Looks like the "old" Rolex numbering has changed

It is a walk in the Jungle when trying to match your rolex serial with the correct year. I have from a very knowledgeable source (Copenhagen Rolex AD for last 30 years) that you can't really use the serial for date verification after about 1970.

But people around the world have made a very good effort in making list that define the year of the rolex based on the serial.
But it really looks like Rolex is changing the serial numbering as well as the case numbers for different designs.
Now we have to decipher the serial code from Rolex ;-) - Well it is all in a days work for a WIS ;-)
New Rolex Serial:

And for the case design, Rolex have also change the way case numbering should be performed. From being one case number pr. model to have multiple models within same case number-

Watch photo no. 9 - The Watch with another "object"

I'm about to reach the end of different kinds of watch photo. How many different watch photo types can we have - I'm uo to number 9 now.
And have been around the many different types.

  • No. 1 - Watches and food photos
  • No. 2 - Hand in pocket photos
  • No. 3 - Watches and Water photos
  • No. 4 - Hand in front of you photos
  • No. 5 - watches and drinks photos
  • No. 6 - Watch photo with a story
  • No. 7 - Watch Window Shopping around the world
  • No. 8 - Watch photo -The artistic ones ;-)

Now I'm on watch photo no 9 - this time its is Watches and other objects.

I know many people collecting watches, also is interested in other object of "high" quality.
And sometimes these are objects of interest is put together into one photo.

I have the same feeling on watches as I do on a number of other object. When your going to get something, get the BEST.

Here are photos of my watches together with some other minor objects - mainly a pocket knife ;-)

Why a watch service can be "expensive" - and what is in service.

One thing that you have to expect when having non quatrz watches is the cost of a service from time to time.

I can remember when I got my first Rolex - my Explorer II (16550) - that is one nice watch :-)
And any mechnical watch should recive a service each 4-8 years - well their exist many ideas about the time between each service, but we can all agree that it probally is "best" if a watch get a service at least within 10 years.
After about 8 years I send my Rolex Exp II to its first service. And the cost was about 1/10 of the original price of my Rolex. And for that price I could buy a nice watch of a other brand.

So many people ask - why have these watches - when I have to pay the price of a "new" watch just have give it a service?.
Well that is something I'm willing to pay - and why my rolex that are more than 40 years old (my Rolex GMT 1675) look like new.
And I expect my watches to follow me for many more years, and keep on ticking and just look cool.

Then I found this thread about a guy that had a service of his AP (5402 Jumbo) and asked to have all parts that was "replaced" back with his watch.
Just take a look - it almost look like the number of spare parts could build a new watch - so the price of a service does included more than one would normal expect.

And here is the "serviced" watch - looks like new - correct. And the watch is +30 years !!

And check out my Rolex GMT from 1961 - It still looks nice ;-)

When "inexpensive" watches can be OK - Yes why not.

Many people have problems understanding why I buy and have watches that cost about a month salary.

Well I can understand their viewpoint and for my wife - she can't understand anything - she see watches as a accessory. She looks at watches more in the line of fashion and could easily think of buying watches just because they match some shoes!!!

I was directed to shopNBC.com by a thread on timezone.com - where the focus was on the Fav. quote from ShopNBC ... - so I checked it out - and my wife like it ;-)
So many watches to a "good" price.
And I have been checking out the INVICTA watches - I could remember this brand from when I was looking for my rolex - I could have a INVICTA "rolex" - but decided in the end against it back then.
But they do have some nice fashion watches - well why not be "fresh" and try some bling bling when going to a party.
I even found this nice watch case to a OK price - I'm more to "pelican" cases than a "woodbox" for my watches.

I can respect "inexpensive" watches like these - but can NEVER accept fakes or replica watches.

Check these fashion watches :

Show me your Desktop background picture - is it watch related?

At my work I have a watch photo on my desktop - so all my fellow work colleages can see that I'm a WIS man ;-)

I have been asked a number of times - Why I have this as my desktop picture - looks like people can't see the normal in having a watch as background.

So lets see your Desktop background - if it is watch related.
Here is miy - my trusty old Rolex 5513 - in black & white.

