TCO - Total cost of ownership on watches

I will here bring the reason for that many "expensive" watches are cheap when seen in TCO - Total cost of ownership.

Ok - this might not be completely true if all watch brands are allowed. Very difficult to say anything negative on a Casio G-shock watch for less the what a simple checkup would cost at a local watchmaker.
But for many of the more expensive watches, the price paid for the name - like Rolex, Panerai, AP, PP and others are well paid and will probably be a "good" deal for one in the last end.

I got my First Rolex Explorer II (16550) in 1985 at a price about 27% of price today.
I will be able to sell it used for about 230% of initial price paid
It has had two services in total of 20-25% of original price.
I have had the watch for +23 years and it will not leave me - quality never goes out of style.

And one additional thing. I have not looked at any other watch during my first 20 years with my trusty Exp II.
So how much has this watches cost me - if I sell it now - what has the TCO been?
I have earned money on the watch (almost)! - I can sell it for 2-2,5 times the original price - an with deducting the original price and service cost I still stand to "earn" about 100-150% of original price.

This does not include inflation - but even with inflation - I guess I'm better than break even.

This is even more true for my "vintage" Rolex and to some extent my Pams.
  • My Rolex 1665 - I have had for 3 years and the price is about 140% the price I paid (conservative estimate) .
  • My Rolex 5513 - which I have had for 4 years is now about 150-180% the price I paid..
  • My Rolex 1680 - which I have had for 3-4 years is now about 100-120% the price I paid..
  • My Rolex 16610LV - which I have had for 6 years is now only about 75% of original price - but give time it will break even ....
I know nothing is sure in this world - but for some reason I feel OK with buying watches where I feel that the TCO is in my favor.

Only issue is having the money to start with - but that is why I have a wishlist and save up.

I would say that this is also true to some extent some of the other brands and special watches. I could see older Panerais and Omega will see the same trend.
So All I can say to people thinking that some watches are very expensive is "think twice - cut once" - maybe the TCO is better than you might think.

I know this is all very theoretically - and I can only say again - BUY the watch you want - don't buy for investment - buy what you like.

Watch being shoot at! - blow up! - And it keeps on ticking - To "spacy" for me

This watch "proof" is over the top - LOL

I love new ways to see a watch in action - a comex diver doing his work with the SDDS, or Sly using his watch in the movies, etc. Well as long as I can see a watch in other situations than simple "packshoots" I'm happy.
But this one is way over the hill - and bring a smile to my face.
This kind of "watch related" marketing does the opposite to me - when I see these kind of ads - the quality of the watch might be good - but I would never buy one after seeing these kind of "proof" of the high quality of the watch. For me the "proof" is in real life situations and not some stupid and unrealistic settings.
Sorry to say - this just stopped me cold - I will probably not buy a "CX SWISS MILITARY WATCH" watch.

Why did they not just focus on the quality and not these "invalid" proof of the quality of the watch. From now on I will look on these watches as toy watches as these "ads" show.

All can see the videos here of the new SUPER EXTREME WATCH - 20.000 feet (6.000 meters) water proof.

  • Watch being soaked with water - here
  • Watch being shoot at - here
  • Watch being blow up - here

From Press release:

When CX Swiss Military Watch™ launched the extreme diving watch 20’000 FEET at a press conference during this year’s BASELWORLD journalists and their readers were asked to come forward with their own ideas of real life tests for this seemingly indestructible timepiece. No idea too crazy, too destructive to be considered by our jury who will award the ultimate test suggestion with a 20’000 FEET timepiece at the end of 2009. Several tests have been successfully performed since March 2009 and now the challenge continues – after being shot at, after being submerged by an airport fire engine and driven over by a truck a new real life test has been chosen by our jury from all the suggestions sent in by dive watch enthusiasts from all over the world: one 20’000 FEET will be exposed to the incredible force of 100 grams of explosives! This is enough to destroy a 2 ton automobile and unlike the pressure tank tests the 20’000 FEET successfully undertook there is no gradual build-up of the maximum pressure with explosives......

Some - not many Panerai Ads in National Geographic

After all the Rolex ads in National Geographic - I have also found some with Panerai - not that many as I stopped subscribing to National Geographic some years ago - and that was just when Panerai was started to more popular.

The photos of the ads is including the frontpage for each ad, so it is easy to check the year and month that a specific ad has been in the magazine.
These are the EU version of the NG - and as I understand there are difference from country to country.
Here are a very small selection of the ads. Enjoy

National Geographic Rolex Ads - Explorer

This time the focus is on the ROLEX EXPLORER watch both Explorer I (1016, 14270) and Explorer II (1655, 16550, 16650).
The photos of the ads is including the frontpage for each ad, so it is easy to check the year and month that a specific ad has been in the magazine.
These are the EU version of the NG - and as I understand there are difference from country to country.

