3, Oval 'O', 'R' in 'Oyster' located under right foot of 'R' in 'Rolex', '3 Ticks', Flat 4, From F Serial To DXXX440 2005
  • Mark 4, Oval 'O', 'R' in 'Oyster' located under right foot of 'R 'in 'Rolex', '3 Ticks', Pointed 4, From D090842 July 2005 To D361XXX 2005
  • Mark 5, Round 'O', 'R' in 'Oyster' aligned with end of left foot of 'R' in 'Rolex', '3 Ticks', Pointed 4, From D Serial Early December 2005 To ???????
  • Mark 6, Round 'O', 'R' in 'Oyster' aligned with end of left foot of 'R' in 'Rolex', 'Between 28 & 32 Mins', Pointed 4, From D358XXX December 2005 To Z261804 22 December 2006
  • Mark 7, Round 'O', 'R' in 'Oyster' aligned with end of left foot of 'R' in 'Rolex', 'Between 28 & 32 Mins', Pointed 4, Serial number On Inner Rehaut, From M Serial August 2008 To ???????
  • Mark 8, Oval 'O', 'R' in 'Oyster' located under right foot of 'R' in 'Rolex', '3 Ticks', Pointed 4, Serial number On Inner Rehaut, From M08332X Serial 2008 To ???????

Dial font attributes:

It appears there is a correlation between dial font and layout depending on the 'set' used. By set I make reference to the following possible dial combinations ;
  • a) If the 'O' in the word 'Rolex' is oval (also referred to as 'squashed' or 'wide mouthed') then the positioning of the text 'Swiss Made' is only seen in either '5 tick' OR '3 tick' dials. If the dial is of a '5 tick' type then the 'R' in the word 'Oyster' will ALWAYS align with the gap between the left and right feet of the 'R' in the word 'Rolex'. If a '3 tick' dial type then the 'R' in the word 'Oyster' will ALWAYS locate under the right foot of the 'R' in the word 'Rolex'.
  • b) If the 'O' in the word 'Rolex' is of standard font (also referred to as 'normal' or 'round') then the positioning of the text 'Swiss Made' is only seen in either '3 tick' dial OR 'Between 28 and 32 minutes' dials. In both cases the 'R' in the word 'Oyster' will ALWAYS align with the end of the left foot of the 'R' in the word 'Rolex'.

    • I still like my model - it is a F series - looks like I have the Mark 3 dial - but that don't match the dates he has found / or the model number.

      Here are some photos so I have to check the dial a litte better when I have time.

Rolex Red Sub 1680 dial information

Anyone that is in the progress of finding/buying a Rolex Red Sub (model 1680) have better do their homework.
As said before - be careful - I would NOT buy any vintage watch without doing my homework or buying from very well know source.
I can ONLY recommend to post any questions on with pictures and as much information as possible.

The persons on these forums are the most knowledge people and will gladly help you with any questions regarding buying/checking a vintage rolex model.

Just check out this thread about a fake dial (red sub) and the information that exist on this topic alone - there are so many different options and correct dials - that it is easy to "overlook" a fake dial in the progress.

Another custom made Rolex - Not for me !!

I have seen this before - and will probally see it again.
Custom made rolex watches - but I have yet to find one I would choose over the original.
Check out the "ROLEX x FRAGMENT DESIGN" - - again I think it is over the top.

I have so far only seen ONE custom made Rolex that I like - the Black Version of the Deep Sea aka "Jaques Picard SingleRed DeepSea".

That I could maybe have as a option...

But many of the other custom made rolex watches leave me a little cold. Like these Rolex x fragment design just don't look that cool.

The most beautiful watch !!!

Well it is all in the eye of the beholder - but I have some watches I think of when I'm asked about the "most beautiful" watch.
I like the "simple" design - and something that has proven its value over time.
The first one is a very of-limit watch for me - the price is so high that I have to win the BIG lotto price just to start thinking about this watch.
I give you the Rolex Milsub model 5517 (60 min markings and sword hands):

Why rolex have not made this a standard version I don't know - it really is one perfect watch.

The next watch I would like to highlight is the simple original Panerai model. Either with or without the seconds hand at 9 o'clock.
Somehow this watch gives me a flash back to the "old" times. And I feel the design still is the BEST from panerai.

There are other watches I think have hit just right on the design - but I must confess that many newer watches don't give me the same feeling.

Will I ever own a gold watch - Yes I might.

Yes - I must say that as time goes by I'm more and more inclined to get myself a gold watch. Maybe not in the next 5 years but I could see myself with a nice gold tool watch in the future. But which model should it be, I have my short list ready.
Here will follow my small description of each of the models I would like and the pro and cons on why I feel that one of these gold watches would fit me.
I do have some other models on my next watch list that I would like to have before - the Deep Sea and a Black dial daytona. I do think that the black dial daytona is what I will save up to next.
But here is my list of gold watches I like.

  • Vintage Rolex Gold Sub - So classic and so nice
  • Vintage Rolex Gold GMT - nippel dial - somehow understated class.
  • Rolex Gold Sub - It's a Rolex - and they do look good and will forever be a classic.
  • Rolex Gold Daytona - somehow these are looking OK - Gold with black dial would do for me ;-)
  • AP Royal Oak Offshore - Gold model - maybe a little over exposed but it looks good.
  • .. and maybe some others, but these are my main list.
Ok - so Rolex is a little overrepresented - but when going for gold - I vote for a classic model.

I have a friend that found a beautiful rolex gold gmt vintage model. That did extremely nice, and one I would say really looks like understated class.

Rolex myths - They still exist

There is and will continue to be many Rolex myths floating around. Some is more special than others..

  • 1) Rolex on top of everest (First)
  • 2) Rolex on the moon (GMT)
  • 3) Rolex on James Bond (Explorer)
  • 4) Rolex Daytona Paul Newmann (Exotic dial)
  • 5) Rolex US Marines (fake? - Is the verdict still out?)
  • 6) Rolex on Che (GMT - where is it NOW)
  • 7) Rolex Steve McQueen (Rolex 1655, Explore II)
  • 8) and many more

Some of these myths that exist
ad 1)
It was not a rolex but a smith watch that was first on the summit with Hilary and Tezing. One thing that I almost certain on is that A rolex was their as the first solo climb to Everest and the first climb without use of extra oxygen - both was done by Reinhold Mesner - and he was know for his Rolex Oyster Quartz watch.

ad 2)
We all know that the Omega Speedmaster is the Moon watch, but there is still some open issues on if a rolex has been on the moon. It is almost sure that rolex has been in space, but the final verdict on if a rolex has been on the moon is still open for talks.

ad 3)
Which was is the REAL James Bond watch- well it is a Rolex, and after the latest information it looks like Ian Flemming had a Explorer himself and that was probably the watch he "gave" James Bond to wear. The next best thing is the rolex watches used in the first movies - Rolex submariner in different models.

But for sure Omega have never been part of James Bond's outfit.... ;-)

ad 4)
Paul Newman has given name to the special Rolex Daytona models with a special dial.
There has been many throughts about Paul Newman wearing that special Rolex daytona in the movie "Winning" - but that have been shoot down - but it is clear that PN does wear the older model of the Rolex Daytona also with exotic dials.

ad 5)
The verdict is still out - but I don't think any vintage rolex collector would buy that watch. The many things uncertain about this watch and the unknown history makes this watch a don't do it for the majority of people collecting rolex.

ad 6)
This is a known story - that Che was wearing a rolex GMT model (model 1675) - as seen on many pictures. And the watch should now e in the possession of the USA CIA man (Felix Rodriguez) that was on the place where Che was executed/shoot. No real pictures of the watch exist after it left Che wrist. But the story should be OK.
I for one would love to see the value of this watch when it hits the auction. This watch would I really like - it has one great story connected to it - but the price would be to high for me.

ad 7)
The Rolex Steve McQueen is the Explore II model 1655 - the very special rolex tool watch - made for the speleologist that explores caves and need the extra 24 hour hand to tell if it is night or day. This watch was never a big hit for rolex - and when you view this watch beside other rolex models, you can easy see that this watch is something special for rolex. The dial, the hands, etc. All in all this watch is one of a kind.
I hope that I some day can add this to by family as the more I see it the more I LOVE it.

But back to the Rolex Steve McQueen - he was never seen with this model - the Rolex I would match with Steve McQueen is the Rolex Submariner 5512.
A icon as well as Steve McQueen.
And the price on the auction for his own 5512 was very high - much higher than expected - but a fair price I would say.

ad 8)
Many other icons exist - the milsubs, the day-date, etc.

But this is what is so special about rolex watches, they continue to give us many stories and we can continue to talk about this over and over.

Fake dials - watch out - they are becoming better and better

Be aware of fake dials on especially vintage rolex models. As time goes and the prices on selected vintage rolex models are on the raise I have a number of rolex models I would only buy from very well known sellers. And when it comes to these watches the saying "buy the seller" is never more true.
With the fakes becoming better and better all the time, one must be very careful when paying a premium over the normal price - meaning you pay extra for the version of the dial.
The watch could be 100% ok - but put a "fake" /re-done dial in and the price might increase more that 100-500%.
Below is the list of watches I would be careful to checkout more than twice before spending the money, and again ONLY buying for a know and respected seller!

Rolex / Tudor - "The Sleeping beauty"

This "brand" have somehow always had my focus. It is not a "real" Rolex it is a real Tudor. But I have not given the brand brand my full attention.Something I might change in the near future.
The Tudor watch I have had my eyes on for a while is the Tudor mini submarine. That would be the perfect watch for any girl. I have seen it on one, maybe two girls during my many years as WIS.

And I most say that this mini Tudor Sub is most perfect girl watch - nothing else comes close.

But I also have my eye on a Tudor for me ;-)
I would love to have the Tudor Submarine Snowflake (Marina Nationale). That is the mini "Rolex MilSub" of Tudor.
Used by the France Marine in a period of years - these watches have become more and more valued over the years. And finding one that is a real Marine Nationale model (with caseback inscriptions) is nothing for the beginner in watch collection. The value of these watches have become so high that fakes are "easy" to make and impossible to tell apart from the real thing.

