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Why NASA selected the Omega Speedmaster.

As you might know - I'm on the lookout for a Omega Speedmaster ca. 321.

Why you might ask - well I do think that the Omega Speedmaster is one of the true watch icons - on the same level (if not higher) than the Rolex Sub.

Thats is why I love to read and collect information on the history on the Omega Speemaster .

Just watch the movie "On the Dark side of the Moon" where you see the Speedmaster is many shoots. I can recommend this movie to anyone - about the ONLY 11 people ever to set food on the moon.

Well on I found this nice write-up on why NASA selected the Omega Speedmaster as their official moon watch....

Check it out.....

Anybody might think that the first watch on the moon was worn by Neil Armstrong ... but ...he did not wear his Speedmaster on his walk on the moon. An instrument had malfunctioned during the LEM's Decent and his Speedmaster was left in the LEM to serve as a replacement :
"our mission timer was out, and we decided we had better leave one wristwatch inside in case it (the one taken outside) got damaged. We would have at least one working watch to back up the mission timer or to use in place of the mission timer, in case we could not get it going again" Armstrong, from the 1969 Technical Debrief
Therefore the very first watch to be worn on the moon was Aldrin's Speedmaster
Which Speedmaster models had Armstrong and Aldrin ?
According to the Early Manned Spaceflight Astronaut Equipment Division of Space History National Air and Space Museum :
Neil Armstrong's chronograph has the following information: Calibre 321, Case # 105.012, Movement # 24002981, NASA serial # 046
Mike Collins' chronograph has the following information: Calibre 321, Case # 145.012, Movement # 26552506, NASA Serial # 073
Was the Speedmaster the only watch worn on the moon ?
Apollo XV, astronaut David Scott from a 1996 letter - "I do not recall ever having looked at my watch after egress. In the cabin after EVA-2, I noticed that the crystal of my Omega had popped off sometime during the EVA. Therefore, on EVA-3, I used my backup Waltham watch (which was) of a similar type. It worked just fine during the even higher temperatures of EVA-3.]".
Which models of Speedmaster where worn on the moon ?

What to talk about - in a daily email with a fellow WIS?

In almost daily mails with one of my friends - we just "talk" watches - what are we looking for, what models, what brands, vintage vs modern, this brand vs that brand, and many other topics.

Lately it has been around the watches we will be looking at and checking out in 2012 - and even if he is more a Omega man than Rolex, and me the other way around (more Rolex, less Omega) we share the same love for watches, and the models we look into.

This could be an example of our emails back.....

Hey ..
What watches will you be looking into in 2012?

I will be checking out Rolex, Omega and maybe AP?
Not really sure on AP - if I go that way then it will be the old model of the AP ROO.

.. ...
Well AP will never come on my radar - I will stick to Omega and Rolex...

.. ....
I know how you fell - it just keep returning to me...
But I will look for a nice Speedmaster and probally also Rolex - 5513, Daytona, DeepSea and Millgauss (GV).
I was on the way on the PP Nautilus - but the price is much to high, and after trying it, and seeing it in real life I'm not 100 sure anymore..... .... ......

Well We are on the same page - had the same feeling with the Nautilus...
And a 5513 meters first would be a nice addition i 2012...

And the emails will contine to between us - 1-3 lines - no more no less ...

End of the YEAR 2011 - Time for the STOC

We are now coming to the end of 2011 - and with that also the STOC (State of the Collection).
Any new watches, any watches left your collection, and what are in the pipeline for the next year.

For me 2011 has been very quiet - nothing much has changed - only really new addition is my Roloex Daytona Zenith, which has become my daiky watch now.
Somehow the trend of big watches in 2011 is for me on the way down - and I'm looking again at the more "classic" watches - rolex and omega.

I could see myself getting a Omega Speedmaster 321 is 2012, and probally also a new "vintage" Rolex.

My STOC is here ...

X-mas is near - what watch for you

Well I have send the link to the wife - saying I want this ;-)
In my dreams - I for one can say that owning a rolex milsub is only in my dreams.

But hay - it this time of the year where dreams can come true .....

What is your dream watch?

When is enough enough?

By this I mean - for a normal WIS person that like watches, but also have a normal daytime job, not a WIS that somehow also makes a earning by buying and selling watches.