For me the Explorer is one of the rolex classic - it is up there with the submariner. And somehow it is even more special.
Many other brands have dive watches, they have GMT watches, but how many have a Watch that originally is designed for speleology!.
When the Rolex 1655 came into the world - it was the time of many cave explorations. And there was a "need" for a watch that could tell time and show if day or night.
And along came the Rolex Explorer II.

Some good information on Rolex Explorer can be found here.

Here are some of the older version of the ads - 1016 and 1655 models.

Here are some of the newer version of the ads - version 14270, 16650 .

Women and Rolex mix well ;-)

Well women and Rolex do mix very well. I always enjoy to view women with Rolex. Or any other high brand watches.

Some pictures - and many forums have this as a part of a thread, so it is not only me that feel this way.

Rolex Rolex Rolex Rolex Rolex Rolex Rolex Rolex

National Geographic Rolex Ads

As I have recived many request for my national Geographic Rolex Ads - here are the info on these.
I have a big collection of national Geographic Magazines and have enjoyed reading these for many years. I have stopped now as I feel the NG is not what it used to be.
But the old Rolex ads was what started me on my Rolex path - with a ad for the Rolex Explorer and Day-date.

The photos of the ads is including the frontpage for each ad, so it is easy to check the year and month that a specific ad has been in the magazine.
These are the EU version of the NG - and as I understand there are difference from country to country.

Here are some of the older version of the ads - with many know people.

Here are some of the newer version of the ads - again with many know people.

Rolex deep sea and my feelings..

More and more positive feeling on the Rolex Deep Sea as times goes by.
Somehow the massive super tool watch of Rolex have again started to grow on me.
The more I read - the more I get the feeling that the initial "shock" of the massive size and height is soon forgotten and replaced by a joy of a watch that have many more positive than negative sides.

So I will probally have to go and try it on again at the local AD.
But should it be the Deep Sea, a SE panerai sub, or maybe a Linde Werdelin watch that should be the next one its way to my wrist? Time will show - but hey that more than half the fun - changing your minds, looking for positive / negative issues in any watch you would like.

For lets agree on one thing - when you have more than one watch - then the next watch is more to ad some change and some fun to your collection.
Thats how I see it.
I would love to have eg. five Rolex 5513, five 1680, etc. But then it becomes like stamp collecting and that is not for me. Buy them - use them - yes even abuse them.

But The Deep Sea is growing again slowly on me based on many peoples feelings of this watch.

Rolex Rolex Rolex

Another youtube video with Rolex content

Another of the many videos with rolex content. This time a "assembly" of the 4130 movement in the Rolex daytona.

And the 3135 movement used in many models. The Rolex workhourse

GMT Master - Iconic watches part one (of many to come)

I have a soft spot for watches with a history - by that I mean a watch that initially was selected because of its functionality and not a watch build for fashion or to follow a trend (this is becoming more and more the case for some brands).

There exist many watches I would see as Iconic for any watch collector. I can quickly mention a few - and probably I could add some more in time. But the Omega Speedmaster (moon watch), Rolex Submariner, Rolex GMT Master, Heuer Monaco, Rolex Daytona, Omega Seamaster 600, and many more.

This first part will be on the GMT Master from Rolex.

The Rolex GMT Master was developed in cooperation with Pan Am. Pan Am asked Rolex in the 1950s to develop a watch which could tell different times simultaneously.
Check out the gmt master info page here for more detailed information.

The First GMT was introduced in 1954 (model 6542 aka Pussy Galore). This model was developed on the basis of a regular Turn-O-Graph (Ref. 6202).

Until now Rolex has released 7 models or their GMT master model.
  • 6542
  • 1675
  • 16750
  • 16760
  • 16700
  • 16710
  • 116710
And from version 1675 it was also possible to get the models in gold - a first for these sports watches from rolex - this because the Rolex GMT was seen as a pilot watch and pilots was seen as "higher" ranking and therefore could afford to buy a Gold watch - well that is the story out there - If it is true I don't know ;-) .

The GMT watches have since gone from a special watch for pilots to a feature and a watch type available from almost all major watch brands - but remember the original is the Rolex GMT with red/blue bezel.

Some of the GMT ads in National Geographic

Rolex Ads Rolex Ads Rolex Ads Rolex Ads Rolex Ads

And some photos of this super watch

Rolex Rolex Rolex
The Rolex GMT master is also associated with some very know people.
Che Guverra, Chuck Jagger, NASA (astronauts) and some screen actors like "Pussy Galore" in James Bond and Col. Kurts in Apocalypse Now to mention a few.

Rolex Rolex Rolex Rolex Rolex Rolex Rolex

Black watches - some I like some I don't...

