Linde Werdelin - My Love Hate relationship

Somehow I like the Linde Werdelin watches - there are special - there are rare (not a quality in it own right, but sometimes it is nice to have something that not many other people have).
I like the idea of a tool watch that have an function build into it - and with the LW it is the clip-on tool that makes this brand stand out.
I like LW's "original" models - their Two-Timer, Elemental, The One, and their DLC versions of these models.

The newer models - like Oktopus and and their DLC versions are also very nice.
But somehow I'm left a little cold of their other newer models.
Their 3-timer have never had my fancy, their old two-timer was much better, their Spidolight is nice, but somehow I don't feel that it is a watch for me. The idea is good, but I'm not sure about the look.

I can see the issue with Linde Werdelin - they have to produce new wacthes, as many of their older models are very limited (22,44,88 pieces) - and that gives some restrictions in relation to "make" more of the same watch model.
My suggestion is for LW to keep to a simple model roadmap, with basic model versions that will "NOT" be limited to specific number.
And then make limited numbers of special "models", aka. the tattoo Oktopus, the Sven Andersen Spidolight, etc. And at the same time continue to use their base models as normal production runs, without any limited numbers.

Some photos of my LOVE - my Linde Werdelin Elemental - I still do like it VERY MUCH ....

My quest into Audemars Piquet Royal Oak Offshore.

I'm looking into this brand - but my feelings are still not 100% in place - mainly because of the high price of the these models - but again there is many versions of the models.

Should it be the version with the Arabic numbers or the stick only version?

Should it be the "newer" version with the "newer" strap setup or the older (aka with option for kevler strap)?

Should it be a version with metal bracelet or leather or nylon (Kevler)

Should it be steel version or Ti version?

Only thing that is for sure - is that I will ONLY go for dark dials, and for my taste it should be with as little contrast as possible - the subdials should NOT stand out in very different colours.

But some of these models does look VERY nice - when seen on photos.
Here are some of the photos that I feel gives a positive view of the different AP ROO models, and the reason for me continue to use time on this brand and models.

Based on my trips around the net - and view of many photos - these models are on my short list - now I only need to see what the future will bring.

Rolex Daytona Zenith or Rolex Daytona In-house Movement?

That is the question - I like the zenith version of the Rolex Daytona - and would go for a black dail version with < t swiss made t > dial.
Somehow these older models brings the best from two worlds - it is still a modern watch, but with the older movement and the t-dial there is a link to the "old" versions of the Rolex Daytona models.
It might sound a little "on the far side" - but the more I check out the older Zenith models, the more I like it - I also think that the newest Daytona model is a little more bling bling.

But that said - I still think I would go for the "newer" version of the Daytona - because of the in-house movement and what I have seen on different forums regarding pro and cons between the new version and zenith version.

But why can't I have two?
Well there is so many nice watches out there - I would like a daytona, but also a deepsea, and also a old version of AP offshore, and of cause a cal.321 Omega speedmaster.

This is just to tell you all - that the time used before getting an actual watch can be a "rollercoaster" ride - where you move from one brand to another, from one version to another, etc...

People in the NEWS - Steve Austin with KOBOLT watch - Hunt to Kill

Product placement in movies have been seen many times, and for a WIS - taking notice of watches in movies is a known endevor.
Some watches are product placements (aka Omega in 007 movies), Panerai in Sly movies, etc. Mostly the product placement is done in a "not so in your face way" - but in this movie - the Kobolt gets a lot of screentime.

If I can get some own screendumps I will show it.
But I found these on the internet.

Links on the net with the KOBOLT watch.


More photos to come ;-)

Back from vacation in Oslo.

I'm back from vacation now - Have been away for a little week to Oslo, what an expensive town!!

But did have the chance to show the wife the AP bumblebee - and asked what she thought of that - I'm glad that there was now pricetag on the watch in display ;-)

She said that all was very nice - that it looked OK - but I guess if she was aware of the price she would say that we could use the money "better".

Besides that it was a ok trip, some good food, a little beer (very expensive) and visit to holmekollen.

Here are some window shopping pictures from Oslo.

Offline next week

Will be off-line the next week - sorry for now updates - but take a look at the old postings - there might be some nice old info.

Again some more Panerai news - this time REAL vintage Panerai

Check out these post on paneristi forum - so many VINTAGE panerai watches in one place.