But any Tudor snowflake would do nicely ;-)

For sure Tudor watches are a sleeping beauty of the watch world. But not for long.

Check out these links on tudor subs on


A real WAR watch storie

Received this story from a man that have used his watch in real combat. Somehow this story sums up my view of a real WAR watch. It should not be to big, be tough, easy to read, easy to "hide", etc.
Well here is his story - enjoy - these real life stories give life to a watch.
I can understand his own feeling having a watch that has followed him through rough times.
He will always look at the watch and can think back.

Respect from my side.

I purchased my first Exp-1 in 1969 on my way to Vietnam ( 1st Marine Division, Hill # 55 near Da Nang). I put it on a military issue olive drab nylon strap and it remained my only watch until retirement in 2000. I had it serviced about once every 5 years and it remains in my safe until my grandson is old enough for it. At retirement, my fellow officers gave me a brand new Exp-1 and I wear it every day on a olive drab nylon strap.

The mid-size is its strength. I can run 6 - 10 miles and it does not hurt my wrist. I can travel through several timezones and change the time in seconds. I've worn it in combat underneath a boot sock cover ( to prevent reflection ) and I've worn it in The Whitehouse with dress blues.

It is my only watch and it has NEVER been on a winder ... it has lived an adventure that continues every day !!!

Semper Fi, Doc

Rolex when it is worst - and Rolex when it is Best.

You know I "love" rolex - but the love is sometimes darken by the fact that rolex also have some watches I would call "worst case scenarios". But then again Rolex can move over to some of the very best in looks and design.

I'm not for watches that is to much bling. I like a watch to be used, and not as a status symbol. Yes I know many people see rolex as a status symbol, but that is not my reason for "loving" this brand. There is something special over a rolex, that I can't explain. But after getting my first rolex my Exp II (16550) I has been sold. The quality, the look, the feel etc is second to none as I see it.

Here are some of the worst rolex "ever" made and some of the best.

Rolex at their Best:

Rolex at their Worst:

The only REAL tool watch from Rolex are....

I will get some spank for this entry ;-)

The ONLY real tool watches from rolex are the
  • The Explorer
  • The Explorer II
  • The Milgauss
  • The Sea-Dweller
  • The Non-date Sub

Why this limit in rolex tool watches - well to put it frankly - these are the only models not made in gold or other more expensive metal. Both the normal Submariner, the daytona and the GMT is made in gold and some in much more exotic designs (GMT and Daytona).

This watch I would like to have...

I'm started to see myself with a gold Rolex in my old days - somehow the gold submariner (vintage) would be just perfect for me - the price is still a little to much - but if I won the lottery - I would for sure add this to my small collection. But also a god GMT would do just fine - but the vintage Gold Sub is for sure special.

A friend of mine is on the lookout after gold watches....

As I said before - and I will say it again - Gold Rolex are here to stay.
It has been some time where only steel models of sports rolex have been seen as the "real" ones - and the prices on gold rolex and bi-color have been very low compared to the steel versions.

So I will continue to say that - keep your eyes open for the trend in gold watches, it is on the raise.....

The "Ultimate Rolex daytona book" in the making

On my daily visit to vintagerolexforum I found this link to another watch blog in Italian - but easy to translate using it "built" in translator. This blog about the making of "The Ultimate Rolex Daytona Book" - this book will probably have some of the best photos ever - just check out the setup for a "simple" shoot.

That book only enforce the status of the Rolex Daytona watch - it is the most iconic watch of all as I see it at present.

Check out the photo setup - maybe you can copy this setup at home - well I think not ;-)

A handful of Rolex MILSUBS !

Anyone what to see what a million Euro looks like!! Checkout this hand shoot - 50-100k Euro a pop - this hand full of vintage Rolex milsubs would take care of my pension nicely.

But check out the vintage Rolex watches at this little GTG on
I just have to show these so beautiful watches - I can dream - but they look very nice......
A handful of Milsubs, Paul Newman Daytonas, Double Reds, Comex and other very special watches.

Tritium - Luminova info ROLEX dials

Found this on - nice quick info for a WIS

The SWISS information on Rolex dials can tell a lot about the watch.
We all know that the Tritium used on watches - over time changes color and for many just become more beautiful to look at.

luminous material Radium
used until 1960

“Swiss T - < 25” luminous material Tritium
used from 1960 until 1998
radioactive, radioactivity less than 925 MBq (25 mCi)

“T Swiss T”
luminous material Tritium
used from 1960 until 1998
radioactive, radioactivity less than 277 MBq (7,5 mCi)

luminous material luminova
used from 1998 until 2000
not radioactive

“Swiss Made”
luminous material Superluminova
used from 2000
not radioactive

Rolex GMT and Double Reds in HD video.

One of the funny names attached to rolex watches is "Root Beer". This is the name for the Gold version of the Rolex GMT with brown bezel.
The most knowledge information on Red Subs, comex and other special rolex watches are from and he is now starting to put super nice videos on for all us WIS.

Check out his HD video of the Rolex Root Beer and also the Rolex Double Red.

The Rolex GMT - Root Beer

The Rolex Double Red

Rolex COMEX watches are difficult to get - and some go the extra way

FOr Rolex collector their exist some watches that are in the more throught after than others. And Rolex watches with the name COMEX on the dial and engraving on case-back are amount the watches that demand some very premium prices.
But some collectors goes the extra way and collect anything related to the COMEX company, flash lights, knives, wet suits, regulators, etc.
Found a link on where people shows different COMEX related items.

Rolex Sub (5513) watch photos "In the Water" and "In the Garden"

Making different shoots is easy - put the watch in different situations and shoot- And with digital you can keep shooting and only use the one that cam out OK - so everybody - get the old camera out and shoot some photos in your surroundings...
Here are the photos of the 5513 - Garden and Water shoots.

My Rolex Sub mat dial (5513) - "The Graden shoots"

My Rolex Sub mat dial (5513) - "The Water Shoots"

Rolex GMT (1675) watch photos "In the Water" and "In the Garden"

Well I used the last weekend (I hope not) with nice weather in Denmark to visit the summerhouse, make some quick grill food with a nice glass of red wine. Shoot some photos in the garden, went a quick walk to the beach and made a some more water shoots - semi action shoots.
This time it was my old Rolex GMT 1675 and Rolex Sub 5513 - that was put into the water.

Somehow it was nice to handle these vintage Rolex's - use them and making some new photos of them - the photos I had was mainly "tabletop" photos - nothing special - just product shoots.
I have asked for more actions photos of watches - so it is only fair that I try as well.

And it is easy to make the shoots - but people was looking a little strange when I with two small children running around finding crabs and nice stones.
Will their father was playing with watches in the water ;-)

My Rolex GMT pointed guards (1675) - "The Graden shoots"

My Rolex GMT pointed guards (1675) - "The Water Shoots"

Rolex Red Sub 1680 Dial Information

Got this link for one knowledge Vintage Rolex guy - Philipp - on - again some WIS knowledge that is nice for me - and maybe others ;-)
This time about the dial variation of the Rolex Red Sub (model 1680) - not mine - as it is the white version - A red 1680 cost about twice the asking price of the white 1680, just for your information.

I will have to keep a sharp eye open for these threads on different forums - I find the information fun, just like my collection of old National Geographic Rolex ads.

Link til the forum thread on the Rolex 1680 red dial (also known as the Red Sub)

And the Dial Information - from Mark I (first) to Mark 6 (last):

Rolex 1680 dials

Fantastic vintage Rolex Sub collection - and super photos!!

Found this post on One of the best places to ask if question related to vintage Rolex - I think the persons here more knowledge than on - and the tone is much better - people are nice - and the answers are second to none.
If you into vintage Rolex this is the forum to visit!
I would not dream of buying any expensive vintage Rolex without posting any doubts here first.
This time lets enjoy some nice rolex Sub collection and Rolex information from "Philipp" - and let use normal people just stand back and admire. I will add his information on Rolex subs to my "WIS" knowledge ;-)

His little Rolex collection - and as he says - when is enough - enough?
I don't know - but my collection of one - is a little on the short side compared to this - my trusty old 5513
Some no-date SUB information on model numbers and "description" - this is to much information for me - but I like it ;-)

  • - with silver submariner
  • - without silver submariner
  • - small rolex crown
  • - small rolex crown + swiss t
  • - with submariner + OCC
6204, 6205
  • - honeycomb dial in 1 color
  • - gilt in 1 colour
  • - double name
  • - blackout
  • - underline
  • - occ?
  • - 2 lined in 1 colour gilt print
  • - 2 lined + OCC in 1 colour
  • - submariner + red depth
  • - 2 lined in 2 colour print
  • - 4 lined in 2 colour print
  • - double name [ serpico ]
  • - underline
  • - 369
6536, 6536/1, 5508, 5510
  • - 2 lined in 1 colour gilt print
  • - 2 lined in 1 colour gilt print + OCC
  • - submariner + red depth
  • - 2 lined in 2 colour print
  • - 4 lined in 2 colour print
  • - double name [ serpico ]
  • - underline
  • - minuterack, square crown, 2 lined
  • - minutetrack with '59 tulip - fifth finger crown / 2 lined, 'cornini corti' pointed
  • - minutetrack with tulip crown / 4 lined, pointed
  • - minutetrack with '60-'62 crown / 2 lined, pointed
  • - minutetrack with '60-'62 crown / 4 lined, pointed
  • - minutetrack with '60-'62 crown / 2 lined, pointed, double name
  • - opentrack 2 lines, white swiss '62-'63
  • - opentrack 2 lines, white swiss underline '62-'63
  • - opentrack 4 lines, white swiss '62-'63
  • - opentrack 2 lines, white swiss underline '62-'63
  • - opentrack 2 lines, white swiss upperline'62-'63
  • - opentrack 2 lines, gold swiss '63-'64
  • - opentrack 2 lines, gold swiss '63-'64 underline
  • - opentrack 2 lines, gold swiss '63-'64 upperline
  • - opentrack 2 lines, gold swiss '63-'64 double name
  • - opentrack 4 lines, gold swiss '63-'64 underline
  • - opentrack 4 lines, gold swiss '63-'64 upperline
  • - opentrack 2 lines, gold swiss '63-'64 double swiss
  • - 4-5 versions of the 369 explorer dialed submariner
  • - opentrack, 2 lines, SWISS T<25

etc, etc, etc...

