My Panerai strap - 6 months old - what a change....

From my local strap maker in Denmark - aka strapmeister aka Torben - I have my BEST straps for my Panerai.

The quality is second to none - And I have many other straps - from different makers - but the quality of these straps are very high.

But this time I will use some lines to show how the color of straps can change over time - and become much "better" looking and like a pair of quality shoes - it just gets better over time.

Here are the strap I received in April this year. It is very light in color - nothing special - just a nice simple strap.

The strap change - also in April - looks very bright compared to my other straps... - new strap on watch -

That was it - my daily strap for now +6 months - and just look how it has changed over time - And it is the same strap.
Now the strap has the look of a nice vintage strap - just looks perfect - and sits perfect on the wrist.

T or L that is the question.

What is it with the color of Tritium that makes many people looking into vintage watches go completely nuts - when they see a watch where the tritium have change into a brown-yellow color.

I can only say what I feel - the tritium dials with the "yellow" color does give some extra "vintage" quality to a watch - that is why replacement dials in vintage watches - where the tritium on the dial is replaced with luminova.
The dial becomes more functional - you can again see the dial and hands in the dark.

And with the latest Panerai watches - including the much talked about Pam 360 - there is see that the Luminova is "made" to look like old tritium.

I guess that is OK - but I think it takes a little of the idea of tool watches when you start to change something just to make it look "old" - with no real function - then we are moving away from the tool watch idea to a "trend" watch.

But that said - I do like the idea of luminova made look like vintage tritium - because it just looks cool ;-)

Here are a nice example of tritium color with a yellow look - my Rolex 1680

And here a example of my 1675 and 5513 - where the tritium still looks almost "white"

So the age is not the ONLY reason for tritium changes color - many say it is due to "UV" light but there is also the people that think that moisture inside the watch is the main reason for the color change....

So always check the movement on a watch with nice yellow tritium dial - the more yellow/brown - the more reason to check.

And last a picture of the Panerai 360 with Luminova made to look like "yellow" tritium.

3 Classic Simple Watches I would like.

Somehow I have moved the complete circle - well almost. I started with my classic Rolex Exp II, which I selected because I love the tool watch look - but at the same time it is also a "dress" watch more than eg. the sub.

Then I moved into the Rolex real Tool watches - eg. the Sea-dweller , and later subs - but modern and vintage. The watches was still what I would define as "classic" both then came the Panerai period and "bigger" watches. But somehow I feel I'm "moving" a little back to the real classic watches once more.

I have 3 models I would like - and they are as follows.
  • 1) Patek Phillipe Jumbo Nautilus
  • 2) AP Royal Oak
  • 3) Rolex Milgauss

That said - I still think that I'm a tool watch man - meaning that both the Daytona, Deep Sea, AP ROO, Subs, etc. Still will be watches very high on my list. As well as many vintage models from both from Rolex and Omega.

People in the NEWS - Caroline Wozniacki and Rolex

As a Dane - I feel great pride in saying that "our" Caroline W is now number one!

Caroline Wozniacki (born 11 July 1990), is a Danish tennis player. As of 11 October 2010, she is ranked World No. 1 on the WTA Tour. She has won twelve WTA singles titles and was the runner-up at the 2009 US Open.
And I can't say anything negative about her watch - you never go wrong with a Rolex.

Before Rolex Caroline was the the "face" of Rosendahl watches where Carolines lucky number eight is on the dial.

But I guess Rolex made "a offer you can't refuse" - and Caroline became the face of Rolex.

What is the next "black" of watch size?

I tend to see a trend that the big watches time is on a slow down, and I may even see a trend where the "smaller" watches is becoming more and more the trend.
I think that we will see that the classic "simple" watches will regain a strong position in the years to come - and the trend of big watches see a slow down.

Where does "my knowledge" come from - I comes from the fashion trend see around me - from shoes, clothes, and interior deco. The trend is back to the simple basic look.

Less is More.

So I think that I will keep my simple watches - they will receive more and more wrist time ;-)

My next watch list has been updated.