I feel that my small collection is not that small anymore and that I have reached a level where any new watch to my collection must mean goodbye to another.
So my question is - when is enough watches enough?
What level of watches would you like to "own" when you start winding down, and not is on a watch forum at least two times a week, when you are surprised that Rolex have made a new model (and it has been out for 5 months), when the number of posts on forums are below once a month or even less.

What could you see yourself with when you WIS days are over - first the number of watches, and secondly what watches?
I now have about 6-8 watches, and in time I would like to hand down two of these to my children, so that leaves 4-6 watches. But I only see myself as a maybe a 2-3 watch man in the end.

The watches I will NOT part with is:

  • 1) My Rolex explorer II - 16550 - This will be MY last watch if ONLY left with one watch.
  • 2) My Rolex 5513 - Classic sub.
  • 3) My Rolex Daytona - a tool watch and dress watch.

For my children I would like to hand down my Sea-dweller 16600 (son) and GMT 1675 (daughter), but that leaves some watches in the wild.

  • My panerais - Sub 25C and 1B
  • Linde Werdelin - Elemental
  • Rolex Sub 1680, Sea-dweller 1665

Again some WIS information regarding the Rolex 1655.

With the new Rolex Explore II out - I have started to look into getting the "original" Explorer II, the model that was NOT a success when it came out - but that have changed. Now the Explorer II aka 1655 aka Steve McQueen - is in high demand and the price reflect this.

But again as with many vintage Rolex watches - it is not just as simple as getting anyone of the 1655 models out there - there is many different dial variations, and for the 1655 also different hands second hands variations and 24 hour hand variations.

From the STEFANO MAZZARIOL BLOG home page - one of the better place to check out different variations of different Rolex models (subs, daytona, explorer II, dweller and others).

And on one of my favorite watch forums - vintagerolexforum - This thread describes the many different dial variations of the 1655.

And when I take a look of my friends 1655, I must say - YES I want one ;-)

Now I just have to start my search for the correct "version" of the 1655 model.

New daily watch - the new trend - smaller size - The new "black"?

After plus 3 weeks with my new (old) Rolex daytona on the wrist - all I can say is - YES.
I really like the size, the look, the dial,... In short I really like this watch, and I'm glad that I selected to get this watch, even if I throught that the size was a little to small, compared with my Panerai, my Dweller, The Deep Sea (to come) or a Offshore (ROO).

Right now I'm very happy with the size. I do think I'm feeling a trend towards the "normal" size watches.
I'm beging to feel that the more normal size watches are the new black.

Service of your watches - Official or Not?

That is the question - with the "number" of watches in your small collection, what do you do for service?.

If you go for the real AD - the price is often very high - and if all your watches are to be serviced by an offical AD shop, the cost of serviceing your rolex could easy be the same as buying a complete new watch (5-7 times service of rolex sprots watch = new rolex sports watch).
So the question is like this - do you send all your watches to be serviced at the official Rolex AD, or do you also use more "unofficial" places for service?.

Or is it "only" some of your watches that goes to the official AD and other is maintained by a local watchrepairshop ;-).

With a number of watches - how do you service your watches?

Next watch list updated - one down - many to go ;-)

With the arrival of the daytona - black dial - zenith model - I have to update my "Next watch list".

Before the list was like this...

Last list looks like this NOW....

My maybe next watches - still in the high end but a possibility.

My NEW List:
  • Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore - "Black/blue dial" - This one is the new boy on the block - probably a "old version"
  • DONE Rolex Daytona - black dial - Still a true classic - and I do like it.
  • Omega Speedmaster cal. 321 (the Moon Watch) - Again a chronograph - must be present ....
  • Rolex Deep Sea - - I like the size and the look and quality
  • Rolex vintage and semi vintage models (5513, 1680, 16800)
  • Linde Werdelin - black out model - The One - Somehow LW have made a very positive impact on me
  • Omega Seamaster 300
  • Tudor snowflake
  • Rolex Milgauss Green - New models
  • Rolex Submariner vintage in GOLD (1680/8)
  • Panerai models - The classic models - Not the modern Panerais