Watch photo no.8 - The artistic ones ;-)

I will trouble you all again with some more watch photos. This time I think about watch photos that have been manipulated in some way.
The normal photos can sometime be a little to much of the same thing.
That is why I sometimes take one photo and adjust the settings for that photo.
I always shoot RAW with my old trusty Nikon D70 (yes it is a old digital camera).
Either make it black and white, twist the color, or just play around with different parameters.

I do have some favorites - I even have one of my Rolex 5513 as my desktop background at the job ;-)

Here goes some more or less manipulated watch photos for you to enjoy.

Added new super watch site to my links section.

Bas a well know person on the vintage rolex forums and a respected collector of Panerai has a webshop (Cosimo) with very nice watches. Focus mainly on Rolex, Panerai and Tudor.

Bas is well respected and I hope all will work out well for him.
It is not only watches he sell - but he can also help with watch repair if that is needed.
I would love some of these watches....:

What I can Only dream of having.. Well almost

Their exist some grail watches out their in the "real" world.
On my weekly check up of different watch net shops I have "found" some of these watches.
Their price is a bit above my level - but I can always dream.
Some are more off limits than others - but they are all watches I would LOVE to have ;-)
So here goes:

Watch photos no. 7 - Window Shopping around the world

My next entry on watch photos - is related to photos of other watches than your own. This time it is window shopping on watches around the world.
If your a WIS like me - you will look after watch shops, and do window shopping whenever your out traveling.
Just to check out if their is any nice watches, any good deals and compare the price, etc.
The wife think I'm crazy - but I can live with that - one of the hazards of being a WIS....

Which watch to let go?

A question I get from time to time is - which watch should I buy - A or B
And we all know the answer to this ;-) - Buy what you like NOT what your friend or anyone else say.

But this has also made me think - from my little collection I have been demanding on myself to list ALL my watches in the order I would have to let them go if I ever came into that situation.

First of all - ALL my watches are "daily" watches - no safe queens here.
I will not keep any watch I can't wear I will slowly start thinking of letting that watch go to a better home.
That did happen to my Panerai 4B (the PVD model) - I was starting to wearing it less and less, resulting in my selling it to another WIS that did not have my dilemma ;-)
But which ONE of your present collection of watches - would you let go first ?
My list look like this - order by let go first at the TOP.

Well I hope I will not have to let any of these go - I enjoy them all on a weekly basis ;-)
Now lets see your "ordering" of your present collection - which one would you let go first !!

Is new watch models better than old models?

Design is something special - when you have a good design you can have this design for many years - without changing it.
This talk has started after the many new "models" from SIHH 2010 (any maybe also after BASEL) - is these "new" models needed or is this not needed.
And when thinking of e.g. Rolex the change in their watch designs is very limited.

I might be a "old fart" - but I still think there is some beauty in designs that have proven their value over time and can stand the exam of time.
And sometime you see changes in a good old design just to make a new version of that design, but it has often been seen that these new designs is not "better" than the original - it is just different.

There is a saying - If it ain't broke don't fix it"

I don't know if that is the same for watches - but if you have a design that works - I suggest that the changes should be done very careful.

  • The original Rolex sub, has evolved over time but is still easy to see as a rolex sub.
  • The omega Speedmaster is also a old proven design.
  • The Breitling navitimer is also a proven original design - agree it is special, but they stay true to the original design, and how many of us need a slide ruler in our daily life?.

I'm for slowly evolution of watch designs - I think that Rolex is the best example of the "correct" focus of watch design - Rolex also stay true to the original idea - I have yet to see a rolex model only available for eg. 5 years - I think the shortest lifetime of a given rolex model is at least 10 years - and they keep the same design for years and years and "only" improve the design to ensure that the "quality" being improved without to much changes.
Just remember the uproar that came when rolex introduced the rolexrolexrolex on the inner ring.
That was a "major design change" as seen from the rolex brand.

Just my thoughts after the new releases of many new watch models from major brands.

Here are some rolex models with many years between they where made. From 1961 (gmt) to 2004 (Sub LV)

Added my personal facebook account for anyone speaking English.

I have told you that facebook and other online communities are on the raise so I have added a little facebook account where all is welcome to join.

And I therefor selected to have a FB account for watch "related" friends in the growing online community.