Somehow I'm getting older - year by year. And with that I will also start to check out more "classic" and understated watches.

I will now update my next watch list with to new brands!!!

Why - well because I think that the as I become older - I would like something more "simple" than "big" and "complicated" versions.
I think that the the look and quality of eg. PP 3700/5711 and AP RO will be just fine watches - and if that is not a option I think that the black dial/green glass Rolex Milgauss would suit me fine ;-)

My NEW List:
  • Rolex Daytona - black dial
  • Omega Speedmaster cal. 321 (the Moon Watch)
  • Rolex Deep Sea
  • Rolex vintage and semi vintage models (5513, 1680, 16800)
  • Omega Seamaster 300
  • Rolex Milgauss Green
  • Patek Phillipe 3700/1 or 5711/1A
  • Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Day Date Jumbo
  • Rolex Submariner vintage in GOLD (1680/8)
  • Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore - Black dial - but still not selected the one to be
  • Panerai models - Pam 064,Pam 001, Pam 002, Pam 287, etc

The Old List:
  • Rolex Daytona - black dial
  • Rolex Deep Sea
  • Omega Speedmaster cal. 321/621 (the Moon Watch)
  • Rolex vintage models
  • Rolex Submariner vintage in GOLD
  • Panerai models - Pam 064,Pam 001, Pam 002, Pam 287, etc
  • Omega Seamaster 300

The fall colors makes me think of watches!!!

The leaves on the trees just look nice - but for me as a watch man - it reminds me of watches!!!
The color makes me think of all the different colors of tritium that can be seen on dials and hands on nice vintage watches.

Yes I'm a WIS and I don't mind ;-)

Phone photo

A new watch has arrived to my collection ;-)

I have been looking on the brand from time to time - was first introduced to it via another watchforum - and have since been back on their website to check out their watches.

It is the MAGRETTE brand from New Zealand.
The price was something not to be jokes about - and with these "limited" series of their watches - it was a no brainer to order one - just for fun and to try out.

I selected the Pacific-diver as I'm a diving man ;-)
The watch arrived at the post office - and because it came from outside EU I had to pay import tax as well as duty on the watch.

But I have used this watch during the last weeks holiday in the summerhouse - and I must say that for the price - I can't find anything than comes close.
The watch
The package
The rubber strap

Here are just some quick photos of the unpacking as well as some simple watch photos.
I will probably make a small review of the watch when I have had it one for some more time. But the initial feeling is very good.

I might have to get used to the more "color" on the watch - maybe I would go for a more "clean" look for the next one. Eg. the Pacific-pvd
My initial thoughts - after one week on the wrist is.

Good build - very good for the price.
Overall the package is best value for money.
Have recommended the brand for people not knowing if Panerai watches are to big!!
The watch sits very nice on the wrist
The rubber strap is very nice - might even try it on my Pam 25C

The package/unpacking:

The watch - just some photos

But stay tuned - more information to come.

Have been away on holiday...

Sorry for the lack of updates - but have been away in little over a week on holiday.
Stay tuned for more updates....

Looks like the watch (Pam 360) will not be alone!

Somehow this thread on shows that we might expect additional Panerai models that "celebrates" the 10 years for panerai watch forums on the internet.

If this is the trend - I think it will devalue all these "special" watch models - maybe not to the level of "order the watch you want". But I think that these "special" Panerai models will not be the ones to have. No let me keep the "original" models from the A,B,C series.

The text on sounds like this... It could be panerai but just as well other brands - only time will tell

Dear PuristS,
A number of you have expressed great interest to know what we have planned for PuristS 10th Anniversary.
While we can't give exact details yet, we can tell you that there will be exciting special models and series to celebrate our 10th anniversary as a community.
There will be at least 3 special models from independents long cherished and respected by PuristS.
There will be special series from brands long supportive and friends of PuristS.
So save your buying dollars for 2011; you will not be sorry!

Only time will tell - let the waiting game begin....

