My NEXT watch list was close to be updated - but I have been "unlucky".

On my next watch list I have the Rolex Daytona black dial - for a classy watch - but for time been out of reash for me (money).

But now I have the option to add this watch to my collection.
And the model in question is/was the Rolex daytona Zenith black dial - complete B&P.

I made a request to both and - both even If I was very quickly the watches was reserved by another "more" quickly ;-)

But I'm still on the lookout for a nice Rolex Daytona Zenith black dial with B&P.

Summer VACATION is close by.....

Again this year Bornholm will enjoy my little family. So if you by any chance see a man with two kids, a shopping wife and probably my Rolex seadweller on the wrist it will be me.
But at the same time I plan to bring along my Panerai 25C and maybe my Linde Werdelin Elemental - and that is about it - 2-3 watches for one week should be more than enough.

Maybe it is time to bring out some of my watches that DON'T receive that much wrist time - like my Rolex GMT 1675 (pointed guards), my nice Panerai 1B, or my non-date sub 5513.

Some photos from vacations before - the weather was nice back then - the forecast right now don't look that good.

In The NEWS: Rolex DeepSea in Unknown Identity - Liam Neesons watch.

I have just seen the movie "Unknown Identity" with Liam Neeson. A man wakes up from a coma (after car accident) and finds out that NOT only will his wife not recognize him, another man has taking his place.
The plot is very good - and the final showdown is a bit of a surprise - all in all a good movie.
But back to the watch issue.
When Liam Neeson wakes up at the hospital a Rolex DeepSea plays a "important" role - a watch given to him by his wife and with a inscription on the Titanium back of the watch.

I will bring more photos when I can find them.

Recived a Linde Werdelin Cartoon - Hardcopy ;-)

Together with the newest Linde Werdelin catalog I also received a printed copy of their "The Perfect FIVE" story.

Basically it is a normal cartoon but they for once you can easily see the watches on the different persons.

I have heard someone say that the people in the cartoon resembles real people - so if you see someone in the cartoon that you think remind you of someone - it could be true.

I think it is again time for my LW Elemental to come out and have some additional wristtime - but I really would like the rubberstrap with normal buckle - and not deployment - somehow the deployment is a little "not a real toolwatch" like.

How often do you NOT wear a watch?

I'm a alltime watch man - meaning that I wear a watch 24/7/365 - when I sleep, when I swim, when I bath, when I exercise , when I ...., etc.

On the other hand I know many people that don't even wear a watch (I have my phone, and some people have a much more relaxed feeling about wearing a watch, sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.

What kind of watch wearer are you - 100%, 95%, 80% or even less?
  • 100% Real WIS - NEVER off (almost - max 1 hour/month) - In a Sauna is OK NOT to wear your watch
  • 95% Real WIS - Almost never off (max 5 hours/month)- maybe during hard work, chemicals can damage watch band,...
  • 90% Real WIS - For the major part the watch is keept on (max 10 hours/month) - maybe off during painting, and maybe during activity in the bed ;-)
  • 80% Real WIS - Now we are comming to people that wear their watch on and off - but mostly on
  • 50% Real WIS - At this level - your not a WIS in watch wearing standards.
  • ...

Rolex Sub in Titanium - a possibly future watch?

I was for a time back at a small WIS GTG - and after the look on different watches, good eating, and some small talk - one of the guest produced a very nice Rolex Sub - it looked very special - On a nice black nato strap, and the case was not like a normal rolex sub case.

The reason for the different look was that the watch-case was made of Titanium - giving the watch a much more stealth look.

He was working as a CRC operator - and had made his OWN Rolex Case based on a Rolex 5513 he had. He then put the movement into his own ti-case and that was something special.
The weight was close to nothing, the look (color) was very nice, and the black nato band made the picture complete.

Sadly I have no photos of the watch in question - but from memory it was very nice and one I would gladly own - even if it is a frankenwatch.
Sorry no photos :-(

Gold or not gold - I think not ... or maybe it is maybe

I don't see my self wearing a gold watch any day soon - and this is why I think that my money will be better used on a good old classic steel watch.
I still have a soft spot for the Rolex Sub in 18k gold (old version) and the Rolex Day-date.
But for now there are on the back-burner of my next watch list.

