Panerai P-DAY - The 8 time !!!

One of the very nice thing about Panerai is the community. It is still second to none - and something you will notice when you "join" the "club".
One of the recurring events is the so called P-DAY, where people interested in Panerai meet with other Panerai "friends" from around the globe, and be able to put a face on people one has communicated with on different forums.
I still have my first P-DAY to come - difficult to get the "time" with family and small children ;-) . But maybe P-DAY no 20 I will join.
But it is always nice to view the Photo reports from the P-DAYS - and get some faces on the people writing on the forums.
Check out the 8 P-DAY from FIRENZE in Italy from

P-DAY FIRENZE (48) pics
P-DAY#8 in Firenze, part 1 the arrivals
P-DAY#8 in Firenze, part 2 dinner at Trattoria Marione
P-DAY#8 in Firenze, part 3 Friday in Firenze
P-Day > Wrists in the Wild
P-Day > Wrists in the Wild
some moments of a special saturday..P8 -Day

Tritium - Luminova info ROLEX dials

Found this on - nice quick info for a WIS

The SWISS information on Rolex dials can tell a lot about the watch.
We all know that the Tritium used on watches - over time changes color and for many just become more beautiful to look at.

luminous material Radium
used until 1960

“Swiss T - < 25” luminous material Tritium
used from 1960 until 1998
radioactive, radioactivity less than 925 MBq (25 mCi)

“T Swiss T”
luminous material Tritium
used from 1960 until 1998
radioactive, radioactivity less than 277 MBq (7,5 mCi)

luminous material luminova
used from 1998 until 2000
not radioactive

“Swiss Made”
luminous material Superluminova
used from 2000
not radioactive

My view of watches - Daily wear, Tool watches, Dress watches, Special watches.

What do I look at when buying watches.
I only buy watches to wear as a daily watch, a watch that can be used without any thoughts to the circumstances one is to use the watch.
I'm a tool watch man by heart - don't find that any dress watch will look good on me, don't think watches with bling-bling will look good on me. No give me a simple, through steel watch that can be used in ALL situations.

Here are my priority list:
  • Steel watch
  • Dive watch - minimum 100 meters water resistance (for vintage - 300 meters for newer)
  • Simple design - easy to read dial
  • Have some weight and size
  • Normal design - round watch - not square
  • Classic - focus on the classic quality

Well to be true - I'm now drifting a little ;-)
Have been looking into some other watches I might find super for me in the near future.

Rolex Daytona - Not a simple dial - but still a tool watch
Rolex Deep Sea - Not a simple dial - but the ultimate toolwatch
Vintage Rolex Gold Sub - Bling - Bling - but somehow the old classic gold subs have grown on me.

But in general I'm just a steel tool watch man ... moving along - changing my mind as it is allowed.

My Tool watches:

Future watches:

Buying unknown watch brands - yes/no/maybe ;-)

Can one justify buying a "less" know watch brand for about the same price as "known" high-end brand like Rolex, Omega, Panerai etc.
I sometimes find myself looking at watches from less known brands and really like them - but sometimes the price is a little high when compared to other high-end watches.
How will the resell value be for less know brands, etc.
I have been looking into many "unknown" brands - and like them - especially if they "sing" to me. I keep coming back to these watches - but have not jumped yet. I'm still a Panerai and Rolex man at heart.
But for the overall question - can one justify buying unknown brands? My answer is YES - based on the positive and negative on this question.

  • The unknown brand is relative unknown for many - Nice to have a watch that is high quality and known by WIS only
  • You will be part of a "limited" number of persons that have the same watch.
  • Getting one will be after many throughts - not one to get because it is the "right" watch.

  • Unknown long term quality of watch could be a issue
  • Resell value - price drop from original price could be massive.
  • Will one continue to "love" it as other icon watches... Only time can tell

Rolex GMT and Double Reds in HD video.

One of the funny names attached to rolex watches is "Root Beer". This is the name for the Gold version of the Rolex GMT with brown bezel.
The most knowledge information on Red Subs, comex and other special rolex watches are from and he is now starting to put super nice videos on for all us WIS.

Check out his HD video of the Rolex Root Beer and also the Rolex Double Red.

The Rolex GMT - Root Beer

The Rolex Double Red

Another limited series AP Royal Oak Offshore ....

Audemars Piguet have made another limited series ... Again.
This time it is the "Royal Oak Las Vegas Strip Collection"
Somehow I find the UN-limited limited series a little over the top.
I like the AP Royal Oak Offshore series - but think there is to many of the limited series...
AP - Be cool - The Royal Oak is a classic - don't destroy it with to many "mickey mouse" series...