The price for these watches is "sky high" - and when you compare these watches with the newest models - it is easy to see where the new models get their DNA from ;-)

Link ONE - check it OUT !!
Link TWO - check it OUT !!

More Panerai watch reports from SIHH

The different panerai forums on the internet is starting to flood with photo reports with all the new panerai models. Check these panerai new models photo reports out - a lot of wrist shoots. Martin W on time zone - no wrist shoots - but VERY nice photos
NAD's wrist shoot report on timezone
PifPaf's 50 photo report on timezone

A report from the SIHH 2011 - Panerai Models write up on timezone.com

Check out this good write-up on timezone.com of all the new Panerai models with some nice photos.

I'm still out on my view of these "new" semi vintage models.
As it is right now I would much more prefer some of the older Panerai models - aka Pam 1, 2, 4,... Basically anything in the series A,B,C.

OMEGA Speedmaster - The History - Video

Found this very nice video on omegas facebook. It does talk about the story of the Omega Speedmaster as a design icon, the story behind, the moon part, etc.

And as the Omega Speedmaster (cal 321) is on my next watch list .
I agree that the Omega Speedmaster is a true watch icon - not to be missed in "ANY" collection - including mine...

But again - buying watches is always a game of priorities.

Check out the video here on Omegas facebook page.
And a direct download of the movie here.

People in the NEWS - XXX movies - Some nice watches!

No - I don't see these movies - I have been made "aware" of these movies - "wifey" - where you can see some very nice watches - some of us can only dream of.

  • Rolex Milsub
  • Rolex Paul Newman
  • Rolex Subs
  • Rolex Yacht Master
  • Bell Ross
  • Panerai models - PVD - Ceramic - etc.
  • Other Nice watch models.....

People in The News - Movies - Buried and RED - Hamilton and IWC

As a true WIS - looking at movies also means looking for watches! Check out the movie "Buried" with Ryan Reynolds. There is some very nice photos of a hamilton watch.
Paul is a U.S. contractor working in Iraq. After an attack by a group of Iraqis he wakes to find he is buried alive inside a coffin. With only a lighter and a cell phone it's a race against time to escape this claustrophobic death trap.

Next is the movie RED (guess what it stands for) - with Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren and Morgan Freeman. Here are a very nice close-up of a nice IWC watch.
When his idyllic life is threatened by a high-tech assassin, former black-ops agent Frank Moses reassembles his old team in a last ditch effort to survive.

Yes - I'm a a sucker for movies - where I can see a nice watch. And my guess is that many of you have the same feeeling.

Linde Werdelin SpidoSpeed - Chronograph - pre-basel news/photos - Limited to 100 - retail 12.000 Euro

The dial looks very cool - and this could be a winner. I'm not normal into chronographs - I have none - but I'm staring to look into chronographs - Daytona and AP ROO.
This new SpidoSpeed does look very nice - the spido case is one of LW nice features - the Dial layout does look special - all in all a new special watch from LW.

I feeling about this watch is - It looks very nice - but is it as much a tool watch as their other models - what kind of movement will be used.

Somehow the watch "looses" a little of the Toolwatch look, moving into the more "highend" fashion watch.

So please LW don't use "stones" - Just my little plea.

Here are the text from the Linde Werdelin Pressrelease.

Linde Werdelin, .., is proud to announce the launch of a 3-Dimensional skeletonised experience, the SpidoSpeed. With a strong reference to the SpidoLite range and inspired by the racing car industry, the SpidoSpeed is Linde Werdelin's first chronograph model. It features a new and more complex skeletonised steel case construction with weight reduction technology while always maintaining integrity of strength.
Unveiled at BaselWorld in March, the SpidoSpeed with be available in limited series A of 100 pieces and will retail at 11760. The new series will be available to order in May 2011

And some photos - Yes It does look nice.

Watch Photo Part 4: MobilePhone photos - be creative

Just because you don't have your camera with you at all times, but most of us have a mobilephone with build-in camera - and the quality of the photos made by these "mobilephone cameras" are becoming better and better.
I own a HTC Hero - the quality of the photos are NOT very good - so when I'm making photos with my watch - I just try to use some special setup - mostly with me in the photo and with "funny" and different frames and colors.

