My Next watch search is still ongoing.

As you might know I have been on the look out for a new next watch for some time. But have been indecisive on which watch it could be. Should it be the one very high on my list but also relative "easy" to find in the next many years (the Daytona / Deep Sea) or should it be a watch that "might" be more difficult to find as the months go (Linde Werdelin Elemtental / Omega Speedmaster).
Well it is my dilemma and I'm still not sure which way to go.
I must confess that Linde Werdelin Watches are still a lot on my mind. I miss some real life reviews of these watches from people that have them and use them. Are they "just" nice watches or do they have this special thing over them that will make you wear the watch daily for months ongoing. That is for me a must. I will not own a watches I can't wear, use and abuse daily.

On the Omega side - I'm on the lookout for a Speedmaster cal 321 or 861 - best the cal 321 but somehow I think I would use the "newer" version cal 861 more - but I'm not sure. I will still be on the lookout for a nice Omega Speedmaster....

On the more expensive side the Daytona and Deep Sea is a watch I will be able to get now or within the next two years without to much problem.

So my quest is ongoing - But stay tuned I will keep you all updated on my blog.

The Omega Dream watch

The Linde Werdelin watch

The Daytona

The Deep Sea

How about a view of Dive Watches in the 1980's

In the 1980's and 1990's I was very active as a SCUBA diver in Denmark and abroad - and the number of quality dive magazines was limited. Well I guess it is that same as find the watch magazine that "talks" to you.
I found that SKIN DIVER was the magazine I got from my local magazine shop.

Check out this overview of dive watches in this number of SKIN DIVER magazine. There are many nice dive watches, including some watches I don't have any idea if exist today.
How about the price of rolex that time - I would like a 5513 for 770 US$ or a 1665 for 995 US $ or a triple six (16660) also for 995 US$.

Well again this is only for WIS people - But it is a little fun to check out - and somehow I like the idea of a DIVE magazine going through the demands for a Dive Watch.
Also checkout the small review of the a Divewatch - simple and focus on the functionality.

Checkout all the dive watches and prices!

I found The BOX - now I only need to find the papers ;-)

I have started to use my Heuer Dive watch (my first real expensive watch) much more. Somehow the case size is kind of special.
The extra width of the case makes this watch look bigger and more "tough" than e.g. a watch without this extra width.
I was home at my fathers house last week, and by chance I checked out a old "box" and what did I find. I found the Original Box for my Heuer watch !!
How lucky can one be. Finding a old plastic box - Very simple and without any special quality.
I must say that it is one of the most basic ones I have ever seen.
Not something to keep for anyone else but a WIS like me.

Now I only need to find the "papers" - the receipt for the watch buy and the "manual" on how to use the watch.
With some little luck I can find the original receipt of the buy - but I'm more in doubt about the manual. Because as I recall the manual was very small and limited. That would be lost more than 30 years after!

Check out these new photos - I really is a nice watch.

The Heuer back in it original BOX!

And some new photos of the watch

PVD watches - is that a "newer" trend - I think not.

When you look at the watch trends - the black versions of watches - with PVD and now with DLC could by some be seen as a newer trend - but it not so. When I was on the lookout for my first real dive watch and my first real "expensive" watch - the Heuer 980.006 professional 200 meter. When I was checking that out the owner in the dive shop had a Heuer with black coating (PVD) and when I check some of my old Dive Magazines (Skin Diver) I can see how black watches watches was a trend in the 1980's.

Check out these old Skin Diver Magazines balck watches for sale. How about that Heuer with balck PVD and Gold. That looks kind of cool - but something we don't see these days.

Do I look "spooky" - To many watch-shops have been robbed in Denmark.

Many robberies at danish watch-shops has resulted in watch-shops being closed, added security features added, etc.
And this day I was asked why I toke a photo of the watch window at Franz Jaeger & Me in Copenhagen, and that was probably due to the fact that Franz Jaeger & Me was "concerned". Well no need - just because I take a photo of beautiful woman, a nice and expensive car or some lovely watches. So Franz Jaeger & Me - No need to worry ;-)
You just have some of the best used/new watches collected in one place - that can give people with a small "watch fetish" something nice to look at and dream of.