And NOW for the fantastic photos - make sure you see them in full size - they are wallpaper quality for any rolex WIS

Rolex Rolex Rolex Rolex Rolex

Rolex Milsub - The Grail watch for "ALL" Rolex collectors

The Rolex Milsub - the 5513/5517 models issued to the UK special forces from 1965 and some years on is seen as THE grail watch - and it have the price tag to match almost any other watch.

This post related to the number of watches left in the wild is very interesting. And the stories about how these watches was seen as "nothing special" - to now being one of the most exclusive Rolex watches.
But how many of these watches are still "alive" after all these years? These watches was used and abused to a degree where many other watches would be left dead. And probably some of the original milsubs did also die during their service period.

The post on does give some nice info from some of the most well-know and knowledge people in regards to Vintage Rolex and especially Rolex Milsubs.
I for one would not buy a Milsub anywhere without having it "vetted" by these guys.

Some of the info related to Rolex Milsubs
  • About 1250 having been issued
  • Conservatively say 400 left in existence recognizable to some degree
  • Probably 200 max is "know", - pretty much every publicly sold, auction offered, published, in the hands of collectors we know< ....../li>
  • Very few are left in original spec. Of the 130ish only 38 are full spec.!!!
  • At least 100 more to surface ... at a rate of 5-10 max a year

And now for the HORROR stories !!!
  • When the watch was issued to him in 1978 he and his team was given a box with about 30-50 Milsubs in there... They choose the ones they needed (and which where the best looking ones in there).... and i was told the rest of them was disposed later in a oil-barrel filled up with concrete..
  • Don't be surprised if 10% have physically been lost, destroyed or cannibalized in 30 years.
  • Very, very few of these watches will have full spec. A watch with correct dial, bezel, hands, fixed bars and case-back is by far the exception rather than the rule. Most often they seem to crop up now with a 3/4 chance of having the correct back and if you're lucky either the hands or the bezel but rarely both.
  • ...

It brings cold shivers down my spine ;-)

Lets enjoy some photos of the Mother of all Tool-watches - I give you the MILSUB!

ROLEX milsub ROLEX milsub ROLEX milsub ROLEX milsub ROLEX milsub ROLEX milsub ROLEX milsub ROLEX milsub ROLEX milsub

A rolex 5513 beat up - I like it ;-)

Found this post on - a really beat up Rolex 5513 - that looks like it have been through hell and back.
Somehow this is one I will ad to my selection of watches that have seen their share of action.
This shows that a Rolex is a tool watch to be used and not a nice dress watch.
So if you have some photos or stories of watches that have the scars to prove it has been used and not a safe queen.

The really beat up Rolex 5513

Other beat up watches from my "collection" of photos

Dial variations on Rolex watches - This time the classic 1680

Dial variations of Rolex watches is and will continue to be discussed between people collecting vintage Rolex. Of the most famous Rolex dial variations is on the Rolex Daytona - but also the more simple Rolex Subs have their share of dial variations. I don't have a complete overview of all the dial variations that exist but I can learn something new every day.
I have received the following photo of the Rolex 1680 dial variations on the white version.

These are my small understandings of dial variations of the 1680 including the red sub versions.

  • Matt dial, 200m first, Submariner in Red
  • Matt dial, 600ft first, Open 6's, Submariner in Red
  • Matt dial, 600ft first, Closed 6's, Submariner in Red
  • Matt dial, 600ft first, Closed 6's, Submariner in White
  • Matt dial, 600ft first, "Open 6's", Submariner in White

Here are the photo of different Rolex 1680 white dial variations with both open and closed 6. It is small differences but if looking close there is difference in font and crown.

And here the Replacement dial with luminova.

Now I can check out my 1680 white dial and see if it matches any of these dials ;-)

National Geographic Rolex Ads - Explorer

This time the focus is on the ROLEX EXPLORER watch both Explorer I (1016, 14270) and Explorer II (1655, 16550, 16650).
The photos of the ads is including the frontpage for each ad, so it is easy to check the year and month that a specific ad has been in the magazine.
These are the EU version of the NG - and as I understand there are difference from country to country.

For me the Explorer is one of the rolex classic - it is up there with the submariner. And somehow it is even more special.
Many other brands have dive watches, they have GMT watches, but how many have a Watch that originally is designed for speleology!.
When the Rolex 1655 came into the world - it was the time of many cave explorations. And there was a "need" for a watch that could tell time and show if day or night.
And along came the Rolex Explorer II.

Some good information on Rolex Explorer can be found here.

Here are some of the older version of the ads - 1016 and 1655 models.

Here are some of the newer version of the ads - version 14270, 16650 .

Women and Rolex mix well ;-)

Well women and Rolex do mix very well. I always enjoy to view women with Rolex. Or any other high brand watches.

Some pictures - and many forums have this as a part of a thread, so it is not only me that feel this way.

Rolex Rolex Rolex Rolex Rolex Rolex Rolex Rolex

National Geographic Rolex Ads

As I have recived many request for my national Geographic Rolex Ads - here are the info on these.
I have a big collection of national Geographic Magazines and have enjoyed reading these for many years. I have stopped now as I feel the NG is not what it used to be.
But the old Rolex ads was what started me on my Rolex path - with a ad for the Rolex Explorer and Day-date.

The photos of the ads is including the frontpage for each ad, so it is easy to check the year and month that a specific ad has been in the magazine.
These are the EU version of the NG - and as I understand there are difference from country to country.

Here are some of the older version of the ads - with many know people.

Here are some of the newer version of the ads - again with many know people.

Rolex deep sea and my feelings..

More and more positive feeling on the Rolex Deep Sea as times goes by.
Somehow the massive super tool watch of Rolex have again started to grow on me.
The more I read - the more I get the feeling that the initial "shock" of the massive size and height is soon forgotten and replaced by a joy of a watch that have many more positive than negative sides.

So I will probally have to go and try it on again at the local AD.
But should it be the Deep Sea, a SE panerai sub, or maybe a Linde Werdelin watch that should be the next one its way to my wrist? Time will show - but hey that more than half the fun - changing your minds, looking for positive / negative issues in any watch you would like.

For lets agree on one thing - when you have more than one watch - then the next watch is more to ad some change and some fun to your collection.
Thats how I see it.
I would love to have eg. five Rolex 5513, five 1680, etc. But then it becomes like stamp collecting and that is not for me. Buy them - use them - yes even abuse them.

But The Deep Sea is growing again slowly on me based on many peoples feelings of this watch.

Rolex Rolex Rolex

Another youtube video with Rolex content

Another of the many videos with rolex content. This time a "assembly" of the 4130 movement in the Rolex daytona.

And the 3135 movement used in many models. The Rolex workhourse

GMT Master - Iconic watches part one (of many to come)

I have a soft spot for watches with a history - by that I mean a watch that initially was selected because of its functionality and not a watch build for fashion or to follow a trend (this is becoming more and more the case for some brands).

There exist many watches I would see as Iconic for any watch collector. I can quickly mention a few - and probably I could add some more in time. But the Omega Speedmaster (moon watch), Rolex Submariner, Rolex GMT Master, Heuer Monaco, Rolex Daytona, Omega Seamaster 600, and many more.

This first part will be on the GMT Master from Rolex.

The Rolex GMT Master was developed in cooperation with Pan Am. Pan Am asked Rolex in the 1950s to develop a watch which could tell different times simultaneously.
Check out the gmt master info page here for more detailed information.

The First GMT was introduced in 1954 (model 6542 aka Pussy Galore). This model was developed on the basis of a regular Turn-O-Graph (Ref. 6202).

Until now Rolex has released 7 models or their GMT master model.
  • 6542
  • 1675
  • 16750
  • 16760
  • 16700
  • 16710
  • 116710
And from version 1675 it was also possible to get the models in gold - a first for these sports watches from rolex - this because the Rolex GMT was seen as a pilot watch and pilots was seen as "higher" ranking and therefore could afford to buy a Gold watch - well that is the story out there - If it is true I don't know ;-) .

The GMT watches have since gone from a special watch for pilots to a feature and a watch type available from almost all major watch brands - but remember the original is the Rolex GMT with red/blue bezel.

Some of the GMT ads in National Geographic

Rolex Ads Rolex Ads Rolex Ads Rolex Ads Rolex Ads

And some photos of this super watch

Rolex Rolex Rolex
The Rolex GMT master is also associated with some very know people.
Che Guverra, Chuck Jagger, NASA (astronauts) and some screen actors like "Pussy Galore" in James Bond and Col. Kurts in Apocalypse Now to mention a few.

Rolex Rolex Rolex Rolex Rolex Rolex Rolex

The GMT watches is a true classic for me

For me the GMT watches are one of the classic kind of watches that has been introduced relative newly in the watch world.
From my understanding the GMT watch was "started" in the 1960 period by Rolex - some other brand might have highlighted the idea before - but it was Rolex that brought the GMT kind of watch into the mass marked.

I still think that the Rolex GMT is the true classic of GMT watches - it has been copied many times - but I still think that the original Rolex GMT is the father of these watches and difficult to beat.

For me I would recommend anyone looking for a Rolex to look at this classic as these can still be found at a relative good price - but I think that model 1675 is on the raise.

Now almost all other brands have a GMT watch or a Two timer watch - Where you can read the time in two or three timezones at the same time.

