The evolution of the Rolex watches - What will be next?

I have been thinking - what will be the next evolution of Rolex watches - because when you look at the slow changes made to their sports line - I think I can begin to predict what will come next.

The present line of Rolex sports watches that already have seen a improvement/change.
Rolex changes in the present lineup:
  • Explore I - size increase
  • Date subs - increase in case size
  • Date subs - ceramic bezel (black, green, blue)
  • GMT Master II - ceramic bezel
  • GMT Master II - increase in size
  • Sea-Dweller became the Deep Sea - bigger size and ceramic bezel

We all "know" that next year will the new version of the Rolex Explorer II will see the light, but what will be next?

My Rolex Predictions for the future:
  • Non-date sub will have ceramic bezel
  • Non-date sub will have the new Case Size
  • The Daytona will have new Case with thicker horns
  • The Daytona will possible increase in size (from 39mm to 40-42mm)
  • Non-date sub with "mat" dial like the deep sea
  • Explore II with new case size - aka the GMT II
  • ...

People in the NEWS - Frederik Fetterlein and Linde Werdelin

Frederik Fetterlein is a "known" Danish ex-tennis player - never did anything special in that respect - this was well before Denmark had a no one tennis player (CW). But after his try-out as a tennis player - the understanding was that FF was a big talent in tennis - but didn't use his talent- FF was more interested in fun and girls (nothing wrong with that ;-)) - but not something to do if you plan to do well in international tennis.
Now FF is some trouble in terms of finance - but that will not slow him down ;-)

Living in a penthouse in London (300 m2) and from what I can see still focus on quality - by having a Linde Werdelin GOLD watch on the wrist - Respect for that.

FF have before been know for his love for Rolex watches...

I think FF have both a LW Spidolight (as seen on TV3 - to dinner with....) - and now also a LW oktopus GOLD.

The "Original" Omega Speedmaster with cal 321.

This is one watch you as a WIS should own. It has become the true iconic watches - and possible the watch that has remained true to its original design - much more than rolex models - and Rolex is known for its very slowwwwwww evolution of their watches...

I have always been fascinated by this watch - loved their ads - I do think that Omega was the first brand in the watch history that used the fact that their watches was used by "professionals" as a selling point. Before that there was mainly focus on the quality of the watches.

This is the one I would like - A Omega Speedmaster cal 321

I do visit different watch shops on the net to find a nice one for me....

I have been bitten by the AP ROO watch

I should never have done this - starting to look at the AP watches...

After putting up my dilemma on different forums - I can say that the AP ROO is staring to grow a little on me.
I must say that the split between Daytona vs AP ROO is about 1:3 or maybe even 1:4 in favor of the AP.
Now I'm starting to check out different models and also special series of the ROO.
It will not be the safari, or any version with white dial. But the version with black dial with or without numbers are the ones I'm looking into.

But now I'm looking into two different models of the AP ROO - the model of "today" (ala model 25721,26020,) and the old" offshore model (25770). Both have something I like, and as I'm also a little semi-vintage guy - I have started to look more into the "old" model.

What I would love about the "old" model is the Kevlar strap ala the EOD watch (AP ROO End Of Days) - and from what I have seen - this is a killer combo.
I don't know if that is a option on the never models but I don't think that is possible.
Beside this I have many more questions - but that is the joy of being a WIS - falling in "love" with a watch and starting to trawl the internet for information - swinging from one model to another - being unsure - and maybe getting one ;-)
These are the models of the AP ROO I'm starting to look into.

The Old model(25770)

And the New models.

And my "dream watch" - the original EOD model.

The AP Royal Oak Offshore / Daytona dilema.

I used to "hate" the AP ROO models - and somehow I still think they make to many "limited" models. Why don't the "just" stand true to the original design and "evolve" the design slowly, and not making special and limited models again and again. That is why I did'nt look that much on the ROO models until now.

I'm still not into the "very" limited ROO models - and have found that their model 25721st is the one I will look more into.

I still have my "demands" for my watches...

  • Tool watches - daily beater - ".just keep on ticking"
  • Black dial
  • "Some history"

I now have a second problem regarding the AP ROO - the price, the movement, and last but not least the "fashion" statement this watch can send.
In Denmark the AP ROO can be seen on many "public persons" - from the hard core HA's to stand up comedians - the ROO is seen "much more" in the public compared to the daytona - and when you compare with the number of AP ROO vs Daytona it should be the other way around.
So for the Offshore model there is some positive and negative feelings from my side. And when I have to make the selection between the Daytona and the ROO - it becomes much more difficult - why can't I have both!!!

AP ROO Positive and Negative.
+ Size
+ Looks - it looks very nice
+ Special - it will stand out
+ Quality
+ Brand name
- Price
- To many "limited" editions
- "Fashion watch?"
- Movement?
- Size vs daily watch
- Is it really a tool watch?
- I just started to like it ;-)

But then again the

Rolex Daytona Positive and Negative
+ Brand
+ Classic
+ Quality
+ Looks
+ "Price" (compared to AP ROO)
+ have been on my list "forever"
+ You will never go wrong with a Rolex
+ Tool watch
+ Will look good with everything
- Size (it is a little on the small side)
- No date
- To simple looking?

So this makes the selection of either the AP ROO vs the Daytona not as simple as A or B.
The price of these watches means that I will think more than twice before taking the jump.

I will start posting on different forums - and have already got some feedback - but more to come...

The AP ROO just looks super...

But the Daytona is just so classic....

But then again - I'm still also interested in the Deep Sea ;-) - Why is there so many nice watches out there..

Somehow I still "like" the AP ROO.

Found this photo - and I still "like" the AP ROO look - just would have to "decide" which model.