The Old List:
  • Rolex Deep Sea - moved up - I like the size and the look and quality
  • Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore - Black dial - This one is the new boy on the block - probably a "old version"
  • Rolex Daytona - black dial - Still a true classic - and I do like it.
  • Omega Speedmaster cal. 321 (the Moon Watch) - Again a chronograph - must be present ....
  • Rolex vintage and semi vintage models (5513, 1680, 16800)
  • Linde Werdelin - black out model - The One - Somehow LW have made a very positive impact on me
  • Omega Seamaster 300
  • Rolex Milgauss Green
  • Patek Phillipe 3700/1 or 5711/1A
  • Rolex Submariner vintage in GOLD (1680/8)
  • Panerai models - Pam 064,Pam 001, Pam 002, Pam 287, etc

Be careful - how often do you check your pins and bracelet.

When I did the change of straps on my Daytona - I went from the normal oyster band to a NATO strap - I found out something broken in the oyster band.

Check out the small "holders" in the end-links - how one of them is broken.
It don't matter that much - I guess it is just to keep the pin in place - but this is one thing why the newer bracelet is much better.

The trip will go to the local Rolex AD to get this fixed/changed and some extra pins - just to be on the safe side.

So how often do you check you pins and bracelets for any defects?

Dweller and Daytona side by side

I think that the daytona looks more stealthy than the dweller, but here are a photo of my dweller side by side with my daytona.

NATO strap on my Daytona - Cool or not cool?

Well according to my post on different forums - NOT COOL ;-)
And all I can say is that both my dweller and daytona is back on their oyster band.

Here are some quick and dirty photos of my daytona on NATO strap - what do you think.

Daytona 16520 - Zenith - my new daily watch.

Some new photos of my new watch - it has now been on my wrist for plus one week and it sits very nicely.
Somehow I feel that the trend of bigger watches has almost died out - we still have the Panerai size watches, and they will have a place, but the trend to just make watches bigger is not a trend I think will continue.

The daytona is less bling bling than my dweller or eg. my LV or GMT - it just sits on the wrist and just works.

So far this will be my daily watch for the next time - I always use any new watch for at least 3-6 months on the wrist before it goes into rotation.

Some nice shots of my Daytona.

Straps arrived - new "shoes" for my Sea-Dweller.

Because I would like to change the look of my Rolex watches - I got 3 straps from just to have some brands I could put on my watches.

Quickly I started to try it out on my Sea-dweller - and somehow the look of the watch changes dramatically.
The wife thinks that watches with steel bracelets are a bit feminine - she like the Panerai watches better because of the "big" straps.

So that is why I have selected to try some of my Rolex watches on a NATO straps with some color.

My Sea-dweller strap change...

Rolex Daytona - Zenith - Black dial - T-series (1997)

Have done some quick and dirty photo of my newest addition - Daytona Zenith.

Here are some quickly made photos of the watch "as stand alone" and the classic "hand in pocket" photo.

Expect more photos to come - even if the daytona is not as "solid" as my dweller - I think it will be a OK beater for the next many years.

And some more here ....

Newest member - Rolex Daytona Zenith - black dial

Today I received my Daytona Zenith from - and what a nice surprise.
They say that the unpacking is half the fun - well maybe not - but it is a little like x-mas to open a fed-ex package.

But the real fun starts when you get to the green box ;-)

Now I only have to update my next watch list - let me do that over the weekend ;-)

Rolex Daytona 16520 - list of information

Found this "photo" of the Rolex daytona 16520 versions and their rarity.

Waves are high in Paneristiforum (Value vs Price)

Again the waves are going high in the Paneristi forum. This time on the movement put in special models (PAM 318) - where the movement is a very basic ETA movement that has no special changes made to it - Panerai name, decoration or any other thing.

Check out this photos of the limited 318 version in this thread- and special check out the movement.

This was what started it all - a simple question on the movement in the pam 318 - was it "ok" for Panerai to put a "simple" ETA movement into this limited model?

And then some of the post related to the talk about movements in Panerai watches and values vs cost.

beating a dead horse ...

Was going to open the caseback of my...
A peek inside for all 417 owners .......
And I guess the talk will continue...

Somehow I don't get the big talk - I like Panerai watches (the early models - serices A,B,C) and would select any A,B,C serices with their ETA movements over their newer models with inhouse movements.

I know the quality of the manual movement in my Pam 1B is very basic - but that is also part of the history - and a easy movement to get services anywhere in the world.