There exit much better phone cameras out there - my old Sony Ericsson did a MUCH better job.

On my HTC hereo I use Android programs like.
  • Vignette - Free
  • PicSay - Free
  • Adobe Photo - Free

But their exist many more kinds of programs - that can turn your phone camera into a fun camera - so with these photos the focus should be on the "artistic" kind of photos.

I have many other photos from my phone - but I don't normally "post" them - they are mainly for FUN - but stay tuned more to come.....

Panerai 2011 Models - Many models - "The vintage" look is IN

ith SIHH 2011 these days - Panerai have made their 2011 models available.
What can I say - The vintage look is here to stay - and with 7 new normal models and 8 special editions - they have something of a collection to select from.

My opinion of these models - well The "Bronze" Sub aka Pam 382 in 47 mm looks nice and special - I don't want to think of the price - way of of what I would pay.

But also the pam 372 - Luminor 1950 3 days 47 mm looks nice - and very vintage ;-)

But is this gone over the top - with fake "vintage" look? I don't really know what to say.

Time will tell if the prices will mean that the new panerai models are for the selected few and "not" for the normal guy.

Some of the new models from Panerai.

And the 2011 Presskit is available from this link from timezone.com

Watch Photo Part 3: The POST-processing - at home with the PC

When you have change different photos on the camera - it is time to get started on the FUN part - The Post-processing of your newly shoot photos.
Basically you will be able to manipulate you photo into different forms and different looks. Black and White, high contrast, funny colors, white balance manipulation, different views, different crops, etc..

95% of my photos are shoot in RAW format (RAW+Jpeg) becasue the RAW format just give that much more options for manipulation than a straight JPEG photo - but with that said - JPEG can be used as well - you just need to make the adjustments on JPEG files, and each adjustment will result in quality loss.

And don't be afraid - try something different - make high contrast black and white photos, play with the colors. Try to make the "colorspace" special - total washout colors.

If you try out differnt settings, all I can say is that the quality of your photo after post-processing will improve the initial photo greatly.
So don't be afraid - try out different things - and if you don't have any "professionel" photo manipulation tools - their exist many free tools you can try out.

Mr. Haagen - Know WIS in Denmark and other places on Panerai

I feel very much like the latest write-up by Kristian Haagen where he talk about Panerai "moving" away from their roots.
I must say that I feel the same thing, I would MUCH more like a additional Panerai model 1,2,4,9,.. or any Series A,B,C than their newer models with inhouse movements.

I LOVE the panerai brand, their community, their look, their background, but somehow I don't buy into their newer models.
And I must agree with Mr. Haagen - the introduction of "many" special versions, Pam 360 (10 years ani. for Paneresti watch forum), Pam 414 (Paris model) , Pam 366 (Chinese model), etc...

I stay true to my two Panerai models - my Pam 25C and Pam 1B - and if I in time should get one more Panerai model - I would go for one of the early models.

Olongapo Bands for your ROLEX or other watch.

These watch bands have had my interest for a long time - these watchbands have a history from the the vietnam area - where the US special forces - the UDT (underwater demolition team) and SEALS (sea, air and land) got these watchbands when on R&R in the Philippines and was Hand crafted in the city of Olongapo located near Subic Bay Naval Station and each band was specifically made for the wearer with personalized emblems.

Finding ORIGINAL Olongapo watch bands is almost impossible (from that era) but the next best thing is to buy one from the same area and just enjoy it.

I still think that I would like to add this type of band - to be used with either by Heuer or Rolex SD, or maybe even more correct my rolex 5513 (non date sub)
Somehow adding a band like this could be a "statement" - but what kind of Insignias should I select.

My only concern is the use of these metal bands is the "impact" it will make on my watches - will they be used without any damage to my watches - or will these bands cause some extensive wear and tear?
Only time will tell.

For Insignias I would like the dive hard hat and the eagle. Or maybe the wings?

Check out the possibility for these bands here - and think about "putting" out a different style when entering 2011.

Anyone for a Rolex Milsub - take your pick..... MW selling out?

Mike Wood - the Rolex man with the out of this world photos of vintage rolex watches. Looks like MW is out to buy something else - what could it be, a car, a house, a new watch.
Well something else - something nice are waiting for Mike Wood.

How about 5 Rolex milsubs,a Rolex DRSD or Rolex Exp II (1655).

