Sly with big watches on youtube.com

We all know Sly is a big Panerai and U-boat fan - so it is always nice to find some small clips on youtube.com with him and his big watches.

Sly looking at U-boat watches (he says that 55mm is to big ;-))

And he says that Arnold is up to 60 mm in size!!

Rolex, Panerai and maybe a new brand for my collection!

As you know I have my Next watch list - where I put up my watches I want - in that order I would like to add them. The List changes from time to time. But one thing is for sure Rolex and Panerai will forever be present on my list.

I know that I have said that my Pam 1B would probably be my last Panerai watch - but I think that I will have to rethink this - the Panerai watches do have something "nice" over them I can't put my finger on - but I will probably add some more Panerai watches in the future.

As for Rolex - they have so many nice watches I would like that to add to my collection.
Both vintage and their newer models (Deep Sea and Milgauss).

But I still have my eyes on some of the more "unknown" brands that I would like to try out and maybe add as a watch not many know of.
Only a WIS would see if the Rolex on the wrist is a vintage Rolex (eg. my 5513 or 1675) - the majority of people would just see it as a Rolex.

And I even see more and more people with Panerai on their wrist - both in here in Denmark and abroad.

But adding a less know brand of watches that still has the quality I demand and is unknown to the public could be fun.

My present shortlist is :
  • Linde Werdelin - "unknown", high quality, price
  • U-Boat - becoming known, big watches, not sure of overall quality, have to try it
  • Kobolt - unknow in EU, like their design, again have to try it - could be diffecult

So far my main focus has been on the LW watches - as I have tried one for 5 min only, and I was presently surprised.
Time will tell which watch will become my next one - could even be one not on my present list, that happened last time when I got my Panerai 1B.

So stay tuned - more info to come.

Found new site with some good deals in Rolex and Panerai

Someone directed my to portero.com where both Panerai and Rolex watches as well as some other brands can be found - even some nice vintage rolex and panerai watches that I can only dream of.

How about a limited edition Panerai Pam 76 or my all time favorite the Pam 000.
But the fun starts with the Rolex vintage up for sale.
I would like to win the lottery and add some of these to my collection.
A "origial" Milgauss or Rolex Sub 6536 (James Bond) or just a nice 5513.

I have not dealt with them personal yet - but their selection of nice watches have me add their site to the ones I check out weekly for nice watches.

The Big Wathces - in size that is !!

With the success of the panerai watches and their bigger size than "normal" watches, many other brands have followed with models in much larger size. To name a few.

  • U-BOAT
  • TW Steel
  • Hubolt - not like Panerai but big
  • B&R - not like Panerai but big
  • many others big watches

And many more - here I will focus on the watches that have succesfully "copied" the Panerai look and feel - and that is mainly U-BOAT and TW Steel watches. There are other brands out their that look much more like Panerai models. But these are see as directly ripoff - and I will not talk about these.

I think that people could try out either a TW steel or U-boat before moving into Panerai watches, just to check if big watches are something you can feel comfortable with.
As long as you buy a "original" watch your OK in my book.

I would have no problem in buying a used Panerai model - try it out for some time - and if not for me I would be able to sell it as used with a very minimum loss if any.
This could maybe also be the same for U-boat watches - these are getting more and more focus from the watch world.

But I do suggest people not sure about a Panerai to first check if they could buy a used Panerai, and if not check out the U-boat and last the TW Steel watches. That way one could join the Big Watch World.

Why Box and Papers are important

I used to have a Panerai PVD 4B - a very nice watch - and I regret selling it - but that is life - you learn by your mistakes.
As you all know some watches are very expensive will some are less expensive.
This is one area where the frankenwatch come in. There is seen many watches like Rolex 1655 made of parts from a Rolex GMT, etc. But if you have the papers for the watch you can see if the serial matches the watch in question.
For Panerai the is a big difference between the PVD 4B and a normal Pam 1B in price. The PVD model would cost about 3-4 times more than the Pam 1B model.
What is then the problem you ask. Well buy a Panerai 1B - get it PVD treated and sell it as a Panerai 4B for a big premium.
So DON'T buy a Panerai PVD model without box and Papers (movement sticker).
The problem here is that the Panerai models 4B and 1B are the "same" family. See below of the pictures of my sold Panerai 4B and my new Pam 1B.