So stay tuned - the focus is back on steel watches (and maybe Ti versions as well).

To go color OR NOT to go color - that is the question.

Are you a color man or NOT a color man - I'm a little split. In general I'm a simple basic no color man - I prefer the simple black and white look. But sometimes I like the splash of color - and use either my GMT or my Sub LV.

Other brands also have the possibility to add some color on their watches.
The AP ROO have the Volcano, and from their old watches model - we have omega speedmasters with some color in their dials - but the trend is that we do see more and more brands that can give you a option to select a model with some color.

I think I'm a 75% black/white man and 25% color man - when it comes to watches.

What are your ratio on b/w vs color in watches as a daily wearing watch.

Some of my color watches.....

Some of my b/w watches.....

Straps and what is the story on this - Panerai is in a class above any other brand.

Straps on watches can change the look of almost any watch.

When it comes to straps - the Panerai Community have had the upper hand for a very LONG time, and I don't see any other brand that will catch up with Panerai any day soon.
I'm also a rolex man - and I only have a simple extra Nato-strap - but it don't get that much wrist time as the standard rolex oyster band.

But it is a completely other story with Panerai - here the straps is a major talk on multiple forums.
I also have a small collection of straps - and somehow I feel that the original panerai leather straps "just is NOT ok" for me. The nylon/kevlar straps from Panerai are OK - but for leather straps I feel that the "homemade" straps is many times better.

But my homemade straps are the best - I like the way these straps feel, look and just how nice these straps change over time - it's like a pair of old sneakers - it is OLD but just feel so nice.

And with the many different straps I have - I have the best possibility to change the look of my Panerai watch.

Some examples....

What should be "Next watch for me.....

I love the vintage rolex - any 5513 or 1680 or 1655 or 1016 would be a welcome addition for me
But on the other hand the watches that gets most "wrist time" right now is the "modern" version. That is my Sea-dweller, EXP II, and Panerai 24C and also the Linde Werdelin Elemental, leaving my more vintage rolex'es like the my 5513, 1675 and 1665 more in the dark (in the desk).

That is why I'm starting to more inclined to select a semi modern watch for "my next watch".
And the shortlist is as follows ....
  • Rolex Daytona Black Dial
  • Rolex Deep Sea
  • AP ROO - Old model - Dark dial - Nylon Strap/Metal Strap

But that said I'm still on the lookout for a Omega Speedmaster cal 321 - a watch I think MUST exist in any good collection ;-)

Official the summer is here - Ready for S,S and S photos.

This gives the reason for some sun, sea, and sand photos - lets look back on last years summer sun, sea and sand photos.
Lats year I did spend some time at the Sea and for a WIS like me with a camera and a watch - this means a photo possibility.

So lets have some new Sea, Sun and Sand photos this summer - I think I will see if I can rethink the idea and hopefully come up with some new shoots.

How about underwater, in action - and not so static as see in these photos.

When is a watch a icon watch - time, same look, same model, history.

Somehow I'm into watches that looks good, but at the same time is a little understated. By that I mean - that I'm more a simple steel rolex guy than a gold bling bling watch type.
What makes a watch a icon? - I will try to define 3 simple rules.

  • Same "look" over +15 years
  • Old brand - Omega, Rolex, AP, PP, etc... New brands need not apply
  • Easy to reconise from a distance - you don't need a closeup view

We all know some of the icon watches that exist now - a uncomplete list is here (brands I know) ...

  • Rolex Sub
  • Rolex GMT
  • Rolex Daytona
  • PP Jumbo/Nautilus
  • Omega Speedmaster
  • IWC Mark (xx)
  • Cartier Santos
  • ... and probally some more

But what watches - that are NOT icon watches now will be icon watches in 10 years from now?
Again I give a simple list - feel free to join in.

  • Panerai Marina
  • AP ROO
  • and......

Lets have some input from you ;-)

I like Rolex vintage - the 5513 is by my definition still a icon.

Was closed to getting my hands on a nice meters first Rolex 5513, but with these watches, you have to be out really quick.
I still have my 5513 - serial 1.72 mill. - feet first - open 6, and really think that this is also one of my "never" to leave me watches.
The 5513 is one of the iconic watches out there - the AP ROO is a kid on the block, any watch model that is not at least 20 years old is to be seen as a wannabe icon watch.

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