PANERAI - It is more than a watch


The Panerai models have gained popularity over the last years. It has had some years where it was only a few people that had a knowledge of this rather small watch brand from Firenze in Italy. Lately Panerai watches have been seen in many movies, and on the wrists of many known personalities, which also is a key to the popularity of this watch.

The size of the watch is seen by some as a fashion trend, and one that will not last for very long. But I feel that the size of the watch is not that much more than a Rolex (Panerai = 44 mm, Rolex = 40 mm), and second I can see many other watch brands coming out with watches of bigger size. I agree that the size of the watch needs a little getting used to - as all my Rolex watches have been like second nature to me


The Panerai Community

People can have many opinions on the quality of the Panerai watches. But one thing that can't be said against Panerai is the quality of the community. It is very special and something that I find so very pleasing - it is a joy to read and write comments to the different Panerai forums. The humor, the knowledge, the concern and the overall love of watches - no matter if you have no Panerai watch, have an entry model or is one of the collectors with the true vintage Panerai's. All will welcome you to the community.

P-day - the yearly Paneresti meeting

This time the P-day meeting was held in London.
It just looks very nice when watch people are having a party - I want to join some day.

I might not be that much into Panerai watches - but the community is second to none. No other watch brand can show this kind of community.
It is almost like the apple community - all that Panerai/Apple bring forward is OK - these people will defend this brand.

I can think of no other brands that have the same committed consumers - that buy and buy their products - and will make events to promote the brand (without any cost for the real brand), defend the brand (" one force you to buy this or that..")
Take a good look on these pages on .

Part 1
London P-day
Part 3
Part 4

My Panerai 1B have left the building!!

Yesterday evening - I received a visit from Mike - a person that found my Panerai 1B on sale on chrono24 (I did remove it from other sites - but "forgot" this one). After some quick negotiations - we agreed on a price - and he came with it in cash (the wife still thinks this is a lot of money - little does she know that a Rolex 1655, PP, AP, etc, will demand at least 3 times this amount.

I'm glad that it found a new place to live - and hopefully gets some more wrist-time than I have been able to give it the last years...

Mike that now is the lucky owner - is also looking for a PP Nautilus - and we did agree that that is just a must have watch when your a little older ;-)
And also that Panerai's "original" series a,b,c with solid case is the watch to get - before any other of the newer Panerais models.

Last quick photos of the watch - and some money.

And some of my older photos of the watch - yes it does look good !!!!

My Panerai 1B is on the way OUT.

Getting ready to ship my Panerai 1B to its new owner, awaiting my newest watch for my little collection.

I will post photos of the new watch as soon as it arrives.

Time to say goodbye to this watch that I think is one special watch.

Number of NEW watch models from Panerai for 2012 is...

Again Panerai have released a number of new models for 2012.

Right now this leaves me a little cold - I'm still a huge fan of the "original" panerai models, where you could have all the models in a small catalog.

For me it looks like the number of "new" models each year exceeds the number of basic models for just 5 years ago.

None of the new watches from Panerai sings to me - The classic Pam 0,1,2,4,5,196,88,..etc just feels much more right for this brand.
And the way that all the new models have "faked" luimova to look like old tritium just don't make it right.
That moves the watch to a fashion statement.

When I start to feel more interested in another old Rolex 1675 - over any other watch - this watch will NOT be on my next watch list. And that is the way I feel towards the Panerai trend right now.

None of the "new" panerai models sings my song - only the early models like a 1A-B, 2A-B, 4A-B will be able to find its way to my "house".

Sorry to say that the Panerai Success could be the slow downfall for that brand seen from my side.

Yes I know that this is the way to go when a company looks at the profit. But somehow I like a brand that stands true to its roots (like Rolex, Patek,..., and to some extent Apple).

Here are the link to the new 2012 Panerai models - as seen from paneresti forum...

Waves are high in Paneristiforum (Value vs Price)

Again the waves are going high in the Paneristi forum. This time on the movement put in special models (PAM 318) - where the movement is a very basic ETA movement that has no special changes made to it - Panerai name, decoration or any other thing.

Check out this photos of the limited 318 version in this thread- and special check out the movement.

This was what started it all - a simple question on the movement in the pam 318 - was it "ok" for Panerai to put a "simple" ETA movement into this limited model?

And then some of the post related to the talk about movements in Panerai watches and values vs cost.

beating a dead horse ...

Was going to open the caseback of my...
A peek inside for all 417 owners .......
And I guess the talk will continue...

Somehow I don't get the big talk - I like Panerai watches (the early models - serices A,B,C) and would select any A,B,C serices with their ETA movements over their newer models with inhouse movements.

I know the quality of the manual movement in my Pam 1B is very basic - but that is also part of the history - and a easy movement to get services anywhere in the world.

The wobble effect in my Pam 25C just reminds me that this is not a super fine movement - but again it was NOT becasue of the movement I have selected any of my Panerais.

On the other hand I can't understand that Panerai don't make a simple "inhouse" movement or select a standard ETA movement and make "standard" Panerai modifications (decorations, etc).

I will not compare Paneresties to Apple fan boys - but there is a simple rule. You pay for much more that quality when it comes to watches.

I still like my Panerais - my Pam 1B and 25C - with their simple movements...

Are Panerai on the way "down"?

Just a observation - when I think about it - is the Panerai "wave" about to start slowing down.
I tend to see a move away from the newest models to the old basic models, and last a trend to follow new brands - as AP and PP as the price is in about the same price range as the newer Panerai models with inhouse movements.
The newer models from Panerai does looks nice - but the price is up there where I would spend my money on other brands - the classic brands - like Omega, AP and PP (and of cause Rolex).
As time goes by - I see more and more indications of people that have been very pro-panerai begging to look at other brands (not in disrespect to the original Panerai models) - but selecting NOT to jump on the never Panerai models, but keeping their collection as is.

People are then begging to move into AP and PP - and ofcasue Rolex (when in doubt - ALWAYS select Rolex).

And the next question is - what brand will become the "NEW" panerai - that can start as a small nice watch brand - become a "icon" brand and based on this - demand high prices and become the next darling of us WIS people.

I stand ready to see which new brand will become the "next Panerai" - What do you think?

Straps and what is the story on this - Panerai is in a class above any other brand.

Straps on watches can change the look of almost any watch.