To buy PVD/DLC watches or not?

What is my feeling on the trend with more and more black watches coming out. Well some I like, and some I don't.
I do like the look of most black watches as a change from a normal steel watch. But having only a black watch would probally not be for me - but as a second watch I would welcome a PVC/DLC watch.
For now I don't have any PVD or DLC watch - but I'm still looking at some models.
I really like the original PVD Panerai models - but the prices are also in the high end.
Then I like some of the less know brands DLC models, Linde Werdelin I find very interesting.
But I would not be found having any aftermarket DLC of a Rolex model - somehow a Rolex should be like it has always been.
Other very high end watch I like is the AP End of Days (EOD) watch - that is so tough, pvd, velcro strap etc.

Some of the Black watches I like

Linde Werdelin Linde Werdelin Panerai Panerai AP

And some that don't say that much to me

Rolex Rolex Rolex

Buy New or Buy used - that is the question?

What to do when out looking for a new watch - should you buy a brand new in box from a dealer, or find a good deal on a used one and thereby save some money.

My feeling is:
1) Nothing beats the feeling of buying a brand new watch and bring it home.
2) Buying used can save you some money and only option if buying vintage.
3) Buying a "new" watch used - can save some money - but be careful if you don't know the seller,etc.

For me I would love to buy all my "new" watches direct from the dealer - the extra money spend is not that bad, and forgotten quickly.

But on the other hand I don't mind buying used - and even don't mind the watch looks used - as all my watches are worn and used very much and they will get scratches and dings.
As I said before - No safe queens for me.

But Everybody should buy at lest one watch directly from a official dealer and enjoy the nice feeling of bringing home the box.
And at the same time don't feel bad of buying a used watch - even with scratches on if you can save some money and enjoy the feeling of having saved some money and maybe save for the next watch.

Some of my Watches brought directly from the dealer (my Rolex 16550 and Rolex 16610LV)

Rolex Rolex Rolex Rolex

What should I get a Rolex or a Panerai - A question I get a lot

From time to time people ask me - "If I should get a watch and I have to choose between a Rolex and a Panerai which one should I get?"
Well easy question - Get the Rolex ;-)

If life just was that easy - it would be a boring life as well. I can only stress that you should buy what you want and not buy what other people say you should buy.
Take control over your life and make your own decision.
That is to put it on the point - It can some times be nice to hear pro and cons for different watches that are on ones which list.
Most often I hear about the pro and cons for a Panerai or a Rolex. And I don't think anyone have anything "negative" to say about these two watches - there are both good watches and easy to sell again if you regret it and want to try another watch.

But if you ask me for my opinion - I would say get the Rolex.
The Rolex is and will always be a classic, its tough, its accurate, in-house movement, its quality, it is good good quality for the money, it looks good, and its easy to sell again and people will know you like quality. A sure buy.


The Rolex is also a little to easy to select. Like the old saying nobody get fired for buying IBM (from the good old days).

The Panerai is more "Fun" - it has some other qualities that is unique to that Brand.
The quality is not as good as Rolex, it is high priced for the "ETA" models, the in-house models is even higher priced, many special editions, the community is special, the secondhand price for the limited models are high. But the watch is more FUN!!

The difference between Panerai and Rolex is like buying cars.

The ROLEX is a Volvo, Audi, Mercedes, Saab, etc - high price and high quality. You will get value for money even if the price is high.

The PANERAI is a Alfa, a Fiat 500, a Morgan, a Lotus Super Seven, a Defender (Land Rover) - High price - but fun cars you can enjoy at a different level.

So if you have the opportunity to have have two cars - etc. like one for you to have fun with and one for the daily work of driving the kids to school, etc. That is optimal.
Hope this has helped you a little in the difficult task of selecting a watch - being it a Rolex, Panerai, or any other watch.

Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai

Plan to make a nest egg for buying the next watch

If you like me have a family and ongoing things to pay and maintain and is not blessed with a bank account that allows "unlimited" watch buys - your will have to save up for the next dream watch. That is also why I have my Next Watch List so I can be more strict on what my next watch buy should be and not make any "mistakes".
I plan to make a allocated account for my next watch buy - the so called nest egg - that will allow me to focus on adding a little money on a monthly basis. SO far it is limited what is in the next egg - but that just mean that is will take longer to get the next watch - which is OK. I still enjoy the watches I have - and can still dream on and change my decision many times before I will have the opportunity to and the next watch.

What I check when doing watch buys long distance.

I have a small collection of watches - some Rolex and two Panerais - thats all. Of these I have brought some directly from the AD (Rolex), some hand to hand and some over the next with either private or dealers.