The Original Rolex GMT 1675 - used a rotating bezel to set the second time zone - and where the 24 hour hand would be linked to the normal hour hand.
The later models had independent 24 hour hand - meaning that it would be possible to read the time in three time zones.

Here are some of the original Rolex GMT ads and the beast itself.

Rolex Rolex Rolex

Rolex Rolex

Jakes Rolex blog have one of the best stories on Panerai and their Rolex connection

Jakes rolex blog have once again come up with a article of highest quality - this time on the story of the Panerai watch and its connection to Rolex.
And again I can only say the same as "Jake" - I did think anything of the Panerai watches in the start - I was a Rolex man - but somehow these watches grow on you and now I see my self as both a Panerai and Rolex man.
I have for the last two years only used my Panerais (well my SD did get some wristtime also) daily in all situations.

So check out Jakes high quality article on Panerai and Rolex - it covers many different aspects - from the radioactive material used in watches - (Radium) to some of the best pictures of historic Panerais, including pictures of these Panerai in action.

Thanks for the good work Jakes Rolexblog - keep them coming.

Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai

Technical Rolex Information

Found this nice link on the "The friendliest Rolex forum on the 'Net!" Always nice with some WIS Rolex information - nothing any normal person will find useful but we watch "freaks" find this kind of information fun and can use hours on something useless like this.

So enjoy the more technical information on rolex watches like

Rolex Deep Sea in Deep Waters (89 meters)

Found this video of the rolex deep sea in it real environment - always nice to see a watch being used as it should.

Even if the depth of 89 meters is only a little above 2% of this watch rating (89 meters / 3900 meters = 2.3% )

The Comex Community will not have me as a member...

Peoples "status" are different in different watch communities ...
When I opened my mailbox I was greeted by something I don't understand. Some people are more worth than others - I have no idea what I did wrong or why I was rejected from the COMEX community where I could expand my knowledge of Rolex Comes watches - but I will have to find the information elsewhere.
I'm a grumpy old man but reciving a mail like this

Your membership request in the group 'Strictly Comex Addicts' has been denied by the group owner.

It pi... me of ...

Well I can still enjoy the nice watches of the Rolex Comex watches - but it still pi... me of when people some watch forums are to "special" for normal people.

You welcome to try to be allowed in here

Vintage or Modern watch ? That is the question

Should one buy vintage or modern watches?
Normally Watch people are split into two "kinds" - those that like vintage and those that don't get the idea of buying a vintage model.
I would say that most watch people start out buying modern watches - and "envolve" into the vintage marked. Probally for some the vintage watches will forever be something that they will never move into - but for other the vintage bug can prove a expensive bug.
I started as a normal watch guy - getting a modern - would not look twice at a "used" watch - let alone a old one !!
That has changed - I got my first vintage Rolex after 4 modern rolex - and after the vintage model I was lost into the Rolex Vintage world.

My first vintage Rolex was the super nice Rolex 5513.
It is diffecult to explain this to someone that have not had a vintage rolex in the hand - they do have some history and "DNA" that gives the watch and wearing it somthing special.

If people have not "tried" a vintage watch - I would suggest to try either a Rolex GMT model 1675 or any "other" vintage watch.
You might be lost into the beautiful world of vintage watches.
And just for information - vintage watches - almost never loose their value.

Some people still buy Rolex Milsubs - Lucky SOB's ;-)

I do enjoy when people can buy some of the fantastic watches we "normal" people only can dream of. You can check my "Wish List" of watches - and you will see multiple Rolex and Panerai models that I would love to have in my dreams.

"My Dream watches"

The List (Vintage)
  • Two Pre-A Panerais
  • Rolex Milsub
  • Rolex DRSD Patent Pending
  • AP EOD
  • Panerai A serie with T-dial
  • Tudor MN model
  • Rolex Explorer II (1655)
  • Panerai La Bomba
  • ... more to come ...

The List (Modern)
  • Rolex Daytona
  • Rolex deep Sea
  • PP Nautilus
  • Linde Werdelin Elements
  • Rolex GMT II NC
  • Panerai Submersible 2500 meter
  • Panerai North Pole
  • ... and many more ...

Well "jed" did a super catch - don't know at what price - but it did not come cheap - that I can assure you. My guess is in the +60.000 Euro range based on the latest Rolex Milsubs sales.

My List on Rolex Milsubs prices
"Perfect" Milsubs:
  • € 75000 Euro (summer 2009) - perfect example
  • $ 75000 US (November 2008) - perfect example
  • $ 90000 US (October 2008) - same as above !
  • € 65000 Euro (July 2008) - Mercedes hands
  • £ 33000 UK (November 2008) Mercedes hands
  • £ 25500 UK (November 2006) Mercedes hands

"Less perfect" Milsubs:
  • $ 47000 US (early 2009) - not perfect - no case inscriptions !
  • $ 70000 US (Oct. 2008) - same as above!!
  • £ 25000 UK (June 2008) - no case inscriptions
  • £ 8500 UK (May 2006) - lot less than perfect

I can only say I'm a little jealous of you - but enjoy it - and please also use it - even if the price would be a summerhouse here in Denmark.


Are the Rolex Milgauss a design failure?

Today I will let you know my opinion of the Rolex Milgauss. After my througts on the Rolex Deep Sea Dweller - the time has come to the Rolex Milgauss.

The Milgauss is one of the newest models from Rolex that is very different from any of the other Tool watches from Rolex.
Many think that the look and design is one of Rolex last succesful designs. But then again other thinks it has something special over it. And I must say that I'm in the last group.
The mat dark dial and the hour markers makes this a very special watch.
Of the 3 models that exist - I like the two with black dials only.
That is mostly because I'm not into white dials that much.
I would not rule out that this model could find its way to my Next Watch List - but I have to check it out in real life.
Maybe on one of the next days when I go for a walk. I will visit the Rolex AD and have them show me both the Milgauss and The Deep Sea.
Stay tuned - more will follow.

Are the Rolex DSSD and Milgauss a design failure?

To say it quickly - No!

There has been some talk around different forum if the Rolex Milgauss and the Rolex Deep Sea Dweller is a kind of design failure seen from the majority part of rolex "collectors".
It is true that both the DSSD and Milgauss is a little different from the normal very conservative models that is the trademark of Rolex.
Then how do I feel about the these two models? Here are my first thoughts about the Deep Sea.

The Rolex Deep Sea Dweller.

I like the fact that Rolex makes a deep dive watch that is a real deep dive watch.
A real toolwatch - if anyone don't like this take a look at Omega's redesign of the Seamaster 600 watch - that I find even more special. In fact I find many other "extreme" models by different brands much more special than the DSSD.
The main reason people don't like the Deep Sea is the size of the watch compared with the "strap" - many people find the Oyster strap to small and not designed to match the watch.
Many also find that the writing on the dial is to much.
It might be true, but this is what I would call the mother of tool watches. So having writing that describe the "specifications" of the watch I find just find adds to the toolwatch look and feel.
Nobody minds the Circle T on Rolex Milsubs - and nobody minds the added text on the case back and added logo on the dial on Comex watches.

So for now I still find the Rolex Deep Sea Dweller the mother of tool watches and would love to have one - even if I do have other watches on my Next Watch List that I would get first.

The Omega Seamaster 600

The Rolex Deep Sea Dweller

When is it a Franken watch ?

A Frankenwatch is a watch that is changed from its original design, but it is not a fake, original parts is used, but the watch is not looking as when it left the factory. If you example put in a different dial than normal is to be used it is called a franken watch. However - what do you call a franken watch than comes from the factory? Well I don't know but they can look cool.
I have seen one Rolex one sale that is a true franken watch - but is also complete original from the Rolex factory

The Rolex Explorer II (1655) with a Rolex GMT Master dial in

Important Collectors' Wristwatches, Pocket Watches & Clocks Geneva, 15th,16th October, 2005 Rolex, Oyster Perpetual Date, "Explorer II/GMT-Master", Superlative Chronometer, Officially Certified, Case No. 3583460, Ref. 1655. One of possibly three examples made in 1979 and used by members of the “Land Team” on the 1979-82 Transglobe Expedition, the present watch worn by Oliver Shepard. Historically important and exceptionally rare, centerseconds, self-winding, water- resistant, stainless steel gentleman's wristwatch with date, special 24-hour bezel and hand and a stainless steel Rolex Oyster bracelet.
Check out the auction - LOT 353 and

But when "normal" people start making Franken watches - they to can look cool!!
The danish king of WIS Kristian Haagen - is well know for his knowledge of watches and his fantastic collection.
He has "updated" a normal Steel Rolex Daytona to a new version by adding white gold bezel and red second hand.
I really like the red second hand on the standard steel daytona with black dial.

And now with red second hand and white gold bezel and white dial - somehow it looks OK. And as the change of parts don't destroy the watch I will say - Yes - go and do it.

COMEX Dive Movies with Rolex watch content ;-)

I found this good information on from a real comex diver.
He have uploaded some COMEX dive movies to youTube.
Again this is something special for a WIS like me - Maybe you would like them as well.

Rolex Dial Archive - when you have to check a dial

Anyone looking to buy vintage rolex - will ask if the vintage watch is "real". And one of the signs of fakes is problems with the dial layout and general look of the dial.
For a newbie this can be a jungle.

When I got my first "vintage" rolex I was completly in the dark. I searched the net, asked on different forums etc. And ended buying a super vintage Rolex Sub model 5513.
And with the prices on vintages rolex watches on the raise - I does make good sense to do a little bit of homework.
Two very good place to ask questions, and to check the correct dials is and

And it could be that the funny dial on a watch is real - and can be of one of the rare dial variations that Rolex is know for.
But check out the sites - and do your homework before buying. And if you have a vintage rolex - you could checkout if the model you have one of the rare dial variations.

Rolex DRSD from 1975 with papers sold for 24.000 US$ / 17.000 €

The auction in Denmark with the Rolex DRSD is over - sold for 24.000 US$ / 17.000 €
Maybe I should make a list of prices for Rolex 1665 DRSD - as I have for the milsubs and comex watches ;-)
Link to the results for:

Rolex DRSD 1975 with papers
Rolex Gold Day-Date from 1962
Rolex Zenit Daytona wo B/P

First time I had a Rolex DRSD and a Day-Date in my hand.