Information on swiss watch industrie

Anyone interested in watch information - this is a good place to start.
The "Official site of the FH, the leading association of the Swiss watch industry" has information on terminology, numbers, and many other nice info on swiss watch industry.
Check it out - or keep it as reference for future check up.

My old days as photographer - some times I miss those days ;-)

Until 1999 I was a photographer - mostly sports but also models and fashion. It was at the time just as the digital era started - I remember the first digital cameras - big, heavy and so costly that no one beside the big news papers could have them. I stayed "analog" - with my Nikons - all the way from Nikon F3, F4 and F5 - used slide film and black and white (HP5).
I think it is OK to bring these photos - as we all know women and watches mix very well.

Rolex COMEX watches are difficult to get - and some go the extra way

FOr Rolex collector their exist some watches that are in the more throught after than others. And Rolex watches with the name COMEX on the dial and engraving on case-back are amount the watches that demand some very premium prices.
But some collectors goes the extra way and collect anything related to the COMEX company, flash lights, knives, wet suits, regulators, etc.
Found a link on where people shows different COMEX related items.

Making you own Panerai Strap

I'm very happy with my straps to my Panerai. It is made by a fellow Panerai Owner here in Denmark.
His straps are of very high quality - and they are really hand made - no machines are used here.
He made a small "HOWTO" on a danish forum with some photos - I would like to share with you all. When I see this I feel I should try to make my own strap - just have to get the tools - I did a try out some years ago - but not super perfect.

Well Here goes - My strap masters little Howto:

The simple Howto in pictures:

Some of mine straps - and they are super quality.

Rolex Sub (5513) watch photos "In the Water" and "In the Garden"

Making different shoots is easy - put the watch in different situations and shoot- And with digital you can keep shooting and only use the one that cam out OK - so everybody - get the old camera out and shoot some photos in your surroundings...
Here are the photos of the 5513 - Garden and Water shoots.

My Rolex Sub mat dial (5513) - "The Graden shoots"

My Rolex Sub mat dial (5513) - "The Water Shoots"

Rolex GMT (1675) watch photos "In the Water" and "In the Garden"

Well I used the last weekend (I hope not) with nice weather in Denmark to visit the summerhouse, make some quick grill food with a nice glass of red wine. Shoot some photos in the garden, went a quick walk to the beach and made a some more water shoots - semi action shoots.
This time it was my old Rolex GMT 1675 and Rolex Sub 5513 - that was put into the water.

Somehow it was nice to handle these vintage Rolex's - use them and making some new photos of them - the photos I had was mainly "tabletop" photos - nothing special - just product shoots.
I have asked for more actions photos of watches - so it is only fair that I try as well.

And it is easy to make the shoots - but people was looking a little strange when I with two small children running around finding crabs and nice stones.
Will their father was playing with watches in the water ;-)

My Rolex GMT pointed guards (1675) - "The Graden shoots"

My Rolex GMT pointed guards (1675) - "The Water Shoots"

Photo report on the OMEGA museum

Found this on - A WIS visit to the Omega Museum - it is always nice to see other peoples photos of watch related information. And when a WIS is going to visit a museum expect LOTS of photos.
So enjoy - here there will be some hours of fun for a WIS.

Super video on watch collecting!

Found this link on ViaPaneresti with a link to a video on - this time with a super video on high end watches and watch collecting. Check it out!
The video includes Vintage Rolex DaytOnly Watch 2009 onas and much more - it is so nice to view this on video...

Lux also have a video on "Only Watch 2009 Show" in London.

Which watch has the best Ads !!

I'm a old photographer - and some of the best ads for cameras I have seen is for the old workhorse Nikn F3. This camera was seen as the tool for the professional photographer that went into war, conflict zones, etc - and where the job needed a camera you could "trust". There was some ads where you say a very beat up Nikon - and it said - 4 wars, 7 conflicts , etc - one time service.

The special about that ad was that Nikon used some very used and beat up cameras. SOmehow that ad still sits in my head. Much more that any product photo of the camera that was the norm.

I know I can find that ad somewhere - but until I do I have this "standard" and boring Nikon F3 ad from National Geographic.

Nikon F3 ad

When do we see some real ads from the different watch brands that shows a "beat up" watch - a used watch - that still is beautiful even with many scratches.

When people post photos on different forum of their old watches - the replay is that almost everybody loves the look, and beg the user to keep the watch as it is.
And I most agree - that there is something beautiful over a used and beat-up watch. Somehow this gives the watch some soul and character.
And this is exactly what many watch brands try - to inject some DNA/History/Story/Soul into their brand so it becomes more than a watch.

I loooooong for some more advanced watch ads - with focus on how good the watch look in real life...

