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This is why I need a watch that is a beater ;-)

The weekend in the summerhouse also had some manually work to be performed.
I did manage to decrease the number of logs to about half after some days - but I still have some work left to "beat".

And did try to remember to put my watch in the pocket when I started on this work - but many times I forgot - so that is WHY I need a watch that can take a beating and keep on ticking.

And when I was done with this work - It was time to relax - that is OK when you have your vacation.

It is OK to be jealous ;-)

One of my friends have found a very nice Omega Seamaster 300 from 1967 - with all the best patina to be expected.
This watch has been on my list ever since I saw the National Geographic Ad for Omega.
The Omega Seamaster 300 is the forerunner for the Rolex Milsub - with sword hands 60 min rotating bezel.
The story goes that the Omega Seamaster 300 was found to be to "defective" with to much maintenance for the watches used by the UK military.
If you can find one original UK milspec. Omega Seamaster - your lucky. Next best thing is to find a Seamaster 300 in original condition.

And this is what my friend did - found a nice Seamaster 300 - as original as possible. And I'm jealous - and I think this is OK.

My Creative Photos with my HTC Incredible S - be creative

I suspect that the next trend in photos off watches will be with smart-phones and often with the use of special effects/filters in order to achieve some new ways of making photos.
I have already seen the trend on different medias - but I think it is only the beginning we have seen.
And it is FUN to make photos that simulate a old Lomo camera, a cross-processed photo (have many of you know what cross-processed means ;-) ).

It is fun to see how people are using their newest digital camera - including the build in camera in smart-phones to simulate the "old" days where film (slide, B&W, Color neg.) was the order of the day.

For me it also brings back memory - and is also why I ALWAYS shoot with WB (white balance) set to flash and not AUTO.
The reason for this is that I used to shoot slide film - and these was always calibrated to flash/daylight color temperature.
And I like the look of slide film - so that is what I use.

I will upload some photos made with my HTC Incredible S (just got it, and selected it over the Iphone4) - I like the way the Android phones are used, with widgets, web access and least but not least - I can live without ITunes (which don't install on my PC).

I'm not "religious" in regards to iOS vs Android - used what is best for you - each system have its pros and cons. (I have used MacbookPro for plus 2 years - and liked it (it is BSD linux in its core) - I now have Thinkpad/Lenovo/IBM and like it (I like the build quality over the nice design).

Ups this gets WAY off-topic - so I will stop now and get back to my daily work, and return with some updated HTC shoots of watches.....

I'm back from easter vacation ;-)

The Easter here in Denmark have been super duper.......
I have enjoyed a week of sun and family, sometimes the simple things in life is the best.

But back to the daily work and my reality - My "next watch" have had a small setback - it was time for a new dishwasher and wash machine, and last I need to give my wife a super birthday this weekend.

But I have 3-4 watches that I would like to have when time comes.

  • AP ROO - steel and the old version
  • Rolex Daytona - black dial - a icon
  • Rolex Deep Sea - just like it - big and beautiful
  • Omega Speedmaster cal. 321 - a must have

And then ofcause many other watches that exist out there - even the new Explore II with black dial have a nice feeling to it.

No updates the next days - Easter vacation - I'm off-line

But expect to return with some "new" photos - This time I will try to be creative...
Keep smiling, and enjoy life

Daily Beater vs Non Daily Beater - What was the question?

There is a term called "daily beater" - it is a term used for a less expensive watch that you don't have to "take care" of.
You can leave it on when you paint, when you cut down trees, mix cement, go the the beach (with sand), etc.
In general a watch you would not think twice about loosing - easy to replace, and often not very expensive...

It would be difficult for me not to think of all my watches as daily beaters - mainly because when I wear them, I tend to forget that I have them on, and therefor all my watches will be subject to the daily "abuse" I can throw at them...

So any watch I own and will own - must be a "daily beater"....

I still plan to save up for a Audemars Piguet ROO, Rolex Daytona, Omega Speedmaster, etc. - and if/when I get any "new" watch it will be used and abused as any other watch I have.
This is also why I sold my Panerai PAM 4B (black PVD) - My use of that watch was subject to many srcatches, and with the price of this model - I selected to part with it (yes I have regretted it).
All Daily beaters ;-) ....