Here are the pictures I toke - just before I was "asked" - "what are your doing ?"
And please see that taking pictures of beautiful things always should be "allowed" ;-)

A good friend has been a quick tour to make a nice pickup ;-)

A good friend and fellow watch "freak" has done a very nice buy in Germany - at Meertz and his very nice collection of vintage watches.
Hi has been checking out many different gold versions of vintage rolex, but ended at a very special Rolex GMT gold version.
He got on a plane early Friday and was back late Friday - but this time with a gold rolex on the wrist.
Now he has one standard Rolex sub (16610) and this very special vintage Rolex GMT with a super nice faded bezel.

Check out these photos - sorry not very good - it was taken over a nice cup of coffee and the light was very bad.

Here is my Wish list for Santa Claus - What watch to wish for Christmas?

With less that a month to Christmas it could be a good time to start thinking about what to get watch wise if money was not that big a option.
I have the following watches on my wish list to Santa up in the north. Now I just have to see if I have been a good boy.
I would love to see the wish list you send to Santa this Christmas.

Here is my list (for watches)

Dear Santa
I have been a good boy the last year, have eating all my food, donated to the poor, helped old people over the streets and been very nice toward my mother in law.
So all I ask of you this Christmas is to see if it could be possible to get anyone of these watches I have put on my wish list.

  • Rolex Daytona
  • Linde Werdelin
  • Rolex Deep Sea
  • Omega Speedmaster cal. 321 (the Moon Watch)
  • Omega Seamaster 300
  • Rolex vintage models will always have its place in my list 5513, 1680, 16800, 14060
  • Panerai models - Pam 064,Pam 001, Pam 002, Pam 287, etc
  • Rolex Submariner vintage in GOLD

But I have also been looking more and more on a very special watch - the Linde Werdelin Spidolite model.
This is a special watch that really would be a showstopper on any wrist.
Made for the climber, super tough looks and so special.
Just take a look of these photos - especially the wrist shoot is nice.

But I will now have to wait until Santa comes by my house to see if I have been a good boy.

My watchblog mailbox have been down for ... days.

I'm really sorry if someone has used the last days. My mailbox limit was way over head due to mails with multiple attachments (+14 MB). And that has caused my mailbox to "die". I have just updated the limit on my mailbox - so the problem should be fixed now.
But sorry for any issues or emails I can't replay to. I'm not completely sure how many mails have been "lost". But as I try to answer all people that write to me - I can say that if your have not had a replay - your mail was probably "lost".

Watchbands and Straps - it could be a world of change!

I would not have stated down this road if it was not for Panerai.
Somehow a extra dimension of having a Panerai watch is the possibility to change straps for the mood your in. Should it be a tough Ammo strap today, or a colorful leather strap for that party you should go to. Or maybe a simple nylon strap or rubber strap for the day on the beach.

Before my Panerai period I would "never" think of using any other watchband than the "original".
I never understood the fascination of removing the perfect rolex steel watchband to replace with a leather band or a nylon strap.

But after I have been a Panerai man for some time now - I can see the watchstrap is one way to really change the look of a watch.
And I think Panerai has done a scoop there - having a completely new industry on the internet with straps in all kinds of prices and shapes coming out.
I might think some of the straps are way to expensive - but hey it is a free marked.

But how come this has not drifted down to other brands. I can't see any other watchbrand where people are making and buying "homemade" straps for their watches.
The most fancy changes is to put a old nato strap on a rolex. But other brands are really lacking something here.
I would like to see different brands "allow" homemade and other straps to be used on their watches.
Eg. would I like to see.:
AP - allow people to buy or make own straps - this watch invites to rough straps.
LW - Linde Werdelin - I would love nylon/velcro straps for their watches - its a tool watch.
And many more.
What do you think ?

Lets see some straps on watches and watch brands that normally is ONLY seen with their "in-house" straps.

Below watches with "un-original" straps

Why I have respect for the "new" brand Linde Werdelin.

Robert-Jan from the very respected fratellowatches watchblog recived his Linde Werdelin 3-timer - that lucky guy - and posted a review on TimeZone with some nice pictures.

That got me to think a little why I have gained more and more respect for this "little" watch brand over time.