  • My Rolex Explorer II and Rolex Sub LV was brought new directly from AD
  • My Rolex 5513 was brought from watch shop here in DK
  • My Rolex 1675 was brought from watch shop here in DK
  • My Rolex 16600 was brought from private person in DK over mail and bank transfer
  • My Rolex 1665 was brought from auction house here in DK over the NET
  • My Rolex 1680 was brought from private person here in DK face to face
  • My Panerai 4B was brought from private person in italy over mail and bank transfer
  • My Panerai 25C was brought from private person in DK over mail and bank transfere
  • My Panerai 1B brought from watch shop here in EU over mail and bank transfer
So I have tried many different options when buying a watch - and for all situations (besides the AD) is do your home work!

I have a simple list of checks I do before I jump to the buy.

The Preparation:
  • Make sure the watch your are looking at is the watch you would like - don't get a 1675 if it really was a 5513 your wanted
  • Buy what you really want
  • Check the watch - first by photos, if possible in person, is the watch as it should be - especially for vintage Rolex this is important
  • Is the watch complete - if not does it reflect the price and does it matter to your
  • How "used" is the watch - does it need a service - when was the last time it had a service, and do papers exists on this
  • If this is the watch you want move on to the buy
The Buy:
  • If local - meet face to face at cafe for hand on view and get a feeling of the seller
  • If local - and you what the watch make money transfer and watch switchover at your home
  • If local - and you what the watch make money transfer and watch switchover at local bank
  • If not local - get to "know" the seller - many will be know on watch forums and they can give references
  • Buy the seller
  • Buy the seller - if in doubt - drop the deal.
  • If the seller is serious they are aware of the issues and will gladly help in making the transfer in a good way for both
  • If buying from watch shop on the next - make a check on forums and search the net for any information on that business
  • I prefer to do business inside EU to have no issues with Tax and VAT when receiving the packet
  • I would probably stay away from anyone sending fuzzy photos, general having little knowledge of the watch, or being to active
  • If the seller says - "I have many other buyers on hand" - I would probably stay away - maybe not - it all depends on the deal
  • Be careful and think the buy through - any thing that don't match, seller email, seller IP and seller adress (more it knowledge needed)....
But also remember - MANY more deals go without ANY issues - only a small fraction gives problems.

Rolex Rolex Panerai Panerai

Collecting watches and Safe Queens

Collecting watches and safe queens.
I'm a little split on collecting watches and having safe queens. A safe queen is seen as a watch that is brought buy a collector only to sit in a "safe" - never to be "used".
Somehow that don't do it for me - any watch I have is to be used, and I don't care that much that the watch get a scratch or ding, as this is the normal life of a watch.
Of-cause it "hurts a little" when I bang my watch into a door frame - and you look down to see that chip of paint on the watch.
But hey that is life and a watch is to be used and be with you all the time.

Your watch should be part of your life and not seen as a delicate juverly only to be worn to "showoff". This is not for me.
And when people starts baby their Tool watches - that is somehow not correct ;-)

When I start to think twice before wearing any of my watches I start to think twice on selling it.
That is what I did to my Pam 4B - I began to think twice on wearing it as I was concerned about the PVD on that watch.
I sold it but have since regretted it - but hey that is life.

So NO safe queens for me - how about you ;-)

Rolex Rolex Rolex Rolex

The GMT watches is a true classic for me

For me the GMT watches are one of the classic kind of watches that has been introduced relative newly in the watch world.
From my understanding the GMT watch was "started" in the 1960 period by Rolex - some other brand might have highlighted the idea before - but it was Rolex that brought the GMT kind of watch into the mass marked.

I still think that the Rolex GMT is the true classic of GMT watches - it has been copied many times - but I still think that the original Rolex GMT is the father of these watches and difficult to beat.

For me I would recommend anyone looking for a Rolex to look at this classic as these can still be found at a relative good price - but I think that model 1675 is on the raise.

Now almost all other brands have a GMT watch or a Two timer watch - Where you can read the time in two or three timezones at the same time.

The Original Rolex GMT 1675 - used a rotating bezel to set the second time zone - and where the 24 hour hand would be linked to the normal hour hand.
The later models had independent 24 hour hand - meaning that it would be possible to read the time in three time zones.

Here are some of the original Rolex GMT ads and the beast itself.

Rolex Rolex Rolex

Rolex Rolex

High End watches I like

Normally I stick to tool watches - like Rolex, Panerai, IWC, LW etc kind of watches. But there some watches that I would see as nice dress watches that I somehow feel is a bit above the normal standard of dress watches.
You would never see me with a slim dress watch with a small leather strap. These are a little to "pussy" for me. But one watch brand that I like is the PP (Patek Philippe) Nautilus and Jumbo. This is a true classic I would love to have and could see me with when I'm getting old ;-)

Found some watch photos in the wild that have spiked my interest!