Long gone .. My Panerai 4B ..

If money is not option - check out the "Christie's auction catalog"

This auction have so many Rolex ref. numbers I don't even know about - and the prices are a bit over my budget.
But as always it is nice to just do some "window shopping".

Check out the aution here...

And some examples of the watches on sale here...

Information on the Milsub Rolex - the pre-sequel - The Milsub Hands

I have a soft spot for the Rolex Milsub - but after I found the information on the Omega Seamaster 300 (when I check out Omega Speedmaster ads in National Geo.), This watch has also had my focus.
The Omega seamaster 300 is the "first" real "Milsub" - and the design of the watch hands was used in the later rolex milsub.
Check out the rolexvintageforum where the story behind the famous rolex milsub sword hands are described.

I have been somewhat "off-line" on multiple forums lately.

I have mixed feelings about the post - first - my private life is my own business - but secondly - my private life is also what make me "who I am". And when people starts to ask why I have been offline on different forums for that last months. So I have decided to make this post.

For a little over 6 months ago my father passed away - We all have to go that way - but even if you "prepare" yourself - it is NOT possible.
I'm still in the process of getting to the other side - but there is still many issues to deal with.

This is the main reason I have been "offline" for some time on different forums - my focus was changed.

Why do I post this then - when it is private - the main reason for this is that I'm now in the process of remembering my father in the many years to come.

My first Rolex - My Explorer II 16550 - will forever be in my possession - it was given to me by my mother only 6 month before she past away - and it was given to me because she had head my talk about Rolex over and over again...
This watch will be THE LAST one leaving my wrist...

My father was a Omega man - nothing special - just a simple quartz omega watch that will be with me for the next....

I plan to get something to remind me of my father - a watch I would wear daily.

So this is the reason for my "offline" period on multiple forums. But expect me to be back soon ;-)

My Rolex Explorer II - 16550 black dial - My first Rolex in 1985 - and the watch that will never leave me.

New guy started at my work - this time a Panerai man (pam 212)

At my work place I'm probably one of the few persons with a interest in watches.
But this month I had the pleasure to make a small introduction to my department to a new person - and he was wearing a Panerai. A nice one at that - the Panerai 212 - flyback model.

At long last a guy I could talk watches with.
I did notice his watch when he started - and I was wearing my Rolex Seadweler - but I switches to my nice Pam 25C - just to see if he noticed the switch. And he did - so his is a real watch guy - not just a "wannabe".

And My old pam 25C

Next watch update - What is next....

What watches are still in play on "my Next watch list", and what watches will I keep on the lookout for.
Well I have some watches I hope will join my little family in the future in mixed order. Nothing new - but always nice to see that ones watch list still is valid....

  • Omega Speedmaster cal 321 - this should be IN any collection
  • Rolex Daytona black dial - a true classic
  • Rolex Deep Sea - well a nice watch - a real tool watch - and will fit my 1665 and 16600
  • Audemars Piquet Royal Offshore - Old model 25770 - ...
  • Vintage Rolex models are always welcome ;-)
  • Panerai .... still on hold - the "jury" is out....
  • ...

This is the beauty of being a WIS - there is ALWAYS something out there we want.
ps. I have started to check out Omega watches on chron24 and different sales forums...

Danish Watch WIS - aka Haagen - aka Mr. Timegeeks - have had a fall out....

The Danish watch guru number one - aka Mr. Haagen, have on his "blog" and a fallout with another "watchblogger" at the just ended "Basel World 2011".
All I can say that it is a small world - lets all enjoy it - and keep smiling.
I have the highest respect for people trying to make a professional living on anything, and I will suggest that all others take a backseat when it comes to "feeling" important.
My blog is nothing - I only do this for fun, I will any time stand back for the "real" people doing this as a living profession - I have been there as a old time photographer.
So Mr. Haagen - respect to your work - and as I can see from you blog - take it all with a "cup of coffee" ;-)

Jim from US - have bought a Linde Werdelin - The One

Have emailed with Jim from the US - and his son have a nice cafe in Denmark - L√łkken in Jytland.
Jim have orderen the LW "The One" - the first real new watch for Jim - Always nice to be able to assist. I just pointed to my many throughts on the LW watch here on my LW info page.