To highlight my thoughts:

It looks like Linde Werdelin is basing their brand on a idea - and ant the same time focus on design.
They have made a GMT diving watch (the two-timer) - that I like - it this a first?
They evolve their design - not putting out to many models.
Limited numbers - somehow I can respect this.

I hope I can ad a LW to my collection in the near future - as that would really be something special.
It would be a nice change from my present collection that is mostly "classic" watches - some like a LW with its modern design could make a nice change.
Time will show....

Specialized watches ... How many can we think of.

I have been interested in Linde Werdelin watches for some time now - more than 1-2 years I think by now. But can't really put my finger on why I keep getting back to these watches.
I might have a idea now. Why I love Rolex is because there focus on tool watches and not on to much fashion. The Rolex professional line is evolved instead of new and different models coming out year after year. That is why I have a soft spot for the Omega Speedmaster, the Rolex sub, and to some extent the "classic" Panerai.
To get back to the number of specialized watches I got to think that the Spidolite from Linde Werdelin was designed based on a request from a mountaineer that wanted a light and tough watch. A here came the Spiodlite - about 60% lighter case than a steel version.
And the more I think about it - is this not the one and only watch created for mountaineering - I can't think of any other watch.

  • Sailing = Yacht master in different versions
  • Diving = Submariner - in many brands
  • Flying = GMT models - in many brands (reading time in multiple timezones)
  • Speleology = Explorer II (24 hour hand)
  • Racing = Daytona, Speedmaster - exist in many brands
  • Climbing = LW Spidolite
  • Electronic = Milgauss

There may exist other brands that have specialized watch versions - but these are my initial thoughts of the original watches and why there where made. And I kind of like it when a watch is made for a propose and not a simple fashion trend.

A real WAR watch storie

Received this story from a man that have used his watch in real combat. Somehow this story sums up my view of a real WAR watch. It should not be to big, be tough, easy to read, easy to "hide", etc.
Well here is his story - enjoy - these real life stories give life to a watch.
I can understand his own feeling having a watch that has followed him through rough times.
He will always look at the watch and can think back.

Respect from my side.

I purchased my first Exp-1 in 1969 on my way to Vietnam ( 1st Marine Division, Hill # 55 near Da Nang). I put it on a military issue olive drab nylon strap and it remained my only watch until retirement in 2000. I had it serviced about once every 5 years and it remains in my safe until my grandson is old enough for it. At retirement, my fellow officers gave me a brand new Exp-1 and I wear it every day on a olive drab nylon strap.

The mid-size is its strength. I can run 6 - 10 miles and it does not hurt my wrist. I can travel through several timezones and change the time in seconds. I've worn it in combat underneath a boot sock cover ( to prevent reflection ) and I've worn it in The Whitehouse with dress blues.

It is my only watch and it has NEVER been on a winder ... it has lived an adventure that continues every day !!!

Semper Fi, Doc

Some shops have all the right watches for me

Was out on my little lunch stroll yesterday - walked through Nyhavn and ended in in front of Franz Jaeger & Me in Gothersgade 31.

This was a very nice surprise - FJ&M have all the right watches for me - nice to be able to have them all collected in one place.
I must confess I was window "watching" a good period before entering the shop.
What did I see in that window that made me what more.....
Where should I start. There was Almost ALL the watches from My next watch list - all in one place.
And that made my ongoing decision for what watch I would like next even the more difficult.

In the window there was:

1) Rolex Daytona Black dial - my dream watch
2) Rolex Daytone White dial (still nice - but I'm a black dial man)
3) Rolex Deep Sea - high on my list
4) Linde Werdelin watches - many types
5) Many more nice vintage rolex watches.

After a good time in front of the window I entered and did have both a Red dial Linde Werdelin and a Rolex Deep Sea in my hands.

That Deep Sea is one "mother f...ker" of a watch - unbelievable quality. And the Rolex Daytona - well it has a look that just says "I don't have to do anything special to offer - but hey I don't need that I just look this good and have for the past 2-3 decades. If you select me - you will not go wrong".

After my little visit - my next watch list stays with all watches. The only one going down a little is the Linder Werdelin watch. It is kind of expensive but it also have something special that is difficult to put my finger on. I would like to have a LW if I can find a used one to the right price. Just to get a more in depth feeling of that brand.