I always think that pictures in the "wild" as opposite to "product" photos gives a much better view/feeling of the watch.
So after having seen the following watch photos I more and more drawn to these two watches.
The special edition of a panerai watch, and the Linde Werdeling watch (either DLC or normal).

Check out these watches - they look just nice in "real" life.
The Panerai is so nice - and looks like a real "BAD BOY". The LW looks so special that I just like it - and much more on these real life photos than the "product" photos - would love to get my hands on one and make some "different" watch shoots of that watch. I do believe it can one though bastard.

The BAD BOY Panerai:

Panerai Panerai

The LW in real Life - That could be a bad boy .... in time.

Linde Werdelin Linde Werdelin - a good place to find photos related to Panerai watches

Looks like Martin W have been busy - making another super website dedicated to panerai watch photo.

The new website is called - with a focus on Panerai watch photo. This would be THE place to find photos of all Panerai watches models around from the early vintage days to the latest special editions.
And the good thing about this place is that it is possible for upload your own pictures and share them with other people around the world.
I can recommend this site - if not for anything else that to use some time looking at beautiful watches.

Link to website

Panerai Pre-A Panerai Panerai

How do I feel of replica watches or "homage" watches

I don't like them ;-)

Well that is to say it short.
I guess it is because I somehow feel something for the watch I wear, and having a "fake" watch somehow is like people bragging about their big car, how much money they earn, how smart and important they are, etc.
These kind of people leave me a little cold especially if if its all brag.
I want to see for my self - and make my own idea of a person. It is OK if he/she does have lots of money, does have a super car, is very smart, etc .
It is not that I want to sound like a grumpy old man - but stay true to your "colors", be who you are and be proud of that.

I would always judge a man by the way he/she behaves - and not on the car, watch, clothes, etc they have.
Most of my friends don't have any expensive watches or replicate watches - I'm the only WIS here - and that can be fun some times.

Which watch to come next - always questions and options

I guess that we all have a issue when getting a new watch.
Which one to get, should I wait and get the more expensive watch on my list, or should I get a less expensive now and enjoy that and delay the more expensive watch.
Somehow my buying of watches have been - that I have my "list" and then I find another watch I would like - maybe a watch way down on my list or a watch not even on my list.
This was the case for my latest buy. My Panerai 1B, that was not on my list - (the Pam 000 and Pam 005 was). But when I found this nice watch - just begging to come home to me I could not resist.
That buy also delayed the buying of a new Rolex or LW watch, or even the moon watch, etc.
But I guess that is the way of a WIS - never sure what will be the next watch - maybe a good deal jumps up at you.

With my finances I'm not able buy a new watch every year (not in my price range anyway). So I would normally have to save for 1-2 years for a "low" end watch (Some Pam models, Some Rolex, etc.), and 2-3 years for a "high" end watch (daytona, vintage rolex,AP, etc)

So how does my situation look like right now - which watch to get!

  • Buying the Rolex Daytona - would mean saving for a longer time
  • Buying a Linde Werdelin (still have to try it on) - would delay the Daytona even more
  • Buying a Pam Logo - will delay Daytona,
  • li> etc....
So I'm still a little in the dark - would love a Rolex Daytona - but would it get the wrist time?
Should I get a LW - I like the look and size?
Or should I get a good old fashion Panerai or Rolex model?

Well I think I will go for the "special" watches this time.
So it will be either, Daytona, LW or special Pam.

Linde Werdelin Linde Werdelin Panerai Panerai

Have been playing with my RAW files - "Watch art"

During the weekend I looked at some of my old photos of my watches - and because I shoot RAW - it is very easy to make some artistic photos. Somehow these are a nice change from the standard nice looking watch photos we all try to make.
How did I do it - well as I said I shoot RAW - the "digital negative" - I see the JPEG as a print - where the possibilities for manipulation is limited.
So what do you do - well open the RAW file in the application - and try different settings and manipulations.
This time it was mainly color adjustment and levels manipulation.
But the possibilities are endless.
Have to find my my Rolex photos - and make some fun their as well - this time it is mostly the Panerais that I have had my fun with.
Somehow these manipulated photos of my Pam 1B, Pam 25C and (sold) Pam 4B brings a smile to my face.

My PAM 1B artwork :

Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai

Rolex Deep Sea and the New Omega Ploprof - battel of the extreme watches

Almost all brands have watches that "say" they can go below 1000 meters.
I would love to do a real check of that.
Put a high number of watches in a basket - and have them drop down to 1000 meters for 5 hours before taking them up.
My best guess is that less than 50% would survive that test.
But would that would survive is the Rolex Deep Sea (3900 meters) - and also the old sea-dweler (only 1220 meters) - that is one watch I would trust to survive the stated depth.