When I look through watch magazines the focus is on nice product shoots - I miss the "old times" - with focus on how the watch was designed to help you, be part of you, etc.
Present watch ads are to "glossy"

  • Omega - focus on movie stars now - - Ambassadors
  • Rolex - still focus on people - but in a much more glossy way - they should be famous before they are "allowed" in - Ambassadors

Watch Ads Watch Ads Watch Ads Watch Ads Watch Ads Watch Ads Watch Ads

Good old time watch ads - the quality and "dirty" daily work
  • Omega - focus on the quality and less on beauty - Deep Sea diving, The Moon - watches made to work.
  • Rolex - focus on quality and people - The need for a trustworthy watch they can depend on.

Well I like the old days better - well in terms of watch ads anyway - give me some examples of the "BEST" watch ads you know of - PAST and PRESENT.

Watch Ads Watch Ads Watch Ads

Watch Ads Watch Ads Watch Ads

Well some of the Modern Rolex ads are still OK ;-)

Watch Ads Watch Ads Watch Ads

Added a Page with Sponsor info

With the high trafic I see on my - I'm hope to have some more sponsors for my
So if you would like to be a sponser for my watchblog - please contact me for future information.

People in the News with watches - "James Bond" and Rolex

This time it is "James Bond" alias Daniel Craig is seen with Rolex Sub on a nylon band.
Danial Craig is know for this big collection of both vintage and modern Rolex.
He does have good taste.

Daniel Craig:

Danial Craig Rolex
Some of the older photos of Danial Craig with watches.....

People in the News with watches - Danish "movie star"

This time I found a photo of a "famous" danish movie star" - Mads Mikkelsen.
He is here seen wearing a JC (Jaeger-LeCoultre) AMVOX at a movie festival.
Mads Mikkelsen might not be big outside Denmark - but have had small parts in some international movies.

When is a watch not 100% original!

The real collectors would like a watch that is 100% complete - but sometimes that is not possible when talking about a watch more than 25 years old.
The normal grading system looks mostly at the condition of a watch like the TimeZone grading System.

Any watch that is that old have been serviced, and some parts could have been replaced with new original "spare" parts. That still leaves an original watch even if it is not 100% as when it left the factory.
The issues normally come when more visible parts are being replaced during service - the watch value will then decrease for the purist collector and the value will also decrease. In general the more a watch is not original the less its value will be on the marked.
Watches that have been serviced and have parts replaced with other original parts, might still be original but that is not always the case.
A Frankenwatch is a watch made up of original parts but is not a original watch as it left the "factory".
Some of the more famous "Frankenwatches" are the Rolex Explorer II (1655) made from a old GMT model (1675) with additional parts added. Size of case is not original to a correct 1655 and of-cause the serial number and model number don't match.

But how about a watch that have had bezel replaced?
Or new minute and hour hands?
Or new dial? Or new main spring?
Or new crown?

In theory a watch could still be original and have only the case with serial number intact - but how would that effect the price?

My List of Originality of a watch!!
  • A1 : 100% Factory Original - Like it left the factory - no parts replaced - only serviced - VERY RARE and HIGH Price!
  • A2 : 100% Original - Service Only with replacement parts that is the same as original parts - Normal Purist Collector watch
  • A3 : 100% Original - Service with Original parts inside watch - not 100% same parts as original (new batch) - Normal Collector watch
  • A4 : 100% Original - Service with Original parts outside watch - not 100% same parts as original (new batch) - Normal Collector watch
  • B1 : 100% Original - Service by unofficial - Original Parts - but not original part of watch - Frankenwatch - Not a watch for a collector
  • B2 : Less Than 100% Original - Service by unofficial - Not Original Parts - Frankenwatch - Not a watch for a collector
  • ...
Some of mine A1, A2, A3 and A4 watch - I would not have any B1 or B2 watches in my collection - Enjoy ...

Rolex Rolex Rolex Rolex

Going to visit LW end of the month - stay tuned!!

Have been invited to visit the danish part of Linde Werdelin to view first hand some of their models.
I'm really looking forward to this - and see if my initial feeling for the watch will grow.
SO far it is relative high on my next watch list - somehow their watches have something special over them I like - not like the many other "new" brands I can see in many watch magazines.
LW stay true to their own design and focus on functionality.
Something I really like.

My main interest is the "simple" models - the one I can afford that is ;-).
So stay tuned more info end of the month.

Linde Werdelin Linde Werdelin Linde Werdelin Linde Werdelin

New Place for Super watches added to my weekly checklist

The people in the Nederlands are very lucky - I do think the Nederlands (Holland) have some of the higher quality shops for vintage watches.
Well so fra I have 3-4 webshops I do check out on a weekly if not daily basis - for information and just for fun - to see if my next dream watch is somewhere out there.!!!
This time it is the that has come to my attention.
Checkout some of these "clocks" - including my grail watch - the Rolex MILSUB!!!