You should always check the "movement" sticker of a Panerai - there you can match the serial to the model.
You could probably get Panerai to verify the model - and that could be a solution - but again I would not put my head on the block for that.

The movement stickers - the proff of the model:

And the case back of the Panerai 4B - nothing to tell the which model:

And some pictures of these two wathces in same family.

Rolex Deep Sea in Deep Waters (89 meters)

Found this youtube.com video of the rolex deep sea in it real environment - always nice to see a watch being used as it should.

Even if the depth of 89 meters is only a little above 2% of this watch rating (89 meters / 3900 meters = 2.3% )

Linde Werdelin’s new Hard Black DLC II

Linde Werdelin has now a new limited edition (88 up for sale) with the DLC coating and yellow hour index and yellow strap stitches.
Here is the official LW info on the watch - I for one think it looks cool
But I will report back on the Linde Werdelin Watches when I can get my hand on some more models.
Hopeful within a short time.

Following the success of the first series, Linde Werdelin launches the Hard Black DLC II, a model based on the One with a new case finish, which ensures an even tougher DLC coated case. The colour contrast of the all black case, hands and indexes against the bright yellow luminous hour markers and strap stitching adds to the unique allure of Linde Werdelin watches.
The new series, retailing at €4,920, is limited to 88 pieces and is available to pre-order on Lindewerdelin.com or from any LW authorised retailer.

The technical info:

Size 46mm (w) by 49mm (l) by 12mm (h)
Movement ETA 2892 – A2 mechanical automatic 42 hour power reserve
Case Stainless steel with black DLC coating
5000 HV hydrogen free diamond structure
Microbille matt finish
Anodised aluminium screw-down case back cover matching dial colour
Unidirectional turning bezel with luminous markers
Screw on case-back
2.35mm anti-reflective sapphire crystal (double coated)
Screw in crown with LW logo
Date At 4 o’clock
Black mat dial
Black indexes applied with Yellow Super LumiNova
Hands Diamond cut black hands applied with Yellow Super LumiNova

Water Resistance 300M / 1,000ft
Strap Black water resistant alligator with yellow contrast stitching

Pictures to follow - As of now no photos on their website - but it looks nice

Vacation Period continues- updates will be sporadic

Vacation time is still on - so please all me to not update my blog as often as I use to.
I will remember to keep my eyes open for anything watch related.
I wish all a super summer time and enjoy life.

Window shoping in Limone / Lake Garda / Italy

Some quick photos from my window watch shopping in Limone / Italy.
There was many shops but I only found one with the high quality brands - and the one I returned to almost daily - well not daily but more than once.
The staff was super friendly and because of a big silver horse my daughter wanted to return more than once - which was ok for me.

There was also some less interesting shops - with a lot of watches - but none for real WIS people.

Here are the window shopping "ala Limone" - Enjoy

The Shop.

The windows.

My strap survived a week in pool water - no harm - good as new.

I used and abused my strap made to me by a good watch friend during my vacation in Italy.
I was a little concerned about all the pool water and chlorine it came into contact with each day for many "hours".
But no fear - the watch and the strap survived without any hit of problems.
So all I can say is that normal leather is "waterproof" and do not need any special care. It is a tool watch and I guess that the straps used in the old days by the was also only normal leather straps without any special treatment.

So go ahead and use your watch as intended and sleep well knowing that it can take it.

40 years since the Omega Speedmaster was on the moon today.

I still think that the Omega Speedmaster is a iconic watch. A must have for any watch collector. Its design, its DNA, it functionality and not least its history makes this a must have watch.
I'm still looking for one - but need to save up a little before my next watch buy.

I still love the original Speedmaster ads in the National Geographic Magazine. Again we are talking about a true tool-watch and not a fancy bling bling watch. A watch build for use. And the design has proven so good that it has been impossible to improve on.
I must say that the original dial design is by far the best - I'm not that much into the limited editions that are introduced over and over again.
No I want the original version - no need for special packages or special editions - I know the watch, I know the history and I know what I want.