In the old days - in the '1960-1970' period the start of extreme watches started with the rolex sea-dweller (500 meters) and Omega Seamaster 600 (600 meters) also know as the plopof. That was the period of oil and deep sea exploration - and where these watches was state of the art and developed to meet the need of professional divers.

But check out the nice compare between the New Rolex Deep Sea (3900 meters) and the New Omega Ploprof (1200 meters - same as old rolex sea-dweller) on

But remember that the Rolex Deep Sea goes more than 3 times the depth of the Omega !!

I would select the "original" Omega Seamaster 600 over their re-launch of that model.

For the Rolex Deep Sea - I would still select both the newest and the "older" version.
It has become the ultimate tool watch - any watch that can handle 4 ton of pressure is accepted in my book.

Some of the Ads for the original Seamaster 600 (ploprof) and some rolex sub ads.
Rolex Rolex

Here are the newer Rolex Deep Sea and the New Omaga Seamaster (ploprof). But do remember to check out the "review"

Omega Rolex Omega Rolex

Jakes Rolex blog have one of the best stories on Panerai and their Rolex connection

Jakes rolex blog have once again come up with a article of highest quality - this time on the story of the Panerai watch and its connection to Rolex.
And again I can only say the same as "Jake" - I did think anything of the Panerai watches in the start - I was a Rolex man - but somehow these watches grow on you and now I see my self as both a Panerai and Rolex man.
I have for the last two years only used my Panerais (well my SD did get some wristtime also) daily in all situations.

So check out Jakes high quality article on Panerai and Rolex - it covers many different aspects - from the radioactive material used in watches - (Radium) to some of the best pictures of historic Panerais, including pictures of these Panerai in action.

Thanks for the good work Jakes Rolexblog - keep them coming.

Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai

My Next Watch List updated very little

Somehow my drift away from Panerai has stopped - I will ad some more Pam models to my next watch list - but my main focus right now is to either get a Daytona (black dial) with either zenit or new movement.
It will probally be a new model - but if I found a good deal on a zenit black dial that would be nice.
The other focus is the Linde Werdelin watches - somehow they grow more and more on me. And I think that if I got one in my hand right now I would be sold. SO I wait a little (have to have some finance in place).

Another watch that at some time must have is the Deep Sea - both becasue it is the ultimate tool watch - and because I must have it to "complete" my collection ;-)

New List is now
  • Rolex Daytona - black dial
  • Rolex Deep Sea
  • Linde Werdelin Elemental / Hard Black DLC Elemental
  • Panerai models - Pam 064,Pam 001, Pam 002, Pam 287, etc
  • Rolex vintage models will always have its place in my list 5513, 1680, 16800, 14060
  • Omega Speedmaster cal. 321 (the Moon Watch)
  • IWC Ingenieur

People in the news with watches - Bill Clinton

People in the News with watches - found this shoot of Bill Clinton with a Panerai.
He has been know to have many different watches, but it looks like that the Panerai is one of his top watches.


Buy and Sell tutorial that is very helpful

Found this super tuturial on with some good and sound advice on buying and selling a watch as a private person.

Again - it states - "Buy The Seller" - and that can't be said to many times.
So here is a nice walk through of to does and dont's of watch buying and selling on a private basis.
Read it and lean from it.

Some highlights :


Ok - I will stop now ;-) Here are some of the more "special" watch photos I have made

I will stop now ;-) - But here are some of the more special watch photos collected. Some are just for fun, some is made trying some color manipulation, some from funny views, and some in special situations.
I always make the "hand in pocket" shoot - then you can see the watch on the wrist and get a idea of the size and look.
I have many more that I have not uploaded to the gallery but maybe I should try some more of these "fun" photos.
And because I always shoot RAW - I can easily manipulate the photos.

Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai

"Urværket" could be something if you live in Europe

As I mainly look for "used/vintage" watches - I don't checkout that many sites that sell completely new watches - but I do make a exception from time to time, as there are watches out there that I would like as brand new.
And if your new in the field of buying watches over the net it is always nice to deal with a "real" shop instead of a unknown person halfway across the world. Even for me I always do my homework before sending any money out the door.
Remember the saying - "Buy The Seller" - meaning that the sweet deal is much less important that buying from a respected seller.
But I do check out for any good deal on "new" watches.
It's also a good place to check out the "official" price on the many brands out there.
And the funny thing is that some of their prices are above the "official" price if its a "special" watch, but most of the normal watches are priced a little better for your and me.

Link to the site


Watch photography - Check out the MASTER

This entry will end todays Photo topic - Visit Martin W - site for some of the best Panerai watch photos ever.
Martin can really get the best features and looks of any watch.
It's only Panerais - but that is not all bad - almost any photo can be used as desktop background.
Check it out and dream away - I always enjoy to view works of art from people that are this talented.