But for sure the Daytone is HIGH on my list still - I see this as a Icon watch, and I want one.
I have also posted some comments on different forums - and the feeling is that I might should save up for the watch I really want and not be a "watch junkie" that just need to get his latest "fix".
And somehow I think that could be the way forward for me.

Some pictures from my little lunch walk - sorry for the blurry photos but only had my little camera with me - and it is very dark now - even during the day when no sun and it is raining.

Rolex when it is worst - and Rolex when it is Best.

You know I "love" rolex - but the love is sometimes darken by the fact that rolex also have some watches I would call "worst case scenarios". But then again Rolex can move over to some of the very best in looks and design.

I'm not for watches that is to much bling. I like a watch to be used, and not as a status symbol. Yes I know many people see rolex as a status symbol, but that is not my reason for "loving" this brand. There is something special over a rolex, that I can't explain. But after getting my first rolex my Exp II (16550) I has been sold. The quality, the look, the feel etc is second to none as I see it.

Here are some of the worst rolex "ever" made and some of the best.

Rolex at their Best:

Rolex at their Worst:

What is the meaning with this watchblog.

Well I don't want to be a blog for news and general watch information from multiple input. I receive many links and press releases but I don't post that many of these. Why - well because there exist a number of other forum on the net that do this and probably does it better.
My focus is on what interest me and what I find fun and interesting on my way around the world wide internet.
So what I bring here is what I personally find interesting.
As it can be seen it is mainly Rolex and Panerai watches that have my focus - but there do exist other watches out there I like.

So please allow me to have my own views on this blog and not just be seen as a "news" blog with press-releases on a weekly basis.
I will bring news when it is something I myself can feel something about - but it will be limited.
And my "sponsors" - it is a big word - because the I mainly have banners on my page from people I know and can trust. So if people think this blog is of a "commercial" value I must ask them to think twice.
I do this for fun ONLY. I don't "need" banner sponsors but it is nice to get some feedback for the work I put into the blog.

So many ugly watches out there.

I don't know about you but when I look in the windows of watches shops I really think there is to many "ugly" watches that I would never own - or wear even if it was given to me.
It is on one side very positive - I don't have to stand many "minutes" in front of a shop to check out the different selections. And to be honest I tend to find many different watches to "special" or to ugly.
This is why I keep coming back to my simple selecting of watches for my taste.
I must be a "old man" - I tend to like the "classic watches" - no extra flashy things for me - no for me the saying - "keep it simple" is also true for my taste in watches.

I was a long time to take the Panerai into my collection, but somehow I can relate to the simple and classic design of their watches, there is something about the simple dial and the no nonsense straps.

Rolex is my favorite brand - not because it is something very special - but mainly because they keep true to their design, make watches of high quality at a OK price, and is not the first to make new watches just because there is a new trend.
I also like there view of "tool watches", and the slow evolution of their watches.

The ultimate war watch - with pictures!

The G-shock is by now the mostly used watch in war zones it looks like.

I have found and received many photos form the present "war-zones" and it displays the use of Casio G-shock in multiple environments.

I found this on the net - the official UK specification of the watch to be issued for the UK forces.
It will be a CWC watch that follows these specification - Link to pdf spec.
Found this forum and links to multiple UK specification from watch to straps - (Uk Mod Defence Standards For Watches).

With that said I have received a unique story of a Rolex Explore I and I hope to put it here on my blog.

These are photos of G-shocks in action.

Here is my first "expensive" watch - Heuer Professional 200 Quartz

This Heuer (Heuer Diver Professional 200 Quartz - model 980.006) was my first real "expensive" watch, and it served me very well throughout the better part of 10 years. With me on my trip through Africa in 1988 and general have been my daily watch until I got my first rolex in 1985 - my Explorer II - (I left the Rolex at home when I went for my backpack tour in Africa).
But now it has been staying in a drawer - not getting any attention at all. And that is a shame - it is a beautiful watch - and by today's standards it is a OK size - see the side my side shot with my Pam 25C.