My Pam 1B and 25C - I will keep these for sure ;-)

My Linde Werdelin watch is getting more and more wrist time.

My LW Elemental is now 6 month old and have been and still is a "fun" watch to wear.
Somehow the special look of the watch and the fact that it is still "unknown" is very fun for me.

So just some black and white photos here.....


Watch seller is now in "BAD STADING" after selling a Panerai watch with profit

The special watch - the Panerai 360 aka the BBQ pam, aka the Paneristi 10 year aniv. watch - has been sold with a profit from a "paneristi".
This has put this "Paneristi" or should he now be called a ex-paneristi in what I can only call "BAD STADING". This watch can only be sold at list price - anyone trying to sell the watch with a profit will as I read it at once be excluded from the "" community and must seek other forums.

What is so special with this story is the reason for the watch and what make the panerai community so special.

This story can use to explain why owning a panerai watch can be so must more than just a watch.

I must say that this paneristi tread is a little of a "public" hanging out of a person that "just" was lucky getting one of the 300 panerai 360 models.
And as I understand the list was open for all to sign up to. but as the mail from Panerai say - they recived 2600 orders and was just able to send 300 watches out. So this guy was lucky to get one - but many others was not:

Dear Sir, We thank you for your order and for the interest you have shown in our brand.
The Luminor for Paneristi’s Anniversary, created to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the forum, was produced in a unique edition of 300 examples. We inform you that, having received more than 2,600 orders, it has been possible to fulfil fewer than one out of every eight received. We are aware that this fact may cause disappointment but the number of watches produced does not enable us to satisfy all the orders received. We therefore regret to inform you that unfortunately we are unable to fulfil your order.
We thank you and we take this opportunity of sending you our best regards.

The official signup post on is here
PLEASE No calls or emails to boutiques or AD's or U will have ZERO Hope , thats a FACT !!!!!!!

This watch is dedicated to the members and contributors to Paneristi >> Everyone who emails a request to purchase might have a chance to get one happy.gifhappy.gif

I know ONLY too well its NOT a Perfect World , with only 300 units , some m8tes will Score and some will Not , But EVERYBODY will get a chance

My grail watch for is now available - The Rolex Milsub 5517.

Mike Wood from the old watch shop in London - have put one of his many Rolex milsub on sale in order to fund his grail watch!!!

But this Rolex Milsub (5517) is just as good as they get - but 90.000 GBP is also some kind of money..
In case of buying a watch like this - the saying "buying the buyer" - will really be the case, Mike Wood is probally one of the worlds best persons to consult before buying ANY kind of milsub.

The sales description:

FS: "Full-Spec" Rolex Military Issue Submariner Ref. 5517

A "Grail" watch is coming my way, and necessity dictates liberating one or two "biggies" from the Collection to make way for my new "incoming"...

Full-spec "Army Issue" Rolex MilSub ref. 5517 with W-10 engraved caseback.

The watch is fresh back from Rolex UK service, with supporting documentation. At my request to Rolex, the all-important "patina" has been retained in the case and bezel - no "character" lost whatsoever!!
The watch - and me! - are located in the UK.
Priced firm at GBP£90k delivered internationally on receipt of full payment.
Full refund if incorrectly described.
Thanks for looking!

Mike Wood

And now a picture of MY GRAIL watch....

I have received a mail from Panerai: Paneristi Anniversary's Watch

So it is now official - The Panerai model 360 is now "sold" out.
But sadly it was a "negative" replay to my sign up for the Panerai PAM 360 (aka BBQ) watch.
That model have some of the qualities I like about Panerai, history, classy, simple, "old school" etc.
But I think that this model will come out into more versions - same look but with small difference.

The mail:

Dear Sir, We thank you for your order and for the interest you have shown in our brand.

The Luminor for Paneristi’s Anniversary, created to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the forum, was produced in a unique edition of 300 examples.
We inform you that, having received more than 2,600 orders, it has been possible to fulfil fewer than one out of every eight received. We are aware that this fact may cause disappointment but the number of watches produced does not enable us to satisfy all the orders received. We therefore regret to inform you that unfortunately we are unable to fulfil your order.