When it comes to straps - the Panerai Community have had the upper hand for a very LONG time, and I don't see any other brand that will catch up with Panerai any day soon.
I'm also a rolex man - and I only have a simple extra Nato-strap - but it don't get that much wrist time as the standard rolex oyster band.

But it is a completely other story with Panerai - here the straps is a major talk on multiple forums.
I also have a small collection of straps - and somehow I feel that the original panerai leather straps "just is NOT ok" for me. The nylon/kevlar straps from Panerai are OK - but for leather straps I feel that the "homemade" straps is many times better.

But my homemade straps are the best - I like the way these straps feel, look and just how nice these straps change over time - it's like a pair of old sneakers - it is OLD but just feel so nice.

And with the many different straps I have - I have the best possibility to change the look of my Panerai watch.

Some examples....

New guy started at my work - this time a Panerai man (pam 212)

At my work place I'm probably one of the few persons with a interest in watches.
But this month I had the pleasure to make a small introduction to my department to a new person - and he was wearing a Panerai. A nice one at that - the Panerai 212 - flyback model.

At long last a guy I could talk watches with.
I did notice his watch when he started - and I was wearing my Rolex Seadweler - but I switches to my nice Pam 25C - just to see if he noticed the switch. And he did - so his is a real watch guy - not just a "wannabe".

And My old pam 25C

Panerai 2011 Models - Many models - "The vintage" look is IN

ith SIHH 2011 these days - Panerai have made their 2011 models available.
What can I say - The vintage look is here to stay - and with 7 new normal models and 8 special editions - they have something of a collection to select from.

My opinion of these models - well The "Bronze" Sub aka Pam 382 in 47 mm looks nice and special - I don't want to think of the price - way of of what I would pay.

But also the pam 372 - Luminor 1950 3 days 47 mm looks nice - and very vintage ;-)

But is this gone over the top - with fake "vintage" look? I don't really know what to say.

Time will tell if the prices will mean that the new panerai models are for the selected few and "not" for the normal guy.

Some of the new models from Panerai.

And the 2011 Presskit is available from this link from

Mr. Haagen - Know WIS in Denmark and other places on Panerai

I feel very much like the latest write-up by Kristian Haagen where he talk about Panerai "moving" away from their roots.
I must say that I feel the same thing, I would MUCH more like a additional Panerai model 1,2,4,9,.. or any Series A,B,C than their newer models with inhouse movements.

I LOVE the panerai brand, their community, their look, their background, but somehow I don't buy into their newer models.
And I must agree with Mr. Haagen - the introduction of "many" special versions, Pam 360 (10 years ani. for Paneresti watch forum), Pam 414 (Paris model) , Pam 366 (Chinese model), etc...

I stay true to my two Panerai models - my Pam 25C and Pam 1B - and if I in time should get one more Panerai model - I would go for one of the early models.

The classic Panerai watches - somehow they over-shine the new ones.

When I see the "classic" Panerai watches - I always think that these watches has something special over them.
And when I see the newest Panerai 360 aka the BBQ watch / watch.

Just check out these watches - from the old pre-A to the latest pam 360
These watches just "do it" for me.

The Panerai 360 - limited edition - homage to the old Panerais.

Panerai have on the 1 July "released" the news that people from the community could send a email to Panerai and maybe be one of the lucky ones to get a special version of the Panerai.
The design is very nice - and what I think could be a real winner.

Panerai 307 - The watch with build-in depth gauge

Again Martin have done it - made some super product photos of a Panerai watch. Yes Martion is the "unofficial" Panerai watch photo man, but he is also the "official" Linde Werdelin watch man.

This time it is the Panerai 307 - Luminor 1950 Pangaea submersible depth gauge. has his link to the photos.

Straps and watches - what is the deal?

Somehow the only brand that has been successful in "allowing" non original straps to become a integrated part of peoples watches is PANERAI.
I don't know why other brands have not "seen" the light here - the strap can easy become 50% of a watch design when wearing a watch.

How come that AP, LW, Rolex, IWC etc have not been successful in allowing "unoriginal" straps to become a integrated part of their watches - I do think there exist many super design people out their that could make straps that is equal or better than the original straps.
Is it all in relation to the kind of people that have Panerai watches - or is it something else ?

But I could be wrong - so I'm open to input on more unoriginal straps to other brands.

A quick view of my Pam straps - not that many originals.

Strap changes on my Panerai - be careful!

I just received a new strap form my "strap meister" here in Denmark - his strap are second to none - I have yet to find any other strap that can compete with his quality.

Well after I received my strap - a very pleasant surprise to come home from work and find a strap waiting for you.

I again went a quick trip to the summerhouse to enjoy the start of the summer.
And with me I had the new strap.
I placed myself on the terrace with a nice cup of coffee (Yes I know - A "girly" coffee (with milk)) - but hey that is allowed from time to time ;-)

Now come the danger - be careful - be very careful when changing a strap on a table where the small screws or tubes can fall through!!!

I lost one tube and almost lost a "screw" - I found it on the floor, but the tube was lost ;-)
Luckily I had extra tubes on hand.

ABC diving equipment and my Panerai 25C

Some new photos of my Panerai and together with my very old ABC diving equipment.
This equipment is the last of my equipment from my time doing scuba diving about once every week.

I started to loose the interest in the complete equipment deal - with tanks, etc.
Feel more free doing free-diving.

Well back to the photos - I found the equipment - Poseidion fins, Dacor knife and Cressi-sub mask and made some photos.

There are many - so feel free to check them out.

Some new photos of my Panerai 25C with the new strap from last weekend

Spring is on the way - with big steps forward - Yes !!
So last weekend I was a quick trip to the summerhouse to check out everything - and check if the Weber was ready to do some spareribs or hamburgers.

Well all was nice - and even if it was cold in the night.
Again went to the beach (with big stones) and made some new photos - I will have to find a new place - in order to make more action photos.
But I also made some in the garden - wide angle and in the sawdust.

I will have to find some new "photo ops" - I'm planning to perform some more "artistic" photos - not that much close up of the watch - but more the watch in some kind of action...
I will have to start being more creative ...

These photos are becoming to boring...

I Have Received A New Panerai Watch Strap

Well - as the saying goes - change is sometimes good - it brings a new view of things and can sometimes be for the better. This is try in your daily life, working life, and for a person with a interest in watches, this is also for the good.