The wobble effect in my Pam 25C just reminds me that this is not a super fine movement - but again it was NOT becasue of the movement I have selected any of my Panerais.

On the other hand I can't understand that Panerai don't make a simple "inhouse" movement or select a standard ETA movement and make "standard" Panerai modifications (decorations, etc).

I will not compare Paneresties to Apple fan boys - but there is a simple rule. You pay for much more that quality when it comes to watches.

I still like my Panerais - my Pam 1B and 25C - with their simple movements...

Box and papers - Why/why not.

If I think back 2-3 years I can not remember anyone not wanting box and papers when buying used watches.

But in the last months the talk of the town has been the "value" of papers and the raising of fake/blank papers. This means that unless very confident that papers are original, don't pay that much extra for papers.
Based on the number one forum on vintage Rolex, it is now the rule NOT to pay premium on papers. Why this change of mind. Well it is all relayed to the price that vintage Rolex with papers commend.
A Rolex explorer 1655 with papers is between 5k-10k higher than one without. Same with a sea-dweller 1665, the complete set is again 5k higher. This means there are much money to be gained by adding a box and papers to a clean watch.
The latest big talk about papers on vintagerolexforum have shown both how good the fakers are - and that papers is NOT always as original as described.

When people are saying Box and papers - it don't have to mean that box and papers are original from the watch - just that box and papers are included. So beware.

A box can easy be found on the net - and if included with a watch - that's a box (don't have to be the original watch box - just a box from (if lucky) same period.

Next there is the papers - they can also be found on the net - and if the papers are original (but again not the original papers that went with the watch) there are still original.

Some info on this topic is seen here...

How many *punched* but *blank* papers have you come across?
4x5 4x6 ??? Punched papers...
FAKE case experience with 5512 PCG
Dude, speaking of papers…IS THIS your listing? BEEVER?
here are some punched loose real papers I bought in 1999
"Original date stamped" forgeries are also coming...
According to you, one of them has NO paper
a lot of unnecessary attention
A warning about added papers

The number of cases where there is doubts about the papers are beginning to br seen more often. So all I can say from my point of view is - be very open minded when it comes paying premium for papers. Papers and box are nice but are not essential for a vintage Rolex watch. For all other watches I would focus on getting the complete set, but for old vintage Rolex, I would not pay premium.

Straps arrived - Daytona delayed :-(

I'm waiting with for the arrival of my Rolex Daytona Zenith - from - but even if the money was transferred on 18/10 (from Denmark) - the time it takes for money to travel through the internet is still slowwww.
Because we don't want the watch to sleep over in a warehouse in Paris - I have to wait until next week before the watch will be shipped.

But while the watch is a little late - my 3 straps from "" singularstraps did arrive today - but I forgot to add the free gift - better luck next time ;-).

Well I can wait ....
But if anyone remember my steps for buying - the waiting time from the time money is transferred to the watch arrived is the longest wait...

People in the NEWS - Reinhold Messner - Mr. Explorer 1655, Mr. OysterQuartz, etc..

Better know to the normal man as the first to climb Mt. Everest Solo, first to climb Mt. Everest without oxygen, etc.. His conquest is to many to mention - but a true legend in his own time.

And the photos of RM with his 1655 on - and the National G. ads with his OysterQuartz is something that I will always remember.

Check out the stories on where there is nice photos...
Respect from my end....

And it looks like a special version of the new Explorer II is under way by the same team that made the special version of the Rolex Deep Sea.

Next watch list soon to be updated.

This time because a watch that have been on my list for a long period is finally on its way to Denmark, Copenhagen, my house, my wrist.
As you might know - it is a Rolex Daytona (Zenith - black dial) that have been on my "next watch list" for some time now. And it will under way to me from any day now.

I plan to get some straps from singularstraps to try out the look with a color strap.

One think that do less for me is the bling bling of the bracelet - where the center links are polished.
I'm a "mat" kind of guy.

This does look cool:

Rolex Daytona soon in the family - My first chronograph.

All my watches are simple watches - the most special is the possibility to tell the date, and in in some cases also a GMT/24 hour function.

But now my plan is to get a chronograph - I have been on the look out for a Omega Speedmaster cal. 321 - but as long as I can remember the rolex daytona have always has a speciel place in my heart.