But that is the "problem" being a WIS - I would like a Daytona, Deep Sea, Milgauss, Speedmaster, AP ROO, AP, PP, etc....
Somehow I like the AP ROO model - and I do think I'm a "Steel Strap Man" at heart...
Using a rubber, leather or nylon strap can look good - but when the day comes to and end - Steel IS THE WAY to go.

Women and watches mix well ;-)

We all know that women and watches work perfect.

Found this photo of my all time favorite model - Danish "supermodel" now photographer Helena Christensen.

I used to be a photographer in the OLD analog times, and I'm still a Nikon man at heart. And I still have my Nikon F and my daily worktool - the Nikon F3P.
And only manual fixed lenses.

Well from that time - I use to have a saying - that if I ever should photograph HC (Helena Christensen) I would by a smoking to do the shooting in ;-)

Well that time never came - but I still have HC as one of my all time super models.....

Found this photo with watches and HC.

And some of my old photos from my time as a photographer.....

Do I need a Date on my watch?

I'm looking on the Rolex Daytona, and that watch do not have a date function. Can I "live" without that?
Well that is a good question - I have mostly used watches with a date function, and my "only" watches without a date function is my rolex 5513 and Panerai 1B.
And each time I have these watches on - I have to ask my self "what date is it today ..." - maybe it is just me - but I think i "need" to know the date from time to time during the day.

I do think that I can "live" without a date function - and I would NOT like to have the date function on a Dyatona - that would "kill" the dial design. But it did make me think about this function not talked about that much.

The reason for this little input is that I often think that we WIS people "only" talks about the look, value, vintage, patina, B&P, safe queens, beater, etc... All the words and talk we have on different forums - but for me the "main" issue is that I will use my watch daily, and it should "fill" my requirements for daily use. And if I over time find that I can't live without a date - that would mean that I would move away from that watch towards another ;-)
Time will tell - but I think I can "live" with a Daytona ;-)

My no-dates watches.....

And some Date watches....

Yes I want a Rolex Daytona and a Deep Sea .....

Yes - the Rolex Daytona is a iconic watch - and the more I have had that watch in the back of my head the more I begin to think it should be my "next" watch.

The Daytona has the same iconic state as eg. the rolex submarina. And yes I do want it.
The small size of the Daytona have before put me a little off, but the more I think about it - I think that the size is just about right ;-)

And yes it WILL be a black dial - black dial is my only choice - and I do think it will be the "latest" version with Rolex own in-house movement, but I still have a positive feeling about the Daytona with the Zeith movement.....

Time will tell.

Aug/Sept/Oct is NOW in the Archive

Now Aug/Sept/Oct of my watchblog is in the Archive
Remember to check out the archives - There might be some funny info for you in the many archive pages.;-)

Last months entrys

Archive Aug/Sept/Oct 2010

My Panerai strap - 6 months old - what a change....

From my local strap maker in Denmark - aka strapmeister aka Torben - I have my BEST straps for my Panerai.

The quality is second to none - And I have many other straps - from different makers - but the quality of these straps are very high.

But this time I will use some lines to show how the color of straps can change over time - and become much "better" looking and like a pair of quality shoes - it just gets better over time.

Here are the strap I received in April this year. It is very light in color - nothing special - just a nice simple strap.

The strap change - also in April - looks very bright compared to my other straps... - new strap on watch -

That was it - my daily strap for now +6 months - and just look how it has changed over time - And it is the same strap.
Now the strap has the look of a nice vintage strap - just looks perfect - and sits perfect on the wrist.

T or L that is the question.

What is it with the color of Tritium that makes many people looking into vintage watches go completely nuts - when they see a watch where the tritium have change into a brown-yellow color.

I can only say what I feel - the tritium dials with the "yellow" color does give some extra "vintage" quality to a watch - that is why replacement dials in vintage watches - where the tritium on the dial is replaced with luminova.
The dial becomes more functional - you can again see the dial and hands in the dark.

And with the latest Panerai watches - including the much talked about Pam 360 - there is see that the Luminova is "made" to look like old tritium.

I guess that is OK - but I think it takes a little of the idea of tool watches when you start to change something just to make it look "old" - with no real function - then we are moving away from the tool watch idea to a "trend" watch.

But that said - I do like the idea of luminova made look like vintage tritium - because it just looks cool ;-)

Here are a nice example of tritium color with a yellow look - my Rolex 1680

And here a example of my 1675 and 5513 - where the tritium still looks almost "white"

So the age is not the ONLY reason for tritium changes color - many say it is due to "UV" light but there is also the people that think that moisture inside the watch is the main reason for the color change....

So always check the movement on a watch with nice yellow tritium dial - the more yellow/brown - the more reason to check.

And last a picture of the Panerai 360 with Luminova made to look like "yellow" tritium.

3 Classic Simple Watches I would like.

Somehow I have moved the complete circle - well almost. I started with my classic Rolex Exp II, which I selected because I love the tool watch look - but at the same time it is also a "dress" watch more than eg. the sub.

Then I moved into the Rolex real Tool watches - eg. the Sea-dweller , and later subs - but modern and vintage. The watches was still what I would define as "classic" both then came the Panerai period and "bigger" watches. But somehow I feel I'm "moving" a little back to the real classic watches once more.

I have 3 models I would like - and they are as follows.
  • 1) Patek Phillipe Jumbo Nautilus
  • 2) AP Royal Oak
  • 3) Rolex Milgauss

That said - I still think that I'm a tool watch man - meaning that both the Daytona, Deep Sea, AP ROO, Subs, etc. Still will be watches very high on my list. As well as many vintage models from both from Rolex and Omega.