We thank you and we take this opportunity of sending you our best regards.

Paneristi - GTG - P-day no 9 New York City

This year it is the nine time that panerai people have meet for the annual P-day meeting.

Something special for people with panerai - don't know any other watch brand that could keep this event coming back year after year and growing bigger for each time.

Check out these nice photo reports about the 9 P-Day in the NYC (US) on

Photo no 1:
Photo no 2:
Photo no 3:
Photo no 4:
Photo no 5:
Photo no 6:

100% Pure Passion - this is what I call a nice GTG.

These Rolex guys have all the "luck" - what a nice get-together (gtg).
I would love to attend - just to stand around and have one look at these watches I would never be able to own (price).
Check out (again) vintagerolexforum for these two "photo essays" on the 100% passion meeting.

Photo essay no. 1
Photo essay no. 2

But this said... wooooow the watches. Ohhhh what killer grails did we see. The best 5512's... Milsub's,. Comex,.. Newman... Killy... Daytrona's... so many watches in fantastic condition. Maybe that was the best this year. The quality of the watches there.

If I go gold - then this would be it - The Rolex 16808

I'm a steel/Ti watch man - but if I was to go gold then this would be the one.

Check it out on - what nice photos - This gold sub is the most beautiful gold watch I have ever seen.

My next watch could be a Rolex Daytona - but which one?

I have been checking out the Rolex Daytona for many years - but have not yet added this model to my family.
And when your a WIS - or just interested in watches - the buying of a watch demands a lot more time in finding the right watch.

And in case of me looking for a Rolex Daytona - the questions comes.
Which model (model number), dial color, new or vintage, full set (B&P), special versions, etc.

Well let me start by saying that the Daytona I will get will be a daily wearer/beater - so I will probably not buy a unique vintage model.
So I'm now looking into these two versions of the Daytona - the "older" version with the Zenith movement (model 16520) and the newest model with the Rolex inhouse movement (model 116520).

I'm leaning towards the new model with inhouse movement - but I also have a soft spot for the old Zenith models with dis-coloured subdials (patrizzi) - but I would not pay extra for that.

So my biggest dilemma would be to have these two models side by side at about the same price! (The it would be the zenith).
But find that the price of the zenith models are a little to high to be justified - but I might be tempted if the right offer came by.

I posted some question on a danish watchforum - and got the following feedback from space-dweller.
Also check out this super review of SPACE-DWELLER on timekeeperforum it gives very good information.

Model 16520:
  • More contract in dial - black lines around subdials (white dial) and very light brown on black dial)
  • Case horns are satin look
  • Oyster pattern on lock
  • Nice placement of the subdials at 3 and 9 - not moved up as on new version

  • No hack - not able to stop second with hack - possible if you "force" the hands back a little
  • Seconds at 6 o'clock is better - aka the new version
  • Low power reserve compared to new model
  • Not in-house movement
  • No massive center links - old version lock

Model 116520:
  • Less contrast in dial (white dial) - Therefore the black dial version is to have
  • In-house movement with high power reserve
  • Hack function - and seconds at 6 o'clock - more logical overview
  • Massive strap and lock
  • Easy link in lock - much better
  • Fat hour markers and hands

  • More bling / dress look
  • Subdials is not online with 3 and 9 but moved 7% up compared to Zenith model
  • Sterile look of the lock

And some additional commends:
  • The Zenith is not really seen as vintage
  • The in-house movement is "better"
  • Zenith ve

So now the initial quest of finding out which model I want - Zenith with colored subdials, Normal Zenith model, or the new model....

Let the quest begin.....

Or should I take the deep Sea ....

Big Divers - Panerai - Omega and Rolex side by side.

Nice photo of the 3-4 big boys side by side (Panerai PAM 305; Omega PloProf 1200m; Omega Planet Ocean - Large Size; Rolex DeepSea). I must say that the deep sea still talks to me.

Check out the link on

A watch is for daily use - your daily beater.