Nobody can be in doubt when it comes to the talk on the Rolex Daytona - It is probally the watch model from rolex with most "faces" over the years. But when I can't have a panda dial / PN I will as always end with a black dial.

The question then came - which daytona to get - there are pro and cons for each model.
The newest model with the new clasp, newer hairspring, inhouse movement,etc.. or the older version (not that old) the daytona with zeinth movement (non inhouse movement)...
Well I have selected the zenith model - why?

  • Movement - No - I think the new movement is "better" - but the Zenith movement has a good history
  • The Oyster Braclet - No - The new is many times better (claps, etc)..
  • Box and papers - No - Nice to have but not a deal breaker for me.
  • History - Yes - the zenith model has some
  • Look - Maybe - Don't like the rolexrolexrolex on inside - like the old look and placement of sundials better,...
  • T-dial - YES - YES

The watch in question comes from Henrik at - and he has many more watches I would love to have - and is on my next watch list.

Some photos of the Rolex daytona - that have driven me to the daytona.

Mini GTG at the house - Omega content.

Had a small GTG at my new house last week - from a former college and now a did hard WIS.

His focus is on the "new vintage rolex" aka the vintage Omega marked.

His rolex are very nice - his Explorer II (1655) is so nice - a true classic and a watch I really like.

But his Omega collection is out of this world - the very classic and with some historic heavy watches.

He still don't have a Speedy (Speedmaster ca. 321) - but his collection of seamasters are to die for.
Some quick and dirty pictures from a late evening last week.

And some close up of the seamasters - his Seamaster 300 - no date (on my wrist) is just perfect - big triangle and nice sword hands.

And last but not least some "fun" photos of his gold GMT and Exp II (1655).

Nice dog in watch-shop (Franz Jaeger & Me)

When out walking with the wife yesterday in Copenhagen - I was by multiple watch-shops - only windowsshooping, but when we came to Franz Jaeger & Me the wife only had eyes for ONE thing - the little dog in the window.

She did get the race of the dog - but we forgot on the way home ;-)

It was a nice touch to have this very nice dog so the "women" side can talk dog talk - while us WIS can focus on the more interesting things in life - like watches.

New watch on my radar - Now on my next watch list ;-)

Well not really new on the radar - I think that this watch has always been on my radar as I'm a rolex explorer man at heart.
From the time of my first rolex - It was in 1985 - the Rolex Explorer has always been on my mind.
That is why I selected the Rolex Explorer II (16550) as my first rolex watch. And I can still remember that the 1655 model was still available!! But I wanted the one with Crystal glass and not plastic.

If I only had selected the 1655 back then - I would have one complete with B&P. But that is history - now back to the real world - present time.

My interest has been re-ignited once more because of the new Rolex Explorer II - this will be the third model with the name "Explorer II" - from the 1655 (aka Steve McQueen), over the 16550 and 16570 to the newest 216570 - the is 4 model versions for 3 different models with the same name.

I have the 16550 - and would like the newest version - but have now started to surf around - looking more and more on the early model 1655 - and really think this is a MUST have.

What I will remove form my list I really don't know - basically I should ONLY have 3 watches on my "Next Watch List" - but as you all know it is more easy to say than done ;-)

May, June and July now in the archive

I guess that the last couple of months have seen much less blog input from my side - basically because of other priorities in my life. I plan to return to my almost daily post - and be much more active on multiple forums - with my "stupid" questions, photos of my watches, and etc...

WHY vintage watches?

Why select vintage watches - when you can have a modern watch for less.
  • Do we/you do it because the quality is better - I guess not.
  • Do we/you do it because the price is higher - maybe/maybe not.
  • Do we/you do it because of the look - yes/maybe.
  • Do we/you do it because of the history - yes.
  • Do we/you do it because of the uniqueness - yes.
I think different people have different ways to look at it, but for me I'm a little split on this question.
I really, really like the vintage look of watches, and I like the history behind many of the watches from a time where the focus was more on the functionality and less on bling and fashion.

The vintage watches are from a time where their existed NO forums on the Internet, no definition of WIS, and I guess the number of people with a passion for watches was much less than present day.
The reason for this is multiple I think.

