When buying a watch - do you think of this as a watch for the next generation?

We all know the PP ads about - "you don't own a PP - you look after it for the next generation". Somehow I like that idea.

When out looking for a new watch or an old watch for that matter that cost about a month salary - we are all very aware of the price. The price can be high in the marked today - and the design can be special - but the price and design do match the trend of today.

I would not like to get in trouble with the female part - but fashion do have a tendency to produce "nice" and "fancy" things, but when you look back you could think "what was I thinking of" - I will not even enter the talk about hair fashion!!

Back on track - do you look at ANY of your watches and think - when I want to hand down this watch to my boy/girl they would look at me and say - "Dad what are you thinking off - I would not be caught dead with that thing".

To some extent I do think about the future of my watches as I don't buy watches in order to sell them again. I plan to KEEP them.
So of cause I think about the value and design of the watches in many years to come. And this is why I think more than twice about getting a new watch that I don't think about as a true classic.

I would never think twice about buying a rolex sub, model 5513, 16800, 16610 or many other "classic" rolex models. Same goes for the classic PP, AP and IWC watches.

But going out buying a more unknown brand, a watch design that might look cool today and tomorrow - but what about in 20 years from now?
I'm not so lucky as to be able to but watches for "fun" - I wear and use mine and would like them to keep their value in many years to come.

So when I start looking at other brands - I move slowly - sometimes VERY slowly.
You have maybe seen my little interest in Linde Werdelin watches - and have seen that I move in small steps. But somehow these watches - even if the price is what I would call medium to high (ala Panerai) but I have a feeling this type and brand will survive in the future to come.
When buying watches that will lose 50% of their value as soon as you have got it - it is nice to know that it will probably not lose any more value. This is true for Rolex - buy a new rolex - and you loose about 20-30% if to sell again. Buy a used rolex and you stand to lose/win 10-20%.

I love my watches - and could easy see that I could hand down these watches to both my daughter and son when it is time.

My +40mm watches to the son, and the rolex sub and gmt to the daughter ;-)

People in the NEWS - Eric Clapton - Rolex

"Everybody" knows that Eric Clapton has some nice vintage rolex watches.
Make a search on google images with the tag Eric Clapton and Rolex - and you will get a lot of nice photos with Clapton and his watches.
He looks like to be a rolex man - haven’t see that many other brands on him - so if you can find a photo of Eric with a watch other that rolex let me know ;-)
Eric Clapton’s watches up for sale ? - well you get a idea of his many watches...

People in the NEWS - Pierce Brosman - Panerai

Found this new on paneresti.com - check it out - I don't know if that photo is a private one - or from a movie - check here for his movie with Panerai (After The Sunset)

I could look like the same watch - PAM 091

People in the NEWS - John Mayer - Rolex

Again we have prove that John Mayer is a guy with a good taste in watches - don't ask me about his music. There I'm no expert.
But anyone with a Rolex Explorer II (1655) is OK in my book.
What would a evening with John Mayer be like, if you only had to talk watches and drink a little whiskey.

That would be nice. So if your reading my blog John - please let me have a list of your watches - and next time you’re in Denmark. Give me a call ;-)

John Mayer's blog

And you can be sure that John is a "Rolex Man" - check out this on vintagerolexforum.com ->
Looks like he is into Rolex COMEX as well - and according to this information he should have a little collection of Rolex COMEX watches.
I guess there is some money in the music industry - even with pirate music download ;-) .

I believe he has a full set of Comex watches... so that would be...
  • 5513
  • 5514
  • 1665
  • 1680
  • 16800
  • 16660
  • 168000
  • 16600
  • 16610
all with papers and/or provenance..

Here is John and Clapton together - twice rolex.

Video with Linde Werdelin 3-timer watch

The Linde Werdelin watch is started to have some momentum - and this little video of the LW 3-timer with white dial - can give you a good idea on the size and look in person.
And the website hodinkee compares the Linde Werdelin watch to the AP and PP watches - and that I must say is very nice.
As we mention in our video above, we consider these watches a reasonable alternative to the likes of such heavyweights as the AP Royal Oak and the Patek Philippe Nautilus, despite the lack of an in-house movement. This watch isn't about the movement (which happens to be a great ETA 2893), it's about the overall package, a package that puts the 3-Timer at the top of our wish list.
I would probably not go that far - but will agree that the background and design of the LW watches has something unique that can turn out to be a real winner.