There is a saying in the watch world - "what is your daily beater watch".
For some the idea of fixing a car, painting the house, using a chainsaw, swimming in the pool with their "expensive" watch is not something they will do gladly.
For these occasions the term "beater" comes in. Strap on a cheap watch and do your dirty work, and when done - put on your "expensive" watch once again.

For me that is not a option - I keep my watches on all the time - mainly because I see my watches as Tools (I only have tool watches) and the other reason is that I forget to remove my watch ;-).

So for me - I keep my watches on - vintage rolex, newer rolex and panerai.
And remember that the first scratch is the worst - Just enjoy your watch.

Some of my "daily beaters"

People in The News: Man vs Wild - Bear Grylls and Breitling

In the series Man vs Wild the Breitling watch is seen very easy.
It is the Breitling Emergency model that can be useful if lost - and you need a search and rescue party sent out after you.

He really gives his watches a nice beating - and I have only so far seen him with the blue and yellow dial option.

Check out some Man vs Wild videos on Youtube here and enjoy a watch that really is NOT a safe queen.

People in The News: The Expendables - movie - Panerai

I did see the movie "The Expendables" some time ago - and really noticed the very nice "product placement" of panerai watches. Now I'm not sure if this is real paid "product placement" but the watch do get a prominent role in the movie.
I have not been able to get any "screendumps" from the actual movie - have to wait until in comes on Blue-ray.
But I have received some "unofficial" photos from the movie - and just take a look. Sly's Panerai is seen so many times that I did not count. Jason Statham is also seen with a Panerai watch - but not in so much detail that I can easy say which model - Have to wait until the Blue-Ray comes out.

Another nice/fun thing about the movie is the talk between Sly and Arnold - this really shows that Sly and Arnold are very best friends - that the "govenator" takes time to be in a action movie proves this.

So check out the photos - both with Arnold and the Panerai watch.

And Jason:

Rolex COMEX - I could live with just one

The Rolex Comex is the watch that demands the highest premium of any standard Rolex Model. With just some extra writing on the dial and some case back markings the Rolex COMEX is the civilian "version" of the Rolex Milsub.

COMEX is a France dive company - that has been and probably still is regarded as the best in deep sea diving.
But the watches issued to their divers are "standard" Rolex models with the company name printed on the dial and with a serial number on the case back. The COMEX watches has been all models from the early 5513 and 1665 to the now "bad boy" Deep Sea.

I fact it was the need for a dive watch that could be used in greater depths and with the use of mix gas in dive chambers that started the joint work between Rolex and COMEX to develop a dive watch that would not "explode" during decompressing.
The more technical information about this can be found around the net - but basically it has to do with the size of molecules. Some facts:
  • Normal air with 21% Oxygen becomes toxic at around 80 meters
  • Helium value on a watch has no use in the water - only if diving using dive chambers
  • Deep Sea divers in dive bells use a mix of oxygen and helium
  • Old military rebreathers (no bubbles) with 100% Oxygen had a max depth of about 8-10 meters (again because of oxygen becomes toxic)
  • Helium molecules are a lot smaller than nitrogen and oxygen molecules.

This means that deep sea divers in dive Bells/Chambers will be in a space filled with helium and these molecules can more easy come into a watch. And even more easy if the diver sets the time on his watch ;-).
When the divers are to be decompressed (the pressure reduced) - the "air" inside the watch case must escape. And if no "helium" escape value - the pressure will contine to build up inside the watch - finally resulting in the crystal being "blown" away.

So Comex asked Rolex to solve the problem - and the first COMEX watches was standard Rolex 5513 with a valve.
When the idea was approved - Rolex introduced the Rolex Sea-dweller 1665 - in theory a watch made for Comex by Rolex.

Check out the pictures here at and enjoy a small fortune in watches.

And the heading of the thread - Pure Comex Passion 2010 - is so right.
Just look, read, look again and dream on.

When will I ever see a COMEX or Milsub in real life!