Get the money ready for this out the world list.

  • GBP£3,500 (approx $5,500 / 4,200 Euro) - Rolex “Thunderbird Turnograph” in 18ct white gold and stainless steel, circa 1968
  • GBP£8,000 (approx $12,500 / 9,600 Euro) - Rolex Mk I “Great White” Sea-Dweller.
  • GBP£17,000 (approx. $26,500 / 20,400 Euro) - Rolex “Black Panda Sigma Dial” Oyster Cosmograph
  • GBP£21,500 (approx $33,400 / 25,700 Euro) - Rolex Mk 4 “Double Red” Sea-Dweller
  • GBP£15,000 (approx $23,300 / 18,000 Euro) - Rolex “Steve McQueen / Freccione” Explorer II
  • GBP£25,000 (approx $39,000 / 30,000 Euro) - Rolex British military Royal Navy issue Submariner
  • GBP£42,500 (approx $66,000 / 51,000 Euro) - Rolex British military Royal Navy issue Submariner
  • GBP£90,000 (approx $140,000 / 108,000 Euro) - Rolex British military Army issue Submariner.
  • GBP£70,000 (approx $109,000 / 84,000 Euro) - Rolex British military Royal Navy issue Submariner.
  • GBP£30,000 (approx $46,600 / 36,000 Euro) - Rolex British military Royal Navy issue Submariner

Hey Mike - How about a payment deal - 1000 euro pr. year for a Rolex Milsub ;-)

Watches as a Hobby/Passion/Interest - How long does it last?

I have a thought about the things we do - collecting watches, when will the interest wear of and we select to only have one watch. When do we stop shopping around, when do "we" settle down and enjoy "one" watch.

If it goes like all other "hobbies" - one will go through different stages.

  • Stage 1: Interest awaking
  • Stage 2: Slowly starting to collect information and "watches"
  • Stage 3: Hooked - no going back - becoming a WIS - searching for information, looking for new watches, visit to forums daily, discussion on the net, etc.,...
  • Stage 4: Slow down - The interest is still there - but is now a slow burning flame - You still have your watches - but don't buy any new one.
  • Stage 5: Recleine - no major interest in watches - slowly starting to sell out your watches - you only wear one watch - you begin to have other areas of focus - food, wine, family, other interests, etc...
  • Stage 6: End of Life - You no longer a WIS - any new rolex, panerai, AP, IWC model will not get any attention from your side. You have "moved" on to the "normal" life ;-)

There could be many more stages, but this is the 6 stages of becoming a WIS and ending being a WIS.

The time spend in each stage, and the time spend in transition between one stage and the other can be any number of months or years.

Right now I'm in stage 3 - but could see me moving into stage 4 within the next decade.

I know that many of you that read this, is in stage 1,2 or 3 - and less in stage 4+.

But my question is - when will we come into stage 5 and 6 - and if any of you have been through the process, and have come through to the "other" side - stage 5 and 6.

And if you "don't" know what stage your in let me explain:

  • Stage 1: You have a interest in "high" end watches - maybe looking at Rolex - You have a watch - probably a semi-high-end watch.
  • Stage 2: You are now sure that you want a new watch - and have your mind set on a more high-end watch - Omega, Rolex, Panerai, .... You notice people on the news - what watch are they wearing, checking out watches on the TV and in the Movies.
  • Stage 3: You now have a least two watches - know what a WIS is, know the most known watch forums, when on the Internet you make searches on different watch brands. By now you know all "watch" movies - what movie Panerai is seen in, What a EOD watch is, etc... You take turns in wearing your watches, you "take" photos of them, you are a "active" person on different forums.
  • Stage 4: You have you "collection" of watches, but you mainly only wear 1-2 different watches - not any bling bling, just good quality watches that have grown on you. You don't check forums that much, and you almost NEVER post on forums. You don't plan to buy any new watches at all - your content.
  • Stage 5: You start to sell some of your watches - you plan to keep only one or two. You find that being a WIS and having watches as a hobby is a thing of the past. You only wear one watch daily and the size is not above 42 mm - it is a watch that goes with everything.
  • Stage 6: Continue of stage 5 - but now you back to a normal life - you might even select NOT to wear a watch!