Link to maddox website with all information on Omega - a gold mine of information.

Link to gasgasbone straps where you can get a Omega Moon landing velcro strap for your watch.

The watch:

The ads:

The Men:

Watch shop in Limone - Lake Garda in Italy..

During my stay in near Limone at Lake Garda - I found the perfect watch-shop and will do a other blog entry based on that watch shop. But they did have many nice watches - And one of the special things for me as a Dane was that the super nice lady in the shop was danish and the "owner - Michael Gleiss" was as danish as you will find them.
Every time we was down town in Limone - I did some windows shopping - and I did like the U-BOOT display a lot. They also had Grahram watches, Rolex, Fortis, and many , many others brands.

I will do a more detailed write up on my limone vacation - and my watch observations during my stay. But that shop "made my day" as far as nice watch windows shopping.

And it is places right in the middle of a square where the wife could do shopping for clothes and I could sit close by at a café.

Another nice feature I have not seen before - is that this watch shop had a table with multiple numbers of watch and jewelry "magazines" for browsing as you can see on the photo. Plese also notice the nice bike - that one I would like as well ;-)

Well much more to come later ...

The Comex Community will not have me as a member...

Peoples "status" are different in different watch communities ...
When I opened my mailbox I was greeted by something I don't understand. Some people are more worth than others - I have no idea what I did wrong or why I was rejected from the COMEX community where I could expand my knowledge of Rolex Comes watches - but I will have to find the information elsewhere.
I'm a grumpy old man but reciving a mail like this

Your membership request in the group 'Strictly Comex Addicts' has been denied by the group owner.

It pi... me of ...

Well I can still enjoy the nice watches of the Rolex Comex watches - but it still pi... me of when people some watch forums are to "special" for normal people.

You welcome to try to be allowed in here


Back from the first vacation - Lake Garda in Italy.

OK - sorry for the long delay in my blog update - but having been on a fantastic vacation a Limone with Lake Garda in Italy. Super weather and a nice hotel - all inclusive. The children loved it - free ice and free soda all day long.
Did see some nice photos with the family - but did also get time for some wrist shoots - not that much action in those photos but well it can't all be action ;-)
Some quick photos of the Panerai 1B at Lake Garda in Italy.

Much more to come ;-) so stay tuned ......

Vacation Period - updates will be sporadic

Vacation time is over me - so please all me to not update my blog as often as I use to.
I will be taking my vacation multiple places - including a visit to the country of Panerai. I will remember to keep my eyes open for anything watch related.
I wish all a super summer time and enjoy life.

Watches in Movies - All brands

OK - again something for us WIS people - that look for watches when ever we can.
I have some links for people and watches, and watches in movies. But then I found this site - watchesinmovies.info - that not only focus on Rolex and Panerai as the other site does.
This site will give a good overview of watches in many movies.
Check it out - I have used some time on this - the wife don't understand - but hey thats life ;-)

Vintage or Modern watch? That is the question

Should one buy vintage or modern watches?
Normally Watch people are split into two "kinds" - those that like vintage and those that don't get the idea of buying a vintage model.
I would say that most watch people start out buying modern watches - and "envolve" into the vintage marked. Probally for some the vintage watches will forever be something that they will never move into - but for other the vintage bug can prove a expensive bug.
I started as a normal watch guy - getting a modern - would not look twice at a "used" watch - let alone a old one !!
That has changed - I got my first vintage Rolex after 4 modern rolex - and after the vintage model I was lost into the Rolex Vintage world.

My first vintage Rolex was the super nice Rolex 5513.
It is diffecult to explain this to someone that have not had a vintage rolex in the hand - they do have some history and "DNA" that gives the watch and wearing it somthing special.

If people have not "tried" a vintage watch - I would suggest to try either a Rolex GMT model 1675 or any "other" vintage watch.
You might be lost into the beautiful world of vintage watches.
And just for information - vintage watches - almost never loose their value.

Some people still buy Rolex Milsubs - Lucky SOB's ;-)

I do enjoy when people can buy some of the fantastic watches we "normal" people only can dream of. You can check my "Wish List" of watches - and you will see multiple Rolex and Panerai models that I would love to have in my dreams.