Rolex Red Sub 1680 Dial Information

Got this link for one knowledge Vintage Rolex guy - Philipp - on - again some WIS knowledge that is nice for me - and maybe others ;-)
This time about the dial variation of the Rolex Red Sub (model 1680) - not mine - as it is the white version - A red 1680 cost about twice the asking price of the white 1680, just for your information.

I will have to keep a sharp eye open for these threads on different forums - I find the information fun, just like my collection of old National Geographic Rolex ads.

Link til the forum thread on the Rolex 1680 red dial (also known as the Red Sub)

And the Dial Information - from Mark I (first) to Mark 6 (last):

Rolex 1680 dials

Strap Mania - quality vs cost

I have never seen me as a strap man - but have over time got some straps collected in a box.
The quality and price differ - from low price with low quality to high price again with low quality.
Well that is to put it in a very blunt way. Normally quality and price match. But I have some straps that was neither high or low priced but the quality could have been better.

OK what would I choose - I would go for manual made straps by one of the many straps makers that can be found around on the net.
The price is OK - but I would say that quality is better than many of the "factory" made straps you will find.

A good place to check for straps is here on

The best straps I have - was made by a local danish strap maker - that only makes it for fun - but the quality is much better than any of my other straps I have. And the price is very reasonable when compared with the quality.

My little strap collection:


One of my best straps - like second nature to my watch and wrist now.

Panerai Panerai Panerai

People in The NEWS - big watches - Panerai 341

We all know that Sylvester Stallone - Sly is closely related to Panerai watches - He has been seen with the latest models - and seen with many different models. And I can tell you that the most discussed watch was the one Sly was wearing in the latest Rambo movie. It was a "vintage" PVD pam - a watch most collectors would not dare take out - and least not bring it into the action of a movie set like a Rambo movie.
But found this like on Paneristi - that shows Sly wearing what I would call a BIG watch - the Panerai model 341 - Also known as the RADIOMIR EGIZIANO. A almost direct copy of the original model.
But with a size of 60mm it is on the limit of watch size I think - Well maybe Sly and Arnold can wear this kind of watches - but for us normal people - it is a little on the wild side !!

Price is about 30K US$ just for infromation.

Well check out the LINK and see the watch in action - at least on a wrist.

Panerai Panerai Panerai
Panerai Panerai Panerai

Definitions of a WIS

From time to time I use the term WIS - but what does it mean?
Well it means a person that is so into watches - that when watches a movie - they can tell what watch was in the movie ...

But check out this link - and you will see if you can call yourself a real WIS.
  • Wakes up in the emergency room and asks the nurse if his watch was scratched.
  • Takes off his watch before sex.
  • Knows the two-letter Internet country code for Switzerland.
  • Gets his watches serviced more often than he gets his cars serviced.
  • Buys magazines only for the watch ads, reads none of the articles.
  • Knows how to set every chronograph ever made but has no idea how to make his VCR display anything besides 12:00.
  • Owns more watches than the guy selling fake Rolexes on 42nd Street.
  • ...ten minutes after meeting someone for the first time, can tell you what kind of watch the person was wearing, but can't remember their name. ;-).
  • Actually looks forward to having strangers ask him for the time.
  • Buys a Tag-Heuer so his 3-year-old can learn to tell time.
  • Owns $15K worth of watches and wakes up to a $15 Sony digital alarm clock.

Fantastic vintage Rolex Sub collection - and super photos!!

Found this post on One of the best places to ask if question related to vintage Rolex - I think the persons here more knowledge than on - and the tone is much better - people are nice - and the answers are second to none.
If you into vintage Rolex this is the forum to visit!
I would not dream of buying any expensive vintage Rolex without posting any doubts here first.
This time lets enjoy some nice rolex Sub collection and Rolex information from "Philipp" - and let use normal people just stand back and admire. I will add his information on Rolex subs to my "WIS" knowledge ;-)

His little Rolex collection - and as he says - when is enough - enough?
I don't know - but my collection of one - is a little on the short side compared to this - my trusty old 5513
Some no-date SUB information on model numbers and "description" - this is to much information for me - but I like it ;-)