I still uses mu watch - if not daily then from month to month....

And until I can buy a AP ROO (only maybe) I will use my LW Elemental with textile and metal band.

This weekend - the WEBER will come out....

In denmark the summer is near - this weekend there is a possibilty for the warmest day so far in this year.'
This could be the weekend the old Weber is started up with some meat, and also some nice redwine could be nice.

When I look back I can see some photos from last summer - and it brings memory to my mind.

Let the summer come ... I will be ready.

UPDATED: New wrist shoot of the black dial Rolex Explorer II

This is one nice watch - by the look of it we have a "killer" combo here.

  • Mat black dial - aka Deep Sea
  • New case
  • Fat hands
  • A true Maxi dial layout
  • Just the right size...

I still love my old Explorer II - my first rolex, and first true love.

The Rolex Exp II - new version with orange hand.

Yes - it was true - the "leaked" photos of the new Explorer II seen last year.
So far the main interest has been around the white dial version - but for a black dial person as me - I'm looking forward to some more photos of the black dial version.
As I for one think that the Rolex Explorer II is one of the best all round watches out there - and was my first Rolex - I'm a little biased.
But if the new version is second to none - I would go for that model over many other of the Rolex models out there.

And from the initial photos - I do think that the black dial Rolex Explorer II is a true winner!!!!

The Rolex Explorer Mt. Everest watch story - was it on the summit in 1953?

Found this perfekt article on - from Mike Wood the man with an out of this would rolex collection.

This time the meeting and article is about the very farmous Rolex Explorer - was it or was it not on the summit of Mt. Everest with Tenzing and Hillary in 1953.

Check it out - this kind of "gold" on the internet is so nice to read from time to time.

Give ME a steel watch ANY time of the day - aka - My Feeling of the signal value of watches with exotic metal and "stones".

I'm not that much into watches made of exotic metal - give me a steel watch any time of the day - and I will be a happy man.
That had me thinking of the signal value of watches made of exotic metal, what are their "value" for the person besides "showing off". I can understand that some people think that a gold watch looks better on them than a steel version. But why select a platinum version over a steel version, and why have added "bling" "bling" to a watch.
It is probably just me. But I do get a funny feeling that for some persons the reason for selecting a watch in exotic metal and sometimes with some "bling" - is to show of....
I know I'm on very very thin ice here - I will probably get some bad reactions from this statement.

But it is in no way meant as disrespectful for people buying watches that are out of reach for the majority of normal watch collectors.
Just think of the value of a special vintage watch - that value is only known by a few people. Eg. how many people would think twice about a rolex with a little COMEX on the dial, a Daytona with a exotic dial, a sub on a nylon strap with a little T in a circle on the dial, any Pre-A steel panerai models, the PP nautilus, etc.

So back to my question - Can anyone say what the reason for selecting "bling" watches....

Would anyone of you that are reading this buy a Rolex Daytona (leopard) with diamonds in many variations, buy a platinum watch, white gold watch, etc..

For me - give me a good steel watch any day of the week and I will be happy ;-)

That said - I does have a small flame for the vintage gold rolex - anyone have a 1680/8 with black dial - then call me....

Linde Werdelin - Cartoon story - "The Perfect V" - new episode.

I used to be a big fan, and still is to some extent of cartoons. If I go down to my basement I will be able to produce a good selection of cartoon albums.

Linde Werdelin have used "The Perfect V" in there latest "catalog" for their watches.
The use of alternative forms for presenting watches is very "positive" - to many watches are presented in sterile environments - some are not even real photos - but computer generated illustrations.

So hats of to LW to bring some new ways of "promoting" watches.

You can download the PDF format of "The Perfect V" story here.

The quest for watch information - News, History, People, Events, ...

It is funny how we WIS can use so much time checking, searching, re-checking, etc. to find out if a special watch was here or there.