"My Dream watches"

The List (Vintage)
  • Two Pre-A Panerais
  • Rolex Milsub
  • Rolex DRSD Patent Pending
  • AP EOD
  • Panerai A serie with T-dial
  • Tudor MN model
  • Rolex Explorer II (1655)
  • Panerai La Bomba
  • ... more to come ...

The List (Modern)
  • Rolex Daytona
  • Rolex deep Sea
  • PP Nautilus
  • Linde Werdelin Elements
  • Rolex GMT II NC
  • Panerai Submersible 2500 meter
  • Panerai North Pole
  • ... and many more ...

Well "jed" did a super catch - don't know at what price - but it did not come cheap - that I can assure you. My guess is in the +60.000 Euro range based on the latest Rolex Milsubs sales.

My List on Rolex Milsubs prices
"Perfect" Milsubs:
  • € 75000 Euro (summer 2009) - perfect example
  • $ 75000 US (November 2008) - perfect example
  • $ 90000 US (October 2008) - same as above !
  • € 65000 Euro (July 2008) - Mercedes hands
  • £ 33000 UK (November 2008) Mercedes hands
  • £ 25500 UK (November 2006) Mercedes hands

"Less perfect" Milsubs:
  • $ 47000 US (early 2009) - not perfect - no case inscriptions !
  • $ 70000 US (Oct. 2008) - same as above!!
  • £ 25000 UK (June 2008) - no case inscriptions
  • £ 8500 UK (May 2006) - lot less than perfect

I can only say I'm a little jealous of you - but enjoy it - and please also use it - even if the price would be a summerhouse here in Denmark.


My Next Watch List Updated with more information.

I have updated my Next watch list - well first because I have tried on some new watches and secondly because I would like to add some extra information on the watches I'm interested in.
Watches on photos in magazines, and photos of watches on different forums - all try their best to make "the" watch look super.
That I can understand - I try that my my self ;-I Nobody what their watch to look bad on a photo.

One thing is for sure - the view of a watch can change from positive to negative when you try it out for real - but the other way around can also happen - that you have a "don't know" feeling of the watch - but when you try it out - you positively surprised. And both scenarios have happened to me lately which is why the Rolex Deep Sea has moved down the list. See my comments below.

New List is now
  • Black Black Dial Daytona Zenith movement SS
  • Black Black Dial Daytona 4130 movement SS
  • Linde Werdelin Elemental / Hard Black DLC Elemental
  • Rolex models 5513, 1680, 16800, 14060
  • Rolex Deep Sea Sea Dweller
  • Omega Speedmaster cal. 321 (the Moon Watch)
  • IWC Ingenieur
  • Korsbek watch - moved down until I can try it

I will now add some comments to each watch on my list - If I have seen it, used it, worn it, and my comments each watch.

Rolex Daytona
The dream watch for many - the Rolex Steel Daytona - where you had to be on a waiting list for +5 years in order to get it.
Have tried it - and my feelings are both positive and negative.

My feelings after trying it out:
About the same - but on photos it does look super. And it feels solid and good on the wrist. It just feels a little on the small side.

Positive: Super nice watch, the grail watch for many. Right size for everyday wear. High resell value.
Negative: After having PAM's it does look a little small. Dial is not that easy to read.

Linde Werdelin Elemental
Have been a lurker for some years on this brand. I like it - but it was unknown, a little expensive, and it was difficult to get hold on etc.
I did see some photos and heard good things about the watch but was not able to feel it or wear it.
It is a relative unknow brand with limited series. And the main feature is the additional of their land and sea instrument. Now called the Reef and Rock.

My feelings after trying it out:
Much more positive - the case is perfect - and feels very good on the wrist - Extremely well for such a large watch.
It feels very solid on the wrist for this large watch. I like the size and general look and feel. So this was a very positive experience on a watch.

Positive: Sits perfectly on the wrist. Limited series (you become a selected few), good size, A new Panerai brand ?.Overall a positive feel to the watch.
Negative: Rotating bezel a little "loose", unknown resell value, unknown brand and "expensive" (relative).

