SOLD in 2012

Panerai Luminor Marina model 1 serie B

The Panerai models have gained popularity over the last years. It has had some years where it was only a few people that had a knowledge of this rather small watch brand from Firenze in Italy


The size of the watch is seen by some as a fasion trend, and one that will not last for very long. But I feel that the size of the watch is not that much more than a Rolex (Panerai = 44 mm, Rolex = 40 mm), and second I can see many other watch brands coming out with watches of bigger size. I agree that the size of the watch needs a little getting used to - as all my Rolex watches have been like second nature to me.

My Third Panerai was a Panerai 1 (series B) - And why that model, and why another panerai? Well to answer this I will try to tell my history of my way into the Panerai world.
Well I started to look into different Panerai forums - but had difficult in understanding the world of Panerai - I was more than happy with my Rolex - a true tool watch - and it still is the king of tool watches for me.
I have disregarded many Panerai's watches - in the early days! - Which I had not now - but that is histoy - so lets let that go - past is past - and I live in the NOW.
I sold my first Panerai - the Panerai 4B - and I have regretted it - but that is life I will get another one - when time comes ;-)
I became a little less interessted in the Panerai brand - becasue I felt that Panerai put out more and more watches - not for the joy of people but for the profit - why have some many limited editions (with normal movements) - And for the design I also felt that Panerai did no good - why go away for their original design that is so good - probally some or the best in the watch world for big watches.

I have always liked the basic historic Panerai models - and the Panerai 000 and 005 (the logo models) have always been on my next watch list - but when I found this Panerai 1B - I just had to jump in and add it as my daily watch.

I'm getting more and more used to the size of Panerai - they look nice and they are fun!! Fun - how can a watch be fun - well for the Panerai watches there is a community that have the Panerai watches as they common interest. I suggest that people do some search on Panerai and forums and they will see. But all I can say is that the Paneresti people are special and I will do what I can to keep up.

This Panerai has now become my daily watch. It feels bigger than the Panerai 25C, becasue of the dial - see the size difference on my side by side pictures.