Today I was at a auction preview - and there was some nice watches to checkout for a WIS like me, Rolex DRSD including Papers, Rolex Day-Date from 1962, the new white gold sub with blue ceramic bezel, and many more...
The watches are here at and their estimated price.
Please remember that 30 per cent is added to the hammer price which covers buyer’s premium at 24% and VAT on the buyer’s premium.

  • Rolex DRSD from 1975 (with correct case-back) estimated at (€ 13,500-16,000)
  • Rolex Day-Date from 1962 estimated at ONLY (€ 2,700-3,350)
  • Rolex Zenith Daytona from 2000 (no box/papers) estimated at (€ 5,350)
  • Rolex Whitegold Sub 116619LB from 2008 estimated at (€ 17,000)
Well I was there handling them in person - and they where very nice - specially the Rolex DRSD looked perfect - and the price I find more than reasonable when papers are included (then it is only out finding a box and anchor ;-)) Then it would be a complete DRSD!
The Gold day-date was very nice - and for that price almost a give away.

For the Zenith Daytona is do find the price a little to high without box and papers - a no go for me. But did try the daytona besides my Panerai 1B - and it looks small!!!

Black Rolex watches - a new trend?

More and more black Rolex are showing up on the net. I begin to find more and more places where they take normal production Rolex watches and then "DLC" them in order to have a all black Rolex. Something that is not available as a option from Rolex.
Could be nice to see a official Rolex BLACK version - they have been know to make special models for a selected numbers of customers.

Rolex MilSubs
Rolex Comex

What would the price not be for original Rolex black version!!
Well I found some sites that supply these Black version

Personal I'm not into these "franken" watches - I'm a old fart. It is OK if all original - meaning "DLC" from factory - like Panerai, LW, etc.

Value of a Rolex - Original Price/Year to Present value!!

This kind of overview would is nice to have - and it gives some - check out the overview here
Eg. for Subs and dwellers

  • Submariner Ref. 5513 stainless steel, gold graphics - 1966/67: € 45,19 - Present value : € 10.000/12.000
  • Submariner Ref. 5513 stainless steel, white graphics - 1974: € 97,09 - Present value : € 4.000/5.000
  • Submariner Ref. 5513 circular edged indexes - 1985: € 624,91 - Present value : € 4.000/5.000
  • Submariner Date Ref. 1680 - 1978: € 356,35 - Present value : € 6.000/7.000
  • Submariner Date Ref. 1680 red writing - 1974: € 136,08 - Present value : € 9.000/11.000
  • Sea-Dweller Ref. 1665 white writing - 1978: € 358,93 - Present value : € 10.000/12.000
  • Sea-Dweller Ref. 1665 red writing - 1974: € 137,63 - Present value : € 22.000/26.000
  • Sea-Dweller Ref. 16660 - 1981: € 562,93 - Present value : € 8.000/10.000
  • Sea-Dweller Ref. 16600 - 1990: € 1962,53 - Present value : € 3.800/4.500

And to take some of the high rollers !!

  • Daytona Ref. 6241 in stainless steel with Newman dial - 1969/70: € 67,14 - Present value : € 55.000/65.000
  • Pre Daytona Ref. 6238 gold 18k black dial - 1966/67: € 135,82 - Present value : € 140.000/160.000
  • GMT Ref. 6542 gold with bachelite bezel - 1958: € 147,19 - Present value : € 100.000/120.000

And the prices goes even higher if "like" new - but check out the info on the link.

Other sea-dweller with Print on dial - polizia di stato sommozzatori

We all know about the Comex print on the dial Rolex Subs, and there exist also some Panama dials, and tiffany imprint on some Rolex Sub dials. But this one is new to me.
"polizia di stato sommozzatori"
These have been made to celebrate the 50 years of a Italian Diving Police force.

Only 78 copies of this model were created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the diving team of the Italian State Police. Of its 78 rooms, only 28 are engraved on the bottom of the patent number and military only three of them with a personalized signature.

That will make them more rare than the COMEX subs. And the inscription on the back also looks nice - see photo.

Some real info from a Rolex WIS - he must be....

I think we should add this to how to tell as WIS

How many dots in the rolex crown etcheds in the rolex glass! Well here are the information
"I will say it's 152 in a original crystal and 170 in a replacement crystal. "
Replacement Crystal have the S inside - therefore the added dots! This is a question for the real WIS.

Steve Mc Queen Rolex (Sub 5512) sold for 234.000 US$ !!

OK - it is now over - Steve Mc Queen's Rolex 5512 was sold for 234.000 US$...
More that 10 times the estimate on 20.000 US$.

I would have loved that watch - He was Mr. Cool himself!!!!

24 Heures du Mans and ROLEX Daytona - More Info

I found more inforamtion on Rolex and 24 hours du mans - on this cool racing site - Here are some more pictures of the Rolex Daytona at the 24 Heures du Mans Race - including some photos of the "real" daytona watches with inscriptions !!!

In the 24 Heures du Mans race village one finds a series of small happenings at the heart of which one finds the Rolex boutique, Official Watch of Les 24 Heures du Mans since 2001. This temporary installation is a sophisticated 10 x 10 metre crystal cube that has become a public attraction for everyone who has come to be a part of the annual 24 Heures du Mans experience.

Nice info for a WIS - for others it might not be interesting at all ;-)
That is also why the Rolex Daytona is very high on my Next watch List

24 Heures du Mans and ROLEX - Racing and Rolex

On my way around the internet - I found this article on Rolex and 24 Heures du Mans. It really looks like the Rolex Daytona has been part of the racing in Le Mans for the last many years.
It was new to me that Rolex "gave" a Rolex Daytona with the inscription 'Spirit of Le Mans' and the name of the person receiving it.

Every year there is a special 'Spirit of Le Mans' trophy presented to personalities who best embody the real spirit of Les 24 Heures du Mans. This prestigious trophy is in fact a watch, a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona in steel that has the words “Spirit of Le Mans” and the name of the recipient engraved on the underside of the watch case.
The magic watch has become so famous that visitors to the Rolex boutique know all about its legacy and they often ask where they themselves can buy the official watch of Les 24 Heures du Mans. However, the “Spirit of Le Mans” Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is an exclusive honour reserved for those selected to receive the trophy.

So there is something about the Rolex Daytona and motor-sport - no other watch I know of has the same following anywhere in the world.
That is also why the Rolex Daytona is very high on my Next watch List

Women and Rolex?

Was out buying some milk yesterday - and as a true WIS - I spottet a woman with a Rolex - quick my eyes scanned the watch - it was a Rolex, the bracelet is so easy to recognize, then I moved in closer, it was a Sub, and the helium value did the final verification - A Rolex 16600 Sea-dweller.
I'm probally not the only one doing this - and there exist multiple "articles" on different forums related to Rolex and Women - Here are some.

NewTurfers - Have a very long post with this subject (>200 posts)
The Rolexforum also have a tread
Rolex Luxury - also see the trend of women wearing "mens" Rolex

The Rolex gold models on the raise ?

First - Gold watches is not me as a general - had you asked me 2 years ago - I wouldn't be caught dead with a gold rolex on my wrist!
But during the last year or so - I'm starting to feel that either a gold gmt, gold day date, gold sub or even gold daytona could look smart.
This is also due to the fact that the prices are not that high compared with the steel models (all is relative). And a gold watch would ad some color to ones wrist.
Other reason is that my math teacher had a rolex gold day date on - and I can remember how this watch - with all its scratches just kept looking so stylish.
And some of the day dates I have seen lately does have a price I might find interesting - but still no enough to come on my next watch list ;-).

So I predict that the gold versions of these Rolex's will start to see a price increase.
Time will tell.

Rolex Milgauss - It grows on me ;-)

The more I see pictures of the new Rolex Milgauss (black dial) The more I think Rolex have made a super watch - its a little like the Rolex LV sub - At first I didn't like it - but now I think it will be come a classic.

The layout with black dial - orange/white hour markers (GV and normal model) and the big rolex crown at 12 - and the massive case just have some of the same quality of the IWC ingenieur (which I also like). But as time goes by - I'm more and more interested in the Rolex Milgauss and less and less in the IWC (if I can't have both).


The Milgauss

What is the going rate for a Rolex Milsub - new Milsub added to my list

Found a new Rolex Milsub for sale - this time a auction - so maybe not the final price - but a good indication

Rare Rolex Ref 5517 Military Royal Navy "SBS" Submariner Oyster Perpetual stainless steel wristwatch, serial 5339xxx, calibre 1520 26 jewel nickel movement, black dial with luminous markers, later Mercedes style hands and sweep centre seconds, marked with encircled "T" over 660ft-200m, three-part case with fixed bar lugs, plastic crystal, rotable black bezel with 60 minute markings, screw case back engraved with issue numbers 0052/923-7697 and unit number 845/78, the inside screw back engraved with the serial reference and 5513, case, dial, crown and movement signed, military nylon band, 42mm

The reference numbers on the watch have been checked with Rolex UK who have confirmed from their records the watch with these issue numbers is Rolex Submariner 5517 supplied to the British Navy in 1978
*The Rolex "SBS" Submariner, Ref. 5517, was only ever issued to the military and was not available to the general public, fewer than 1000 watches were made, making it one of Rolex's most collectable timepieces*
Est: GBP£40-60k

Updated pricelist with price requested and the time put for sale:

"Perfect" Milsubs:
  • £ 40-60k UK (June 2009) - Mercedes hands
  • € 75000 Euro (summer 2009) - perfect example
  • $ 75000 US (november 2008) - perfect example
  • $ 90000 US (October 2008) - same as above !
  • € 65000 Euro (July 2008) - Mercedes hands
  • £ 33000 UK (November 2008) Mercedes hands
  • £ 25500 UK (November 2006) Mercedes hands

"Less perfect" Milsubs:
  • $ 47000 (early 2009) - not perfect - no case inscriptions !
  • $ 70000 (oct. 2008) - same as above!!
  • £ 25000 UK (June 2008) - no case inscriptions
  • £ 8500 UK ( may 2006) - lot less than perfect

Again This list will be updated as I find more.