Rolex models 5513, 1680, 16800, 14060
The classic watch as seen from any watch freak view. The 5513 is the DNA of dive watches, the 1680 is a classic with date, and the 16800 has the vintage look with the mineral crystal. And the 14060 is the Last "true" non COSC sub (like the 5513).

My feelings of this:
These watches are just simple classic. These are difficult to improve on. Nobody will regret any of these watches. This watch will put a smile on your face.

Positive: The DNA of dive watches, everybody know it, size just right for everyday wear. High resell value. A workhorse. A classic now and in 20 years
Negative: "Every body has one".

Rolex Deep Sea Sea Dweller
Latest in the series of Tool watches from Rolex. A monster watch that is build like a tank. This is not a watch for everyone - this is a special tool watch for the extreme divers of the world. The biggest Rolex for now !!

My feelings after trying it out:
I love the photos of this watch - it looks like a real tool watch - used by Comex, build to withstand 3900 meters water pressure, etc. Build to last.
After trying it on I must say this is a BIG watch - and I using Panerai 25C and 1B daily.
The Deep Sea is a tall watch - it sits high on the wrist, and the "strap" can look a little small compared with the watch size.
My feeling after trying it on for 5 min is a little less positive - this is a monster watch - but for daily use .... I really don't know.

Positive: A tool watch - no restrictions. Build for the extreme. Can anyone do it better - I don't think so.
Negative: A big chunk of metal. Sit high on the wrist. Feels heavy.

More to come on the following watches:
  • Rolex Gold Sub - yes I know - I'm not into gold - but somehow the old gold subs is growing on me
  • Rolex Milgauss (GV model) - It will become a classic - a Rolex that don't look like a Rolex
  • Omega Speedmaster cal. 321 (the Moon Watch)
  • IWC Ingenieur
  • Sinn (EZM 1) - have been a fan of Sinn since many years
  • Korsbek watch.
  • Kobolt - like the clean look - but need some more info.

Rolex" Rolex Daytona Rolex Deep sea and 5513 Omega Linded Werdelin

People in the News with Rolex - Wimbledon

The Rolex Ambassador Roger Federer with a Rolex Day-Date II (41 mm)
And even number two (Andy Roddick) is seen with a Gold Daytona.
They can play good tennis and have good taste in watches.
Ad you can see on the Timezone.com forum - it don't take long time for real WIS people to pinpoint the watches.

Linde Werdelin Elemental and Two-Timer - which ?

Some of you might have seen my interest in Linde Werdelin watches in some of my other posts. And now I'm beging to narrow down the model I would like to have.
This is a major step for me - adding a new watch this is NOT a Rolex and NOT a Panerai.
I might have to the watch one or two times more - to persuade me that I'm doing the right thing ;-)
Here comes my initial througts on the different models in their "original" line.
The original have only two models - in different interpretations.

The Elemental
The standard simple watch - no fancy things - just a watch - probally my farvorite!

The Two-Timer
Same as the Elemental but with added 24hour hand (as normel GMT models). This kind of watches I also like - as a Explorer II was my first real watch - so I have a special thing about watches with a 24 hour hand.

But then comes the different "models" of these two watches.

It will NOT be of gold - I'm a steel man.
It will be with black dial - I'm a black dial man.

But the idea of having a special version with DLC could really do it for me!
It is not a easy choice - I like the simple steel version of the Elemental - but the look of the DLC version does have someting special over it and would make a welcome change for the steel rolex and panerai models. Then I would have a better reason for selecting this new brand.

Stay tuned - time might change my mind. But only after summer vacation.

Visit the high quality watchblog fratellowatches.com

This watch world is so nice - you get "friends" all over the world. I know there exist other "forums" that will give the same kind of feedback (motorcycles). But watches is the only forum I know of that will give this kind of connections around the world. When you start joining forums and read the posts, and making your own post, you will soon get to know the different users on these forums.
I can only recommend that you join these forums and enjoy the talk about watches .
I have also got to know a fellow blog writer that have much more time and knowledge than me on different watches.
Robert-Jan has the www.fratellowatches.com watch blog and he writes for many different magazines and online forums.
Go and visit his blog and be informed on a higher level.
He even has had the good fortune to meet the Linde Werdelin people at Basel 2009 - lucky guy.
Maybe I can join Basel in 2010 ;-)
Then Robert-Jan - I will buy a beer ;-).