I will see if I get any "friends" here.

My NEXT WATCH List status update

Have just updated my next watch list - somehow I have made some minor changes to the list, that have moved some watches up and others down.
Well that is the way it goes with this list - there are changes from time to time.

So my next watch list is now with these at the top.

  • Linde Werdelin Elemental
  • Rolex Daytona - black dial
  • Rolex Deep Sea
  • Omega Speedmaster cal. 321/621 (the Moon Watch)
  • Rolex vintage models
  • Rolex Submariner vintage in GOLD
  • Panerai models - Pam 064,Pam 001, Pam 002, Pam 287, etc
  • Omega Seamaster 300

Now I only have to save up ;-)

Winter time is reading time

In this dark winter time it is nice to be able to sit with a cup of coffee and enjoy some quality watchbook reading ;-)

I have not been buying that many books lately but would love to have one or two new watch books to have around me when I have some spare time and can dive into the world of watches.

When I don't have any new books, I enjoy reading watch brochures - Yes I know its a bit crazy but I'm a WIS and even if my wife think I'm a little strange I keep reading books and brochures.
I do have some books I would like to add to my bookshelf - but I have to justify the price.

Here is my little line up of books for the winter time reading.

But I also read watch brochures - yes I really do ;-)

And many others - I don't have pictures of right now ;-)

Watch brands and Facebook - the futur is online

We are entering the online age - where people are more connecting via the web than via the old school way of having friends and getting information.
And in order to follow the trend, watch brands are starting to "invade" these communities to be where their customers might be, and be part of the growing communities around and to build a presence and trust.

There is a growing need for people to be online all the time and anywhere, with the wireless access, online via mobile phones, ipods, htc, "android", and last the ipad.
We are moving towards the individual trust that people can have towards a brand because they can interact with them, they can trust them because they can ask questions, etc. People will like to feel connected to their "watch-dealer" and the "brand" - not just because of a name but because of the trust they "feel" is possible when it is possible to communicate directly with the "brand".

So we are moving away from people "trusting" a brand because of the name and towards the trust gained via online communities where people can feel connected to their brand and ask questions directly to the "supplier" of watches (I will talk about watches - but the trend is general).

This means that in the future there will of-cause be a "brand" effect - people have their "knowledge" of eg. Rolex, Omega, Casio, Panerai, Sekio and Patek from somewhere - but this knowledge might not be correct.

But as you all very well know - this knowledge is often not correct. The real information you will first start to get when you join different forums where people from all over the world can answer ANY question you might have. But again these forums are spread around - +400 forums about rolex, +300 forums about Omega, +100 forums about Panerai, etc.

This is why we see a growing number of "official" watch brands beging to be active on the different online communities.

A quick check shows pr. 18/2/2010:
Please be aware that NOT all facebook pages are official!

  • Omega - Product - 12.792 fans
  • Rolex - Product - 42.632 fans
  • Panerai - Product - 2.395 fans
  • Sinn - Product - 123 fans
  • Linde Werdelin - Product - 344 fans
  • Patek Philippe - Business - 1.911 members
  • Audemars Piguet - Product - 1.143 fans
  • and many more - just make a quick search on eg. facebook

I suspect that we have only seen the start of this trend, so stayed tuned.
Another reason for watch brands to be active here is that the BEST sales persons is the people that are "fans" of their watches.
We all know that we listen more to people in the community than to normal sales people, as these are only their to make a sale and make a Euro ;-)

So if watch brands can engage people in the community - it is the best "money" spend.

Linde Werdelin - What will come next - power reserve and ladies watches?

After the release of Linde Werdelins Oktopus Moonphase last week, and their SpidoLite models in different versions - I have some predictions for the future of Linde Werdelin and what models their will come in the years to come.

Now that we have seen a Linde Werdelin Extreme watch with a complication - I would predict we still have something on the horizon that still we be in the spirit of LW.

  • Power reserve indicator.
  • Ladies Size watches - as LW said would come in 2007 ;-)
  • Additional straps - including new Metal straps and Nylon/Velcro straps
  • Reintroduce of two-timer in new look
  • See through dials in other models that SpiodLite
  • The One - in more special variations - like SpidoLite/Oktopus models

Will the Rolex Kermit become "history" after BASEL ?