The original metal strap has long been lost - it more or less disintegrated through daily wear and tear. But a nice Nato strap does wonders. I really think it looks kind of cool now.

What do you think - for a watch more than 30 years old - it does looks kind of cool.
I think it should get some wrist time.

A little extra info is that when I changed the battery after it had not run for plus 10 years. It did not start ticking right away. It toke some extra effort. If I left the watch on the table in stopped after 30min - 1 hour, but if I keept it on on in my pocket it worked OK.
Think it is a case of a watch staying still for to long. I have to break in in again.

From the inside I can see - it is a 0 jewel watch!!

Enjoy the pictures.

And side by side with my Panerai 25C - it is a OK size I think.

Have uploaded Linder Werdelin Catalog shoots

I have now got my hand of some of the new and older Linde Werdelin Catalogues and as I already have posted photos of Rolex ads in National Geographic - I thought - why not also display the Linde Werdelin Catalogues, maybe there are someone out there that as me is interested in this information as well.
I know it is a WIS think to look through different watch brands Catalogues, but hey - why not.

Some pictures from there old catalogs.

Some pictures from there Newest catalogs and Ski guide.

The only REAL tool watch from Rolex are....

I will get some spank for this entry ;-)

The ONLY real tool watches from rolex are the
  • The Explorer
  • The Explorer II
  • The Milgauss
  • The Sea-Dweller
  • The Non-date Sub

Why this limit in rolex tool watches - well to put it frankly - these are the only models not made in gold or other more expensive metal. Both the normal Submariner, the daytona and the GMT is made in gold and some in much more exotic designs (GMT and Daytona).

This watch I would like to have...

I'm started to see myself with a gold Rolex in my old days - somehow the gold submariner (vintage) would be just perfect for me - the price is still a little to much - but if I won the lottery - I would for sure add this to my small collection. But also a god GMT would do just fine - but the vintage Gold Sub is for sure special.

My updated NEXT watch list

Will talk to my bank - maybe I can be the lucky owner of a new used watch in the start of the new year. It will NOT be a Rolex Deep Sea, or Rolex Daytona - they are high on the list but my personal finance is in the 3000 EU range for this next watch.
And that does open some possibilities - for some of the watches I have on my next watch list
Somehow I really feel that I miss the Omega in my collection - And I feel that Omega will become the next big thing when it comes to high priced vintage watches - especially the original Seamaster 300 and Omega Speedmaster (aka the moon watch).
I would suspect these watches to be on the raise and demand a high price in the near future.
But at the same time I'm still looking into LW - these watches are also limited - and I would like to have the Elemental model - so I might go with that.
But first I have to talk to my bank ;-)

So my next watch list is now with these at the top.

  • Omega Speedmaster cal. 321 (the Moon Watch)
  • Linde Werdelin Elemental / Hard Black DLC Elemental
  • Omega Seamaster 300
  • Panerai models - Pam 064,Pam 001, Pam 002, Pam 287, etc
  • Rolex vintage models will always have its place in my list 5513, 1680, 16800, 14060
  • Rolex Daytona - black dial
  • Rolex Deep Sea
  • Rolex Submariner vintage in GOLD

People in the News - David Beckham with Rolex

Again some People in the News - David Backham see with the Rolex Deep Sea. Found this thread on timezone and it sure is a rolex deep sea.

Check out the link:

More Linde Werdelin Info

Well I still have a soft spot for these watches - something sings to me - I'm still a little torn - as getting a LW watch means I have to postpone other nice watches on my next watch list.
I know I have said that I would give Panerai a rest, but I'm not sure. These watches has something special over them that is difficult to define - it is not the quality, price etc.
And I will always regard Rolex as "The watch" for me - it will stay on my wrist forever. Other may come and go but I will still keep my rollies.
The we have the Linde Werdelin watch - I'm feeling it might be right for me - but it is a BIG step for me - moving into a new brand.

But somehow I feel that LW could be the new "boy on the block". I like the no-nonsense look, the firm (focus on quality and customers), and general the idea of making a real tool watch - not just a fashion watch.
I think the niche that LW has is unique and will be here for a long time.

So I still have a plan to ad this watch sometime in the future.
Stay tuned on my up and downs in regards to getting this watch into my collection.