Well check out the video here.

I still love the Omega Speedmaster - a true classic

The Omega Speedmaster is one of the iconic watches out there - a watch that MUST exist in every collection. A watch that will never go out of style and forever by a icon.

I have started in the very small to look around for a Omega Speedmaster cal.321 or 621 and ofcause with a "real" moon velcro strap.
I have found many sites on the net that have information about the Omega Speedmaster - but never one with as much high quality information as Chuck Maddox pages on the internet.

He has collected as much information about Omega watch that it will give you many hours of WIS reading.

How about :

  • A list of Omega Speedmaster serial numbers - check here
  • How about information on Speedmasters in NASA - check here
  • Main Maddox site with a flood information - check here
  • Omega Speedmaster dimensions - check here

And can we agree that the Omega Speedmaster is one fine watch ... I want one ;-)

The Linde Werdelin SpiodLite - and the SpiodLite Girl in Spandex ;-)

You all know that I have a little soft spot for Linde Werdelin watches - and I keep returning to their designs. Somehow their watches have a quality and a design that makes them stand out.

Their SpiodLite model which drilled out case have had me in a dilemma - I like the LW design in general - and after having tried them on - I must say they do sit perfect on the wrist when thinking of the size and weight.

But back to the SpidoLite model, something about the dial layout have me think twice of that model.
I want a sports watch to be very easy to read (as their "The One" and "Oktopus" model) - but I had the feeling that the dial design was a little to "blank" to allow telling the time with a quick glance.

So I was focused on there more basic models, The One, Elemental, Oktopus and less on the dress watche (3-timer).

Lately I have started to look more and more at the SpidoLite model - somehow I could see myself with this model as a "dress" tool/sports watch.
A completely new niche for this brand.
The dressy sports watch. A watch that can be worn with the best suit, and still have the quality of a tough sports watch.

I will keep my eyes open for this model some more - but is still looking for the "classic" Linde Werdelin watch - The One or The Elemental watch.

As for the SpidoLite Girl in spandex - she was seen in real life this week - more to come ;-)

Design and watches - when a watch becomes a classic.

When can a watch be defined as a classic - if the design survives more than X years or if the design was a first with the design.

For me a classic is a watch that introduce a design that works, is in the same design for more than 10 years - probably more than 20 years. The design is in the same spirit as the original with only improvements introduced with respect to the "original" design.
The term "it is a classic" is both used when addressing cars, furniture, watches and many other daily objects,
A classic is defined by:

  • Clean design
  • Same design for > 15 years
  • A first with the design
  • Good Quality
  • ...

In the watches I see classic watches many places, some brands have more "classic" watches than others.
The most know watch classic is the ROLEX submariner - it has been around for more than 50 years and the design is so good that even a minor change to this design will cause a uproar in the rolex community.
In cars the design of the Porche 911 is also a classic, the look of the latest model 911 and a early model 911 will show difference but all in all its the same design.
Furniture also have its classic's - the danish design chairs made in the 1950's is still made in their original design and will look good any time - in any surroundings.
Back to the watches - When does a new model of a watch become a classic - and is it possible to predict what model will become a new classic.
Which of the newer models from SIHH will become a new classic? Well I don't know. But I think that there is to MANY new models coming out - and I don't think any of these will become classic.


Rolex Green Sub - aka the Kermit, aka the Tuborg, aka model 16610LV information.

As the green sub (model 16610LV) is probably about to leave the normal line up here is a short walk through of the different dial variations and other very minor difference in the model from its launch i 2003 and up til now.
The LV stands for lunette Verte = Green bezel, and as you will see in on the newer models with the form is now - model number and the bezel type (LN = Lunette Noire = Black Bezel).

Again the net is fantastic - I found this WIS blog that really have done his home work on the evolution of the 16610LV - identifying 8 different dials (Mark 1 - Mark 8). Somehow the term Mark X has become the standard for dial identifications.
For some this fascination with different dial variations can be seen as a little to much. But the it is important to understand the dial variation of the original. That way is can be more easy to spot any fake dials that might come into the marked.