Nice Rolex Screensavers for your desktop

The guy Coleman from have made some nice screensavers for the PC desktop - I'm a linux and Mac guy so not for me ;-)
Check them out at Colemans website - always nice to be able to make your desktop more watch related - and not only the background picture.
There are multiple different watch models to select from including one Panerai model - so chances are that you will find some you like

What is the going rate for a Rolex Milsub or Rolex COMEX CONT...

I will continue with my price list of high end Rolex that is see as grail watches by any rolex collector. This time it is the Rolex Comex.
The Rolex Comex was used by the divers of the COMEX company in France. COMEX was started in 1961 and became a pioneer in deep diving operations for the offshore oil industry. For over 30 years, divers of COMEX, then world leader in sub-sea engineering and in manned and unmanned sub-sea interventions, scoured all the seas on earth and worked at depths of over 300 meters thanks to the use of helium/oxygen in the breathing mixtures.

Some COMEX history:
  • 1964: COMEX invents the first hyperbaric chamber
  • 1969: First industrial dive to 160 meters
  • 1981: SEABEX, the first modern dynamically positioned vessel for diving.
  • 1985: SAGA, the world’s largest civilian diver lock-out submersible of 545 tons, with an operating depth of 600 meters, developed in cooperation with IFREMER
  • 1986: First orbital welding robot
  • 1988: HYDRA 8: World record for depth in the high seas, to 530 meters
  • 1992: HYDRA 10: World depth record set at 701 m, in the chambers of the Experimental Centre; still unbroken.
  • 1994: REMORA first 600 meters submarine with a transparent acrylic sphere.
  • 2000: Construction of JANUS, a survey ship featuring a concentration of technology
  • 2005: New-generation dynamic positioning system
  • 2007: Design of a fully automatic test machine for equipment at 1,000 bars of pressure

Again these prices are relative easy to find on the net - But again I will stress. - do your home work first and ONLY buy for very respected people. And when it comes to rolex milsubs - they SHOULD be verified by Rolex UK at least, same for Comex - they should be confirmed by Rolex Geneve.

Counterfeit rolex milsubs and rolex comex are to be found on the net - and some of these "fake" watches are real rolex with "just" added circle T (for milsubs) or added COMEX print on dial and caseback engravings.
This way a normal rolex - would increase 100 fold in value - so don't take it lightly when searching for these watches.

But OK I will continue this with my grail watch number two ;-) - the Rolex Comex.
The list will show price requested and the time put for sale:

COMEX 1665 rolex:
  • € 79500 Euro (April 2009) 1665 - perfect example
  • € 94000 Euro (Marts 2009) - 1665 - DRSD caseback
  • € 68000 Euro (April 2009) 1665 - very good ,fully doc.
  • € 55000 Euro (December 2008) - 1665 - not complete
  • € 50000 Euro (November 2008) - 1665
  • € 65000 Euro (Oct. 2008) - 1665
  • € 109000 Euro (July 2008) - 1665
  • € 73000 US (April 2007) - 1665

COMEX 16XX rolex:
  • € 32500 Euro (May 2009) B&P complete 16800
  • € 40000 Euro (feb 2009) - 16660.
  • € 32000 Euro (Jan 2009) - 16800 Complete B&P
  • € 53000 Euro (Jan 2009) - 16600 Complete B&P
  • € 45000 Euro (November 2008) 16660
  • € 42000 Euro (Oct. 2008) - 16610 complete
  • € 62000 Euro (Oct. 2008) - 16800
  • € 69000 Euro (oct 2008) - 16800 mat dial
  • $ 90000 US (May 2008) - 16600 Complete
  • $ 72000 US (April 2008) - 16600 - not complete
  • € 92000 Euro (April 2008) - 16660 Complete - NOS
  • € 67000 Euro (December 2007) - 16800 mat dial with B&P
  • £ 47000 Pounds (Nov. 2007) - 16800 mat dial B&P
  • € 60000 Euro (Oct 2007) 16600 complete
  • € 43000 Euro (July 2007) - 16610 Complete
  • € 38000 Euro (July 2007) - 16610
  • € 44000 Euro (May 2007) - 16600 Complete

List to be updated as I find more info - Next Grail watch pricelist could be Rolex 1665 Red Sea-dweller, or Panerai Vintage.
So stay tuned - more to come.

COMEX magazine no 3 with info on Rolex Deep Sea Sea Dweller.

I came to check to official Comex homepage and found that you can download their "COMEX magazine no 3" online in pdf format. Always nice to find out something about this company that has impacted the development of the rolex sea-dweller.
And in this issue of COMEX Magazine no. 3 - there is a good story about the history of COMEX and Rolex and their development of the helium ecape valve. And it also states that it is COMEX that has supplied Rolex with the pressure chamber to test batches of 10 Deep Sea Sea-Dwellers at a time!

It also highlights that
"It took three years of research to develop the new Sea Dweller DeepSea."

And that COMEX was the supplier of test equipment to Rolex for the new Deep Sea Sea Dweller.

PULLING OUT ALL THE STOPS TO TEST THE NEW WATCH. Rolex entrusted Comex with the task of designing and manufacturing the hyperbaric chamber that serves to test each Sea Dweller DeepSea to a depth of 480 atmospheres. Delivered recently to the prestigious watchmaker in Geneva, this chamber consists of a high-performance single-piece stainless-steel tank, capable of creating the ambient pressure that reigns at 4,875 meters, or a level 25% deeper than the new watch’s rated capability. At this level, the water column exerts a pressure equivalent to a weight of 4 tons, bearing down on the crystal, the winder and the case-back. As they emerge from the workshop, batches of 10 Sea Dweller DeepSea watches are put through extremely stringent testing in this new, exclusive equipment. Each watch takes an hour and a half of testing to complete a full cycle.

Now I'm just waiting for the first Rolex Deep Sea Dweller with a COMEX logo!

Download the COMEX Magazine no 3 here.

Rolex Comex Magazine no3 Rolex Comex Magazine no3 Rolex Comex Magazine no3 Rolex Comex Magazine no3

The Real Steve McQueen Watches on sale - UPDATE

According to people on vintagerolexforum this sale could be a little fishy!

This is the fourth McQueen Monaco to surface.
The watch he wore during the filming now is in the museum that TagHeuer has in Switzerland, a watch I owned for a couple of years. The second is one he used for press shoots..that watch is in a private collection in Italy..the third changed hands last year at an auction in Italy IIRC, and now this one.. Watches 1 and 2 both came with authentication papers from the property master of the movie, not sure what accompanied #3..

The Real Steve McQueen Watches on sale - and cheap to !!!!

Now is the time to get the grail watch if you can - estimated at "only" $10.000-$20.000 for Steve McQueens own Rolex 5512 and the famous Heuer Monaco estimated to "only" $10.000-$12.000.
The next Antiquorum action in New York will have some special watches on sale - but for me there is ONLY three, Steve McQueens Rolex 5512, 1655 and his Heuer Monaco!

I do think these watches will be high in demand by any Watch collector.
Steve McQueen was the "icon of Cool" - And I for one would love to have the Rolex 5512 - and at that price - I would jump at it - if I had the money right now ;-).

The Heuer I do belive will fetch even higher price than estimated - I don't think Tag Heuer wIll let this watch go - with their relaunch of that Heuer model - It will find its place in the Heuer Museum.

One of the most collectible vintage Heuer watches, the "Monaco" was made famous by Steve McQueen who wore it while filming the 1971 movie "Le Mans". The incredible thing about this particular Heuer Monaco is that it's the exact one owned and worn by Steve McQueen!

The REAL Steve McQueen Rolex 5512!

The REAL Steve McQueen Heuer

Found a new Rolex Forum - We can't have to many ;-)

There are many forum on the net related to differnt watch brands. The biggest is Timezone but biggest is not always the best. But Timezone have some people with very high knowledge.

But these forums can for someone not a "veteran" of the watch world be a little overwhelming. So it is extreamly nice to join a forum where the focus is on having a good time talking about watches, and not just "flash" your out of this world collection.
Myself can't compete against people buying 2-3 watches in one go. I like to see my self as a watch owner more than a watch collector. I don't like safe queens that much. I like to wear my watches, use them, and I NEVER take my watch of.

So I welcome this forum where I can feel to focus is on having a nice time talking about what we all love. Rolex watches and other OT issues.

Check it out and join if you feel like me.

What is the going rate for a Rolex Milsub?

What is the price on high end watches that are seen more or less as grail watches in a collection - I for one will look mostly at Rolex and Panerai. So the first short price history of Milsub and COMEX rolexes are here now!.

The prices are easy to find on the net - but I think it is funny to see the level of price and the change in price - So All I can say to people on the lookout for these rare watches - do your home work first and ONLY buy for very respected people. And when it comes to rolex milsubs - they SHOULD be verified by Rolex UK at least, same for Comex - they should be confirmed by Rolex Geneve.

I will start this with my grail watch number one - the Rolex Milsub.
The list will show price requested and the time put for sale:

"Perfect" Milsubs:
  • € 75000 Euro (summer 2009) - perfect example
  • $ 75000 US (November 2008) - perfect example
  • $ 90000 US (October 2008) - same as above !
  • € 65000 Euro (July 2008) - Mercedes hands
  • £ 33000 UK (November 2008) Mercedes hands
  • £ 25500 UK (November 2006) Mercedes hands

"Less perfect" Milsubs:
  • $ 47000 US (early 2009) - not perfect - no case inscriptions !
  • $ 70000 US (Oct. 2008) - same as above!!
  • £ 25000 UK (June 2008) - no case inscritipons
  • £ 8500 UK (May 2006) - lot less than perfect

List to be updated as I find more.
Next to come is the Comex list!

