Summer is near - last update before May 2010 - The summer is here at last.

Now we are close to the real summertime - official the summer is 1 may in Denmark.
And one more important things is that it is the wife's B-day - so I hope the weather will be very nice.

But to end this April month with some memory's from last summer - here are a little showdown of what to come.
Mainly it will be enjoying the time in the summerhouse - Maybe a small trip to Berlin if times allow.

Enjoying the garden, playing with the kids, performing at the Weber and having friends over for a nice glass of red wine or beer.
The evening will bring time before the TV with a nice whiskey - thinking out loud on how lucky a man can be.

I also what to flash my "new" watch - but more of that to come.
Even if I'm a Rolex man at heart I can allow myself to mix with other brands.

Watches are like mistresses - expensive - and you always return to the wife ...... Just kidding - I'm a one woman man.

Straps and watches - what is the deal?

Somehow the only brand that has been successful in "allowing" non original straps to become a integrated part of peoples watches is PANERAI.
I don't know why other brands have not "seen" the light here - the strap can easy become 50% of a watch design when wearing a watch.

How come that AP, LW, Rolex, IWC etc have not been successful in allowing "unoriginal" straps to become a integrated part of their watches - I do think there exist many super design people out their that could make straps that is equal or better than the original straps.
Is it all in relation to the kind of people that have Panerai watches - or is it something else ?

But I could be wrong - so I'm open to input on more unoriginal straps to other brands.

A quick view of my Pam straps - not that many originals.

Watches and knife - they do mix well

People that "collect" watches sometimes also have a interest in e.g. knifes - why I don't know, but I do find that people that like nice watches have the same view on other things in life. That being knifes, pens, food, travel etc..

We do tend to like the "quality" things in life...

But back to the topic - here are some of my watches together with knifes. Enjoy.

I'm a Rolex man at heart - I think ;-)

When checking some of the nice watches on either vintagerolexforum or any of the good net watch-shops.
Somehow I keep returning back to both vintage and modern rolex watches.
And somehow - I start to see many nice watches on sale - that was not available for e.g one year ago.

For sure no one will make a mistake if getting a "new" rolex watch.
I still have the rolex daytona, deep sea, and "many" vintage models on my next watch list - no I only have to win the lottery ;-)

Some of the ones I would like to own:

One thing is for sure - I will continue to have a big focus on Rolex watches - but will allow myself to venture into other brands to get the feeling - and return to wear my old 1675 GMT - it is a nice change from the bigger watches like Panerai.

I foresee that the BIG watch trend is slowly decreasing - and people are returning to the "classic" size watches.
Time will tell.

Classic "boring" watch or new "fancy" watch - That is the question

This is a dilemma I have from time to time - stay with a classic watch that at any time always will be a nice watch to have -a secure buy for sure -easy to sell again if needed. But at the same time I do feel that other lesser know brands with a design that is not what you would see as "classic" can have something else to offer.
br> I would never have "moved" into Panerai if I just have stayed in the secure "rolex" brand.

And I do have some other nice watches out there in the wide world that would fit nicely on my wrist.

So I say - it is ok to take a chance from time to time - you might get surprised in a good way.

My old Heuer 200 professional Diver Quartz photos

Here are some photos of my Heuer dive watch - together with my ABC equipment (same as for the Panerai 25C photos I did at the same time).

All I did was that I found my old ABC dive equipment (mask and fins) and together with my old Dacor Dive knife made some new photos in the back garden of my summerhouse.

I was thinking of making the photos at the beach - but that knife would cost me some weeks in jail if I was stopped on the way to the beach.

We have a very strict "weapon" law in Denmark - it is not even allowed to have a good pocket knife on you.

Somehow I have become more and more "interested" in this old Heuer watch- I must say that it does hold up very nice for a watch which is +30 years.

And with the new battery - it just keep perfect time ;-)

Enjoy the photos....

Strap changes on my Panerai - be careful!

I just received a new strap form my "strap meister" here in Denmark - his strap are second to none - I have yet to find any other strap that can compete with his quality.

Well after I received my strap - a very pleasant surprise to come home from work and find a strap waiting for you.

I again went a quick trip to the summerhouse to enjoy the start of the summer.
And with me I had the new strap.
I placed myself on the terrace with a nice cup of coffee (Yes I know - A "girly" coffee (with milk)) - but hey that is allowed from time to time ;-)

Now come the danger - be careful - be very careful when changing a strap on a table where the small screws or tubes can fall through!!!

I lost one tube and almost lost a "screw" - I found it on the floor, but the tube was lost ;-)
Luckily I had extra tubes on hand.