  • - with silver submariner
  • - without silver submariner
  • - small rolex crown
  • - small rolex crown + swiss t
  • - with submariner + OCC
6204, 6205
  • - honeycomb dial in 1 color
  • - gilt in 1 colour
  • - double name
  • - blackout
  • - underline
  • - occ?
  • - 2 lined in 1 colour gilt print
  • - 2 lined + OCC in 1 colour
  • - submariner + red depth
  • - 2 lined in 2 colour print
  • - 4 lined in 2 colour print
  • - double name [ serpico ]
  • - underline
  • - 369
6536, 6536/1, 5508, 5510
  • - 2 lined in 1 colour gilt print
  • - 2 lined in 1 colour gilt print + OCC
  • - submariner + red depth
  • - 2 lined in 2 colour print
  • - 4 lined in 2 colour print
  • - double name [ serpico ]
  • - underline
  • - minuterack, square crown, 2 lined
  • - minutetrack with '59 tulip - fifth finger crown / 2 lined, 'cornini corti' pointed
  • - minutetrack with tulip crown / 4 lined, pointed
  • - minutetrack with '60-'62 crown / 2 lined, pointed
  • - minutetrack with '60-'62 crown / 4 lined, pointed
  • - minutetrack with '60-'62 crown / 2 lined, pointed, double name
  • - opentrack 2 lines, white swiss '62-'63
  • - opentrack 2 lines, white swiss underline '62-'63
  • - opentrack 4 lines, white swiss '62-'63
  • - opentrack 2 lines, white swiss underline '62-'63
  • - opentrack 2 lines, white swiss upperline'62-'63
  • - opentrack 2 lines, gold swiss '63-'64
  • - opentrack 2 lines, gold swiss '63-'64 underline
  • - opentrack 2 lines, gold swiss '63-'64 upperline
  • - opentrack 2 lines, gold swiss '63-'64 double name
  • - opentrack 4 lines, gold swiss '63-'64 underline
  • - opentrack 4 lines, gold swiss '63-'64 upperline
  • - opentrack 2 lines, gold swiss '63-'64 double swiss
  • - 4-5 versions of the 369 explorer dialed submariner
  • - opentrack, 2 lines, SWISS T<25

etc, etc, etc...

And NOW for the fantastic photos - make sure you see them in full size - they are wallpaper quality for any rolex WIS

Rolex Rolex Rolex Rolex Rolex

Watch Factory tours

After I found the link on the Panerai factory tour I started looking for other peoples photos and writing on factory tours on other brands. So Here is a small collection of factory tours on different watch brands.
I will continue to update this post when I find more "tours" on my way around the net.

This first post will have link to tours on:
Panerai, IWC, Franck Muller, Sinn, Omega, Audemars Piguet, Girard-Perregaux, Volmax, Poljot, Chronoswiss, Glashütte Original and Hublot.

  • Panerai Factory Tour - HERE
  • The IWC guided factory tour - HERE
  • A Chinese watch factory tour - HERE
  • Franck Muller factory tour - video - HERE
  • Omega factory tour - HERE
  • Audemars Piguet /AP factory tour - HERE
  • Girard-Perregaux Manufacture factory tour - video - HERE
  • Volmax Wristwatches (Aviator & Sturmanskie) Factory Tour - video - HERE
  • Poljot Factory tour - video - HERE
  • Chronoswiss factory tour - HERE
  • Glashütte Original factory tour - HERE
  • Hublot Factory Tour - HERE
  • Hublot Factory tour II - HERE
  • Franck Muller factory tour - video - HERE

When buying used - Should it be with Box and Papers or Not?

Yes - is the simple answer ;-)

Yes to what - But again it depends a little on the situation and what watch I'm looking for.
But in general Box and Paper (B&P) is a must for anyone collecting watches. As a "normal" person the box and paper can feel a little to much.
But my guidelines for buying used is simple - And I like to keep it simple ;-).

  • 1) Always Buy complete - Get everything - Watch, Original receipt, Outer box, Box, Paper, etc - Get ALL! - Premium price
  • 1) Buy complete as possible - At least Watch, Box and Papers - "Normal" Price - This is the normal state of watch buy and sell.All depends on the watch / and age
  • 1) Buy Semi complete - Watch and Papers - Papers are more important that Box - "Normal" price - All depends on the watch/and age
  • 1) Buy watch and service papers - But in perfect condition - Normal price - All depends on brand, age and how pristine the watch is.
  • 1) Buy watch only - But in perfect condition - Normal price - All depends on brand, age and how pristine the watch is.
  • 1) Buy watch only - Normal wear on watch - but nothing else - expect to pay "Lower" price - again it all depends on the watch/and age

But I would normally say that I would buy a simple watch for daily use - without anything if the price reflected this - but on the other hand I would much rather but a watch with box and papers - it will make resell, value etc much higher on the watch.
That said I have some watches where I only have the watch and not papers or box, and some I have watch and box but no papers.

But in general I love watches - And if I find a nice one to a good deal I will get it - I like watches to much to have a missing box or paper stop me ;-).