This guy have his Rolex Green Sub dial variation in place ;-) And I think that the Rolex Sub 16610 LV will be replaced here in 2010 with ceramic bezel, making the Rolex Sub 16610 one of a very short run - 2003-2010 - probably only 6-7 years in production.

So respect for this work - and especially as the never models are in less focus that the vintage Rolex dials.

The Green Sub was the 50 years anniversary model of the rolex sub so when it came out you could be lucky to get this information package from rolex.

Here is the different dial variations of the Green Sub:

Alternative format ;
  • Mark 1, Oval 'O', 'R' in 'Oyster' aligned with gap between left and right feet of 'R' in 'Rolex', '5 Ticks', Flat 4 (2003 Issue Models ONLY), From Y966xxx 19 September 2003 To F068XXX November 2003
  • Mark 1, Oval 'O', 'R' in 'Oyster' aligned with gap between left and right feet of 'R' in 'Rolex', '5 Ticks', Flat 4 (2004 Onwards) From F100000/F110000??? F Serial Late October 2004 To ???????
  • Mark 2, Oval 'O', 'R' in 'Oyster' aligned with gap between left and right feet of 'R' in 'Rolex', '5 Ticks', Pointed 4, From ??????? To F78XXXX 23 February 2005/F730XXX April 2005/F8XXXXX
  • Mark 3, Oval 'O', 'R' in 'Oyster' located under right foot of 'R' in 'Rolex', '3 Ticks', Flat 4, From F Serial To DXXX440 2005
  • Mark 4, Oval 'O', 'R' in 'Oyster' located under right foot of 'R 'in 'Rolex', '3 Ticks', Pointed 4, From D090842 July 2005 To D361XXX 2005
  • Mark 5, Round 'O', 'R' in 'Oyster' aligned with end of left foot of 'R' in 'Rolex', '3 Ticks', Pointed 4, From D Serial Early December 2005 To ???????
  • Mark 6, Round 'O', 'R' in 'Oyster' aligned with end of left foot of 'R' in 'Rolex', 'Between 28 & 32 Mins', Pointed 4, From D358XXX December 2005 To Z261804 22 December 2006
  • Mark 7, Round 'O', 'R' in 'Oyster' aligned with end of left foot of 'R' in 'Rolex', 'Between 28 & 32 Mins', Pointed 4, Serial number On Inner Rehaut, From M Serial August 2008 To ???????
  • Mark 8, Oval 'O', 'R' in 'Oyster' located under right foot of 'R' in 'Rolex', '3 Ticks', Pointed 4, Serial number On Inner Rehaut, From M08332X Serial 2008 To ???????

Dial font attributes:

It appears there is a correlation between dial font and layout depending on the 'set' used. By set I make reference to the following possible dial combinations ;
  • a) If the 'O' in the word 'Rolex' is oval (also referred to as 'squashed' or 'wide mouthed') then the positioning of the text 'Swiss Made' is only seen in either '5 tick' OR '3 tick' dials. If the dial is of a '5 tick' type then the 'R' in the word 'Oyster' will ALWAYS align with the gap between the left and right feet of the 'R' in the word 'Rolex'. If a '3 tick' dial type then the 'R' in the word 'Oyster' will ALWAYS locate under the right foot of the 'R' in the word 'Rolex'.
  • b) If the 'O' in the word 'Rolex' is of standard font (also referred to as 'normal' or 'round') then the positioning of the text 'Swiss Made' is only seen in either '3 tick' dial OR 'Between 28 and 32 minutes' dials. In both cases the 'R' in the word 'Oyster' will ALWAYS align with the end of the left foot of the 'R' in the word 'Rolex'.

    • I still like my model - it is a F series - looks like I have the Mark 3 dial - but that don't match the dates he has found / or the model number.

      Here are some photos so I have to check the dial a litte better when I have time.

Rolex Red Sub 1680 dial information

Anyone that is in the progress of finding/buying a Rolex Red Sub (model 1680) have better do their homework.
As said before - be careful - I would NOT buy any vintage watch without doing my homework or buying from very well know source.
I can ONLY recommend to post any questions on vintagerolexforum.com with pictures and as much information as possible.

The persons on these forums are the most knowledge people and will gladly help you with any questions regarding buying/checking a vintage rolex model.