Vintage Rolex Daytona

Somehow the old version of the Rolex Daytona is for me the best in design.
Looks like I'm a sucker for the old vintage designs. The 1680, 5513, 1675 etc and Now the 6262 - Rolex Daytona has found my eye - and somehow this design and dial layout is what I would see as one of the best Rolex have made on their Daytona models.

Now the question is - will Rolex re-launch this look on a newer model - just as Rolex did on their Tudor models.

Check out the link on and enjoy the photos.

A day that changed my life

This day changed my life - more information to come.
It is all part of life - but always difficult.

Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller Taken Apart!

Found this on - The friendliest Rolex Forum on the 'Net. Photos of the newest Rolex Deep Sea dissembled so it is possible to see the very though way the DSSD is build. Just take a look at the crystal - how thick it is.

The craftsmanship of the Rolex DSSD only makes me want one even more.

My - reason and history of my blog.

I'm very glad for all the feedback I get on my
The main reason for this watchblog has been and still is - to collect my own thoughts and interest in the watch world. And if someone like the information I put on my blog I'm more than happy.

My main focus has been and still is the watches I own and also find interesting. That is why my first webpage about my own watches was just a collection of information - a static webpage with information.
That page had been online for about 2 years before I started - more or less with the same information to a start, but I quickly added link to other web pages around the world, where I found information I personal liked to read.

The information is mainly on watches I own (Rolex, Panerai and now LW) - and less on the watches I like but don't have yet (Omega, AP,...) and almost nothing on watches I would not buy.

I hope to be able to add additional watches to my small collection (Omega, LW, Rolex, Panerai, ...)- but while I wait for the money to drop down on me - I will gladly receive watches and straps for review ;-).

June/July is NOW in the Archive

Now June/July of my watchblog has been moved to the Archive
Remember to check out the archives - There might be some funny info for you in the many archive pages.;-)

Last months entrys

Archive June/July 2010

A good story of a Rolex Milsub buying - Price GBP 60,600.00/US $94,754.16

People that have read my watchblog, will know that my ultimate Grail watch is the Rolex Milsub.
A watch that for me - it only a dream - I would never be able to justify the price of this watch. But that don't mean that I can't dream ;-)

One thing about buying a Rolex Milsub is that there is a major risk of buying a watch that is not what it is said to be - meaning that one should always check, double check and then check again before doing the final buy.

That is also why it is a very good idea to consult the people that have knowledge about these watches.
And again I would recommend checking for expert knowledge.

That is why this little story on the vintagerolexforum about a Milsub buy is fun for us WIS people - read and enjoy.

And Again the price tag for the watch - 60.600 GBP - on a EBAY auction gives you and idea of the value of a simple Rolex model.

Some photos of this nice watch ....

New watch incoming

I have ordered a new Watch from the "other" side of the world - Again I have selected to try out a "unknown" watch brand. Somehow I keep returning to some watches I have seen on the net - and if I keep returning to the watch - for more information, checking if anyone else have some thoughts on this brand - I just have to try it out.

My friend gmt-geek have once again found a very nice watch.

This time a Omega Seamaster 300m - the "original" omega diver that have have been used as SAS/SBS watch before the very famous Rolex milsub. I for one think that Omega will become the next "rolex" in terms of value of vintage watches - You can still find some nice vintage sports omega watches at a ok price.

So All I can say to my friend - looking forward to taking some nice photos of this new baby.

I for one have the Omega Seamaster and Speedmaster on my "next watch wish list"

What was your watch on the 9/11 - 2001.

This is 9/11 - A day that change the world and a day we all remember! On the 11 September 2001 the world somehow change - and this is a day where most people can remember where they where and what they where doing when they got the news of the attack on the World Trade Center.
I can remember I was at work - when the girlfriend called me with the news. And somehow we are all effected by the events that happened that day.

This was the time before I started into having more than one watch - I "only" had two watches - my old Heuer Dive watch - and my first Rolex - my Rolex Explorer II.

So my 9/11 watch was my Rolex Explorer II.

Limited edition vs Special edition - Linde Werdelin Racing watch.