The change might be in watches , eg. I change from a newer rolex sea-dweller to a vintage rolex gmt.
Change from a Panerai sub to a classic panerai.

How about a real change - from a Rolex/Panerai to my Heure quartz watch ;-)

But back to the new strap I have received - it is one from a "one-person strap maker" - the only one I would recommend for anyone that is into straps for their panerais.
I have been "using" straps from a person that only makes straps for fun, but that sometimes gives a very limited number of straps available ;-)

So I have also stared to look for other strap makers that could supply me with some "new shoes" for my watch.
I have some strap makers I check out once every 2-3 months.
I don't want a strap maker that is into this for the money - so the price is important for me - I'm willing to pay a reasonable price for a strap, but not over the top.

Anything over 200 US$ is to much. A price about 100-150 US$ is OK if the quality is good. The extra money should be for some special leather or a very special buckle.

So that means that I miss out on some very good strap-makers straps, as their price is over my limit.
But I don't have unlimited money, and buying a extra strap once in a while should possible with my pocket money.

So that brings me back to my new strap !!!

I decided to try a DaLuca Strap from

I have been VERY happy with my private straps, but also wanted to be a little unfaithful to him ;-)
So I looked around and found a well known and respected private strap maker - OK he don't do it just for fun, he wants to make a few $$ in the process, and that is OK as the prices are very reasonable in my book.

So I decided to give it a try - a "simple" strap to start with - just to get a view of the "quality".
The quality of a strap is NOT seen in pictures - you have to wear it, use it and abuse it to see if the buckle, stitching, leather and glue is done good.

For me a strap should become better as your wear it - so over time the strap becomes "better".

Here are some pictures of my first Daluca strap - a simple black strap - to try something different from my "ammo" strap I have been using for the last 9 months.

And here goes give a quick review of my daluca strap - very quick - I have only had it on for 6 hours is.

  • Sewn in buckle - that I like
  • Simple design - looks nice and often that works best
  • Buckle is a little thin - compared to other buckles I have used
  • Initial quality looks good and well made
  • Good price - compared with other straps I have used and abused
  • Soft leather - feels good to the skin

Now comes the next month or two where I will see if it hold up to my use, in and out of water, how will it feel after one week, after two weeks etc.

The initial view of a strap is always good to go by - but like a new pair of shoes - it is first after some time the real quality is seen.

Time will tell - I for one will keep this new strap on for at least some months.

So for any Panerai Watch Straps, check out DaLuca Straps, there might a unique watch straps to make a change to your Panerai.

Check out my unpacking below and the new strap compared to two of my other straps.

All Panerai models (2010) in one quick overview

This "picture" gives a very nice and quick overview of all Panerai models.
Credit goes to where credit is due - but this is always nice - maybe other brands should have the same easy overview of their watches - anyone ready to do the same for eg. Omega, Rolex, LW, IWC, Sinn, etc.
One photos speaks more than 1000 words - and with photos like this, it would be easy to always have a reference check of watches.
Remember it is not every body that knows which watch people are talking about when saying 5513, 16610LV, Pam 1, Pam 25, etc.

Found this on

Some new photos of my Panerai 25C - and the nice strap from my locale strapmaster.

Here is the latest photos of my Panerai 25C with the moster strap from my locale strap master here in Denmark.
It is still a nice strap - it is a moster one - +6mm but somehow it feels very nice on the wrist.
Much better than slim straps - it matches the size of the watch - and I really can't say how much a nice strap does to a watch.

I like my straps dark - no light straps for me - and I'm ok with color stitching - that can give some nice look to a normal strap.

SOmehow I like the green color stitching - it matches the tritium on the dial.

And I will as always end by displaying a grill shoot....

SIHH 2010 and Panerai - New models - Old designs

Well I must say - there is some nice watches from the new line-up from Panerai.
But again I think it is al little over the top - There is No problem is putting out different designs, but are they all "needed".

Many of the new designs are "re-launched" old versions - just with a new model number and minor new changes.
Many of the designs are looking back to the original lineup - many models are really nice looking - so even if I'm a little "old grumpy man" on the many new models - some looks very nice.

The look very good - but I'm more into "functionality" - so I might not add any of these to my collection - still think the original 1,2,4,88,... did look very nice.
But anyway here are the nice new line up from Panerai - looking forward to see them in REAL life as well.

Check timezone's SIHH 2010 thread here:

or check out the timezone panerai forum here.

The "new" Panerai models are :

  • PAM00336 Radiomir 42mm Pink Gold P.999
  • PAM00337 Radiomir 42mm Steel P.999
  • PAM00338 Radiomir 42mm Titanium P.999
  • PAM00346 Radiomir 8Days 45mm P2002 Titanium
  • PAM00361 Luminor 1950 44mm Flyback Steel
  • PAM00362 Luminor 1950 44mm Rattrapte Steel
  • PAM00355 Radiomir 42mm GMT/Alarm Steel
  • PAM00359 Luminor 1950 Marina 44mm P9000 Steel
  • PAM00351 Luminor 1950 Marina 44mm P9000 Titanium
  • PAM00352 Luminor 1950 Marina 44mm P9000 Titanium Bracelet
  • PAM00347 Luminor 1950 P9002 Steel Black Dial Metal Bracelet
  • PAM00335 Luminor 1950 44mm P2003 Ceramic
  • PAM00323 47mm P2003 Steel
  • PAM00365 Luminor 1950 Tourbillon Equation of Time Titanium 50mm
  • PAM00348 Radiomir P2005 Ceramic 48mm

  • PAM00339 Radiomir Composite Marina Militare P2002 47mm
  • PAM00343 Radiomir Regatta 1/8 Second Titanium 47mm
  • PAM00029 Luminor GMT Steel 44mm
  • PAM00300 Mare Nostrum Steel 52mm

My personal feeling is that Panerai is now entering into a new phase in their life as a watch brand.
I still have a good feeling about the brand - especially because of the community - but somehow I don't have the same commitment for the brand as before.
But beware - the panerai community can be as hard as the Apple world ;-) So I expect some feedback.

Where will Panerai be in the Next 5 years.