Here a a small view of the watch I would really what!!

What is the "WAR watch" in present days - when not a Rolex Milsub?

With all the persons going to Afghanistan and Iraq for the UN in order to fight Taliban etc. There was a thread on watchuseek related to which watch the persons used.

From the start of the thread

What watches did you take to Afghanistan Iraq or Kuwait etc.How did you use them how did they work.My initial plan was to take three, one tough solar( never have to worry about batteries) one dual Time( Time at home and my location) with alarm( Wakey wakey) and stopwatch ( I haven't come up with a rationalization for that)and one digital( beater for wear in a sandstorm ) .Am I being excessive?I may buy a three time zone dakota clip watch with alarm it is aluminum cased with a light.(How does aluminum react to copious amounts of sweat?) If I buy the Dakota I can probably get by with one other watch or maybe I don't even need another..If I don't buy the Dakota ,I can get by with the dual time with alarm and stop and a beater.What are your recommendations?

As a WIS it would be nice to see some of the "high quality" watches from the major brands being used in tough environment.
We all know that the British Special Forces used the Rolex milsub (in the old days) - looks like they are using CWC watches now.
And the French navy used Tudor watches in the old times.

But watch are people bringing to the war now?

To say the truth - G-shock looks like the winner.

  • If you only want to take 1 watch, then make it a G-Shock!!!!
  • I wore a G-Shock in Iraq and it took more than its fair share of abuse.

And here is a link to the abuse the G-shock can take !!! - LINK

What I'm reading in relation to watches

Watch books and books about watches has never been very high on my list - but somehow I have collected some few books.
And because these books normally cost a little I don't go out and buy one after the other. But also because X-mas can come faster than you think - I will give a short overview of the books I have and read. And my simple "review" of each book.

Well to tell the true, I have always loved to check out catalog of different watch brands, and the "better" the better the catalog - the more fun it is. So I used to collect many different catalogs and enjoyed looking through these and dreaming of which watch I could own.

Well the first real watch book was a danish one - made by the danish WIS king - K. Haagen - his book is in danish but it has given me many hours of fun reading.
I can recommend this book to anyone that knows danish.
My present little book collection is:

Kristian Haagen : The best of swiss watches

Martin Skeet & Nick Urul : Vintage Rolex Sports watches

James M. Dowling: The Best of Time Rolex wristwatches - 2.ed

Fabienne Reybaud: Watches - The ultimate guide

Michael Balfour: Cult Watches.

Here comes my personal meaning of these books - they are each very different and some are "better" than others - but all in all, they can each give some fun hours of reading and looking at pictures.

The fist - "The best of swiss watches" - was one I got as my first watch book - the good part of this book is that you can read it almost as a normal book. Some good and very information text and the photos is nice as well.

I can only recommend this book - it is in danish - but if it was in english it would be a sure winner.
I really hope there will be a new second edition soon.

Some photos from the book.

The Second - "Vintage Rolex Sports watches" - This was for me a high end book - the price was a little more than I would normally pay, but as I'm a vintage Rolex guy this was a book I needed. The photos are "to nice" - I'm more to realistic photos than photoshopped photos. Somehow this pull the quality a little down. But anyone interested in vintage sport rolex should have this as reference book. I would love a more detailed book with real photos - I know there are out there but the cost...
This book has given me many hours of joy - but this book is for the WIS - that finds it funny to check out the many different version of a model.
The main thing in this book is the chronologic information on different models and the "to good" photos. The book also included some auction watches and their prices. Well if only I had attended some of these auctions....
In addition some ad hoc information on boxe, fakes, price ranges, etc...
In general this would give you smany hours of enjoyment - this is for the WIS person.<.br>
Some photos from the book.

The Next Book - "The Best of Time Rolex wristwatches - 2.ed" - Is by many seen as the ultimate Rolex reference book.
And this massive book does consist of so much information that you will be getting back to this book again and again. It covers all aspect of rolex watches - including some very rare rolex watches - that I would never had any idea existed if not for this book. This is for the person interested in the history of Rolex - from the very first pre-rolex watches to the present models. It is a big and heavy book. To a start I read about the more modern rolex sports watches - but I have returned to read about Kev-A watches, etc...
A book that would for sure give any WIS many hours of joy and lots of information.