This time Linde Werdelin have come out with some special edition of their 3-timer - Why a special edition and not a limited edition?. Well this is because I see all LW watces as limited edition - (their numbers for each model version normally lies between 22 and 88 watches).

So this is why LW have made a "special version" of one of their models.

LW have made a racing version of their 3-timer that have a the color red and yellow in both bezel and on the strap.

Check out the video in the LW Lab.

The classic Panerai watches - somehow they over-shine the new ones.

When I see the "classic" Panerai watches - I always think that these watches has something special over them.
And when I see the newest Panerai 360 aka the BBQ watch / watch.

Just check out these watches - from the old pre-A to the latest pam 360
These watches just "do it" for me.

My Linde Werdelin Elemental - will I get one more?

I have now been the owner of my LW Elemental for +6 months - and what can I say.

This watch will be in my collection and get additional wrist time - more than my Rolex watches.
Why? Well because I think that the look and the quality really is so different from my other watches.

The completely different look of the LW watch - makes me look at the watch more often than any other watch (I think). Mainly because the dial pops out and the case is so different than any other watch I have.

I just like it - nothing else to say ;-)

Some "tutorials" from Jocke on Bezel change and tube change.

Somehow I don't see my self changing tubes in the near future but maybe change the bezel. But check out Jocke and his Rolex information - Jocke this well know in the Rolex forums, and I even think he was banned from one forum due to some "misunderstandings" ;-)

Check out Jockes "tutorials" on Rolex here ...

Tube change

Bezel change

Rolex - All you want to know about the Rolex 1680 red sub.

Check out the information on on all about the red sub - aka the Rolex sub 1680 with red writing on the dial.

Mark Lerman have done one nice job - collecting all information on these - and if that is not enough for you - you can also check the for additional information.

The prices on these watches are in the high end - so please be aware - and do your homework and buy the seller.

My predictions came through Almost - The First Linde Werdelin woman watch.

I did a prediction on the future of the Linde Werdelin watches some time back - In februar 2010 I "predicted" the following for the LW brand - and some of these have come through more or less.

  • * Power reserve indicator.- NOT YET
  • * Ladies Size watches - as LW said would come in 2007 ;-) - ALMOST - The Woman Watch is here (same size)
  • * Additional straps - including new Metal straps and Nylon/Velcro straps - NOT YET
  • * Reintroduce of two-timer in new look - NOT
  • * See through dials in other models that SpiodLite - NOT YET
  • * The One - in more special variations - like SpidoLite/Oktopus models - ALMOST - the 3-Timer was the watch

See my old predictions on my LW info page.

Updated 2010-02-18 After the release of Linde Werdelins Oktopus Moonphase last week, and their SpidoLite models in different versions - I have some predictions for the future of Linde Werdelin and what models their will come in the years to come.
Now that we have seen a Linde Werdelin Extreme watch with a complication - I would predict we still have something on the horizon that still we be in the spirit of LW.
  • * Power reserve indicator.
  • * Ladies Size watches - as LW said would come in 2007 ;-)
  • * Additional straps - including new Metal straps and Nylon/Velcro straps
  • * Reintroduce of two-timer in new look
  • * See through dials in other models that SpiodLite
  • * The One - in more special variations - like SpidoLite/Oktopus models

Werdelin explains the history of the brand (Linde Werdelin).

Check out this youtube video with Jørn Werdelin - where he explains the idea behind the Linde Werdelin brand. The reason for the design, the modern watch vs classic watch.

The ROLEX 5513 - a true classic that will forever be loved ;-)

Rolex have many watches in their line up - but one watch will forever remain the true icon of Rolex - the Rolex Sub.

With the Rolex Sub LV in 2003 - Rolex celebrated its 50 years since it first was available.
Their have been many different versions of the Rolex Sub. But for me the Rolex Sub model 5513 will forever be the ultimate Rolex dive watch.