The Real Steve McQueen Watches on sale - and cheap to !!!!

Now is the time to get the grail watch if you can - estimated at "only" $10.000-$20.000 for Steve McQueens own Rolex 5512 and the famous Heuer Monaco estimated to "only" $10.000-$12.000.
The next Antiquorum action in New York will have some special watches on sale - but for me there is ONLY three, Steve McQueens Rolex 5512, 1655 and his Heuer Monaco!

I do think these watches will be high in demand by any Watch collector.
Steve McQueen was the "icon of Cool" - And I for one would love to have the Rolex 5512 - and at that price - I would jump at it - if I had the money right now ;-).

The Heuer I do belive will fetch even higher price than estimated - I don't think Tag Heuer wIll let this watch go - with their relaunch of that Heuer model - It will find its place in the Heuer Museum.

One of the most collectible vintage Heuer watches, the "Monaco" was made famous by Steve McQueen who wore it while filming the 1971 movie "Le Mans". The incredible thing about this particular Heuer Monaco is that it's the exact one owned and worn by Steve McQueen!

Any of these watches would look great in a collection - and now for the Big Surprise - Steve McQueen did have a Rolex 1655 (also know as the Steev McQueen) but never "verified" - that he had owned one - no photos of him shows him wearing the 1655 - only the 5512 is seen on multiple pictures.

The REAL Steve McQueen Rolex 5512!

The REAL Steve McQueen Heuer

Why do some guys have all the luck ;-)

Some guys have all the luck ;-)
Well when I visit soem different forums, vintage rolex, panerai etc, you see some collections that would make you stand up and beg for buttermilk. Well for a WIS this kind of photos makes you dream. I can't even begin to set a price on some of these collections, but lets just say that these guys don't need a pension plan beside there watches.
I will make a "unofficial" price list for some of these collections. Lets just say almost none of these watches cost less than 10.000 Euro.

Mike Wood from "The Old Watch Shop" have a second to none collection.

Philipe from Holland have a collection to be happy with.

Rolex Milsub - If you don't have the money - sell your house - and buy a Rolex MilSub

The grail watch of any Rolex collection is the Rolex Milsub. These are not easy to find - and they are only for the really "profesionel" collectors.
Check out vintagerolexforum here - they don't come up for sale that often, and even less for the right people.
The Milsub has a price about the same a a good summerhouse here in Denmark - and right now with the slowdown in the marked for summerhouses - it "might" be a better investment to get a milsub.
I would buy it if I had the money (if I had a lot of money).
The watch up for sale has all the special things that I would expect for a real milsub. Sword hands, 60 min brezel, faded brezel, etc.

Updated - Some more National Geographic Rolex ads

People have been very interested in these old Rolex ads. So I have gone through some more NG's and have uploaded them to the gallery.
I really like the Erling Kragge Ads - thats is one real explorer - And my Number one Rolex watch is the Explorer II.
Well check them out.

gallery pages here.

And more to come - I will continue to ad more rolex ads.

More National Geographic Rolex ads

Well I went through some more NG magazines and found some more Rolex ads. I have included the cover page from each Magazine so people can see which year and month the rolex ad was in. I have the understanding that ads are different from country to country so the ads I have might not be the same in other countries.

Here goes - more on the gallery pages here.

And many more - And I will continue to ad more rolex ads.

Vintage Rolex as Pension plan - not a bad idea

There is many ways to take care of ones old age - monthly pay to a pension plan. But somehow I have more trust in having the "money" close to me.
So how about putting your money in real estate (summer house), art (if you know what to look for) and last in watches.
Mike Wood from TOWS in UK has the pension plan in place. Take a look and enjoy the pictures.

Rolex 1665

Rolex subs

More Rolex Vintage models

Rolex MilSub (5517) a copy of Omega Seamaster 300

When I went through the old National Geographic magazines I found some nice ads from Omega as well - these was ofcause focused on the moon landing and the fact that the speedmaster was the official watch of NASA.
What caught my eye was a ad for the seamaster 300 - it looks "almost" identical to the rolex Milsub (5517) - the hands are almost identical and from I can see that these hands can be used as "fake" rolex hands on real milsubs. But that I found out only after I say the ad and started searching the net for information.

The Omega Seamaster 300 is from years before the delivery of the milsubs. I can be that the milsubs are made by design from the UK military (SAS/SBS) but there idea must come direct from this Omega Model.

The Hands and the 60 min brezel are very distinct features of the Rolex Milsub 5517 - different for the standard 5513 model. And these features are more or less matched directly from the Omega Seamaster 300.

Check out some info on the Omega 300 here. And here.

I do think the Rolex looks better - but The Omega is not a bad one.

Update the gallery with some new photos

I have re-shoot some of my watches - but I really think that I would like to make some more action shoots of the watches. I mean watches in use, not as normal tableshoots.
Eg. the subs in water actions, long shutter time, watches not in "focus", photos where the watch is not the main part, etc.
But that will come ;-)

It is the rolex 1665, 5513, 1680, 1675, 16600, 16610LV.

Rolex at its worst !!!

I realy like Rolex - but their bling watches leave me a little cold. These watches are so much over the top.
For me a rolex is first and foremost a steel watch. But I can accept a gold rolex, but lets leave out any kind of stones.
Thats my meaning - no need to ruin a good watch with "diamonds" or other stones.

Rolex Milgauss - A tool watch with history

One of the special tool watches made by Rolex is the Milgauss. The first models was not very popular and this is the reason for the very high price of these old vintage Rolex Milgauss models.
The Milgauss was introduced by Rolex in 1954 with the model number 6451, the Rolex Milgauss was designed as an antimagnetic watch specifically for those who worked in areas where electromagnetic fields can wreck havoc on the timing of a watch, like power plants and research labs.
Again this shows that Rolex again brought out a Special Tool watch without "focus" on the "masses". The Milgauss was introduces in 1954 and was linked to the CERN particle physics laboratory in Geneva.

I tip my had for Rolex making no "short curts" when making real Tool Watches.

  • Milgauss Reference Numbers: 6451, 1019, 116400
  • Date of production: 1954 to ~1975, 2007 to current
  • Movements: 1019-1580 & 116400-3131
  • Case size: 1019-38mm 116400-40mm
  • Power Reserve: ~44 hours

From my point the Black dial version could find its way to my "next watch" list.

Rolex COMEX - The story behind the Sea dweller

Having a Rolex Comex is by many collectors the gail watch - I would like one - but they are out of reach for normal watch collectors - their price are > "lots of US$" and still climbing! When I found this web page with stories on both the mil-subs and comex from real life I was very impressed. The site is made by a man that have used mil-subs and comex watches during his working life. I do find it very refreshing to see stories from people that used and still use their watches. And not as a "safe queen" collector. All the respect to him. Check it out - the site has information on Comex and Milsubs and other rolex watches most of us can only dream of.

Comex Submariners history:
  1. 1970-1973 Early Submariners Ref:-5513 with valve.
  2. 1972-1978 Submariners Unique Comex Ref:- 5514 with valve.
  3. 1978-1979 Submariner Ref:- 1680, no valve.
  4. 1982-1986 Submariner Sapphire Ref:-1680 no valve with matt or gloss dial.
  5. 1988-1989 Submariner Sapphire Ref:-16800 no valve gloss dial.
  6. 1988-1989 Submariners Ref: 168000 no valve with gloss dial
  7. 1986-1997 Submariners Ref:-16610 no valve.

Rolex Info - dials, brezel, bands ...

A good place to check for watch related information is the Timezone classic posts.
Here you can find posts that is seen as so informative that the posts have been "moved" to the forum for classic posts.
Check out

Rolex Oyster Dials 2007/8
Rolex Oyster Bracelets 2007/8
Rolex Oyster Bracelets 2007/8
Rolex Oyster Bracelets 2005 /6 Season
Rolex Oyster Dials 2005 /6 Season

Rolex has been at the deepest and the highest

Well it has always been talked about if Rolex was the first watch on Mt. Everest. But is a fact that Rolex have been these two places. From the deepest bottom of the sea to the top of the world ;-) As toolwatches go - the Rolex have proved there worth - not only on the drawing board - but in real life also. That that it matters much - not many of us will climb the highest mountains or dive to the deepest of deepest. Check out the article of the Mt. Everest and deep sea watch from Rolex here.

"Jacques Piccard Memorial Edition" Rolex DSSD

Found some information on Jacques Piccard and must feel that a special Rolex Deep Sea watch is appropriate for a man with his history.

Jacques Piccard was a Swiss oceanic engineer famous for making the deepest ever ocean dive, which he accomplished on January 23, 1960 along with Lt. Don Walsh. The two entered a bathyscaph called Trieste and descended 10,916 meters (35,810 feet) into the Challenger Deep, an area in the Pacific Ocean's Mariana Trench, touching down on the deepest part of the ocean anywhere on earth. That's quite an accomplishment, and one that hasn't yet been repeated.

Then I see this watch on - Somehow I like it - and I'm not into all these special watches made - I like the "standard" versions much better. But this is quit nice.

Rolex commercials - on youTube

Rolex commercials - well in Denmark we don't see these wonderfull commercials. Then it is good we can check them out on the internet.
Here you can see a commercial for the steel used in rolex, the new ceramic brezel, rosegold, the rolex factory and a daytona commercial.

Olongapo Bracelets - how to make your Watch Special!

For Panerai the change of strap is one of the best way to change the look and "feel" of the watch - but how about the watches with steel bands - and especially how to change the Rolex.
You can chose to change to a Nato strap - but is that enough! I have found the Olongapo bracelets to be something special and maybe something I would like to add to a rolex - well just for the fun of it.
The Olongapo Bracelets was something the navy divers in Vietnam had made for there watches with there custom insignias.
I have found that it is possible to get them "custom made" - and according to the users in a better quality than the original. Check out the Military Watch Resource.
For more detail of the Olongapo Bracelets check out watchaddicts where you will find photos of the braclets in action in Vietnam.