Link to his site and some super photos

Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai

I did not put Martins web on my Links page - a big fault - this is NOW done !!!

Watch photos with drink and food - Daily life of my Panerai.

Have collected some photos of my Panerais in many different situations that include drinks and food. Here are some few examples - Enjoy.
I would love to see many more special photos - and I will continue to try and find more "fun" and different ways to take photos of my watches.

My Pam 25C making expresso at home

Panerai Panerai

My Pam 1B with a beer and some lunch

Panerai Panerai

My Pam 1B ready for some grill food

Panerai Panerai

My Pam 1B with some poolside food


My Pam 1B with a caffee latte at a café.


Just some of the "funny" photos I have made of my Rolex.

Sometimes it can be a little boring to see the same watch photos - over and over again.
It is refreshing to see photos with a twist and where the the photos are not like simple setup up.

Here are some of my "different" watch photos that is special in some kind of way.

My 1675 - focus on its pointed guards - still a little boring

Rolex 1675

My 1680 - hand in pocket photo - better but still to simple

Rolex 1680

My 5513 - limited deept of field and a little color change - still not the best

Rolex  5513

My 16600 Dweller - Some action - near the water - much better - I do like action shoots

Rolex 16600 Rolex 16600

My 16610LV Green sub - Boring - but play with the colors.

Rolex 16610 Rolex 16610

Financial crisis - many nice watches to be found at a good price - and I can still dream

Somehow the financial crisis has slowed down the higher and higher prices on watches and it could feel like people are letting some of their nice watches go on the marked in order to earn some quick money.

As you know I check out different internet sites for good watches (I can always dream) - and to follow the price on different models, including the watches I have.
The good thing is that there are some nice deals to be made out there - the bad think is that I could be tempted to buy a watch ;-)

Both,, and have some nice ones I would like to have - if money was not a option. - have a nice Deep Sea - it is still on my Next watch list - And I will have one at some point.

Rolex - have some of the Panerai watches I would really like! (Pam 04 pre-A, Pam 64 , pam 285, 5218-201A

Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai - they have some nice vintage Rolex that would look very nice at home with me ;-)

Somehow this rolex daytona with "brown" subdials is at the top of my list


But there are many others I would like - to show a few. (Maxi dial 5513, nipple dial gmt, always a 1665, triple "6" 16660

Rolex Rolex Rolex Rolex

Panerai Straps - carefull it can go crazy

I dare to find any Paneresti (people with a Panerai watch and member of at least one forum (paneristi, timezone, viapaneristi, etc)) to have less that 5 straps for their panerai watch.

I have never seen me as a "strap" man, meaning one that collects straps and changes straps monthly or even weekly.
For me - I want a good strap that looks cool with the watch, like it if it has something special over it, but most of all a strap that can be used anywhere and just gets better as you wear it.

This is why I never has seen me as a "strap man" but just a normal guy ;-)
But somehow my strap collection has grown - don't know how - but they tend to multiply in the box where I keep my straps ;-)

I'm not normally looking for new straps - but sometimes I find some straps that I like, and would like to try out.
My main interest is "tough" straps - a strap that matches the rough tool watch that a Panerai is.
I have my own "local" strap maker here in Denmark, and his monster strap is my daily strap for now - but I found this site ( with some really nice straps that I find interesting and would like to try out. And the price is really OK for handmade straps - not the "factory" straps sold by other strap brands.
If you have not tried a handmade strap then I suggest you try it out - the quality is much better and you get a unique strap.

Link to

My little strap collection as of now.

My present Monster Strap (Thinkness +6mm)

Some of the nice straps by deluca I do like

Well I'm also a sucker for vintage straps (Ammo straps) - basically I like all vintage straps.

Technical Rolex Information

Found this nice link on the "The friendliest Rolex forum on the 'Net!" Always nice with some WIS Rolex information - nothing any normal person will find useful but we watch "freaks" find this kind of information fun and can use hours on something useless like this.

So enjoy the more technical information on rolex watches like

Jakes Rolex Blog is fantastic - check it out

I visit Jakes Rolex blog weekly - he has some very nice informtion on Rolex watches and specially on people that is seen with Rolex watches, from the good old Miami Vice days with Don Johnson to the present where Brad Pitt is seen with a nice gold rolex. Jake also have some nice stories on the histoy of Rolex, from the NASA period, the sea-dweller, the relation to James Bond, etc.
But check it out and you will have many hours of fun if you a WIS like me.

My next watch list to be updated with more Pam's

The following Panerai models I would very much like to have. It is the mainly limited editions and some "semi" vintage models - I do think have some of the history of Panerai in them.
Normaly I'm not into limited editions - but some of the Panerais do have my interest.

To name a few.