But why this model, and not the latest version with ceramic bezel or one of the more early versions.
Well here is my list of reasons ;-)

  • The 5513 was the version available when I first looked into Rolex watches
  • The 5513 was the version seen in many 007 movies
  • The 5513 was the model used by the SAS/SBS - aka the Milsub (version 5514 and 5517).
  • The 5513 is just so clear in its looks
  • The 5513 is just classic - don't know how to "improve" the design ;-)
  • The 5513 ... you can continue here

Why I buy a watch when I have one already.

I can be sometimes be difficult to explain to a non WIS why I need one more watch. And when you have two watches, it becomes even more difficult to justify spending money once more on a new time pice. The problem can even become even more troublesome if you like me like vintage watches. Then way spend money on a old pice - when you could get a NEW one for maybe half the price.

But that is the why I'm a WIS and not your "normal Joe".
I find great pleasure in searching the net for watches, looking at photos of watches, and creating my own "whish list" for watches I would like.

So I keep my interest and will continue looking, searching and maybe buying additional watches - just for my own pleasure ;-)

The watch of watches - The Rolex Milsub - this time with a history

My Grail watch - but will never happen - don't even want to think of the price. But what makes this milsub more special is the story that goes with the watch - And I'm more for watches with a history than watches that has been safe queens.

If only this watch could tell is story!!

Some head over to vintagerolexforum and check out this watch.

Rolex Submariner - Model Ref. 5513 - Military Submariner - Full Specification
A rare and perfect example of the Rolex MilSub with provenance and delivery letter. Featuring
  • 60 Minute Bezel
  • T Dial
  • Sword Hands
  • Correct 0552/923-7697 xxx/75 Isuue Numbers
  • Matching Serial Numbers
  • Fixed Bars
  • Letter from original owner confirming military provenance
  • Letter from Rolex advising of original delivery
  • Rolex Service papers
Beautiful matching Patina (Hands and Dial). Includes an original Nato

People in the news - Sly on a cover shot with Panerai watch - Movie "The Expendables"

Again with the new film "The Expendables" there has been many photos of SLY with many different Panerai watches.
I almost think that this film is the film that include most "Stars" known to like Panerai watches.

Sly, Stratham, Arnold, and probably more of the other guys - Looking forward to seeing this movie - This could become a cult classic just by the cast - First film with Sly, Arnold and Bruce in same scene ?

And how about some "The Expendables" trailers - just check this link out out.

The Panerai 360 - limited edition - homage to the old Panerais.

Panerai have on the 1 July "released" the news that people from the community could send a email to Panerai and maybe be one of the lucky ones to get a special version of the Panerai.
The design is very nice - and what I think could be a real winner.

People in the News - Arnold with the monster Panerai.

We all know that Sly and Arnold have a interest in big watches. Normally Sly with Panerai and Arnold with AP - but Arnold is also know for his interest i Panerai (I even think it was Sly who introduced the brand for Arnold).

So here are some photos of "The Govenator" with the monster Panerai - the PAM 341 Radiomir Egiziano - 60 mm - so you need to have the size to cary ths watch without looking like a complete crazy guy ;-)

Watch spotting in my summer vacation

I can't stop checking other persons watches, when I'm moving around in the summer. This vacation I have been a little trip to Bornholm in Denmark and after that two very good weeks in the summerhouse with good food, wine, walking and just enjoying life and getting down in gear.
First watch spotting was in the Silvan in Græsted - I was their to buy some paint ;-)
. I say a father with his wife and two children with a Panerai - it was black case and with a cool rubber strap. Some how the new Panerai rubber straps are very cool.

Next time I did some watch spotting was in Heather Hill - close to our summerhouse - Again it was a Panerai watch - But I only saw it from a distance - so I'm not completely clear about the model - but it was a steel model.

Vacation is over - I'm back online ;-)

Sorry for the long delay in the update here on my - but I have enjoyed my vacation very much, and after some days at work getting through the emails, I can finally get back to updating my blog.
During the vacation I have used my Linde Werdelin and Panerai 25C as daily watches - so here are som quick and dirty photos - but expect more to come ;-)

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