Panerai Submersible model 25 serie C

The Panerai models have gained popularity over the last years. It has had some years where it was only a few people that had a knowledge of this rather small watch brand from Firenze in Italy


The size of the watch is seen by some as a fasion trend, and one that will not last for very long. But I feel that the size of the watch is not that much more than a Rolex (Panerai = 44 mm, Rolex = 40 mm), and second I can see many other watch brands coming out with watches of bigger size. I agree that the size of the watch needs a little getting used to - as all my Rolex watchs have been like second nature to me.

My second Panerai was a Panerai 25 (series C) which is the Titanium model of the Panerai Diver watches, where the steel model is the model 24. I was interessted in getting some of the early models (A,B or C series). The A-C models of the Panerai Diver models have a turning brezel that only clicks every 5 min. interval - something that minimise the use of this brezel. But somehow I like the way it looks and the history of this watch. As this model is included in the Contempory line (and not the Historic line) this can be diffecult to undersatnd, but I have always seen the model 24 and to some degree the model 25 as part of the historic line of Panerai as I see a clear line to the early Panerais in the model 24 and 25. Why then a Titanium and not the all Steel model? Well I'm moving on slowly in the Panerai line, and I think that the color of Titanium is very nice


Somehow I'm getting more and more used to the size of Panerai - they look nice and they are fun!! Fun - how can a watch be fun - well for the Panerai watches there is a community that have the Panerai watches as they common interest. I suggest that people do some search on Panerai and forums and they will see. But all I can say is that the Paneresti people are special and I will do what I can to keep up.

This Panerai has been my daily watch for the last year or more - I only have a minor issue as that is the fact that it gains about 14 sec/day. a little to much. But nothing a little adjust a the local watchmaker can't fix. Maybe when I get a new watch I will send it for service. Right now it stays on.