This is the never ending story - will the Rolex Green Sub - the 50 year anniversary sub be history as we know it after this years BASEL.
I think it will be removed from the current line up in the version we know of today.
The reason for this is that Rolex will introduce more ceramic bezels and add the maxi dial to "all" their subs.

People have be talking about this on multiple forums, rumors have been around, but as it always is for Rolex, noting is for sure until Rolex reveal their lineup.

There is many different views of the Rolex Green Sub (16610LV) - some like it some don't - I would love to know the ration of green subs vs normal subs sold.
I very seldom see the green sub in real life.

And the talk about that the "original" Green Sub (LV sub = Lunette Verte Sub) will become highly collectible when/if it is discontinued this year I find less convincing.
The LV will have been around from end 2003 until now (that is a period of 7 years) - and it that period there has been multiple variations of the Green Sub, last with the addition of the rolexrolexrolex engraving on the ring close to the dial of the watch.

I for one like my Green Sub - Don't love it - but think it has a place in the line up.
If it was not for the Green Sub the only way to get some color into your watch life was the Rolex GMT ;-)

That is also why I think that the Rolex GMT with Pepsi bezel is the a super nice watch.

But lets wait and see what the BASEL will bring for Rolex.

What is a fair amount to spend on a watch?

This I have been asked many times - how can someone justify spending 5-10-15-20% of a yearly salary on a watch?
This is very difficult to answer - I think their exist a fine line between interest,passion and "to much".
We all know that the difference between a man and a boy is the price of their toys.
So spending money on a car, boat, exotic travel, diving, climbing or stamps can easily be just as expensive as a watch.

But even me as a person interested in watches their is a line - where I can start thinking "what was he thinking - that is just to much!".

But as long as their is passion in the person collecting watches - and the watches are not seen as trophy's I'm almost OK.
Here is my list of people collection watches and what I think of them ;-)

  • Watches with stones, brilliants, diamonds, etc - To much - Show of - No respect - They must have the money from somewhere not legal ;-)
  • Expensive watches - Gold - Can be OK - some watches of gold is less expensive than some steel models
  • Platinum watches - I have mixed feelings - somehow I can't understand this. Platinum is like steel - but more expensive than gold...
  • Limited editions on expensive watches - again don't really think to well about this
  • Vintage watches - people are buying these for their interest - not to show off
  • Expensive modern watches - if classic that OK - can show a knowledge of watches
  • Less expensive watches - but special design - buying these for the interest in watches - and not for the price
  • Cheap watches - no interest in watches - don't care - paying more than XX for a watch is stupid

Watch photo no.6 - Photos and watches with a story

My next entry on watch photos is watch photos with a story.

By that I mean that your can tell a story over a number of photos and not just one watch photo.
I don't have that many watch photo stories but I do have a few.

This is the kind of watch photos that are fun to "read" - how can you put a story together that will include watches and still have "meaning".

I have the following options:
  • watch photos in daily life
  • watch photos goes window shopping
  • watch photos making food (ala the food photos)

Here are some of my watch photo stories.

Making a cup of expresso:

Making the grill ready:

And Wacth window shopping in Copenhagen:

Depeche Mode - Special edition Hubolt watch !!!

One of my favorite songs are Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode - I'm not normal that much into music - but that song is so cool.
After I saw Personal Jesus on TV - I was hooked.
And now AP and DM have "joined" to make a special watch to help kids with cancer - what could be a better way to help others.

From the watch point of view I think that the different brands should be careful when making limited editions. One brand that make to many limited editions is AP - with their many different kinds of Royal Oak Offshore models in limited editions. That kind of editions I think is to much thinking of money (as making limited editions is as easy as saying 1.2.3) - but I can stand behind it when the meaning is to raise money for a good cause.