ABC diving equipment and my Panerai 25C

Some new photos of my Panerai and together with my very old ABC diving equipment.
This equipment is the last of my equipment from my time doing scuba diving about once every week.

I started to loose the interest in the complete equipment deal - with tanks, etc.
Feel more free doing free-diving.

Well back to the photos - I found the equipment - Poseidion fins, Dacor knife and Cressi-sub mask and made some photos.

There are many - so feel free to check them out.

Check out this watch auction - some nice watches ..

Was shown to this auction - and you can ofcause check the watches online - some very nice watches - checkout www.uhren-muser.de and enjoy the photos.

The Linde Werdelin watch - why do I like it....

You might know that I from time to time have talked about the Linde Werdelin watches, and I even went for a little visit to their danish R&D north of Copenhagen.

Why do I feel that these watches are so nice - well I'm danish and the LW is a "Danish Design" watch.
The watch is also very nice in respect to being a real tool-watch. It is also a watch based on the fact that it should accept a clip-on tool. Either a dive computer or climbing/ski computer. This I think is a first for any watch on the market today.
I really hope to be able to add the Linde Werdelin Elemental watch (black dial) - somehow I feel this design "sings" best to me.

Below are some photos of my Linde Werdelin R&D factory tour as well as some pictures of the Elemental watch - a watch I think is very nice looking....

The Linde Werdeling R&D factory tour:

And then again some more few photos of the Elemental watch - a nice watch

New types of photos to be expected soon

I will shortly make some new photos of my Heuer Diver watch (Heuer Professional 200 meter) - my first real expensive watch.
I can remebmer when I got it - they gave "life time" garentie on that watch - something more than the normal 1 year back then.
I got the watch in a Dive equipment shop in Lyngby in the end 1970's - where the shop ownwer also had a Heuer quartz watch, but his was with PVD coating (yes it was popular back then). But I think to recall that his watch was very scratched and looked a bit beat up.
And when I look at my watch now - It looks beat up - but it still looks very nice.

And I will try to find my old dive knife, etc. And see if I can make some "enviroment" photos.

Some new photos of my Panerai 25C with the new strap from last weekend

Spring is on the way - with big steps forward - Yes !!
So last weekend I was a quick trip to the summerhouse to check out everything - and check if the Weber was ready to do some spareribs or hamburgers.

Well all was nice - and even if it was cold in the night.
Again went to the beach (with big stones) and made some new photos - I will have to find a new place - in order to make more action photos.
But I also made some in the garden - wide angle and in the sawdust.

I will have to find some new "photo ops" - I'm planning to perform some more "artistic" photos - not that much close up of the watch - but more the watch in some kind of action...
I will have to start being more creative ...

These photos are becoming to boring...

People in The New with Rolex Watch - David Backham

Looks like David Backham is happy with his Rolex Deep Sea. And he looks like he is having fun.

How to make your own Panerai Strap - How-To videos

I have been doing som very minor tries with the "nobel art of strap making" but the results are not near as good as form people that knows howto.

Daluca strap has some nice home videos that explains it in a very good way - and as they say a pictures says more that a 1000 words - and these videos are more than pictures - they are a very professional step by step howto for the starting strap maker.
Daluca Strap Video Howto

Linde Werdelin information in PDF format

By chance I found the following links on the Linde Werdelin homepage, where you can download their old cateloges from 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 as well as more detailed information on the LW products. This information is for the WIS only and anyone interested in LW products only.

But as I really like their products - it is always nice to have these informations avaliable for later referance ;-)

Information vedr. :

And some flash videos:

If money was NOT a option - what can be justified

How much money is "OK" to spend on a watch, and still be able to "justify" the watch to your friends.

I'm asked from time to time about watches, both from friends and people on the Internet.
And yes I'm glad you see me as a knowledge person but my personal view of watches might not be the same as "you".

Lately I have been driven to the "less" expensive watches from different brands.
Mainly because the price for my "next watch" is a a bit over the top when I as a normal person have to make priority between a watch and eg. new kitchen, car repair.

So the question can for many people be - NOT what watch do I want, but more what watch can I get and still be "happy".
I know it is a two-edge sword - I have been a VERY keen speaker for "Buy What You Want" and if that is not possible - save up!

So how does this match up with my "new" focus - "Buy what you can justify". I guess that this is a back to reality check - There exist MANY nice watches out there - and if I can't buy a Daytona, AP Offshore, PP Nautilus, Red Sub or Milsub there exist many other watches that are nice and also part of my "Next watch List"

  • What is wrong with a Omega Speedmaster - nothing.
  • What is wrong with some watches that have high value for the price.
  • What is wrong with "unknown" brands"
  • Should your watch be the "correct" brand

I have decided to try out some new brands in the years to come - I will ALWAYS have my Rolex and Panerai, but like I say for straps - sometimes a change is good, you can be positive surprised or you verify your present knowledge that you should stay true to the "right" brands.

