Another Linde Werdelin User - Get information from Martin G.

You all know I have a soft spot for the Linde Wedelin watches. They are expensive, they are unique, they are not that many, they have a design that I somehow like very much.
It is a danish watch maker with R&D in Denmark and offices in London and other selected places.
Martin G. have created a webpage a nice webpage with photos and information on these nice watches.

Check it out on

Added some more links to this page

Sometimes I would love to live in the USA - the watch prices are a litte more "nice" than over here.
And the number of watches - makes it easy to find the one and only watch your looking for.

Added both Sant Blanc with their many watches - that that many vintage watches, but sometimes you just want a nice daily watch.

A trusted good danish online watch seller..

As you all know I look thorugh many webshops in search of nice watches. Sometimes not to look for anything to buy - just to look around - like windowshopping in the virtual world.

A guy called Micki in Denmark have i site called dreamwatch - a good name for a site that sells used "highend" watches. Not to many watches - but always a good place to look for watches when living in Denamrk.

Link to his site here ... Dreamwatch . The Site is in Danish - but that should not stop anyone for looking ;-)
Ps. Yes that is my Panerai 1B on the frontpage - always nice to see ones photos around in the world...

Added new super watch site to my links section.

Bas a well know person on the vintage rolex forums and a respected collector of Panerai has a webshop (Cosimo) with very nice watches. Focus mainly on Rolex, Panerai and Tudor.

Bas is well respected and I hope all will work out well for him.
It is not only watches he sell - but he can also help with watch repair if that is needed.
I would love some of these watches....:

Added one more internet watch shop

I have added one more respected internet watch shop on my list of "approved" places. I found it after searching for a specific watch and after been checking it out over some time and having all my emails answered promptly, friendly and professional.

I now have one more watch shop I have to visit once to twice a week just to check out all the nice watches.
Now my only problem is saving up to my next watch.
I can recommend only recommend you to visit "Kroon Watches" where I have had a good and professional talks with Marco from Kroon Watches.
I can only dream of many of the watches they have e.g.

  • Royal Oak Jumbo
  • Submariner no date
  • Milgauss
  • GMT Master II Ceramic
  • Deepsea Seadweller
  • Deepsea Seadweller
  • ...

They also have special watches - maybe not for me - but it's nice to see them as a WIS.

List of Watch Catalogs - request information

Found this posted on the internet - a new forum I didnt know about - well the Internet is so full of information.

Found this page that listed all the watch brands where you can receive a catalog from. You can try.
Some are limited to the US - but some can be ordered over the internet.

And as they say it will make a nice coffee table spread.

So here goes.....

I have NOT contacted them - yet - I might do it - but taking one at a time.

Added another watch shop to my bookmarks ;-)

Found another web-shop I will ad to my weekly checkup - they have "my brands" - Rolex and Panerai.
Now I only have to win the lottery in order to get 1-2-3 new watches here in 2010.

So add this to your bookmarks and start to dream ;-)

The watch web-shop is

Respectful and highly recommended net-watchshop.

Just to let you know of a super guy that has started his own watch netshop after being partner in another well respected online watchshop.
I can only recommend Alex's new watchshop with his focus on new watches to a good price, his ability to find used watches at a very reasonable price and last but NOT least when dealing online. I can say that you will be treated very well and he will do his best to give you a super service.
Check out his watches both new and old, and of many brands.
But mainly he has watches that any watch "freak" will find very interesting. I for one keep his watchshop in my bookmarks and check it out weekly.
If only I had the money I would know many watches I could get for my small collection.

So check out his shop here :

New Place for Super watches added to my weekly checklist

The people in the Nederlands are very lucky - I do think the Nederlands (Holland) have some of the higher quality shops for vintage watches.
Well so fra I have 3-4 webshops I do check out on a weekly if not daily basis - for information and just for fun - to see if my next dream watch is somewhere out there.!!!
This time it is the that has come to my attention.
Checkout some of these "clocks" - including my grail watch - the Rolex MILSUB!!!

Found additional nice places to search for my dream watch

We I have some spare time I normally visit watch forums, online dealers and general check out any information I can find, related to watches - mostly Rolex and Panerai but I do tend to look at other watches as well (Omega, AP, etc).
It is both a very positive thing to view nice watches but at the same time it can be very frustrating - seeing all these nice watches and don't have the money right now to get one - but hay that is how it is to be a WIS - You can enjoy looking at watches without buying them. People that are not WIS will not understand this - but let me keep one of my small hobbies.

So without holding back I bring some nice online shops in the EU that is on my weekly checkup list - or maybe bi-weekly.

This time I focus on shops in Germany - as I would prefer to do business inside EU and not be forced to pay extra tax and VAT.

I will ad these to my links page as well

Added on the link page.

There are many websites around on the net - and I try to visit as many as possible - but some are "better" than others. I have always checked That site will give you hours of enjoyment and high quality information from the watch world.
The autor of this site also makes contributions to WorldTempus’s Chronicles. But check out his site and lets all share the pasion of watches !

Watch Magazines of the world

As a true WIS I do link to look at watches in magazines, in movies, on people, on photos, etc. But I also like to read through a watch magazine. And the good part is that this I can keep for my self. The wife have no idea why I like to sit and read about watches (also related to books). So I have found links to some of the worlds watch magazines, or magazines that have watch related information in them.

MDT - maquinasdeltiempo -
Europa Star - "The World's leading watch magazine"
Montres Passion
Revue FH
Happy News (Spécial)
Patek Philippe (Bi-annuel)
On Time (by Maurice Lacroix) (Trimestriel)
Vox (Annuel)
Watch around


FORUMS - is the main point for anyone interesting in watches. The size and the number of people using this forum is impressive. It is both the strength and the weakness of the site. :: The friendliest Rolex forum on the 'Net! - check it out - the unofficial Panerai forum - well not the official unofficial Panerai Forum because that is

Rolex forum - New Turfers - The Ultimate Rolex Forum. Are a good place for vintage rolex informtion.

Information and history

Expert Information on Special Rolex watches

One of the best places to check vintage rolex, and especially the more exotic rolex submarine models like the red Sea Dweller, red submarine, mill subs, COMEX and other Rolex submarine variations. Check out the very informative homepage at
And if your on the lookout for any vintage submarine model do yourself a favor and check out this site before anything else.


This time I focus on shops in Germany - as I would prefer to do business inside EU and not be forced to pay extra tax and VAT.

I will ad these to my links page as well - Very nice Alex will always help you - have both vintage Rolex, new rolex and Panerai and other watches at good prices - Super friendly place to look for some nice deal on watches - A very good place for both vintage and modern rolex Here you can find limited editions, and make request for your dream watch. Then the will find it ;-)
vintagerolexforum marked - when you are looking for Rolex watches Again the sales corner is a major place for buy and sell. But as most is from the US it gives us in EU some problems with tax and shipment. is a good EU shop. I don't have any personal experience from this shop. Anyone out there with some info?

I use the site when looking for a new watch and what to check out the actual price. The price there is a good guideline for the price a specific watch.