Just check out this thread about a fake dial (red sub) and the information that exist on this topic alone - there are so many different options and correct dials - that it is easy to "overlook" a fake dial in the progress.

SIHH 2010 and Panerai - New models - Old designs

Well I must say - there is some nice watches from the new line-up from Panerai.
But again I think it is al little over the top - There is No problem is putting out different designs, but are they all "needed".

Many of the new designs are "re-launched" old versions - just with a new model number and minor new changes.
Many of the designs are looking back to the original lineup - many models are really nice looking - so even if I'm a little "old grumpy man" on the many new models - some looks very nice.

The look very good - but I'm more into "functionality" - so I might not add any of these to my collection - still think the original 1,2,4,88,... did look very nice.
But anyway here are the nice new line up from Panerai - looking forward to see them in REAL life as well.

Check timezone's SIHH 2010 thread here:

or check out the timezone panerai forum here.

The "new" Panerai models are :

  • PAM00336 Radiomir 42mm Pink Gold P.999
  • PAM00337 Radiomir 42mm Steel P.999
  • PAM00338 Radiomir 42mm Titanium P.999
  • PAM00346 Radiomir 8Days 45mm P2002 Titanium
  • PAM00361 Luminor 1950 44mm Flyback Steel
  • PAM00362 Luminor 1950 44mm Rattrapte Steel
  • PAM00355 Radiomir 42mm GMT/Alarm Steel
  • PAM00359 Luminor 1950 Marina 44mm P9000 Steel
  • PAM00351 Luminor 1950 Marina 44mm P9000 Titanium
  • PAM00352 Luminor 1950 Marina 44mm P9000 Titanium Bracelet
  • PAM00347 Luminor 1950 P9002 Steel Black Dial Metal Bracelet
  • PAM00335 Luminor 1950 44mm P2003 Ceramic
  • PAM00323 47mm P2003 Steel
  • PAM00365 Luminor 1950 Tourbillon Equation of Time Titanium 50mm
  • PAM00348 Radiomir P2005 Ceramic 48mm

  • PAM00339 Radiomir Composite Marina Militare P2002 47mm
  • PAM00343 Radiomir Regatta 1/8 Second Titanium 47mm
  • PAM00029 Luminor GMT Steel 44mm
  • PAM00300 Mare Nostrum Steel 52mm

My personal feeling is that Panerai is now entering into a new phase in their life as a watch brand.
I still have a good feeling about the brand - especially because of the community - but somehow I don't have the same commitment for the brand as before.
But beware - the panerai community can be as hard as the Apple world ;-) So I expect some feedback.

Buying a watch over the net - my recommendations

There are some really good replicas watches out there - so beware when buying over the net.
You might find a deal that is either "to good" or just "good". But remember there is NEVER anything as a "too good" deal.
The saying that has been around for many years in the watch community is "Buy the Seller" has never been more true.
The situation is now so bad (the replicas are so good) that I would think more than twice when buying over the net.

  • Ebay is a sure NO GO.
  • Unknown persons on the net that have something to offer is probably also a NO GO.
  • Buying from a known person over the net is OK.
  • Buying from known web watch shop is even more OK.

I would probably even recommend buying from a know web watch shop as they would fell obliged to be very sure of the originality and any bad buy from these would spell big problems as the watch community for "vintage" and expensive watches are well connected.

As my blog is ONLY for fun - a hobby for me - I would never have any sponsors here that are not "top-dollar" in respect to service, selections, and personal involvement.

I have rejected many many watch shops on the net that would like to "sponsor" my site - but I have rejected them after doing some quick checkups.

So I only have sponsors I can recommend - not "easy" money sponsors here ;-) .

Be afraid - be very afraid - Replicas exist and there are very Good

The price for good vintage watches (Rolex and Panerai) are starting to move into the zone where you pay a very high premium for the "vintage" part of the watch. The number of FAKES and replicas are climbing.
A bad made replica is easy to spot - but the very good fakes are started to show up.
And these fakes can easily be seen as originals - even by people that are known to know their watches.
There exist forums on the net that can point you towards the very good fakes - they call them replicas - but there are Fakes and have nothing to do with the real thing.