And as you can see I'm still in phase 4 - still making photos of watches in funny situations, still looking for new watches, and I have a "blog" on watches - how much more WIS can I get. But I have a ongoing "talk" - can I justify this "hobby", do I really need one more watch or ...
So far I will still be in stage 4 - but I could see myself move into stage 5 and 6 within the next 5-10 years. How about you.

How long have you been a WIS - lets make a POLL - Results will follow shortly.

Watch Photo Part 2: The Setup - internal and external (on location)

Now we come to the actual photo-shoot - and again I will say - keep it simple - start with internal photos.
I start by finding a place with some good light - better natural light than artificial light - but just place in near the window on a calm background.
The just fire away - move around - change the way the watch lies - don't be afraid to try something different.
Here I have placed the watch on a chair and on my knee - and quickly made some photos. These photos are just quick and dirty photos.
I have used my D70 and extension ring on the manual 50mm 1.4 on Manual (D70 can't be used on Auto with manual lens) - and with white balance set to "flash".
The reason I set white balance to "flash" and not Auto is because I'm a old "fart" - and used to shoot with slide film (Fujichrome 100 and 400) and black and white (Ilford HP5).

From those old days I "know" how slide film will "look" when shoot under daylight and other light sources.
And the beauty of shooting RAW is that changing the white balance is as easy as a click.
Shooting with the manual lens and extension ring does demand a little more concentration than shooting with my AF zoom lens on auto - but I like the photos made with my old 50mm 1.4.

And some of the results ....

But I prefer to make photos outside - the light is much "better" and I like the photos in real environments - so the photos are with some "background" action.
Again these photos are made quick and with my AF zoom on 70mm or with my 50mm1.4 and extension ring.

All photos with my watches in water are made with D70 and AF 18-70mm on Auto. That combo is perfect to make some photos without making any detailed planning of the photo.

Here are some examples of the photos in the wild.....

So All I can say is to try to make some new alternative photos of watches - lets try to make some "new" views of what a good watch photo should look like ;-)
More to come.....

People in the News - Michael Laudrup - with Rolex Daytona

One of the best danish footballers - Michael Laudrup - is seen here with a gold rolex daytona.

Received a keystrap from my "private" strapmeister, aka Torben.

Always nice to received a "present" that you did'nt expect.
And the other day I received a very "small" package.
It was from my "private" strapmeister in Denmark - aka Torben.
This "key strap" will be used daily - and I'm looking forward to the patina I can give this "strap".
Thanks for the unexpected present "strapmeister" - it will be used daily.

Watch Photo Part 1: Equipment and Software

Equipment is NOT everything - I still use my old Nikon D70, and with the technology advances this model is way to old.

This is just to say that equipment is not everything but it does help you a little - and for the record I would say that any camera will do nicely - better with a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) than a compact, but some of the compacts out their can really delivery some fantastic photos.

My equipment is this for 98% of my watch photos:

This is basically what is needed to make the shots, but the fun part comes when doing the post processing - and there I would recommend anyone to get a dedicated program to manipulate the photos from the camera.

I would also recommend shooting in the RAW format - which is much better than the "default" jpg file output. The RAW format is like the digital negative - from where it is possible to manipulate the photo in great extent without "destroying" the original photo.
With RAW you have the possibility to change white balance, increase/decrease exposure, etc. The options are "endless".

So for post processing I would recommend a "good" RAW converter program.
I'm not in ANY way religious in that respect - I use BibblePro - as it works on Linux, Windows and Mac - and I think it works well. Other programs might give you the same options - so feel free to use whatever you would like to use.

  • Digital Photo program - RAW converter - Bibblelabs

With that we are ready to move on to making the first photo;-)

And what I don't use for my photos are, macro-lens (would be nice - but not on my budget yet), no flash (I use existing light only - or fixed lamps) and no table-shoot setup.
My focus is to make it simple (KIS - Keep It Simple) - the equipment, the setup and the post-processing.

Next HowTo is on the setup for the photo - internal/external and the setup on the camera - stay tuned.

Watchphoto - Some simple hints and howto.

I will try to make a short - KIS (Keep It Simple) - HOWTO on making watch photos that are just a little "better"/different from the normal point and shoot photos we can all make - even with a mobile phone camera.