If we look back 5-10 years - where was Panerai in the general public?
Only know by a small number of people - people that was fascinated by the brand,the design and not least the history of the brand. The Panerai brand has gained a very big popularity - especially in the last 2-4 years. And Panerai have released their in-house movements, as well as introducing watches in a price range that is out of league for many people.

The history of Panerai from my point of view :
Pre 1999:
Limited number of people know of the brand.

The early series (A,B,C) - still a very low know brand, but forums are started and people are starting to talk about the watches. People with other brands like Rolex start in the very small to look into this brand.

The brand starts to have its own life on the net, and multiple forums start to have Panerai as part of the watch brands. Panerai is maybe the first real big "Internet made brand".
More dedicated forums begin to have many people joining in the talks, and people are starting to look into this brand without coming from e.g. Rolex.
People are talking about the value of Panerai when you check the movement you get - why pay overprice for a "simple" of the shelf movement.
The Panerai brand is NOW the much more active and people are talking about the special communities that exist around Panerai. But the number of models is still limited to the "original" more than a handful of watches.
Some collectors are began to focus on Panerai - and sell out their Rolex'es ;-)
The term "It is so much more than a watch" begins to find a life.

Panerai begins to add new models, in-house movements is coming, prices on new models are in the high high end.
People are starting to see Panerai as a brand - in line with other high end brands.Panerai collectors are focused on Panerai only.
The brand is "defended" by people - and the community is still strong.

Other new brands are trying to "copy" the success of Panerai - by making watches that borrow a little too much from the Panerai design.
The term "It is so much more than a watch" is the "slogan" of Panerai.

Panerai is starting in a new trend - focus on price, new models, new movements.
So many new models that it reminds me of Breitling and other brands that "de-value" the brand for the hard core collector - and focus on the wave of new people seeing this brand as the "cool" thing to have.
Panerai will continue to be a very high valued brand for the next many years - Panerai have their OWN niche in the many different watch brand that exist.
The value of Panerai is top dollar...

My Panerais (including the PVD model) not in my collection any more.

Where do I stand?

Well I'm split - I think the "value" of the brand is diluted a little.
I like the original models, the history of the brand and the special community that exist. But at the same time - I feel drowned by the many new models. I have yet to find a new model I would take over (eg. the 1A,B,C - 2A,B,C - 24A.B,C - 4A,B - 9A,B - 64 - 88 - 000 - 005). Somehow this is still for me the BEST models - they don't have the in-house movement and they are overprices (based on quality).
But this is for me my focus for the Panerai brand.

I know this is a very "provocative" write up - but hey - It is a free contry ;-)

I welcome any feedback - and especially your prediction for the future of Panerai the next 5 years.

The most beautiful watch !!!

Well it is all in the eye of the beholder - but I have some watches I think of when I'm asked about the "most beautiful" watch.
I like the "simple" design - and something that has proven its value over time.
The first one is a very of-limit watch for me - the price is so high that I have to win the BIG lotto price just to start thinking about this watch.
I give you the Rolex Milsub model 5517 (60 min markings and sword hands):

Why rolex have not made this a standard version I don't know - it really is one perfect watch.

The next watch I would like to highlight is the simple original Panerai model. Either with or without the seconds hand at 9 o'clock.
Somehow this watch gives me a flash back to the "old" times. And I feel the design still is the BEST from panerai.

There are other watches I think have hit just right on the design - but I must confess that many newer watches don't give me the same feeling.

Some photos of my Pam 25C in the pool - some very limited dive photos

Ok - my notebook is back online and I'm ready to upload some of the warm photos from my little tip to Spain.

Please allow these pictures - it is nothing special but when I see them I think back on the sun, good food, good company.
The next 3-4 months in Denmark is now the dark time - it is dark when you leave for work, and it is dark when you drive home from work.
And it is in these situation that looking at warm pictures can almost bring a smile to your face and wish you back to the time.

Enjoy - and lets the sun come back soon...

Should I continue on the Panerai way or give it a rest ?

Well have seen a Rolex Daytona Black dial on my way back from a small 3 day vacation and it has put the Rolex high on my list. Somehow I have less and less focus on my Panerai watches - even if they have been my daily watch for the best part on two years now.

Somehow I don't feel the same for the "newest" Panerai models - even if they do have inhouse movements and probably better quality.
But I have a saying when looking for a watch. It really has to Sing to you.

But then to be fair I have not seen in real life the newer Panerai models - but I would still Love to have some of the "original" Panerais - Pre-A, A,B and C series. And will still like to change my strap on my Pam 1B and Pam 25C.

My focus is now on Rolex and one or two other brands - but I feel a little sad that my Panerai adventure is put a little on hold.

I really like the DNA, the look and the community of Panerai - but for now I will put on hold - at least for the next weeks and months.

But hey they do LOOK great ;-)

Back form super small Holiday - almost lost my Panerai 1B!

Back from a little vacation on Bornholm in Denmark - it was meant as a trip with some nice walks and having some nice food. But the storm hit hard on Bornholm - so hard that ferries was canceled, and taking a walk along to seaside meant a risk of getting Really wet.
Bornholm is the only place in Denmark where there is rocks so I tried to get some shoots with that in.
But I did make some quick photos of my Panerai 1B. And the was lucky that the watch did not get sweet back into the ocean as there came one "mother fuc.." wave as seen on one of the pictures....
It was a close call - but hey - live life and enjoy it.

Here are some of the more normal photos.

Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai

Then the almost fatal photo (for the watch) - but it survived.


The some handshoots of the watch in different scenarios.

Panerai Panerai Panerai

Panerai P-DAY - The 8 time !!!

One of the very nice thing about Panerai is the community. It is still second to none - and something you will notice when you "join" the "club".
One of the recurring events is the so called P-DAY, where people interested in Panerai meet with other Panerai "friends" from around the globe, and be able to put a face on people one has communicated with on different forums.
I still have my first P-DAY to come - difficult to get the "time" with family and small children ;-) . But maybe P-DAY no 20 I will join.
But it is always nice to view the Photo reports from the P-DAYS - and get some faces on the people writing on the forums.
Check out the 8 P-DAY from FIRENZE in Italy from

P-DAY FIRENZE (48) pics
P-DAY#8 in Firenze, part 1 the arrivals
P-DAY#8 in Firenze, part 2 dinner at Trattoria Marione
P-DAY#8 in Firenze, part 3 Friday in Firenze
P-Day > Wrists in the Wild
P-Day > Wrists in the Wild
some moments of a special saturday..P8 -Day

Making you own Panerai Strap

I'm very happy with my straps to my Panerai. It is made by a fellow Panerai Owner here in Denmark.
His straps are of very high quality - and they are really hand made - no machines are used here.
He made a small "HOWTO" on a danish forum with some photos - I would like to share with you all. When I see this I feel I should try to make my own strap - just have to get the tools - I did a try out some years ago - but not super perfect.