And when your on the net searching for eg. rolex - the results would in many cases be 50/50 between links to websites that sell these fakes/replicas and "real" links.

Some forums are deep into the replica talk - having both rolex, panerai and breitling replicas as their watches.
These "kind" of people are not "dangerous" but they do give money to the factory's to produce even more and better replicas.
And with these better replicas there is not a long way to the less honestly people trying to make a "quick" win on selling replicas and the real thing = FAKES.
And there could even be part of the replicas used in original watches - here the dials and hands are the main issue - add a red sub dial tom a white sub, ad a T-dial to a panerai 1,2,4 (L-dial) watch - easy to do - difficult to prove.

So be careful my friend in the world of expensive watches - you can get burned - and there is no need for this - so be careful.

Linde Werdelin - The new line up and their old line up

If your into Linde Werdelin watches - like me - I'm hoping to ad a LW watch to my collection in 2010 you will be having following the brand on the net - and if your lucky been able to try out their watches in a shop.

But of-cause you also have the possibility to try out the watch - or in reality multiple watch models via the Linde Werdelin very special TRY-IT program. The program still list the "Elemental" as part of the "try-it" set - but as of now the Elemental is no longer available :-(.

The pieces available in this set are Elemental watch and Land Instrument I from our Original Collection, and SpidoLite, Oktopus, 3-Timer, The One, and The Rock (Land Instrument II), from our New Collection.

I would love to have a go on this "try-it" set - but I'm probably as many other people - receiving a bag with that many watches, tools etc. I would feel a little unsure - when sending it back.
I know LW have done all in their power to remove the hassle from you as a potential buyer - but ....

Well I migt give it a go - Linde Werdelin PLEASE contact me ;-)

Back on track.
When you visit Linde Werdelin's home page you can only see their NEW line up - nothing will give indication of their "original" line up.

But if you dig a little deeper - You can still find their original line up of watches, The Elemental, The Two-Timer and The DLC versions.

The links to the new collections is here

But how about their Original Line up - have the gone missing - I have found the missing link.

Elemental line up - All sold out
Two-Timer line up - All sold out?
Hard DLC line up - All sold out?

Again this information is Only for the WIS.
I would love to have the Elemental - but as ALL sold out - I have to find one ....

Of Linde Werdelin's new line-up - I'm into "The One" and the "Oktupus", the Spidolite and the 3-Timer - don't sing to me as high. But have not had the possibility to try them out. And with LW watches - the quality is better than expected when you try them out.
I can refere to my little visit to the Linde Werdelin R&D in Copenhagen.

Old Line up - going - going - gone ...

New Line up...:

List of Watch Catalogs - request information

Found this posted on the internet - a new forum I didnt know about - well the Internet is so full of information.

Found this page that listed all the watch brands where you can receive a catalog from. You can try.
Some are limited to the US - but some can be ordered over the internet.

And as they say it will make a nice coffee table spread.

So here goes.....

I have NOT contacted them - yet - I might do it - but taking one at a time.

Which watch brand will brought up Next by Richemont?

When you look at all the different watch brands around the world - many is "owned" by a single owner - and Richemont group is in the forefront.
List of watch brands on wiki
When I think of the finance crises in 2009 I begin to think that there might exist some brands out there that are more than ready to accept a offer they can't refuse - if the deal is "good".

I can foresee that the Richemont group could be on the look out for new good deal to cover a wider range of watch types.
At present the Richemont group owns at least the following watch brands:

  • A. Lange & Sohne - high level dress watches
  • Jaeger LeCoultre - high level semi dress wacthes
  • IWC - medium level sports/pilot watches
  • Panerai - medium to high level big watches
  • Roger Dubuis - very high level "fashion" watches

They might own other minor brands - but they have have been very active in making a "statement" on the watch scene. So I questions is what next watch brand will the Richemont Group add to their line up in 2010?
I have some candidates - and there might be others...

So I think they miss medium to high level TOOL watches - and maybe a extra dress watch brand.

My list for any watch brand that might be a candidate is:

  • Value - Medium to High value brand
  • History - Proven history of the watch brand
  • Distinct - meaning can fill a niche
  • Known - Relative known brand - "ala Panerai"
  • ...