How much more easy it would be just to ask the people involved. Which watch did you have on this and that time.
Ask people that have been involved in some history event - do they have some facts and/or photos, etc.

Have that been done?.

After reading the story about the Tenzing rolex watch - I begin to think about more information from the persons in questions - that have been directly involved in a historic event, what watch these people in the news have and use, what watch was use in that situation etc.

  • The Rolex Milsub - which REAL conflicts have it been used in -
  • The NASA Rolex watch - which Rolex HAVE been in space - GMT, SUB, etc
  • HAVE the Rolex GMT been issued to the danish "Sirius Patrol"
  • What watch does these "movie stars" have - Sly, Arnold, Statham, Clint, Newman, Brandon, etc...
  • What watches are owned by these people in the "news" - Clinton, Bono, Jagger, David B, Craig, ...
  • And the list continues....
  • ...Watches in historic events ...
  • .....

Our main source for information are the internet, photos of people (where a WIS check if it is possible to see which watch).

But how much more easy it would be - just to send these people a mail ;-)

Rolex on Mt. Everest - The Tenzing Rolex

Check this "article" on the vintagerolexforum - it is crazy what can be found on the internet.

Hats of for this very good research on the Mt. Everest watch and the Tenzing watch.

These small stories are what checking different forums on the net so much fun.
Other people that us WIS - will pay no attention - and ask - "so what....?".

Summer is near - first weekend in the summerhouse.

Had a little issue with my car - well not just one issue - but a handful, and that forced me to say goodbye to my trusty old car, and to borrow the my wife's fathers little WV Fox.

But that did delivery me to the summerhouse - to prepare the coming of the summer, open for the water, see how many mouse had used the house during the winter ;-), and last to measure up the old kitchen for a new kitchen project.

Well I arrived - and all was better that expected - only one mouse visit it look like, fire up the oven, and all in all just a quick overview of all is in order.

Really looking forward to the next many weekends to come - driving up Friday evening, and waking up to complete silence.

The old, no lets just say VERY old Weber grill will once more be ready for some pre-summer food.

My Personal thought on selecting watches - aka "Why this watch and NOT that watch".

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" - or something like that the saying goes.

This means that something that for one person looks perfect - can for another person look less pleasing.

I have the same feeling about watches - some watches "just" looks better that other in my view.
And sometimes the beauty/love can grow over time. Meaning that a watch that you initially did'nt like - can become a new favorite.

But their exist MANY watches - both brands and versions that just don't "sing" to me.

For me the beauty lies in :
  • "classic" looks,
  • "simple" design,
  • quality,
  • can be used daily,
  • water proff,
  • every day watch (meaning - no need to change watch when going from office to work in the garden),
  • etc.

This list of what I look for in a watch have great impact on my watch collection.

My first love was rolex - and I selected the rolex Explorer II black dial (model 16550), because I like the classy look of the rolex in general, but did'nt wanted the "standard" sub. I still think that the Explorer II black dial is one of the best rolex designs - mixing the elements of tool watch and dress watch.
But over the time I have also selected the standard rolex sub models (both, non-date sub, sea-dweler, and normal sub), as this watch will forever be a icon of watches.

But I will never (never say never) buy a watch that is to much bling, to much dress watch, to much "girl" watch.
My watch should be able to take a beating and keep on ticking....

This also the reason I have been split on getting a chronograph - the rolex daytona vs the AP ROO.

But also the reason I have been some time in selecting panerai. The size and look to some time getting used to - but now I like the panerai models - and even if I think panerai come with to many new models (like I also feel AP does with the ROO model), I still think that a new panerai could join my collection in time to come.

Back to the subject - "why this watch and not that watch" - basic if I like it - I will go for it - but a watch needs to sing to me before I will think about buying it.

Januar and Februar is NOW in the Archive

Now Januar and Februar of my watchblog is in the Archive
Remember to check out the archives - There might be some funny info for you in the many archive pages.;-)

People in the NEWS - Audemars Piquet - Royal Oak Offshore SE - in "The Mechanic".

Again Jason Statham is the front figure in a action packed movie - after 3 "transporter" movies.