Well Here goes - My strap masters little Howto:

The simple Howto in pictures:

Some of mine straps - and they are super quality.

Strap Mania - quality vs cost

I have never seen me as a strap man - but have over time got some straps collected in a box.
The quality and price differ - from low price with low quality to high price again with low quality.
Well that is to put it in a very blunt way. Normally quality and price match. But I have some straps that was neither high or low priced but the quality could have been better.

OK what would I choose - I would go for manual made straps by one of the many straps makers that can be found around on the net.
The price is OK - but I would say that quality is better than many of the "factory" made straps you will find.

A good place to check for straps is here on

The best straps I have - was made by a local danish strap maker - that only makes it for fun - but the quality is much better than any of my other straps I have. And the price is very reasonable when compared with the quality.

My little strap collection:


One of my best straps - like second nature to my watch and wrist now.

Panerai Panerai Panerai

Inside the Panerai Factory !!

Found this link on - where John (forum Admin) was invited to visit the Panerai factory.
This really looks like a super tour - and some very fun information for a WIS.
Think I should collect some links to factory visits around the different brands - I know I have seen more - but just need to find them again!!

Well enjoy the tour HERE
I would show a simple photo here but John is very much not interested in that - and I respect that - but don't understand 100% (me being a former pro photographer) - but .....

Some - not many Panerai Ads in National Geographic

After all the Rolex ads in National Geographic - I have also found some with Panerai - not that many as I stopped subscribing to National Geographic some years ago - and that was just when Panerai was started to more popular.

The photos of the ads is including the frontpage for each ad, so it is easy to check the year and month that a specific ad has been in the magazine.
These are the EU version of the NG - and as I understand there are difference from country to country.
Here are a very small selection of the ads. Enjoy - a good place to find photos related to Panerai watches

Looks like Martin W have been busy - making another super website dedicated to panerai watch photo.

The new website is called - with a focus on Panerai watch photo. This would be THE place to find photos of all Panerai watches models around from the early vintage days to the latest special editions.
And the good thing about this place is that it is possible for upload your own pictures and share them with other people around the world.
I can recommend this site - if not for anything else that to use some time looking at beautiful watches.

Link to website

Panerai Pre-A Panerai Panerai

Have been playing with my RAW files - "Watch art"

During the weekend I looked at some of my old photos of my watches - and because I shoot RAW - it is very easy to make some artistic photos. Somehow these are a nice change from the standard nice looking watch photos we all try to make.
How did I do it - well as I said I shoot RAW - the "digital negative" - I see the JPEG as a print - where the possibilities for manipulation is limited.
So what do you do - well open the RAW file in the application - and try different settings and manipulations.
This time it was mainly color adjustment and levels manipulation.
But the possibilities are endless.
Have to find my my Rolex photos - and make some fun their as well - this time it is mostly the Panerais that I have had my fun with.
Somehow these manipulated photos of my Pam 1B, Pam 25C and (sold) Pam 4B brings a smile to my face.

My PAM 1B artwork :

Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai

Panerai Straps - carefull it can go crazy

I dare to find any Paneresti (people with a Panerai watch and member of at least one forum (paneristi, timezone, viapaneristi, etc)) to have less that 5 straps for their panerai watch.

I have never seen me as a "strap" man, meaning one that collects straps and changes straps monthly or even weekly.
For me - I want a good strap that looks cool with the watch, like it if it has something special over it, but most of all a strap that can be used anywhere and just gets better as you wear it.

This is why I never has seen me as a "strap man" but just a normal guy ;-)
But somehow my strap collection has grown - don't know how - but they tend to multiply in the box where I keep my straps ;-)

I'm not normally looking for new straps - but sometimes I find some straps that I like, and would like to try out.
My main interest is "tough" straps - a strap that matches the rough tool watch that a Panerai is.
I have my own "local" strap maker here in Denmark, and his monster strap is my daily strap for now - but I found this site ( with some really nice straps that I find interesting and would like to try out. And the price is really OK for handmade straps - not the "factory" straps sold by other strap brands.
If you have not tried a handmade strap then I suggest you try it out - the quality is much better and you get a unique strap.

Link to

My little strap collection as of now.

My present Monster Strap (Thinkness +6mm)

Some of the nice straps by deluca I do like

Well I'm also a sucker for vintage straps (Ammo straps) - basically I like all vintage straps.

Why Box and Papers are important

I used to have a Panerai PVD 4B - a very nice watch - and I regret selling it - but that is life - you learn by your mistakes.
As you all know some watches are very expensive will some are less expensive.
This is one area where the frankenwatch come in. There is seen many watches like Rolex 1655 made of parts from a Rolex GMT, etc. But if you have the papers for the watch you can see if the serial matches the watch in question.
For Panerai the is a big difference between the PVD 4B and a normal Pam 1B in price. The PVD model would cost about 3-4 times more than the Pam 1B model.
What is then the problem you ask. Well buy a Panerai 1B - get it PVD treated and sell it as a Panerai 4B for a big premium.
So DON'T buy a Panerai PVD model without box and Papers (movement sticker).
The problem here is that the Panerai models 4B and 1B are the "same" family. See below of the pictures of my sold Panerai 4B and my new Pam 1B.

You should always check the "movement" sticker of a Panerai - there you can match the serial to the model.
You could probably get Panerai to verify the model - and that could be a solution - but again I would not put my head on the block for that.

The movement stickers - the proff of the model:

And the case back of the Panerai 4B - nothing to tell the which model:

And some pictures of these two wathces in same family.

My strap survived a week in pool water - no harm - good as new.

I used and abused my strap made to me by a good watch friend during my vacation in Italy.
I was a little concerned about all the pool water and chlorine it came into contact with each day for many "hours".
But no fear - the watch and the strap survived without any hit of problems.
So all I can say is that normal leather is "waterproof" and do not need any special care. It is a tool watch and I guess that the straps used in the old days by the was also only normal leather straps without any special treatment.