So I'm "looking forward" to see which watch brand will be "swallowed" next!!!
But to be hornest I hope not - there can be many good things to be said about "take overs" but I feel that it takes something away (more or less) from the "originality" of the brand.

But hey that is just me...

Could it be GRAHAM watch ?
or maybe Linde Werdelin - I really HOPE not.

Where will Panerai be in the Next 5 years.

If we look back 5-10 years - where was Panerai in the general public?
Only know by a small number of people - people that was fascinated by the brand,the design and not least the history of the brand. The Panerai brand has gained a very big popularity - especially in the last 2-4 years. And Panerai have released their in-house movements, as well as introducing watches in a price range that is out of league for many people.

The history of Panerai from my point of view :
Pre 1999:
Limited number of people know of the brand.

The early series (A,B,C) - still a very low know brand, but forums are started and people are starting to talk about the watches. People with other brands like Rolex start in the very small to look into this brand.

The brand starts to have its own life on the net, and multiple forums start to have Panerai as part of the watch brands. Panerai is maybe the first real big "Internet made brand".
More dedicated forums begin to have many people joining in the talks, and people are starting to look into this brand without coming from e.g. Rolex.
People are talking about the value of Panerai when you check the movement you get - why pay overprice for a "simple" of the shelf movement.
The Panerai brand is NOW the much more active and people are talking about the special communities that exist around Panerai. But the number of models is still limited to the "original" more than a handful of watches.
Some collectors are began to focus on Panerai - and sell out their Rolex'es ;-)
The term "It is so much more than a watch" begins to find a life.

Panerai begins to add new models, in-house movements is coming, prices on new models are in the high high end.
People are starting to see Panerai as a brand - in line with other high end brands.Panerai collectors are focused on Panerai only.
The brand is "defended" by people - and the community is still strong.

Other new brands are trying to "copy" the success of Panerai - by making watches that borrow a little too much from the Panerai design.
The term "It is so much more than a watch" is the "slogan" of Panerai.

Panerai is starting in a new trend - focus on price, new models, new movements.
So many new models that it reminds me of Breitling and other brands that "de-value" the brand for the hard core collector - and focus on the wave of new people seeing this brand as the "cool" thing to have.
Panerai will continue to be a very high valued brand for the next many years - Panerai have their OWN niche in the many different watch brand that exist.
The value of Panerai is top dollar...

My Panerais (including the PVD model) not in my collection any more.

Where do I stand?

Well I'm split - I think the "value" of the brand is diluted a little.
I like the original models, the history of the brand and the special community that exist. But at the same time - I feel drowned by the many new models. I have yet to find a new model I would take over (eg. the 1A,B,C - 2A,B,C - 24A.B,C - 4A,B - 9A,B - 64 - 88 - 000 - 005). Somehow this is still for me the BEST models - they don't have the in-house movement and they are overprices (based on quality).
But this is for me my focus for the Panerai brand.

I know this is a very "provocative" write up - but hey - It is a free contry ;-)

I welcome any feedback - and especially your prediction for the future of Panerai the next 5 years.

Your house is on FIRE! - Save ONE watch

This is not a real event - just for the fun of it...
Your house is on fire, you have saved the family, photo albums, dog, cat, etc, You have one more go!!!

This time to get the watch from your very large collection of nice watches ;-)

But you can ONLY get one watch - which one would you get.

I have a small collection - and nothing very very expensive (no Rolex COMEX, Pre-A Panerai, etc) - just your average collection of watches.

You might have some other priorities on which watch to "save", but let me list some I can think of here.

  • Price - select the most valuable watch
  • Rarity - which watch is most difficult to find again
  • Period - which watch have you had for the longest time
  • Condition - Which watch is the most "complete" / NOS / as new ...
  • Personal - the watch have some personal value

For me the selection is easy - based on my present collection - and probally also if I get "many" more watches.

The present collection includes both Heuer, Panerai and Rolex.

Ranked by Value (of my head):

  • Rolex SD - model 1665.
  • Rolex Sub - model 5513.
  • Rolex Sub - model 1680.
  • Panerai - model 1B.
  • Rolex GMT - model 1675.
  • Rolex Sub - model 16610LV.
  • Rolex SD - model 16600.
  • Rolex Exp II - model 16550.
  • Panerai Sub - model 25C.
  • Heuer "Sub"- model 980.006.