Some Very Cool Watch Photos with Brando

Found these photos on the web - Brando with a Rolex GMT (without bezel).
These are from the set of "Apocalypse Now" - where Brando play Col. Kurtz.
Super film - but don't think I can remember in detail seeing any watch when I last watch that movie. But after I found these pictures - I did check again - and you can see the watch in some few scenes.
But these photos are just cool.

The Most "Clean" Watch

I will always love the clean look of the Rolex No date sub. It is so clean and basic.
But it get the job done - which is also why this model is the base for the rolex mil-subs.

I have a soft spot for these watches that is cut down to the basic functionality - and where it is possible to read the time with a quick look.

The mother of clean watches - The Rolex No date sub.

Other watches that I would say lives up the the "Clean" watch definition.

Panerai Base and Marina

Sinn EZM1

I know I have the Rolex Daytona high on my list - and this watch has been know for its "messy" dial where it can be diffecult to read the time with a quick look. But I do want this watch so much.

Are the Rolex Milgauss a design failure?

Today I will let you know my opinion of the Rolex Milgauss. After my througts on the Rolex Deep Sea Dweller - the time has come to the Rolex Milgauss.

The Milgauss is one of the newest models from Rolex that is very different from any of the other Tool watches from Rolex.
Many think that the look and design is one of Rolex last succesful designs. But then again other thinks it has something special over it. And I must say that I'm in the last group.
The mat dark dial and the hour markers makes this a very special watch.
Of the 3 models that exist - I like the two with black dials only.
That is mostly because I'm not into white dials that much.
I would not rule out that this model could find its way to my Next Watch List - but I have to check it out in real life.
Maybe on one of the next days when I go for a walk. I will visit the Rolex AD and have them show me both the Milgauss and The Deep Sea.
Stay tuned - more will follow.

Some new Photos - my Pam 1B

Have added some new Photos of my Panerai 1B. Have been trying to find some new ways to take watch photos - and I'm still working on it. My plan is to make the watch a lesser part of the photo and have the photo tell a story.

Are the Rolex DSSD and Milgauss a design failure?

To say it quickly - No!

There has been some talk around different forum if the Rolex Milgauss and the Rolex Deep Sea Dweller is a kind of design failure seen from the majority part of rolex "collectors".
It is true that both the DSSD and Milgauss is a little different from the normal very conservative models that is the trademark of Rolex.
Then how do I feel about the these two models? Here are my first thoughts about the Deep Sea.

The Rolex Deep Sea Dweller.

I like the fact that Rolex makes a deep dive watch that is a real deep dive watch.
A real toolwatch - if anyone don't like this take a look at Omega's redesign of the Seamaster 600 watch - that I find even more special. In fact I find many other "extreme" models by different brands much more special than the DSSD.
The main reason people don't like the Deep Sea is the size of the watch compared with the "strap" - many people find the Oyster strap to small and not designed to match the watch.
Many also find that the writing on the dial is to much.
It might be true, but this is what I would call the mother of tool watches. So having writing that describe the "specifications" of the watch I find just find adds to the toolwatch look and feel.
Nobody minds the Circle T on Rolex Milsubs - and nobody minds the added text on the case back and added logo on the dial on Comex watches.

So for now I still find the Rolex Deep Sea Dweller the mother of tool watches and would love to have one - even if I do have other watches on my Next Watch List that I would get first.

The Omega Seamaster 600

The Rolex Deep Sea Dweller

When is it a Franken watch ?