Complete packages - Box and Papers:
Panerai Panerai Panerai Rolex Rolex Rolex

NOT Complete packages:
Rolex Rolex Rolex Rolex

Manual wind or Automatic - That is the question

I have been using automatic watches from the day I got my first Rolex Explorer II - before that is was a quartz Heuer Diving watch I used. My first Manual watch was the Panerai 4B (PVD) - and it was something of a change - now I had to remember to wind the watch every evening before going to bed.
It took some time to get used to - but somehow I started to really like it - it gave a kind of Zen over this winding process.

But when the wife saw that I each evening sat with the watch winding it - she asked if it was not time for a new better watch.
How could a watch you had to wind manually cost that much!!
Well - I then switch to a Pam 25C - that was automatic and that was just super - but I did find myself winding it from time to time.
Now my daily watch is again a manual watch - my Panerai 1B and again I can enjoy a moment of Zen when I wind it each evening.

And the wife don't say anything any more ;-)

My Manual Watches (Panerai 1B and 4B) - the Pam 4B is loooong gone ...
Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai

And some of my automatic watches (Panerai and Rolex)

Rolex Rolex Rolex Rolex Panerai Panerai

Inside the Panerai Factory !!

Found this link on - where John (forum Admin) was invited to visit the Panerai factory.
This really looks like a super tour - and some very fun information for a WIS.
Think I should collect some links to factory visits around the different brands - I know I have seen more - but just need to find them again!!

Well enjoy the tour HERE
I would show a simple photo here but John is very much not interested in that - and I respect that - but don't understand 100% (me being a former pro photographer) - but .....

Rolex Milsub - The Grail watch for "ALL" Rolex collectors

The Rolex Milsub - the 5513/5517 models issued to the UK special forces from 1965 and some years on is seen as THE grail watch - and it have the price tag to match almost any other watch.

This post related to the number of watches left in the wild is very interesting. And the stories about how these watches was seen as "nothing special" - to now being one of the most exclusive Rolex watches.
But how many of these watches are still "alive" after all these years? These watches was used and abused to a degree where many other watches would be left dead. And probably some of the original milsubs did also die during their service period.

The post on does give some nice info from some of the most well-know and knowledge people in regards to Vintage Rolex and especially Rolex Milsubs.
I for one would not buy a Milsub anywhere without having it "vetted" by these guys.

Some of the info related to Rolex Milsubs
  • About 1250 having been issued
  • Conservatively say 400 left in existence recognizable to some degree
  • Probably 200 max is "know", - pretty much every publicly sold, auction offered, published, in the hands of collectors we know< ....../li>
  • Very few are left in original spec. Of the 130ish only 38 are full spec.!!!
  • At least 100 more to surface ... at a rate of 5-10 max a year

And now for the HORROR stories !!!
  • When the watch was issued to him in 1978 he and his team was given a box with about 30-50 Milsubs in there... They choose the ones they needed (and which where the best looking ones in there).... and i was told the rest of them was disposed later in a oil-barrel filled up with concrete..
  • Don't be surprised if 10% have physically been lost, destroyed or cannibalized in 30 years.
  • Very, very few of these watches will have full spec. A watch with correct dial, bezel, hands, fixed bars and case-back is by far the exception rather than the rule. Most often they seem to crop up now with a 3/4 chance of having the correct back and if you're lucky either the hands or the bezel but rarely both.
  • ...

It brings cold shivers down my spine ;-)

Lets enjoy some photos of the Mother of all Tool-watches - I give you the MILSUB!

ROLEX milsub ROLEX milsub ROLEX milsub ROLEX milsub ROLEX milsub ROLEX milsub ROLEX milsub ROLEX milsub ROLEX milsub

A rolex 5513 beat up - I like it ;-)

Found this post on - a really beat up Rolex 5513 - that looks like it have been through hell and back.
Somehow this is one I will ad to my selection of watches that have seen their share of action.
This shows that a Rolex is a tool watch to be used and not a nice dress watch.
So if you have some photos or stories of watches that have the scars to prove it has been used and not a safe queen.

The really beat up Rolex 5513

Other beat up watches from my "collection" of photos

Dial variations on Rolex watches - This time the classic 1680

Dial variations of Rolex watches is and will continue to be discussed between people collecting vintage Rolex. Of the most famous Rolex dial variations is on the Rolex Daytona - but also the more simple Rolex Subs have their share of dial variations. I don't have a complete overview of all the dial variations that exist but I can learn something new every day.
I have received the following photo of the Rolex 1680 dial variations on the white version.

These are my small understandings of dial variations of the 1680 including the red sub versions.

  • Matt dial, 200m first, Submariner in Red
  • Matt dial, 600ft first, Open 6's, Submariner in Red
  • Matt dial, 600ft first, Closed 6's, Submariner in Red
  • Matt dial, 600ft first, Closed 6's, Submariner in White
  • Matt dial, 600ft first, "Open 6's", Submariner in White

Here are the photo of different Rolex 1680 white dial variations with both open and closed 6. It is small differences but if looking close there is difference in font and crown.