So go ahead and use your watch as intended and sleep well knowing that it can take it.

Back from the first vacation - Lake Garda in Italy.

OK - sorry for the long delay in my blog update - but having been on a fantastic vacation a Limone with Lake Garda in Italy. Super weather and a nice hotel - all inclusive. The children loved it - free ice and free soda all day long.
Did see some nice photos with the family - but did also get time for some wrist shoots - not that much action in those photos but well it can't all be action ;-)
Some quick photos of the Panerai 1B at Lake Garda in Italy.

Much more to come ;-) so stay tuned ......

Some new Photos - my Pam 1B

Have added some new Photos of my Panerai 1B. Have been trying to find some new ways to take watch photos - and I'm still working on it. My plan is to make the watch a lesser part of the photo and have the photo tell a story.

I'm not a strap man - but somehow I have collected a few.

I will never see my self as a strap man - I don't "collect" straps just for fun - I buy straps to be used.
And until recently I never thought twice about my straps. But then I looked into my little box and found that somehow the number of straps had increased more than I expected.
I have used them all - but right now I will keep the moster strap on by my local strap maker.
It has become second nature to me now - but I will soon try out some additional straps here in the summer heat where I will bath and sweat.
Then a more synthetic strap would probably be a better choice.

Well here are the straps I use and will continue to use.

And here the straps I don't use - they are up for a "give away" soon. Maybe someone likes these - the ones on the left is my own try of making a strap.

Recived a packet from "Down Under" yesterday

As I have said before the paneresti community is something special - the "Give Aways" that is part of any Panerai forum - is something not seen very often. And I can remeber my first Panerai watch I got. I posted some pictures on some forums and then I recived a email from a guy in Canada that would send me a strap !! I did not belive it - but yes it was true. After some times this strap came to my doorstep. And every time I had that strap on it meant something special. I had recived it from a "friend" I didn't even know!

That was something speciel - and then again I recived my second "Give away" strap - and again it will mean something speciel for me when I have that strap on. The wife don't really belive me - why would a person that don't know me - send a strap (and Panerai catalogue) from around the world to me ?
Well sometimes I just can't explain ;-)

Here are some photos - and thanks Wayne ;-) It really means a lot to me.

New Photos uploaded from the weekend - take the tour.

Ok here is the small storie about my little trip to the summerhouse - total relaxing - but did find time to some watchphotos while doing the grill, walking with the little ones, reading in the hammock, etc. All in all a super weekend with the family.

Pictures in the Gallery - remenber - There are two gallerys - one with and one without flash.

The default with flash.
The second one - the quick and dirty.

My weekend in pictures ;-) - To see in big size - right click and select show Image.

First I made a nice small lunch with a cold beer.

Then over in the hammock with a watch magazine.

Then reading a National Geographic Magazine - anyone know what happen to this "teen-ager"? His name is Robin Lee Graham and he and his wife Patricia had a baby in 1970.

Then Garden work called - need to trim some cherry trees.

Then get ready for some grill - starting up the coals.

Then getting the food ready - not much left now - and it all taste good with a glass of red wine.

And finally just relax and enjoying life - this is what it is all about - right.

My Strapmaster's Leather NATO strap for Panerai

If anyone remember my small GTG in copenhagen - over a cup of coffee - they might recall that there was a photo of a nato/zulu leather strap - well here are some pictures of it on his Pam 24.
Now that's one nice strap - and something very different that the "normal" straps.
I still love my "moster" strap (>6mm) - after some weeks on the wrist it don't even feel that big!!

Here are some picturs of the Nato/Zulu leather strap made by the danish strap master.

The Panerai community is second to none

The Panerai community is second to none. When you check out different Panerai forums, eg. or, you will time to time see what is called "give aways" - where members on the forum will have different things to give away for free. It has become a part of the complete panerai community.
When I got my first Panerai - the Pam 25C - I recived a free strap from a very kind person in Canada - with just a note and a big congrats to my first Pam - that was something special.
I have been part of the "watch" world for some years - but it is still the panerai community that have something special.
But it looks like other forums is comming into the fight - - has also been know to be a big part of this "give away". I recived a missing Rolex catalog and a hang tag - for free.

I do feel I will join this part of the "give away" - stay tunned ;-)
And as they say - it is nice to recive - but even better to be the "giver" - well something like that anyway.

Strap color and how it changes over time - and becomes like a "old" shoe ;-)

Personally I'm not that much for very light colored straps for my straps for my Panerai. It could probably look good on some - but for now I prefer the darker colors n my straps.
And now for the information - if you do get a strap with a light color - no problem - it will easily get darker and get much more patina. And In a relative short time - become like a old pair of shoes that just is fits perfect.

What do I do to "take" care of my straps ? - Nothing. My straps are not babied or in any way "handled with care" - same as with my watches. They will continue to be a daily part of my life.
After some time in the sun and after daily wear and tear - the straps can become "dry". Then I give them some "oil" from the kitchen - no fancy leather cream at my end. I will use what I have that don't smell. And the straps love it - and the look and feel don't get any worse.

To give you a idea on the strap color change and how a worn in strap look like - here are some photos.

New strap on the table besides my Pam 25C and the strap maker's Pam 243 - Look how light it is - and nice and thick (about 5 mm).

Then after about a month on the wrist - it has become a little darker and more in shape with my wrist. Seen here on my Pam 25C on the same table with a lot of straps.

Then for the final picture - after about 2 months - it looks so cool - and what happen - I get a new strap ;-)
But here the same strap is is on my Pam 1B - and you can really see how the color has changed and how worn in - it has become. It is the one in the middle - qith the new strap ready.

Panerai Movie - just for fun

Here are a small Panerai Movie found on YouTube. This is for WIS only - why do we care - and look for all kind of things on the Net ;-)

My new strap is thicker than 6 mm !! This is about the thickest I will have!!

