Panerai PVD model 04 serie B

The Panerai models have gained popularity over the last years. It has had some years where it was only a few people that had a knowledge of this rather small watch brand from Firenze in Italy. Lately Panerai watches have been seen in many movies, and on the wrists of many known personalities, which also is a key to the popularity of this watch.

The size of the watch is seen by some as a fasion trend, and one that will not last for very long. But I feel that the size of the watch is not that much more than a Rolex (Panerai = 44 mm, Rolex = 40 mm), and second I can see many other watch brands coming out with watches of bigger size. I agree that the size of the watch needs a little getting used to - as all my Rolex watchs have been like second nature to me.

My Panerai watch was of cause brought used from Italy. It's the PVD version of the standard MARINE model (with seconds) and produced in a limited number. Then number of Panerai 004 could be less then 300, but nobody knows for sure. I like the PVD models as they are some what understated and special in its own way. The fact that the PVD coating is not as strong as it should be only add to the soul of the watch. Its nice to see that a watch is used. I never was very interested in watches that are not used (safe queens).

This one I had to let go to finace some other stuff - a little sad - but I hope to be able to get a other Panerai watch later again. Right now the Panerai 25C is my only Panerai and daily watch.