  • No way to spread the information other than via "magazines" - did they exist
  • Watches was just not something to collect
  • Watches was a functional piece/tool - tell time and date - (no cellphones, etc..)
  • People collected "other things" - stamps, art, wine, antiques, etc..
  • ..

The start of watch collecting began in the 1990'ties, and really hit it big at the start of the millimum (2000).

For me the split is about 50/50 - vintage vs modern - I like the modern watches for their functionality and improvements but love the vintages watches for their looks and history.

What is you story behind - vintage vs modern watches?

People in the NEWS - Brad Pitts watch in moneyball

Received this link from a reader Brad Pitts watch in Moneyball .
Normally I'm more for the kind of watches I like - aka Rolex, Panerai, AP, and other high end watches - but as a WIS I will always look for watches in movies.

Watches in movies - yes I do check them out....

There is many sites on the internet that focus on the watches used in moves.
And I for one - continues to always check out what watches are used in the latest movies I see. Somehow I can see that many movies lately have watches as a "part" of the movie.

Here are some of mine screenshots form movies with watches I like ;-)

The American:

The Expendables:


Unknown Identity:

Deer Hunter:

The Mechanic:


Transporter 3:

James Bond - Dr. No:

Rambo 3:

Apocalypse Now:

My next watch list - now split into dream watches, and possibly watches...

As a WIS you slowly start to look at watches that are more and more expensive, it being new brands or vintage models that just demand a higher price. For me I have a few watches in the very high price range, that I would love to own, but when the day ends - I will probally NOT spend that kind of money on a watch (but time will tell).

My High end watches - Well I can dream - can't we all.

  • Patek Philip Nautilus - 5711/1A - or better 3700/1A
  • Rolex Sub - gold - 1680/8
  • Rolex milsub - any model - but 5517 would be nice
  • Rolex comex - any model - but 5514 would be nice ;-)
  • Rolex Sea-dweller - 1665 - double red
  • Panerai Pre-A - T-dial and or PVD
  • Rolex 1680 - red writing
  • AP EOD
  • Linde Werdelin - oktopus tattoo
  • ...

My maybe next watches - still in the high end but a possibility.

  • Rolex Daytona - Zenith - black dial
  • Rolex Day-Date - gold
  • Rolex Deep Sea - NEW model
  • Rolex Milgauss GV - NEW model
  • Rolex Daytona - NEW model - but without writing on inside
  • Omega Speedmaster - cal.321
  • Omega Seamaster 300 - sword hands (a little milsub)
  • Tudor NM - snow flake
  • Rolex 5513 - meters first
  • Rolex 5512 - any model
  • Rolex 1655 - a must have - but so expensive
  • AP ROO - old model
  • Panerai 196 - if the price is right
  • Panerai 088 - if the price is right
  • Linde Werdelin - oktopus/tattoo - if the price is right

As yo can see I'm a basic and simple man - and my dilema is more to select which one to focus on - as you all know the hunt for the right watch is all part of the game....

Back to basic - that is the new black for watches.

In crises - all turn to gold and the classic values.

I think the same can be said about watches - after some years with high profile watches where the primary function of a watch came second, I can feel that the watch world is turning around a little and is "coming back".

The watches people are looking at now is the classic one, the watches with history, the watches that goes with everything.

And to tell the truth - that is also my way on watches...
Back to basic - back to the real history - to watches with some DNA, etc.

So that is way watches, like Omega speemaster/seamaster, Rolex subs, Patek P, Audermars P and other well know brands will always be safe places to go shopping.

Evolution or revolution - that is the question.

I'm a evolution type of guy. I like it when you evolve on a good idea (watch). And not try to invent everything from scratch.

That is way I'm looking at the new Rolex Deep Sea model.
It has been evolved from the "original" Rolex sea-dweller from the model 1665 that was introduced in 1967.
That is a watch that has evolved from a special tool watch designed for deep sea divers in the COMEX company.
And still the latest Sea-dweller has close ties with the COMEX company - COMEX designed the pressure chamber to test the new Rolex Deep Sea models to the new out of this world depth rating.

So give a watches that have evolved over watches that are revolutions any day.

And yes my two Rolex Sea-dwellers would LOVE to have the lates member of the deep-sea family join in the not so distant future...

Ps. My Rolex Subs would also don't mind getting a new friend - both date and non-date.