I can easy tell you what I would select - No doubt about it!!!

The Rolex Explorer II (16550) - which I got from new in 1985. This watch is so cool - looks perfect - both as a dress watch and as a super tough tool watch.

But that is NOT the main reason for saving that watch - No the reason is that this watch has some personal meaning for me - and for that this is the watch I will always have ....
And hand down to one of my kids in many years from now.

So the "value" of a watch is not always the price, the rarity, the condition, etc. For me the personal value of a watch is much more important.

10 past 10 - the time seen on most watch ads

It is a "know fact" that almost all watch ads show the watch with it hands in the 10 minutes past 10.
In truth the hands are more likely to be in the 8 min 36 sec. past 10.
Your welcome to check it out. This to allow the seconds hand also to be in a position where it looks "nice".

The ongoing talk is WHY this position - And well let me tell you.

  • 1) You can see the print on the dial
  • 2) The watch smiles
  • 3) It is the "defector" standard - by following the "standard" your not taking focus away
But at the same time I have found examples on watches in 20 min. past 8 - well not a smiling "face" but the only way to set the hands if not to cover the nice "sub-dials" and other features of the watch.

One thing I'm staring to notice - and right now it is becoming a obsession ;-)
And that is that the watch should match the correct time. Meaning that when the seconds hand is at 36 seconds past - the minut hand should NOT be directly on 10 minuts past, or 8 minnuts past - but between the minuts markings as it would if the watch was calibirated correct.
Well for now I can't look at a watchad without checking if the time is correct, and not just set as "perfect" for the photo shoot.

BALL watches are not "correct" in their time:

IWC is almost always OK:

Here is a good example on how the hands have found their places to allow view of sub-dials.

More different watch ads where you can see the location of hands.

My favorite watches of different brands - There can be ONLY one

If I could have only one watch which one would I select?
Same question again and again - if there could be ONLY ONE - which watch should it be....
The following selection of watches of different brands is based on:

1) The watch should be a daily watch,
2) a good mix of rugged and tough watch
3) and a watch I could use for dress up.
4) And at the end, hand down to my son (and daughter) in times to come.

Here are my selection - they are all classic watches in my mind.

  • Rolex: The Explorer II (black dial) or the Non-date Sub.
  • IWC: The classic Ingenieur or the Mark XV (even better the Mark XII)
  • Audemars Piguet : The Royal Oak Jumbo
  • Patek Philippe : The Nautilus jumbo
  • Linde Werdelin: The Elemental - Maybe a bit on the wild side - but I like it ;-)
  • Omega: Speedmaster - aka the Moon watch
  • Cartier: The Santos 100
  • Sinn: The EZM 1
  • Panerai: The Panerai 1B - but I don't see it as a watch that will stand the time .... well maybe

Another custom made Rolex - Not for me !!

I have seen this before - and will probally see it again.
Custom made rolex watches - but I have yet to find one I would choose over the original.
Check out the "ROLEX x FRAGMENT DESIGN" - - again I think it is over the top.

I have so far only seen ONE custom made Rolex that I like - the Black Version of the Deep Sea aka "Jaques Picard SingleRed DeepSea".

That I could maybe have as a option...

But many of the other custom made rolex watches leave me a little cold. Like these Rolex x fragment design just don't look that cool.

A quick guide to watch styles

A quick guide to different watch styles can be found here.
It might be a litte old - and not have the latest big watch trend included, as well as the composite watches. But it does give a very good and quick overview of the different watch styles.

"From the guide":

While wristwatches come in almost every imaginable size, shape, color, and material, there are a few common styles that form the basis of most designs. This article attempts to define these common styles, list their distinguishing characteristics, and show one or more examples of each.

Added another watch shop to my bookmarks ;-)

Found another web-shop I will ad to my weekly checkup - they have "my brands" - Rolex and Panerai.
Now I only have to win the lottery in order to get 1-2-3 new watches here in 2010.

I like the AP - EOD watch - if only that could be mine - I can dream....