Jason is know for his "love" for watches, both Rolex, Panerai and PP has been seen on his wrist. But this time the movie "The Mechanic" displays a gold AP ROO SE (The Alinghi Team).

This watch is seen as the watch of the "Drug King" - and another version of a AP ROO is used to trick this "Drug King" to make a fatal "wrong" turn.

Some photos from the movie.

People in the News - KOBOLT watch in Steve Austin movie (Hunt to Kill)

At last I found some more photos of the KOBOLT watch used in the movie with Steve Austin (Hunt to Kill).
I will not rate the movie - it can be used to pass time - but my focus was mainly on how many times the watch was seen, and again how "good" the watch made it on the big screen.
Sometimes watches are only seen very quickly - ONLY for the real WIS, but in this movie the watch have almost a "supporting" role.

Only issue is that our "hero" receives the watch wrapped in newspaper from his old friend (so no Box and Papers ;-) ). I for one would be a little suspicious if I was to get at brand new watch only packed in some paper - where are the box and where are the papers - is the watch hot...

Well back to the movie shots of the watch - I REALLY was some good product placement.

Linde Werdelin - My Love Hate relationship

Somehow I like the Linde Werdelin watches - there are special - there are rare (not a quality in it own right, but sometimes it is nice to have something that not many other people have).
I like the idea of a tool watch that have an function build into it - and with the LW it is the clip-on tool that makes this brand stand out.
I like LW's "original" models - their Two-Timer, Elemental, The One, and their DLC versions of these models.

The newer models - like Oktopus and and their DLC versions are also very nice.
But somehow I'm left a little cold of their other newer models.
Their 3-timer have never had my fancy, their old two-timer was much better, their Spidolight is nice, but somehow I don't feel that it is a watch for me. The idea is good, but I'm not sure about the look.

I can see the issue with Linde Werdelin - they have to produce new wacthes, as many of their older models are very limited (22,44,88 pieces) - and that gives some restrictions in relation to "make" more of the same watch model.
My suggestion is for LW to keep to a simple model roadmap, with basic model versions that will "NOT" be limited to specific number.
And then make limited numbers of special "models", aka. the tattoo Oktopus, the Sven Andersen Spidolight, etc. And at the same time continue to use their base models as normal production runs, without any limited numbers.

Some photos of my LOVE - my Linde Werdelin Elemental - I still do like it VERY MUCH ....

My quest into Audemars Piquet Royal Oak Offshore.

I'm looking into this brand - but my feelings are still not 100% in place - mainly because of the high price of the these models - but again there is many versions of the models.

Should it be the version with the Arabic numbers or the stick only version?

Should it be the "newer" version with the "newer" strap setup or the older (aka with option for kevler strap)?

Should it be a version with metal bracelet or leather or nylon (Kevler)

Should it be steel version or Ti version?

Only thing that is for sure - is that I will ONLY go for dark dials, and for my taste it should be with as little contrast as possible - the subdials should NOT stand out in very different colours.

But some of these models does look VERY nice - when seen on photos.
Here are some of the photos that I feel gives a positive view of the different AP ROO models, and the reason for me continue to use time on this brand and models.

Based on my trips around the net - and view of many photos - these models are on my short list - now I only need to see what the future will bring.

Rolex Daytona Zenith or Rolex Daytona In-house Movement?

That is the question - I like the zenith version of the Rolex Daytona - and would go for a black dail version with < t swiss made t > dial.
Somehow these older models brings the best from two worlds - it is still a modern watch, but with the older movement and the t-dial there is a link to the "old" versions of the Rolex Daytona models.
It might sound a little "on the far side" - but the more I check out the older Zenith models, the more I like it - I also think that the newest Daytona model is a little more bling bling.

But that said - I still think I would go for the "newer" version of the Daytona - because of the in-house movement and what I have seen on different forums regarding pro and cons between the new version and zenith version.

But why can't I have two?
Well there is so many nice watches out there - I would like a daytona, but also a deepsea, and also a old version of AP offshore, and of cause a cal.321 Omega speedmaster.

This is just to tell you all - that the time used before getting an actual watch can be a "rollercoaster" ride - where you move from one brand to another, from one version to another, etc...