So this Hubolt watch has my blessing ;-)

Twelve unique timepieces bearing the album artwork of Depeche Mode's legendary studio albums will be sold via an online auction with all proceeds from the sale going to the Teenage Cancer Trust.
On February 17th Depeche Mode will open the 10th season of concerts organised by the charity Teenage Cancer Trust (TCT) at the Royal Albert Hall in London with The Horrors announced as their special guests.
On this occasion, and in support of this cause, Depeche Mode and Hublot have joined forces to produce twelve exclusive boxed sets. In side these exquisitely designed presentation boxes, fans of Depeche Mode will find a treasure chest of exclusive materials chosen by the band.
Each box contains:
  • A deluxe vinyl version of the album
  • A USB Key containing a digital edition of the album and documentary about the making of the album
  • An original album artwork print and a framed gold CD.
  • In addition each box will boast a photograph signed by all members of the group who contributed to the album including Vince Clarke and Alan Wilder.

Check out the watch here at DM own site and on timezone.com

Linde Werdelin - with a first - Extreme watch with "complication"

Just received this newsletter from Linde Werdelin.

LINDE WERDELIN, the leading sports watches and attachable instruments manufacturer is proud to present of a new addition to the Oktopus family, the Oktopus Moonphase complication. Powered by a Frederic Piguet movement (calibre 1150) and with a moonphase complication built by Danish-born Svend Andersen, this is a unique combination of design and craftsmanship, which depicts the moon phases with photorealistic luminous discs and gives a countdown to the next half or full moon. Limited to 29 pieces, connoting to the days before the next full moon, the Oktopus Moonphase will be available to pre-order from September 2010 on LindeWerdelin.com.

What I think about this - well I think it was about time, putting something that is normal only seen in dress watches.
And why should the more extreme sports watches not have the possibility of features not normally seen in these watches - what can be next.

Watch photo no.5 - Watches and Drinks

Welcome to the fifth entry about watch photos.
This time I will focus on drinks.

My list so far is:

  • No. 1 - Watches and food photos
  • No. 2 - Hand in pocket photos
  • No. 3 - Watches and Water photos
  • No. 4 - Hand in front of you photos
  • No. 5 - watches and drinks photos
And expect more to come.

This time it has come watches and drinks - any photo with a drink and a watch will be OK for this category.

These photos are just FUN - no special reason for the watch other than in a daily situation.
Many times these photos are done when in a relaxed movement - with friends, on holiday, etc.
These kind of photos are just nice and easy - and many times it is done in the sun ;-)

Watch photo no. 4 - The Hand in front of you shoot

Next on my little list of watch photo sessions that is a little different from the standard static watch on the table shoot is the well known "Hand in front photo".
These photos is mainly done when on special places where you quickly can put your hand up in front of you and snap a quick photo.
These photos can be done quickly and without any people taking any notice.
Something that is a little more difficult when making the watches and water photos where you jump around trying to get the best photo.

Here are some of mine "hand in front" photos.

Its all in the Name - Value of a watch based on person

I can see that people are very interested in watches owned by famous people - Can we make a funny experiment and I welcome any input. We all know the expected price for most watches on sale - give or take some. It will not be any major deal to make an educated guess of the price of a Rolex Mat dial 5513 from 1976, a Panerai PVD 4B T-dial, or a Rolex Daytona with a Paul Newman dial or a Omega Speedmaster.

That is the easy part - now comes the challenge - How much extra does the value increase when the watch used to belong to a "famous" person (real or fictive). The Normal price is the price of the watch without a known person owning it.

We have many examples of watches that have fetched good prices lately by known people.

  • Omega Seamaster worn in the James Bond Movie
  • Steve McQueens rolex
  • Eric Clapton rolex
  • ...

I don't plan to put the real estimate on here - just a factor of the increased value of the watch if the person owning it before was a "known" man/woman of the News.

So here goes:

  • 500 x normal price - Omega Speedmaster worn by Neil Armstrong on Apollo 11
  • 250 x normal price - Omaga Speedmaster worn in space in early Apollo program
  • 50 x normal price - The Original Paul Newman Daytona
  • 20 x normal price - Omega Speedmasters Watches worn in space - NASA
  • 20 x normal price - Che Guevara GMT watch
  • 15 x normal price - Sly's Rambo Panerai
  • 15 x normal price - Arnolds EOD watch
  • 15 x normal price - Chuck Yeagers GMT
  • 10 x normal price - James Bond original Rolex Sub (old films - Connery and Moore)
  • 10 x normal price - James Bond original Omega Seamaster (new films)
  • 5 x normal price - Any of Eric Claptons rolex
  • 5 x normal price - US president watch
  • And many more

Let me have some more input from you all - what other watches can we think off.