And here the Replacement dial with luminova.

Now I can check out my 1680 white dial and see if it matches any of these dials ;-)

Some wet and dirty Photos of my Panerai 1B

Back from a small weekend in the summerhouse - and yes the summer is over but that did not keep me from making some photos.
Well I'm a WIS after all.

So this time is is only water shoots - and to try something else I put the watch in then mud - somehow I like watches being "dirty" - give me some watches photos with some action.
Packshoots and product photos are ok - but for me the real beuty of a watch is seen in "action" photos, photos of the watch in real life - out of the studio of a photographer!

First some rain photos of my Panerai 1B - shoot on the table outside.

And then some mud photos - the watch was put in the dirt next to the roses - and I quickly got some photos with my old Nikon D70 and old manual 50mm 1.5

Off to a nice weekend - expect no update the next two days

Off for the weekend - maybe some new watch photos - time will tell - expect no updates over the weekend.
But I do suggest you explore the archive - many nice information's if your a WIS ;-)
Enjoy - and keep smiling.......

Found additional nice places to search for my dream watch

We I have some spare time I normally visit watch forums, online dealers and general check out any information I can find, related to watches - mostly Rolex and Panerai but I do tend to look at other watches as well (Omega, AP, etc).
It is both a very positive thing to view nice watches but at the same time it can be very frustrating - seeing all these nice watches and don't have the money right now to get one - but hay that is how it is to be a WIS - You can enjoy looking at watches without buying them. People that are not WIS will not understand this - but let me keep one of my small hobbies.

So without holding back I bring some nice online shops in the EU that is on my weekly checkup list - or maybe bi-weekly.

This time I focus on shops in Germany - as I would prefer to do business inside EU and not be forced to pay extra tax and VAT.

I will ad these to my links page as well

National Geographic OMEGA watch ads - Enjoy

Here are some photos of the National Geographic ads with Omega watches.
I really like the diver and moon watch ads - they look cool - somehow I don't think the present Omega ads is any where near thee lovely ads.
When Omega started the James Bond theme - it was only downhill - everybody knows James Bond wears a Rolex ;-) - And that James Bond and Omega watch is only a product placement stunt.
The photos of the ads is including the frontpage for each ad, so it is easy to check the year and month that a specific ad has been in the magazine.

So enjoy these "REAL" Omega watch ads - they are really something.

Going to check out a watch in more detail - will it be something for me ?

Stay tuned - I'm planning to take a closer look on Linde Werdelin watches - and see if these are going to move up on my Next watch list.

I have only tried one - a two timer with white dial at a local shop here in Copenhagen - but would love to try out the ones I like most - Black dial - steel version and their DLC version.
It is always difficult to get a idea of the "quality" and the many unknown factors by looking at pictures - you really do need to have these watches in your hand in order to feel if they "speak" to you.

I can sometimes have a very positive feeling of a watch based on reviews and photos, but after trying it out - it didn't feel like it fitted me that well. The same watch could be just right for another person - but was not right on me.
In general I would not see me as a person with a gold watch, a very slim watch (my Rolex 1675 is probably the smallest watch I would wear).

But my first try on the LW watch was a positive one - so I looking forward to trying them on and getting the real feeling of the watch.

I was positive for the 5 min I had it in my hands - but ....

Well time will tell - The models I'm looking at are:
  • Elemental - black dial - This I like - simple and looks good
  • The One - black dial - Ditto with above
  • Hard DLC versions - I would love a DLC in my collection - and the DLC should be original not after marked
  • Octopus - just to see it - the beast ;-)

  • National Geographic WATCH Ads - Many different Brands

    During my check for rolex watch ads in National geographic Magazines I did also find some other brands that is less know.
    Here are some of the brands and the ads as they where published in National Geographic Magazine.
    I have old National Geographic from the 1920- 1930- 1940-, and some of the ads are also very funny. The cars, the Coca Cola, etc. You can check many more of these non watch ads in my gallery as well.

    The photos of the ads is including the frontpage for each ad, so it is easy to check the year and month that a specific ad has been in the magazine.

    Watch Brands shown here are :
  • Hamilton, Accutron, Gruen, Elgin,

  • Of-topic ads included:
  • Cars, White Line, etc....

  • Here are some of the older watch ads I found.

    Here are some of the OT ads - just for fun.

    National Geographic Rolex Ads - None Professional line

    This time the focus is on Non professional Rolex watch ads (no subs, no explorer, etc). But some of the persons in the ads does demand some respect.
    Red Adair is one that comes to mind.