Rolex RED SUBMARINA - my "I want one" ;-)

Philipps made a BIG 1680 Red Submarina article on the PuristSPRO site. As I have said before never buy a Rolex RED 1680 before a visit to - and check for all the information regarding how to see if the rolex is "correct" or could be a fake. With the price tag on the Rolex Red 1680 - there are many fake 1680 with a red dial. It could even be a correct 1680 white rolex with a fake dial.
Even if you are not looking for a red 1680 - the information is very nice - and something a WIS always find interesting.
Enjoy the pictures and information.

Rolex Changes Case back numbers!!

Again the good Axlson from Sweden has some original Rolex Information on the new case back numbering to be used from now on.

Rolex Dial variations for 2008/2009

Well sometimes it can be a little diffecult to know the ways Rolex works with their information. Rolex are known to keep their information mostly for the self. This includes the new Parachrom hairspring introduced in 2000 but first official in 2005. But also more not technical information I find diffecult to find. The dial combinations that is possible on some Rolex watches are not a easy information to find - but has the information - so check out this page for the dial combiantions possible for your new rolex.

I do want a Black Dial Rolex Daytona

Well the more I see of this watch the more I see this as my next watch. It has a place as a true Rolex classic - and nobody can say anything negative about it. I would at all times prefere this over the chronographs from Panerai, Hubolt, etc. The only other chonograph watch that will find a way to my desk is a Omega Speedmaster. You can even find a direct compate between Rolex Daytona and Omega Speedmaser Broad Arrow on this website

But which Rolex model should it be - the new model 116520 with Rolex own movment 4130 (highly recommended) og the older version with the Zenith movment. Should it be a white dial or black dial. Well my priorities are based on price and the fact that any watch I get will not be a safe queen. So I will probally get a Black Dial SS Daytona with the new movement - but that dosen't mean I can't dream of the older Zenith model.

  • Black Daytona Zenith movement SS
  • Black Daytona 4130 movement SS

Rolex Daytona history

Some history of the Rolex daytona from this webpage and some more detailed information on the new daytonal model here.

"Rolex was not among the chronograph pioneers, choosing to focus their energies on the Oyster and the Perpetual. However the success of these watches propelled Rolex to be in the position of being the "sportsman's" watch and sportsmen demand a chronograph.

Instead of developing their own movement Rolex chose to use the Valjoux movement. It was available in three sizes and they were all simple one button chronographs. These allowed the user to time one continuous event.

This one button chronograph was popular but the more it was used the more obvious its limitations were. Customers demanded the ability to stop the watch intermittently which was of course impossible without resetting the time. It was not until the late 1930's that anything changed with the arrival of the two button chronograph. This was a major breakthrough and now allowed people to stop the watch to take necessary breaks and than restart it on the same time as when they left off. A football referee could stop the watch each time a ball went out an then get an accurate 45 minutes play.

At the end of the 1930's the "Zerograph" was produced in very limited quantities. The watch model 3462 marked an important turning point for Rolex as it was the first watch to feature the Oyster crown and is now extremely sort after.
The first true Oyster chronograph was the model 4500, which never sold in huge quantities as it was released during World War II. The 6232 and the 3668 models followed but proved just as unpopular. Both new models used the 13" Valjoux movement and had just a thirty minute register. While Rolex in 1942 had introduced an hour recorder it was a snap on back it would be another seven years before the Oyster case and the three button chronograph would be brought together in the form of the 5034. During the next fifteen years the 5034 changed into the 6034, which then became the 6234. This in turn became the 6238 and then finally evolved into the 6239.

These changes although little by little had inspired Rolex to revive the previously shelved name the "Cosmograph". The only difference between the 6239 and the 6238 was that on the 6239 the bezel was engraved with tachymeter graduations rather than having them on the dial.
The last major changes to the manual wind chronograph came in the late 1970's when Rolex introduced the 6263 model. This was the first model to have truly waterproof pushers. The earlier Oyster Chronographs had simple round pushers with internal gaskets as the only sealing mechanism.
The screw down pushers were added to stop people pressing the buttons, whilst submerged in water. The locking function also prevented the chronograph being activated inadvertently. The new 6263 started life as being waterproof to 165 feet, ten years later it was capable of twice that depth (100 meters) The 6263 is unusual in the fact that the quality of the movement depended on which case you had. The steel chronograph movements were not timed to a chronometer standard.

Despite the innovative design it was not until 1986 when the popularity of the Daytona started to increase, reaching its zenith with a particular Daytona model, the "Paul Newman". This model featured square markers on the subsidiary dials, and an outer track the same colour as the subsidiary dials. Although the origins of this nickname for the dial are obscure this is the easiest term to refer to this watch. This unusual dial colourful and deco in appearance was only in production for a short period of time form its introduction in 1970. Rolex finally released the new version of the Daytona in 1991. They had abandoned the workhorse Valjoux movement in favour of the Zenith movement. The new dials featured large subsidiary dials and had an inner track in a contrasting colour. Dial colours included black, white, champagne and each watch had "Daytona" in red on the dial and they all had screw-down pushers.

The stainless steel Daytona has become one of the most sought after watches of all time. Because there were higher profit margins in the gold and mixed metal watches there was a shortage of the steel one as there just were not enough being produced


Rolex's latest addition to the Daytona hysteria was launched at the end of 2000. The 116520 which like the rest of Rolex's models has an extra 1 prefix to differentiate it from the others. There have been a few dial refinements but the main difference is the fact that Rolex are now using an in house movement instead of the old Zenith one. The Daytona's popularity can only be said to be growing."

Beaten up ROLEX - They can take a licking and keep on ticking

I do linke when I can see that a watch is not a safe queen - a watch should be used, and a rolex is a one tough watch. My watches are keept on at all times. I'm more afraid of forgetting my watch than being afraid of my watch getting a dent or two. And I can say that after a visit to the local Rolex AD it looks as new again.

I found this internet page with stories and pictures of beaten up rolex's. Check it out.

GMT Master Information

The Rolex GMT is for me one of the first special watches made by any watch company based on input from the industri that had the need for special watches. The born of the rolex toolwatches. The Rolex GMT master was the first GMT watch model with a 24 hour hand. But many other watch company quickly followed.
I found this webpage with some good information on the Rolex GMT master.
A quote from the internet side.

"The new model (1675) proved to be such a successful model that, unlike the Submariner, it continued almost unchanged for around 25 years. It now featured crown protecting "shoulders", silver printing on the dial, rather than the gilt colour used on the 6542, and the dial itself was now inscribed "Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified", rather than just "Officially Certified Chronometer" as on the 6542. The new legend came about because the watch was now powered by the new 1565 calibre which featured the free sprung "Micro Stella" balance; this new base calibre (1530) was capable of much greater accuracy than the earlier movements and was subsequently fitted into all Rolex models.

Information on the first Rolex GMT

Found this very page on the net regarding the rolex GMT watch at its history. As the Rolex GMT has a very special place in my mind I would like to direct you to this page by J. Dowling (the man behind the main Rolex information Book). A quoation from the page regarding the birth of the Rolex GMT.
"Working in conjunction with Pan-Am.'s Captain Frederick Libby (a decorated World War II veteran and one of the airlines most respected navigators), Jeanneret came up with the idea of a watch with an additional hour hand revolving just once every 24 hours and a rotatable bezel marked with those same 24 hours."

Have your watch gain or loose seconds a day.

"There are other ways to regulate the speed of a Rolex watch other than removing the caseback. With a Rolex registering 86,400 seconds every day, gravity can assist with keeping the watch on time. This image is frequently posted and referenced around the Internet as one method to use gravity to speed up or slow down a Rolex."

This I found on the net and with the "official" Rolex guidelines. I hav'nt tried it my self but feel free to try it out.

Rolex information

This webpage is based on the COSC standard deviation rate of -4 to +6 seconds over a ten day period of chronometer testing,in five positions and at three temperatures. The webpage has some fun, useless and usefull information. Eg. Rolex adverts, rolexringstones etc. Check it out.

Rolex DEEP SEA Sea Dweller description

I found these descriptions on and they give some nice information on e.g. the new Rolex Deep Sea Sea Dweller.

Old Rolex Ads - This was what started me down the Rolex line

Well my initial interest in Rolex was from a Rolex Ad in the National Geographic Magazine from many years ago. It was a combined ad for explorer and daydate in black and white. But I have been following the Rolex Ads - and do think they are classic in their layout. Another Rolex ad I can remember is the one with Red Adair - the one that put out the fire of the devils lighter some where in the US.

Please check out all the fancy rolex ads at

German Rolex website with good articles

The website give some nice information on the different rolex models.
All from serial numbers, to the different models, to wallpapers etc. Only minor issue is that the site is in german - but that can't keep one away from the nice photos.

The site also have some good movie screenshoots with Rolex related to James Bond.

Date your Rolex

Dating of a rolex watch by the serial number can be nice - but my information is that any dating before 1972 is a little unsure. But here are some links to information on dating your rolex based on serial numbers. - has alist of numbers and years to match also have some dates matched with serial numbers also have some information.
But these dates should only be seen as quidelines, as the information I have from a Rolex AD (been in the business for +30 years) is that before 1972 the dating is a unsure.

Expert Information on Special Rolex watches

One of the best places to check vintage rolex, and especially the more exotic rolex submarine models like the red Sea Dweller, red submarine, mill subs, COMEX and other Rolex submarine variations. Check out the very informative homepage at
And if your on the lookout for any vintage submarine model do yourself a favor and check out this site before anything else.

Original Rolex Watch description

I found these descriptions on and they give some nice information on e.g. the new Milguass Rolex 116400.

This Rolex Information Page

I plan to add more and more Rolex related information to my site on the side in the Categories menu. I hope to cover most Sports Rolex's as time goes on - and for any updates to the information I will put a small notification here on this site - hope you enjoy.