I plan to keep it down to about 3-4 parts:

  • Part 1: Equipment and Software
  • Part 2: The Setup - internal and external (on location)
  • Part 3: The Pre-processing - at home with the PC
  • Part 4: MobilePhone photos - be creative
  • Part 5: ....

Stay tuned - the first part will come shortly.

Watches on my next list I'm still "want" - Omega Speedmaster

People that have checked out my "next watch list" will know that I have a very soft spot for two Omega models - The Omega Speedmaster and the Omaga Seamaster.

I love the old National Geographic ads for the Omega watches - the way they are seen as true professional tool watches and less as the "James Bond" watch.

Just check out the ads for the Ploprof and Speedmaster - true tool watches ads ;-)

Beside being a nice watch - the history behind the Speedmaster is very special - It must be one of the watch models that has stayed most true to its "original" design.
A side by side photo of the old Speedmaster (from 196x) with the newest (201x) will display very little difference on the first look.

They must have done something right with that design.

This Quest for the Omega Speedmaster have made me look at Alex and other places - to find the watch I want. Should I go for cal 321 or 861, how complete should I aim for, etc...

Check out the nice Omega watches at Alex, and some other links to Omega pages...

To go gold or NOT to go gold.

Found these photos on "vintagerolexforum.com" and these gold watches are what I call - classy.
The rolex 1680 in gold (model 1680/8) is the most perfect/beautiful gold watch out there...

The gold rolex day-date is also nice - but the 1680/8 is a class of its own. When can I have one ;-)

Never ... But I can still dream ;-)

201O i the past - we are now in 2011 - What will it bring.

With the start of 2011 is is also time to look back at the year gone by.
It has been a year with many mails, request for information, comments, recommendations, etc.
It has been a year with VERY "heavy load" on the site - need to update my subscription to allow more traffic ;-)
But hey that is just perfect - you all welcome .....

What will 2011 bring - nobody knows - but I hope I can add some new watches, enjoy the family, that the summer will allow use of the weber (maybe buy a new one) and last but not least enjoy life even MORE .....

Books: MOONFIRE book from Taschen - Omega Content

Got this book at x-mas - and the photos are just super.
The book is about the moon landing in 1969 - the preparation, the landing, the homecoming, etc.

The photos in the book are so good that it is "easy" for us WIS to check out the watches used. And the Omega Speedmaster models are seen on many photos. But it can also be seen that rolex was also used by the astronauts.

So anyone that have the minimum of interest in the story of the moon landing as well as to check out the watches I can recommend this book.
Some quick photos from the book on my coffeetable ;-)

Linde Werdelin New 2010/11 Catalogue is received

I received a small packet with a small selection of the new Linde Werdelin Catalogue - This time the layout is a bit different from a "normal" catalogue - but in the fashion of LW.
You "unpack" the catalogue - and inside is a sheet for each model and their instruments.

Check out my unpacking here and you can order your own catalogue direct from their website.

More subs galore - Mike Wood - should he stop at 65! (rolex subs that is)

Mike Wood - about 35 years old - and already "thinking" of retirement ;-)

Well retirement of collecting Rolex Subs ;-) - His normal little collections is now at 65 - will he stop there or continue.
My guess is that MW will reach 100 within the next 4-5 years.
I can only say - that collecting vintage rolex subs could be a very alternative pension plan ;-)

What is positive about having vintage watches as a pension plan.
  • It is fun
  • You can look at your investment daily
  • You can wear your investment
  • No tax when selling your watch investment
  • Risk - so so - but that is also true about stocks
  • It could be fun .....

MilSubs galore - Mike Wood is "The Man"

I can ONLY have respect for a person like Mike Wood from UK. His is "The Man" when it comes to dealing with rolex milsubs. If I ever should be in a position to buy a Rolex Milsub - this would be one of the very few people I would trust.
Check out this galore of Rolex milsubs over at vintagerolexforum.com

But that will never be ;-) With the price of a milsub in the +50.000£ range - it is for the very special few.

Just check out this "little" collection - I think this is a photo of the most milsubs in one place!!

For me the Rolex milsub is the most perfect example of a watch - the look, the history, the model - all forms together to someting bigger than each part on its own.

2010 is NOW in Archive - Welcome 2011

Now December and thereby ALL of 2010 of my watchblog is in the Archive section
Remember to check out the archives - There might be some funny info for you in the many archive pages.;-)