Sea Dweller Model 16600

The modern Rolex Sea-dweller was my second Rolex. I had long wanted a Rolex "submariner" but like the history of the sea-dweller. Again that it was made specific for a purpose that normal diving watches was not able to deliver. It was after I got it in 2004 my daily watch - and even if the watch is a little bigger due to the fact that it can withstand the pressure from 4000 ft/1330 meter and also have the helium valve that was used when driving using mixed air.

The Sea-dweller is also one of the only Date Rolex without the cyclop over the date window. So don't like the Rolex cyclop. other like me thinks that it belongs there when its a rolex. But I do feel that cyclops over the date window on other brands of watches look a little stupid. The cyclops window is only to be found on a Rolex.

The Rolex Sea-Dweller is a nice watch, with a history that marks this as a tool watch in the same league as the Explorer II and Milgauss.