This is ONLY a very rough guess - but it is fun to see the impact of a watch’s history.

People in The News - Eric Clapton's Sub

Some more Eric Clapton news - his 5513 with numbers (3-6-9) is so nice - what a nice find. I can only guess about the price - but should we bet about 20.000 US$
Still a nice find for that price.
From the link on vintagerolexforum.com comes the following information:

So when the opportunity presented itself, I simply could not resist picking this baby up for myself. It is exceedingly rare to find a correct 3-6-9 dial 5513, but one owned by EC, "There is only one." It is one of the "Kissing L" variety, and you can still make out the underline ever so lightly under the Oyster Perpetual. It is showing signs of age, but its lovely history and provenance made it a no brainer for me to pick up. In 2003, the piece went for just shy of $10k usd, and needless to say I paid a bit more....

Some people have all the luck - I would love to have a "original" owned by e.g. Steve Mcqueen, Eric C, Paul Newmann, Sly, Arnold, etc..

Watch photos No. 3 - Watches and Water

Watches and Water mix well. That is why watch and water gives some great photos. These kind of photos can ad some action to a otherwise less interesting photo.
Water can give some extra action and movement into a otherwise static watch photo.
I really like if the photo is "wet and wild" - put the watch into the sea and let the waves make the your watch wet.

These kind of photos are showing the watches in the some "natural" surroundings, and not the normal photos of watches on the kitchen table.

My third entry is "watches and water" photos.

And many more ....

Watch photos No. 2 - The Hand in pocket shoot

My next "unusual" watch photo I have selected ;-) Is the official "hand in pocket" photo. Sometimes these photos have can give a "better" view of a watch than the normal watch photo of the watch on the table.
The "Hand in pocket" photos can give a different view of a watch, maybe a better view of the size of the watch, how does it look "on person", and in general a more natural view of a watch in "real life".

I "like" these photos - some are better than other - but these photos are has become a classic style for watch photos.
My second entry is "hand in pocket" photos.

Watch photos No. 1 - Watches and food

Sometimes I find the normal Watch photos a little dull so sometimes I take some photos of my watch in "different" situations. So here are some few different ways to make watch photos.

My First entry is watches and food.

Linde Werdelin make Iphone App

We are entering the world of online application and social networks.
I foresee that the social media and online application will be the next big thing for many watch brands.
What I like about Linde Werdelin (apart from their watches) is the fact that they have a idea with their watches.
And I hope they will be faithful to their "roots" and "DNA" of their idea.
Making tool watches based on their original idea.

Check out their Iphone App - if you have a Iphone and are interested in Skiing.

The Ski Guide offers their "insider knowledge" of a high quality ski holiday experience, providing a host of hand-picked favorites and recommendations for ski enthusiasts heading to a variety of resorts in Europe. The iPhone app gives you added value e.g weather forecasts and Geolocations, so you can carry the guide in your pocket and make good use of it throughout the ski season. Download the 'Lite' version for free!
Not for me - for one I don't have a Iphone - I have a Android ;-). (I do have a Ipod Touch - but not used it after I got my Android).

I still hope to get a LW watch this year if all goes well

This Watch I want !!

My Heuer Diver 200 meters Professional

Some new photos of my Heuer 200 meter Professional - my first expensive watch. But still going strong.

Somehow its still a super nice watch - a watch where the design "display" tool watch.
Enjoy the photos - even if it's "only" a quartz watch - but hey - it have NEVER let me down....

Added one more internet watch shop

I have added one more respected internet watch shop on my list of "approved" places. I found it after searching for a specific watch and after been checking it out over some time and having all my emails answered promptly, friendly and professional.

I now have one more watch shop I have to visit once to twice a week just to check out all the nice watches.
Now my only problem is saving up to my next watch.
I can recommend only recommend you to visit "Kroon Watches" where I have had a good and professional talks with Marco from Kroon Watches.
I can only dream of many of the watches they have e.g.