The Book Watches - The ultimate guide.
Well this was just a book I found on the net - got it - but somehow it goes not meet any of the other books in relation to information for a WIS. It is a OK book for anyone starting getting interested in watches - but for me it is a little to "basic".
It is more or less "just" a walk through of the different brands - nothing special for me.
I could think of given this book away.

The Last Book for now - "Cult Watches." - This I got from a watchmaker - he fixed my rotor in my Panerai 25C for a very small sum - so as he had some books for sell - I asked which one he could recommend. And this was it.
Well it is OK - almost like K. Haggens "The best of swiss watches" - it gives some good info on different brands. So again this book would be fine for anyone interested in watches - but it is not as detailed as " Vintage Rolex Sports watches" or "The Best of Time Rolex wristwatches".
So for anyone not yet a full WIS it is a good book - but maybe a little to general for me.

My general view on watches - as a daily "user"

Somehow I find myself in a little dilemma - I want some high end watches - not because there are heigh end but because as person interested in watches these models have always had something to say to me.
. And to some degree I'm glad that I'm not "full" of money - as I now have to spend my money wise - and selective on watches.

As a WIS I would LOVE to have some of the special watches - I can only dream on - eg. Rolex Milsub, Rolex COmex, Rolex Daytona (Paul Newman), Rolex DRSD, AP EOD, PP Nautilus, etc... I have many more I would love to have - I could easily spend 100K Euro if money was not a option.
But back to reality... How do I view watches I would like to have. I have a simple list of questions I ask my self - not in detail but they are part of all my watches.

  • Do I really LIKE that watch - I only buy what I really like - not what I think someone else think is a nice watch. I don't need to ask on forums what people think about this or that watch.
  • Would I wear it daily - It must be a YES - even if a vintage watch that would be "best" of in a safe. So NO safe queens for me
  • Can I "swallow" the price tag - If way over my head it will stay on my wish list (for when I win the lottery)
  • Is this watch for me - do it fit me - Again a watch might win on all above accounts - but it needs to fit into my "style" (not that I have any ;-))
And if all these "points" are passed - it will move on to my "realistic next watch list and move up and down the list according to my feelings.

Right now I have the following next watch list":

  • Rolex Daytona - black dial
  • Rolex Deep Sea
  • Linde Werdelin Elemental / Hard Black DLC Elemental
  • Panerai models - Pam 064,Pam 001, Pam 002, Pam 287, etc
  • Rolex vintage models will always have its place in my list 5513, 1680, 16800, 14060
  • Omega Speedmaster cal. 321 (the Moon Watch)

Here are some of my present watches that ALL have passed the test.

People in the News - Unknown watches and movie actors

During my vacation to Limone in Italy this summer - I cam across this watch/ Jewelry Shop - where I found this poster of movie actor Bruce Willis. Somehow I find it very strange that some of these movie actors that have "enough" money would "sell" them self to "unknown" brands - Like a actor "pop" on on a commercial selling dish liquid. Or is it just me.
I can see a idea in actors promoting a brand because the brand will give some money to a charity etc. But just selling you name and face to sell some product - just to enrich your self - I would be much more selective.

Anyway I have never heard of Cesare Paciotti - but here you go.

Maybe I should make a list of known actors that is paid watch names - compared to actors that in non-paid

Have added Linde Werdelin info page ...

Well - some might have noticed that I'm a little interested in Linde Werdelin (LW) watches.
I don't have one - well not yet - but I have been interested in these watches for about 1-2 years now. Looking at every picture and photo I could find on the net, on different forums, etc. It was not easy. But sometimes there was a "pop-up" on a forum with a single picture - else it was only on the Linde Werdelin website I could check out the models.

It has become a little better - but not much. And personal I would have loved a place to find some more detailed information besides the "official" webpage.

And because LW is a web based business - you will only be able to find their watches in very few selected shops around the world, it is very difficult to have real hands on and try a watch on your wrist.
They do have the opportunity to have a "Test Set" send to you - but it could be a little overkill for some.