A Frankenwatch is a watch that is changed from its original design, but it is not a fake, original parts is used, but the watch is not looking as when it left the factory. If you example put in a different dial than normal is to be used it is called a franken watch. However - what do you call a franken watch than comes from the factory? Well I don't know but they can look cool.
I have seen one Rolex one sale that is a true franken watch - but is also complete original from the Rolex factory

The Rolex Explorer II (1655) with a Rolex GMT Master dial in

Important Collectors' Wristwatches, Pocket Watches & Clocks Geneva, 15th,16th October, 2005 Rolex, Oyster Perpetual Date, "Explorer II/GMT-Master", Superlative Chronometer, Officially Certified, Case No. 3583460, Ref. 1655. One of possibly three examples made in 1979 and used by members of the “Land Team” on the 1979-82 Transglobe Expedition, the present watch worn by Oliver Shepard. Historically important and exceptionally rare, centerseconds, self-winding, water- resistant, stainless steel gentleman's wristwatch with date, special 24-hour bezel and hand and a stainless steel Rolex Oyster bracelet.
Check out the auction - LOT 353 and antiquorum.com

But when "normal" people start making Franken watches - they to can look cool!!
The danish king of WIS Kristian Haagen - is well know for his knowledge of watches and his fantastic collection.
He has "updated" a normal Steel Rolex Daytona to a new version by adding white gold bezel and red second hand.
I really like the red second hand on the standard steel daytona with black dial.

And now with red second hand and white gold bezel and white dial - somehow it looks OK. And as the change of parts don't destroy the watch I will say - Yes - go and do it.

COMEX Dive Movies with Rolex watch content ;-)

I found this good information on www.vintagerolexforum.com from a real comex diver.
He have uploaded some COMEX dive movies to youTube.
Again this is something special for a WIS like me - Maybe you would like them as well.

Rolex Dial Archive - when you have to check a dial

Anyone looking to buy vintage rolex - will ask if the vintage watch is "real". And one of the signs of fakes is problems with the dial layout and general look of the dial.
For a newbie this can be a jungle.

When I got my first "vintage" rolex I was completly in the dark. I searched the net, asked on different forums etc. And ended buying a super vintage Rolex Sub model 5513.
And with the prices on vintages rolex watches on the raise - I does make good sense to do a little bit of homework.
Two very good place to ask questions, and to check the correct dials is www.vintagerolexforum.com and www.doubleredseadweller.com

And it could be that the funny dial on a watch is real - and can be of one of the rare dial variations that Rolex is know for.
But check out the sites - and do your homework before buying. And if you have a vintage rolex - you could checkout if the model you have one of the rare dial variations.

I'm not a strap man - but somehow I have collected a few.

I will never see my self as a strap man - I don't "collect" straps just for fun - I buy straps to be used.
And until recently I never thought twice about my straps. But then I looked into my little box and found that somehow the number of straps had increased more than I expected.
I have used them all - but right now I will keep the moster strap on by my local strap maker.
It has become second nature to me now - but I will soon try out some additional straps here in the summer heat where I will bath and sweat.
Then a more synthetic strap would probably be a better choice.

Well here are the straps I use and will continue to use.

And here the straps I don't use - they are up for a "give away" soon. Maybe someone likes these - the ones on the left is my own try of making a strap.

JUNE is NOW in the Archive

Now June of my watchblog is in the Archive - this time with 48 entries ;-)

And June traffic on my blog went up again - 80% increase compared to last month for page hits!
That OK for me - don't what to be to "known" - I might get in trouble with the hosting ;-)
June also brought me two sponsors - and that is very nice - and I'm grateful for that. So people please visit there webpages - They are having some good deals.

www.watches.de - A site that specializes in getting the very hard to get pieces - They have some of mine dream watches.
www.lex-watches.com - They can get both new and pre-owned watches - in a price range I can relate to ;-)

So if anyone would like to sponser my blog - please let me know.

Remember to check out the archives - There might be some funny info ;-)

Recived a packet from "Down Under" yesterday

As I have said before the paneresti community is something special - the "Give Aways" that is part of any Panerai forum - is something not seen very often. And I can remeber my first Panerai watch I got. I posted some pictures on some forums and then I recived a email from a guy in Canada that would send me a strap !! I did not belive it - but yes it was true. After some times this strap came to my doorstep. And every time I had that strap on it meant something special. I had recived it from a "friend" I didn't even know!

That was something speciel - and then again I recived my second "Give away" strap - and again it will mean something speciel for me when I have that strap on. The wife don't really belive me - why would a person that don't know me - send a strap (and Panerai catalogue) from around the world to me ?
Well sometimes I just can't explain ;-)

Here are some photos - and thanks Wayne ;-) It really means a lot to me.