At last - moving is over - but still no Internet and TV

Have been more than busy with work and moving the last weeks. Have been offline both real (no Internet connection - I'm still waiting), and offline due to moving from our very nice apartment to a house.
So the time before the end of last month was used to pack down everything, clean out two basement rooms, and generally just perform a major clean up of all the things you collect over the years.
Now with the moving well done - I'm into the next project - getting my Internet connection up and running the new place.
And I'm still waiting - so now I'm on my mobile phone.

Linde Werdelin - the watch that I keep returning to.

My Linder Werdelin Elemental lives a life on its own. I have it on my wrist for some days - and then it goes back on the shelf - while my Panerai and Rolex get some wrist time. But then when I look at photos I find it attractive and special - and put it on my wrist once more.

So here are some shoots of my Linde Werdelin and what makes me return to this watch from time to time.

The "world" crises - back to bacis.

With the ongoing "financial crises" in the world - I think people are moving back to basic when i comes to watches. It is like the gold prices - when time of trouble - people turn to values thay can relate to - Gold as compared to stocks.
It is the samme for watches - when the going gets tough - the WIS return to the classic.

The Classic watches - always here to stay - and always good second hand value:
  • Rolex
  • Omega
  • Audermars Piqet
  • Patek Philippe

The less classic watches - maybe not as valued on the secondhand marked:
  • Linde Werdelin
  • U-boot
  • Panerai - the new models
  • Any startup watches from the last 5 years

The maybe wanabe classic watches - maybe/maybe :
  • Panerai - the old models
  • urwerk
  • Richard Mille
  • Cartier

Photos from a very short summer of my trusty old Pam25.

Just some snaps for a way to shot summer.

Next watch update - Nothing happen yet !!!

Stay tuned - I REALLY want to add a new watch to my little family - but the buying of a house is something of a major writeoff - and the price we got from our apartment was a little on the "low" side, but selling the apartment in less than 17 days - must also be ok.

So when the next "new"/"used" watch will be in ready - only time will tell.

Watches are like women - different tastes for different people.

I like my wife - I like my watches ;-)

Are Panerai on the way "down"?

Just a observation - when I think about it - is the Panerai "wave" about to start slowing down.
I tend to see a move away from the newest models to the old basic models, and last a trend to follow new brands - as AP and PP as the price is in about the same price range as the newer Panerai models with inhouse movements.
The newer models from Panerai does looks nice - but the price is up there where I would spend my money on other brands - the classic brands - like Omega, AP and PP (and of cause Rolex).
As time goes by - I see more and more indications of people that have been very pro-panerai begging to look at other brands (not in disrespect to the original Panerai models) - but selecting NOT to jump on the never Panerai models, but keeping their collection as is.

People are then begging to move into AP and PP - and ofcasue Rolex (when in doubt - ALWAYS select Rolex).

And the next question is - what brand will become the "NEW" panerai - that can start as a small nice watch brand - become a "icon" brand and based on this - demand high prices and become the next darling of us WIS people.

I stand ready to see which new brand will become the "next Panerai" - What do you think?

Watch friends in Denmark - I will invite you soon - but have been busy.

My plan was to have some watch talk during the vacation time, and a number of "almost" planned GTG was planned (very small).
But due to the my busy time I will have to get back to youn - yuou know who you are...

Looking forward to talking - Omega Speedmaster , Seamaster,...

Looking forward to talk - AP vs Rolex vs ....

Looking forward to talk "Next watch buy...."

July/August have been/is a busy time ....

Moving time for me - after 7 years in our very nice apartment it is time to move on.
We managed to sell the apartment in 17 days - a new record (almost) in these times - and is moving into our new house in 3 weeks time.

It will a time to clean up the basement, get rid of old stuff, and maybe find some new things I didn't know existed.

Therefor it is goodbye "penthouse" apartment - and hallo "house".
Expect new photo opertinuties in the new palce - manybe this time with some enviroment added.

Good bye - old place ....

Back from VACATION - updates have been slow on my BLOG

Back at work this Monday - after 3 weeks of nice vacation - with no or little Internet access.
It has been a nice vacation - stayed in country - and did manage to see some watches in the wild.
Panerai, Rolex, vintage bretling, etc...
But most of all it has just been time with the family and good friends, and last but not least - lots of red wine, grill and beer.