So live life - take a chance - try a new brand - It might surprise you....

Watch option for the wife - Movado - yes it could be possible.

To be honest I have not been that interested in Movado watches for my self. But lately the wife has started to view watches as a accessory in her daily life....

I can't really comment as I myself like watches - and would like to ad a new watches from time to time.
I can of-cause recommend her some watches, but i reality it is all down to her own taste and money ;-)

My wife has been looking around on many brands - some I will recommend more than others and lately she has started to check out Movado watches.

Seen from a watch point of view - I find these watches very OK - they have a history and their watch is easy to recognize and is in know as the "musum watch" - one of the few watches to know as the "Museum Watch"
So for my point of view - this watch brand is OK - but I I had to select a Movado watch it might not look like the one my wife would select ;-)

Maybe for the wife ....

The Movado watch brand does have a nice history - It was mainly brought back to life in the US with the new and bold design - the "Sun" as the 12 o'clock dot - and then a completly black dial.
A bold design move by Movado but they keept it - and it is now a Icon classic.

The wife don't think that much on the watch history - she is more into the simple design and the good "look" - classy and at the same time modern.
I will recommend the classic Movado watch with the dot at 12 o'clock if the wife ask me - that is for me "The Movado" watch.

I Have Received A New Panerai Watch Strap

Well - as the saying goes - change is sometimes good - it brings a new view of things and can sometimes be for the better. This is try in your daily life, working life, and for a person with a interest in watches, this is also for the good.

The change might be in watches , eg. I change from a newer rolex sea-dweller to a vintage rolex gmt.
Change from a Panerai sub to a classic panerai.

How about a real change - from a Rolex/Panerai to my Heure quartz watch ;-)

But back to the new strap I have received - it is one from a "one-person strap maker" - the only one I would recommend for anyone that is into straps for their panerais.
I have been "using" straps from a person that only makes straps for fun, but that sometimes gives a very limited number of straps available ;-)

So I have also stared to look for other strap makers that could supply me with some "new shoes" for my watch.
I have some strap makers I check out once every 2-3 months.
I don't want a strap maker that is into this for the money - so the price is important for me - I'm willing to pay a reasonable price for a strap, but not over the top.

Anything over 200 US$ is to much. A price about 100-150 US$ is OK if the quality is good. The extra money should be for some special leather or a very special buckle.

So that means that I miss out on some very good strap-makers straps, as their price is over my limit.
But I don't have unlimited money, and buying a extra strap once in a while should possible with my pocket money.

So that brings me back to my new strap !!!

I decided to try a DaLuca Strap from www.dalucastraps.com

I have been VERY happy with my private straps, but also wanted to be a little unfaithful to him ;-)
So I looked around and found a well known and respected private strap maker - OK he don't do it just for fun, he wants to make a few $$ in the process, and that is OK as the prices are very reasonable in my book.

So I decided to give it a try - a "simple" strap to start with - just to get a view of the "quality".
The quality of a strap is NOT seen in pictures - you have to wear it, use it and abuse it to see if the buckle, stitching, leather and glue is done good.

For me a strap should become better as your wear it - so over time the strap becomes "better".

Here are some pictures of my first Daluca strap - a simple black strap - to try something different from my "ammo" strap I have been using for the last 9 months.

And here goes give a quick review of my daluca strap - very quick - I have only had it on for 6 hours is.

  • Sewn in buckle - that I like
  • Simple design - looks nice and often that works best
  • Buckle is a little thin - compared to other buckles I have used
  • Initial quality looks good and well made
  • Good price - compared with other straps I have used and abused
  • Soft leather - feels good to the skin

Now comes the next month or two where I will see if it hold up to my use, in and out of water, how will it feel after one week, after two weeks etc.

The initial view of a strap is always good to go by - but like a new pair of shoes - it is first after some time the real quality is seen.

Time will tell - I for one will keep this new strap on for at least some months.

So for any Panerai Watch Straps, check out DaLuca Straps, there might a unique watch straps to make a change to your Panerai.

Check out my unpacking below and the new strap compared to two of my other straps.

Marts is NOW in the Archive

Now Marts of my watchblog is in the Archive
Again I would also like to thank all for the email contact to me - it is nice to have positiv feedback for you all.

I get many request for watch information as well as questions on where I have my straps from, and last but not least - many people ask for recommendations.

Remember to check out the archives - There might be some funny info for you in the many archive pages.;-)

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