  • Pam 064 - know as La Bamba
  • Pam 217 - A nice pice of Panerai History
  • Pam 087 - Like the Blue dial
  • Pam 252 - North Pole GMT - somehow I like it
  • Pam 194 - Sub 2500 meters - A monster !!
  • Pam 001 - A classic
  • Pam 002 - A classic
  • Pam 196 - That chrono I like - don't like the new version I'm sorry to say

Buy WHAT you want - don't settle for second best

Remember to BUY what you want - not what you think is the best offer.
I know it is hard to say this but through times I have learned one thing and that is to get what you really want - if you don't do it, then you will forever think about the watch or other thing you really wanted.

It has been true for me both in my days as photographer, watch "freak" , and in general daily situations where your have to select between multiple things and different prices.

If you want a Panerai - get a Panerai !!
If you want a Rolex - get a Rolex - don't get a copy - you will forever still think about the rolex watch.
If you want a Rolex - but can't justify the price, then try the options, buy used, buy a different model, etc.

Buy what you REALLY want - you will not regret it.
You will regret it every day - if you don't BUY what you want.

JULY is NOW in the Archive

Now July of my watchblog is in the Archive - this time with 34 entries ;-)

Due to vacation period - I have not been able to update the July blog that much - I will make that up for the next months.

I also need to find some more sponsers - I know it is not a nice thing to say - but that is life.
So if anyone would like to sponser my blog - please let me know.

Remember to check out the archives - There might be some funny info ;-)

Sly with big watches on

We all know Sly is a big Panerai and U-boat fan - so it is always nice to find some small clips on with him and his big watches.

Sly looking at U-boat watches (he says that 55mm is to big ;-))

And he says that Arnold is up to 60 mm in size!!

Rolex, Panerai and maybe a new brand for my collection!

As you know I have my Next watch list - where I put up my watches I want - in that order I would like to add them. The List changes from time to time. But one thing is for sure Rolex and Panerai will forever be present on my list.

I know that I have said that my Pam 1B would probably be my last Panerai watch - but I think that I will have to rethink this - the Panerai watches do have something "nice" over them I can't put my finger on - but I will probably add some more Panerai watches in the future.

As for Rolex - they have so many nice watches I would like that to add to my collection.
Both vintage and their newer models (Deep Sea and Milgauss).

But I still have my eyes on some of the more "unknown" brands that I would like to try out and maybe add as a watch not many know of.
Only a WIS would see if the Rolex on the wrist is a vintage Rolex (eg. my 5513 or 1675) - the majority of people would just see it as a Rolex.

And I even see more and more people with Panerai on their wrist - both in here in Denmark and abroad.

But adding a less know brand of watches that still has the quality I demand and is unknown to the public could be fun.

My present shortlist is :
  • Linde Werdelin - "unknown", high quality, price
  • U-Boat - becoming known, big watches, not sure of overall quality, have to try it
  • Kobolt - unknow in EU, like their design, again have to try it - could be diffecult

So far my main focus has been on the LW watches - as I have tried one for 5 min only, and I was presently surprised.
Time will tell which watch will become my next one - could even be one not on my present list, that happened last time when I got my Panerai 1B.

So stay tuned - more info to come.

Found new site with some good deals in Rolex and Panerai

Someone directed my to where both Panerai and Rolex watches as well as some other brands can be found - even some nice vintage rolex and panerai watches that I can only dream of.

How about a limited edition Panerai Pam 76 or my all time favorite the Pam 000.
But the fun starts with the Rolex vintage up for sale.
I would like to win the lottery and add some of these to my collection.
A "origial" Milgauss or Rolex Sub 6536 (James Bond) or just a nice 5513.

I have not dealt with them personal yet - but their selection of nice watches have me add their site to the ones I check out weekly for nice watches.

The Big Wathces - in size that is !!

With the success of the panerai watches and their bigger size than "normal" watches, many other brands have followed with models in much larger size. To name a few.

  • U-BOAT
  • TW Steel
  • Hubolt - not like Panerai but big
  • B&R - not like Panerai but big
  • many others big watches

And many more - here I will focus on the watches that have succesfully "copied" the Panerai look and feel - and that is mainly U-BOAT and TW Steel watches. There are other brands out their that look much more like Panerai models. But these are see as directly ripoff - and I will not talk about these.

I think that people could try out either a TW steel or U-boat before moving into Panerai watches, just to check if big watches are something you can feel comfortable with.
As long as you buy a "original" watch your OK in my book.

I would have no problem in buying a used Panerai model - try it out for some time - and if not for me I would be able to sell it as used with a very minimum loss if any.
This could maybe also be the same for U-boat watches - these are getting more and more focus from the watch world.

But I do suggest people not sure about a Panerai to first check if they could buy a used Panerai, and if not check out the U-boat and last the TW Steel watches. That way one could join the Big Watch World.