Well some Panerai strap porn here - Have now put on the new strap - made of some old leather from my strap pusher.
The last strap was 5 mm - this is a little above 6 mm (1/4 inch) - see photo - and this is about the maximum for a Panerai I think. Now it has come on - and the next weeks will be for the strap to be worn in - it is already feeling very good after one day - but lord it is thick!!
Can I return to "normal" 2mm straps - I don't know - time will tell - but for now this will be my daily strap.
And I have never seen me as a "strap" man - I have no fancy collection of straps - but somehow I have now collected > 10 straps , maybe even more that 15 straps - if I included the straps that comes with the watches.
I must make a complete strap overview photo soon - next in the photo projects.

Panerai strap Panerai 1B
Panerai 1B Panerai 1B

Side by Side shots of my Panerai sub 25C and Panerai 1B Marina

Before I go my Panerai 1B - I did have any idea on the size difference between the Panerai Sub models (24 and 25) and the normal Panerais (Base and Marina). But now that I can make a side by side compare it is easy to see.
The Panerai 25C looks like a real work hoarse - a real tool watch - and the Ti finish gives a added tough look.
The normal Panerai 1B look bigger becasue the dial size is bigger - but it also look more like a dress watch than the Panerai 25C.
If I could have Only One - which would it be ? Difficult question - as they are two very different watches - I do think that the Panerai 25C (or the 24) is a close part of the Panerai history. So if you don't have one - get one!

My Panerai 1B on Land, In Sea and with Fire !

During the weekend I was a quick trip to the summerhouse to do some cleanup in the garden, making some spareribs, drinking some good vine, and having a small malt.
Well I also had time to make a small walk to the water - Where I made some quick shoots of my Panerai 1B in some wet action. Some of the shoots was less successful but one or two was OK.
Back at the house I started a small fire in the backyard and got some shoots of as well.
I call this small update of my Panerai 1B pictures - for my 1B on Land, in Sea and near fire.

Enjoy - check out the gallery for the Panerai 1B.

Copenhagen GTG - Panerai and straps - and a NATO panerai strap!

Anybody with a Panerai watch knows that the straps are almost as big a part as the watch.
A few days ago I had a coffee meeting with a good friend and a talented strap maker (only as a hobby). What he pulled out of his little box was something special - both his own straps and straps from people he found made good quality straps.

If your a panerai owner it is easy to find many sources for starps but after having tried many I must say that the best quality is the ones made by hand - no machines involved.
Well thats my view anyway.
But what I found very special this day was a Panerai NATO strap ! - something I have never seen before! Take a look at my pictures from out little GTG in Copenhagen.

On the way to the mini GTG - through Nyhavn in Copenhagen

What is happing with Panerai and their new models - something for all or ?

Why did I then choose a Paneari 001B - when that is not even on my Next watch list!
What can I say - The latest models from Panerai leave me a little cold - they don't sing to me as I believe a watch should do.
The reason for this is that I do like the design of the Panerai watches, but must confess that I'm more a traditional guy - feeling that the newer models of Panerai, is not for me. The design and look and feel of the "vintage" and "semi vintage" Paneris have a design that is difficult to improve. Why are Panerai then putting out more and more "funny" looking watches that might have good craftsmanship but don't have the "history" of the "historic" panerais.
So I will also remove the Panerai 243 from my next watch list - They are just comming out with to many new models.
This could be a case of Panerai making their own "grave" - I hope Panerai will slow down and get their model plan in place. Will they continue to release multiple number of new models every year.
I have hear someone thinking of Panerai as the "new" Breitling - with so many different models, and some many "disasters" in the design. They do get it right from time to time. But again it is their classic models I like the most.
The release of the "old" panerai sub to a price "out of the water" is from my point so bad. Panerai Please do better next time.

If this trend continues - I will probably not get any more Panerai again - but focus on some of the other brands, mainly Rolex. Beacause Rolex don't come out with that many different models in their professional line.

What I like in Panerai is the historic models (including the sub models 24 and 25).

What I don't like at Panerai is most of the latest models - mainly the "Manifattura" line.

Now for the first official pictures of my newest addition (in the wild) - Panerai 1B

Ok - here are the first pictures of the newest addition to the family.
It could have been a Panerai 005 Logo - but as I'm a kind of vintage guy - I jump at the chance to get the "semi vintage" panerai - one of the early models that you still can find to a good price. And as I don't buy for "investment" but for use - I would like the watches I have to all be seen as a daily watch if needed. No safe queens here.
My plan for the weekend was to do some garden work in the summerhouse - but due to some problems (my car was not big enough for some transport) I was able to shoot some quick pictures of the Panerai 1B in the wild.
What can I say - this is the really a pristine one - it looks so much better in real life than on the photos on the net where I got it from.

Here are some of these pictures in the wild of my new Panerai.

The joy of getting and opening a packet.

Back from the summerhouse and garden work 1 day early - weather was not the best.
So here a my short storie of the packet arriving at work and the exiting part of opening the packet and check out its content.
It is always something different to see a watch in real life compared to photos on the web.
Well I did find a room where I could have some privecy. And I can only say wow! Somehow I feel that the latest Panerai models have gone over the top. I'm more the classic kind of guy that belive it the "if ain't broke don't fix it".
Well here are the storie in pictures....

My New/Old watch has arrived at my Desk today!

Today when I came to work there was a medium size package on my desk in front of the keyboard. I want to take some pictures of the opening of the package - just have to find a room and have 10 minuts to spare .... It is diffecult to wait with the package standing next to me.
You will have to wait to see the pictures until after the weekend - I have to do some garden work in our summerhouse, and I have not internet access. But maybe I can shoot some photos in the wild then. That I will do. So stay tunned - more to come.

And what watch is it then?
Well the people subscribing to my RSS feed will know - the RSS feed sometimes have some extra info in order to have people using my RSS feed.
For the rest here are some information

It's a Panerai,
it's before 2000,
it's a serie B,
it's a L-dial (T-dials to expensive),
it's a historic
it's a manual wind
it's a Marina
it's a model 1

Thats it - on my desk is a package containing a true Panerai classic - the Panerai 1B - L-dial - still avaliabe for a fair price.

Until I have some new photos - I will only show some photos of my Pam 25c - that now - no longer is alone!

My "new" strap has been worn in now - and it is getting a nice color.