So add this to your bookmarks and start to dream ;-)

The watch web-shop is www.kroonwatches.com

People in The News - Tom Selleck - Rolex

Another Rolex GMT person - looks like Tom Selleck both as "Magnum" and his new movie will make the Rolex GMT known as the Magnum / Tom Selleck watch ;-)

Found this on vintagerolexforum.com and take a good look - There might be more than 20 years between hthe photos - but hey the watch still looks cool.

Found this other photo on the Net - looks like the Tom man is a Rolex man at heart.

My prediction for 2010

These are my own very limited predictions for 2010 in regards to the watch trends. Maybe I'm rght - maybe I'm wrong. But this is my thoughts.

  • Back to basic - focus on quality
  • "Extreme" watches will have limited focus
  • No more tourbillons in watches
  • Large size watches is at the limit - less focus
  • Focus on "normal" size watches
  • Rolex will discontinue the LV sub model
  • Rolex will update their models at the same speed as normal = very slow
  • Panerai will continue to add new models - probably to many
  • Focus on quality vs price - high price is not the "new black"

So in general I will see that the focus will be on the "classic" type watches, and less on complicated watches and extreme watches that have been the focus in 2008 and 2009.

People will also have more focus on what the different brands stand for. People could start selecting watches to state a opinion, on climate, environment, help organizational etc.

Let 2010 come and we will see.

2010 is here - watch out - I will get a new watch !!!

Welcome 2010 - I'm looking forward to this year with all the new watches I'm going to look at. All the many nice people that are part of the watch community and finally I hope I will be able to ad one or two watches to my list this year.

December is NOW in the Archive

Now December of my watchblog is in the Archive - this time with only 26 entries ;-)
It has been a month of many changes - I started a new job that demanded so much of my time that I did not update my blog as much as I wished.
I hope to update more in the new year.

Remember to check out the archives - There might be some funny info ;-)

The End of 2009 - Welcome 2010

It has been a good year - I started this watchblog in feb. 2009 - And had almost no hits or visits the first two months.
But that has changed. I now have over 10.000 people visits my site each month and the number is climbing (December was a little slow - also due to the fact that I did not update my watchblog that often), but I expect to have about 20.000 visits in first quarter 2010 - thanks to you all. But I have hits on my site including my photos of over 100.000 pr. month.So that is very nice. Can even see that my photos are used on "wiki" - so that is nice.

I plan to continue my little watchblog.dk in the same format - "keep it simple" - and hope to have time to more articles on what I find interesting. I plan to do my article on what I see as Iconic watches, with as much information as possible.

And thanks for all the mail I receive, I hope I have replayed to you all with information you could use.

Next I hope to add a new watch to my little collection in 2010 - maybe even two watches - but time will tell. Stay tuned for 2010 - And let it be the watch year for us all.

To round up - Here is my SOTC (State Of The Collection).

First a quick view of the Rolies:

Same collection as last year - now new addition for the last 2-3 years.
I hope to add a Deep Sea and a Daytona in time.
And a 5513 is always welcome.

2009 was the year where I found a very nice Panerai 1B - one of the classic panerai watches - that I will keep "forever".
But then again I don't plan to sell any of my watches in the near future.

The Panerai collection:

I have the two watches I like, the Pam 1B and Pam 25C.
For now this is OK - no need to add any other Panerai in the near future.
But as always - if the right deal is there I might change my mind.

Other watches:

I "found" my first real watch - my Heuer professional 200 meter.
That is really a nice watch - and it brings back many memories from my time as a scuba diver in the cold danish waters.
This watch has seen the world. From the north of europa to the north, east and west of africa.

It is time for SOTC (State Of The Collection) - Or What watches are people collecting.

We are coming to and end of 2009 and it is the time where many people look back at the year and think about their life and what they should focus on in the new year. But it is also the time for "SOTC" - State Of The Collection for many watch collectors. How does their collection loog now, what have left and what have been added.
I enjoy looking at other peoples collections, and what is really like is collections that is not of the high brands only.
I have found some few SOTC photos on timezone.com.

Their exist many different kind of collecting exist around the world. Here are some photos of peoples collections that is very nice but also very different.

How about some micky mouse watches?

And this is a collection I like - Not expensive but very special.

And how about many different watches - I don't even know many of the brands.

And then some more high end collections - by brands and other high end watches

And mannnnnnny more exist - But I must say that it is always fun to see other peoples collections.

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