  • Royal Oak Jumbo
  • Submariner no date
  • Milgauss
  • GMT Master II Ceramic
  • Deepsea Seadweller
  • Deepsea Seadweller
  • ...

They also have special watches - maybe not for me - but it's nice to see them as a WIS.

Watch brands and their future in the Facebook generation

Lets face it - we are well into the facebook/twitter/.. generation where all and everybody is on some kind of relation to the world over the net. That being Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, or some of the other social networks that exist around on the internet.
And with the Iphone, HTC and other smart-phones we are all online - in contact with the world - 24 hours a day anywhere we are.

The interaction between watch brands and their "users" have evolved slowly - but what is the next step.
  • Pre 1997 - People could request catalog from watch brands - no interaction
  • 1997-2002 - People can join news-mail on few selected brands - the most proactive brands only
  • 2003-2005 - Most brands are on the internet and many brands have the newsletters
  • 2006-2009 - Brands are starting to use social networks - very slow start
  • 2010-2012 - Social Networking for watch brands will be more and more important.
  • 2013-20xx - Watch brands are seen as life statements more than "only watch" brands

I expect we will see much more interaction between watch brands and their users or potential user on the net. There will come a focus having the daily user recommend watches.
Watch brands will have to be more than "just" a nice watch of high quality.
This is especially something that will be a key factor for new and/or small brands that what to make a niche in the many different watch types and price groups that exist.

I expect the following will happen in the year(s) to come:
  • Watch brands become active in social networks
  • Watch collectors and watch enthusiast are the BEST sales person that exist!
  • Watch brands will try to make statements - You don't just buy a watch you join a "group"
  • We will see some "new" ways to sell watches - (I have some ideas ;-))
  • Only the top know brands can survive by their name and history alone (Rolex, PP, Omega,..)
  • Users will "defend" their brand more hard - "brand XX is better that brand YY"
  • And some minor other trends I can see coming...

What is your Predictions for the Social Networking Generation and the watch brands part in this ?
Let me hear you suggestions ;-)

Leather straps vs Nylon straps vs Metal straps

Somehow I find that my old steel rolex watch straps will forever be the best metal "strap" I have. But after using my Panerais for now more that 3 years as daily watch I find that leather straps can be very nice and have a completely different look. And I have also used rubber and nylon straps from time to time, but my main knowledge is with leather and steel straps.

Metal straps pro and cons.

  • No issues with water, salt, smell, etc.
  • Can be easy to adjust in small steps if needed
  • Only issue is that some straps can bite your skin/hair. But if high quality strap that is no problem.
  • They last forever if high quality.
  • If the strap is low quality the metal bands can start to "unfold" and become loose.
  • Over time a metal strap can become loose/flexible.
  • Sand and dirt is a metal straps enemy - it will work as sandpaper on the metal
  • Price is most often fixed - one strap one price
  • In general metal straps are very LOW Maintenance
  • Use water and soap once a week - getting all dirt and sand out.

Leather straps pro and cons.

  • They can smell
  • People have reported issues with skin conditions - rash and red skin
  • They will NOT last forever.
  • Can be diffecult to adjust in small steps if needed - you only have the premade holes (0.5-1.0 cm apart)
  • Low quality straps don't last very long time.
  • Leather straps can have patina - that can look super cool
  • Water/Saltwater is not always the best friend of leather straps
  • Price is very varied - from cheap to very expensive
  • In general leather straps require some looking after MEDIUM/HIGH Maintenance
  • Leather will benefit with oil and leather cream

Nylon/Rubber straps pro and cons.

  • No issues with water, salt, smell, etc.
  • Low quality straps don't last very long time.
  • They can last long time if high quality.
  • They can look a little simple - black on black
  • Nylon straps can be very easy to adjust on wrist
  • Often relative cheap straps
  • In general Nylon/rubber is LOW Maintenance
  • Just use water and soap to clean it

Straps and straps....

The winter weather have delayed my next watch!

Winter is here in Denmark - and lost of it...
We might have global warming - but not as it is now here in Denmark ;-)
Why do I mention this - well somehow this can have impact on watches and my next watch.
I was planning to get a new watch this month (Feb 2010) and was ready to transfer the money.
When the weather situation here forced me to use the money to something I did NOT plan with.
Well that is life and sometimes you have to use your hard saved money to something else.
That is life - and Now I move on - I still hope to add this watch to my collection.
I just have to wait some more time.