Some picture of my Panerai 25C Ti - with my new strap. I have had some different straps on my Panerai's but I must say that the best straps so far is the "home made" straps. Not that I make them myself - I did try that - and it was not the best result. But maybe I should try again soon.
Below are some of picture of the new strap after some "work in time" - I would like it to get a darker color - so maybe I should try some good leather oil.
Below are the quick table shoot of the new strap on the table besides my Pam 25C and the "strapsmasters" Pam 243

Here are the new "photos" of the strap after a little worn in time on the wrist. And as you can see the color has change over time ;-)

Want to take pictures of your watch - learn from the best - Martin W

Martin W has long been seen as THE Panerai watch photographer in multiple Panerai forums. Now he has his own web blog with information on watch photography. He really knows his business. Now he just need to get hold of some vintage Rolex and do the same. Martin - you could become the unofficial watch photographer for multiple brands. Have yet to see some better watch photos around on the web. These are even better than Panerais own productphotos!

So Martin W - get hold of some vintage rolex, or any other brands, I would love to see your photos of some of these watches, Rolex 5513, Omega Speedmaster, etc.

I would also love to see pictures of beat up watches - I'm sure you could get them to look like a million dollars.
So check out Martin W watchphotoblog - and your will not be disappointed.

Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai Sub 243

Martin W from Amsterdam - one good photographer.

My last entry for april will be to highlight a very professionel and good photographer - at least when it comes to taking pictures of watches ;-) - Don't know about his ablity for other kinds of photography - but his watch photos are very good. I would even say better than official watch pictures.
I have been a photographer for 8 years (professionel) - but that was back in the "good old days" with film, lightmeters, etc. When you was out on a photoshoot, you never knew what was on the slides before you got them back from the photolab. That was in the times where you only shoot 2-5 photos of each setup - moved on to the next setup, etc. Now with digital it has improved very much.
But back to Martin W from Amsterdam - he does most in Panerai watches - but his photos are so good - than a look and enjoy.

Having regrets on watches sold is normal...

Right after I sold my Panerai 4B PVD - I have regretted it. I guess this is normal but I would like some idea on how to "get over" the loss. The more I think about it that watch was a perfect one. And now the price on getting one is raising more and more and is from my part not a option unless I win the lottery. So good bye Pam 4B, I hope you have a nice new home now - but I do regret letting you go.

Very good information on the "early" T-dial PANERAI's

If you as me started with a morden watch (mine was a Rolex EXP II) and you then more over to the vintage watches (mine first vintage watch was a Rolex GMT) you might know why there is something special about vintage watches. Well after some modern and vintage Rolex I got my eye on the Panerai's. My first was the Panerai PAM 04B (PVD) that I had to let go - buggers - but I got a Panerai 25C that is now my daily watch. I selected the PAM 25C over many newer Panerais because of the T-dail and the vintage look of the brezel.

Why a T-dial? Well there is someting to be said about the T-dials on the "old" Panerais - the look so gooooood.
But check out this very informative article and beatuiful pictures of Pre-A and T-dials Panerais on the official "unofficial" Panerai forum site - It will give you some idea on why I love the T-dials.

Overview of SINN 2009 Panerai models

From the "official" panerai forum paneresti - there is a nice "An overview of all the new models released at the 2009 SIHH". I do like the new "Sub" and the new standard model.
I would probally like to add another Panerai model to my little collections, but it will probally be one of the "old" models (pam 005, pam 243 or pam 000). Check out my Next watch page.

Beautiful Photos of Panerai Model 243

A beautifull watch and some very high quality photos from Martin - I think they are better than the official photos from Panerai. Check out the photos on

I do think the Panerai 243 is nice

The more I think about it and the more I see the Panerai 243 - the more I think it could be a nice "new" used watch for me. The other watch is the new Rolex Sea Dweller Deep Sea - but I have not seen it in real life on my wrist. What to select - may both watches would be nice. But that is not a option in these times ;-)

All hell is loose - My Panerai 25C needs service !!!!

Well I never expected a Panerai to be as much a work horse as a Rolex - but that the watch needs service after only 3 years since last service is a little to quickly. My Rolex watches have never had this issue, well apart from my first rolex 16550 - that stopped after the first week - it was the small gum that is inside all rolex watches to "collect" dust.
The problem is that my Panerai 25C is a automatic watch - meaning that no need to perfom winding under normal use - but somehow this is not the case - the automatic winding is not working as it should so I need to perform manual winding each night until I get it to service - bummer !

Panerai Model overview

Sometimes it can be hard to get a complete overview of the different Panerai models. It is first when you become a real WIS that the model numbers are as specific as more detailed names. So if your knowledge of the different Panerai models are less than perfect this site on has a good overview of the different models. If that is not enough you can get the more technical info on

Panerai - the strap changing game!

Straps to Panerai watches is a story by itself. I know people that have used as much money on straps as on the Panerai Watch they have. I'm not there yet - but it is nice to be able to change the look of a watch by changing the strap. Going from a velcro strap to a real vintage ammo strap.
Personally I like the rough "vintage" straps made from old leather. They look so much more cool on the watch than the nice offical ones.
I do like the velcro and kvelar straps from Panerai - they look cool on the Panerai subs.

A good place to get links to a number of unofficial strap makers is on where you can find links to eg. and where you can find almost all type of straps.
Or - they have a nice selection. Also kaktus straps looks to have some nice straps.
I have personally got some nice straps from - and their buckles are also very nice.

But for me the best place is to visit is the real vintage look you can find on eg. Mich straps on - specially the mauser straps looks super.
Or try a strap from Ted Su on, his vintage straps are known for their good quality.

SINN 2009 Panerai News

Well have some very good information on all the news on watches that is comming from the different manufactores in 2009. I Have selected a few I find interesting - but I suggest you make your own visit to the forums and check out some of the watches.

The Panerai 60mm gives a new meaning to the word "big watch. Limited to 300, made in Ti and price around 19.000 Euro"

Other Panerai models I would like to try out. The new Panerai Luminor 1950 Titanium looks nice - Ref. PAM00305 - 47 mm

People in the News with Panerai

It is not possible to talk about Panerai without having Sly (Sylvestor Stallone) in the Picture. Below a picture from lates Rambo movie (John Rambo) - And it is a Vintage Panerai


But Sly is also seen wearing other Panerai's - they match his size very well.

But lets not forget the former President of USA - Bill Clinton - he is also known for his use of a Panerai GMT model.

Panerai Links

The Panerai referance section can be found on the unofficial Panerai forum.

The unofficial Panerai information page on