Well that is why I have selected to ad this page on my watchblog even if I don't have one. This is basically because I have had the very nice opportunity to visit the Linde Werdelin R&D in Denmark - a very positive little tour that gave me some hands on on some of their watches and hear some stories about the watches and development.

I will try to collect as much information as possible here and link to external sites, forums, photos etc. Both from the official webpage but hope to have "real" peoples feelings and photos of the watch in real action - and not just product photos.

A friend of mine is on the lookout after gold watches....

As I said before - and I will say it again - Gold Rolex are here to stay.
It has been some time where only steel models of sports rolex have been seen as the "real" ones - and the prices on gold rolex and bi-color have been very low compared to the steel versions.

So I will continue to say that - keep your eyes open for the trend in gold watches, it is on the raise.....

The "Ultimate Rolex daytona book" in the making

On my daily visit to vintagerolexforum I found this link to another watch blog in Italian - but easy to translate using it "built" in translator. This blog about the making of "The Ultimate Rolex Daytona Book" - this book will probably have some of the best photos ever - just check out the setup for a "simple" shoot.

That book only enforce the status of the Rolex Daytona watch - it is the most iconic watch of all as I see it at present.

Check out the photo setup - maybe you can copy this setup at home - well I think not ;-)

OCTOBER is NOW in the Archive

Now October of my watchblog is in the Archive

Remember to check out the archives - There might be some funny info ;-)

If you have to ask - you can't afford it...

I don't know in detail on watch shops around the world - but in Denmark you very seldom see the price tag on watches in window displays - meaning that you really have no idea on the price range of any watches - unless you have a good general idea.
We have a saying in Denmark - "If you have to ask - you can't afford it" - don't know if I agree - sometimes you could get a positive surprise.
But how is it in other part of the world - I guess there could be some local laws that demand prices to be shown, but not in Denmark. Here you can do a lot of window shopping without having any idea on the price.

Here is a some pictures from a quick stole from my present work by some different watch shops - please notice the lack of any price tags.

Enjoy the walk ;-)

Icon watches - how many exist for you?

Well for me their exist some icon watches that will forever be connected to some person or event.

Lets start out of this world.
The Omega Speedmaster - aka the "Moon Watch" will forever be "The Moon Watch".
What will the watch be when we sometime in the future land again on the moon and on mars. Well time will show.

Next in the line of Icon watches I put the Rolex Submarine - It is the essential man watch - and for me the real James Bond watch.

Then comes the next icon in respect to watches and names - the Rolex Daytona. This watch will forever be a icon watch - maybe less the newest models - but for sure the classic "Paul Newman" versions.

Another brand is Audemars Piguet- there Royal Oak Offshore - and especially the "End Of The Days (EOD)" - is also in the same league of icon watches. The EOD was one of the first high end watches PVD models on a high end watch. And that has NOT effected its price in a negative way.

Then we have some less know brands that in their own way is or will become icons in time.

I personal feel that the classic Pre-A panerai is one one these -

And i the IWC brand I feel that the original Ingenieur and Mark 12 is icon watches as well.

Their is many more out their in the big world. How about the Cartie Santos, Bretling navitimer, etc..
But what is a icon watch for some might not be a icon watch for others. So I leave it up to all you to name the 5 most iconic watches from your point of view.

I have only mentioned the specific models - not a specific version of that model - then I could talk forever on the many different Rolex Subs I would put on the list.

How often do you do it? .... I mean sync your watch?

This is a little strange input - but hey its weekend soon so lets have a less original entry.

How often do you sync your watch - and by that I mean how often do you change/reset the time. Personally I used been very focused on this during my first years with my first rolex (Exp II) - I checked and rechecked daily and keept small notes on deviation in my notebook. Yes I know it sounds strange but hey - are you a WIS or not ;-).
This kind of obsession with the correct time has somehow drifted away during the last many years.
Now I only reset my watches maybe once a week or once every second week. And this for my Panerai 1B / Panerai 25C that after 2 weeks have gained maybe 5 min.

So over time I have become more relaxed in this respect and will not cry or send my watch to a watchmaker for adjustment if the gain/loss is within 10-25 sec/day.

But I do suspect that many people out there has the "sync syndrome" in some degrees more or less thant me - so let me hear -

How often do you do it?

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