January is NOW in the Archive

Now January of my watchblog is in the Archive - with 32 entries
The best thinh is that my number of visits and number of mails I recive is very positive.
If the trend continues I will not be able to answer all ;-). But until future notice let the mails coming.
Remember to check out the archives - There might be some funny info ;-)

When buying a watch - do you think of this as a watch for the next generation?

We all know the PP ads about - "you don't own a PP - you look after it for the next generation". Somehow I like that idea.

When out looking for a new watch or an old watch for that matter that cost about a month salary - we are all very aware of the price. The price can be high in the marked today - and the design can be special - but the price and design do match the trend of today.

I would not like to get in trouble with the female part - but fashion do have a tendency to produce "nice" and "fancy" things, but when you look back you could think "what was I thinking of" - I will not even enter the talk about hair fashion!!

Back on track - do you look at ANY of your watches and think - when I want to hand down this watch to my boy/girl they would look at me and say - "Dad what are you thinking off - I would not be caught dead with that thing".

To some extent I do think about the future of my watches as I don't buy watches in order to sell them again. I plan to KEEP them.
So of cause I think about the value and design of the watches in many years to come. And this is why I think more than twice about getting a new watch that I don't think about as a true classic.

I would never think twice about buying a rolex sub, model 5513, 16800, 16610 or many other "classic" rolex models. Same goes for the classic PP, AP and IWC watches.

But going out buying a more unknown brand, a watch design that might look cool today and tomorrow - but what about in 20 years from now?
I'm not so lucky as to be able to but watches for "fun" - I wear and use mine and would like them to keep their value in many years to come.

So when I start looking at other brands - I move slowly - sometimes VERY slowly.
You have maybe seen my little interest in Linde Werdelin watches - and have seen that I move in small steps. But somehow these watches - even if the price is what I would call medium to high (ala Panerai) but I have a feeling this type and brand will survive in the future to come.
When buying watches that will lose 50% of their value as soon as you have got it - it is nice to know that it will probably not lose any more value. This is true for Rolex - buy a new rolex - and you loose about 20-30% if to sell again. Buy a used rolex and you stand to lose/win 10-20%.

I love my watches - and could easy see that I could hand down these watches to both my daughter and son when it is time.

My +40mm watches to the son, and the rolex sub and gmt to the daughter ;-)

People in the NEWS - Eric Clapton - Rolex

"Everybody" knows that Eric Clapton has some nice vintage rolex watches.
Make a search on google images with the tag Eric Clapton and Rolex - and you will get a lot of nice photos with Clapton and his watches.
He looks like to be a rolex man - haven’t see that many other brands on him - so if you can find a photo of Eric with a watch other that rolex let me know ;-)
Eric Clapton’s watches up for sale ? - well you get a idea of his many watches...

People in the NEWS - Pierce Brosman - Panerai

Found this new on paneresti.com - check it out - I don't know if that photo is a private one - or from a movie - check here for his movie with Panerai (After The Sunset)

I could look like the same watch - PAM 091

People in the NEWS - John Mayer - Rolex

Again we have prove that John Mayer is a guy with a good taste in watches - don't ask me about his music. There I'm no expert.
But anyone with a Rolex Explorer II (1655) is OK in my book.
What would a evening with John Mayer be like, if you only had to talk watches and drink a little whiskey.

That would be nice. So if your reading my blog John - please let me have a list of your watches - and next time you’re in Denmark. Give me a call ;-)

John Mayer's blog

And you can be sure that John is a "Rolex Man" - check out this on vintagerolexforum.com ->
Looks like he is into Rolex COMEX as well - and according to this information he should have a little collection of Rolex COMEX watches.
I guess there is some money in the music industry - even with pirate music download ;-) .

I believe he has a full set of Comex watches... so that would be...
  • 5513
  • 5514
  • 1665
  • 1680
  • 16800
  • 16660
  • 168000
  • 16600
  • 16610
all with papers and/or provenance..

Here is John and Clapton together - twice rolex.

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