    The photos of the ads is including the frontpage for each ad, so it is easy to check the year and month that a specific ad has been in the magazine.
    These are the EU version of the NG - and as I understand there are difference from country to country.

    I normally focus most on the Professional line of rolex watches but the gold Day-date of Red Adair did show a Rolex watch in very tough environments!

    Here are some of the older version of the ads.

    Here are some of the newer version of the ads - non Professional line.

    AUGUST is NOW in the Archive

    Now August of my watchblog is in the Archive - this time with 44 entries ;-)

    It has been a exiting month - with many contacts from people around the world asking questions and saying nice things about my blog.

    Stay tuned I will have many new input and thinks to talk about here.

    Remember to check out the archives - There might be some funny info ;-)

    TCO - Total cost of ownership on watches

    I will here bring the reason for that many "expensive" watches are cheap when seen in TCO - Total cost of ownership.

    Ok - this might not be completely true if all watch brands are allowed. Very difficult to say anything negative on a Casio G-shock watch for less the what a simple checkup would cost at a local watchmaker.
    But for many of the more expensive watches, the price paid for the name - like Rolex, Panerai, AP, PP and others are well paid and will probably be a "good" deal for one in the last end.

    I got my First Rolex Explorer II (16550) in 1985 at a price about 27% of price today.
    I will be able to sell it used for about 230% of initial price paid
    It has had two services in total of 20-25% of original price.
    I have had the watch for +23 years and it will not leave me - quality never goes out of style.

    And one additional thing. I have not looked at any other watch during my first 20 years with my trusty Exp II.
    So how much has this watches cost me - if I sell it now - what has the TCO been?
    I have earned money on the watch (almost)! - I can sell it for 2-2,5 times the original price - an with deducting the original price and service cost I still stand to "earn" about 100-150% of original price.

    This does not include inflation - but even with inflation - I guess I'm better than break even.

    This is even more true for my "vintage" Rolex and to some extent my Pams.
    • My Rolex 1665 - I have had for 3 years and the price is about 140% the price I paid (conservative estimate) .
    • My Rolex 5513 - which I have had for 4 years is now about 150-180% the price I paid..
    • My Rolex 1680 - which I have had for 3-4 years is now about 100-120% the price I paid..
    • My Rolex 16610LV - which I have had for 6 years is now only about 75% of original price - but give time it will break even ....
    I know nothing is sure in this world - but for some reason I feel OK with buying watches where I feel that the TCO is in my favor.

    Only issue is having the money to start with - but that is why I have a wishlist and save up.

    I would say that this is also true to some extent some of the other brands and special watches. I could see older Panerais and Omega will see the same trend.
    So All I can say to people thinking that some watches are very expensive is "think twice - cut once" - maybe the TCO is better than you might think.

    I know this is all very theoretically - and I can only say again - BUY the watch you want - don't buy for investment - buy what you like.

    Watch being shoot at! - blow up! - And it keeps on ticking - To "spacy" for me

    This watch "proof" is over the top - LOL

    I love new ways to see a watch in action - a comex diver doing his work with the SDDS, or Sly using his watch in the movies, etc. Well as long as I can see a watch in other situations than simple "packshoots" I'm happy.
    But this one is way over the hill - and bring a smile to my face.
    This kind of "watch related" marketing does the opposite to me - when I see these kind of ads - the quality of the watch might be good - but I would never buy one after seeing these kind of "proof" of the high quality of the watch. For me the "proof" is in real life situations and not some stupid and unrealistic settings.
    Sorry to say - this just stopped me cold - I will probably not buy a "CX SWISS MILITARY WATCH" watch.

    Why did they not just focus on the quality and not these "invalid" proof of the quality of the watch. From now on I will look on these watches as toy watches as these "ads" show.

    All can see the videos here of the new SUPER EXTREME WATCH - 20.000 feet (6.000 meters) water proof.

    • Watch being soaked with water - here
    • Watch being shoot at - here
    • Watch being blow up - here

    From Press release:

    When CX Swiss Military Watch™ launched the extreme diving watch 20’000 FEET at a press conference during this year’s BASELWORLD journalists and their readers were asked to come forward with their own ideas of real life tests for this seemingly indestructible timepiece. No idea too crazy, too destructive to be considered by our jury who will award the ultimate test suggestion with a 20’000 FEET timepiece at the end of 2009. Several tests have been successfully performed since March 2009 and now the challenge continues – after being shot at, after being submerged by an airport fire engine and driven over by a truck a new real life test has been chosen by our jury from all the suggestions sent in by dive watch enthusiasts from all over the world: one 20’000 FEET will be exposed to the incredible force of 100 grams of explosives! This is enough to destroy a 2 ton automobile and unlike the pressure tank tests the 20’000 FEET successfully undertook there is no gradual build-up of the maximum pressure with explosives......