Recived a packet from "Down Under" yesterday

As I have said before the paneresti community is something special - the "Give Aways" that is part of any Panerai forum - is something not seen very often. And I can remeber my first Panerai watch I got. I posted some pictures on some forums and then I recived a email from a guy in Canada that would send me a strap !! I did not belive it - but yes it was true. After some times this strap came to my doorstep. And every time I had that strap on it meant something special. I had recived it from a "friend" I didn't even know!

That was something speciel - and then again I recived my second "Give away" strap - and again it will mean something speciel for me when I have that strap on. The wife don't really belive me - why would a person that don't know me - send a strap (and Panerai catalogue) from around the world to me ?
Well sometimes I just can't explain ;-)

Here are some photos - and thanks Wayne ;-) It really means a lot to me.

New Photos uploaded from the weekend - take the tour.

Ok here is the small storie about my little trip to the summerhouse - total relaxing - but did find time to some watchphotos while doing the grill, walking with the little ones, reading in the hammock, etc. All in all a super weekend with the family.

Pictures in the Gallery - remenber - There are two gallerys - one with and one without flash.

The default with flash.
The second one - the quick and dirty.

My weekend in pictures ;-) - To see in big size - right click and select show Image.

First I made a nice small lunch with a cold beer.

Then over in the hammock with a watch magazine.

Then reading a National Geographic Magazine - anyone know what happen to this "teen-ager"? His name is Robin Lee Graham and he and his wife Patricia had a baby in 1970.

Then Garden work called - need to trim some cherry trees.

Then get ready for some grill - starting up the coals.

Then getting the food ready - not much left now - and it all taste good with a glass of red wine.

And finally just relax and enjoying life - this is what it is all about - right.

Back from a super weekend - with plenty of sun

Just back from a super nice small weekend in the summerhouse - weather was perfect. Did find some time for some Watch shoos - including some minor action shoots of my Panerai 1B as I use it ;-)
Stay tuned - I will upload the pictures tonight - if all goes well.

Would like to try some of the more special brands

Have always had a "lust" for some of the more special brands - not known to many people. Everybody knows Rolex, Omega, Bretling, etc.
But the smaller brands with a limited number of models and few outlets have somehow always been part of my interest.
Here are the order of the watches and brands from less know brands I would like to spend some more time with.
And the good thing about this is that it sometimes can be possible to get a special and high quality watch to a "fraction" of the price of some of the more known brands.
  • Sinn - Special watches - but somehow they are becoming a little to main stream to be seen as really small brand. - But VERY good quality for the price.
  • Kobolt - Not know in Europa that much - but I like the no nonsense look - not sure of the price.
  • Korsbek - "Danish" watch in the US _ I have only been told about this - but they look nice.
  • Linde Werdelin - My new "main focus" as this still is small - but on the raise - And after trying one for 5 min - I like it more ;-)
  • Others - There are many small brands out there that is doing a great job - but the ones here do have my main focus

Off on weekend ;-)

No updates the next two days - I'm going to relax and grill and enjoy life - maybe some action shoots of my Pam 1B if I find the time.

People in the NEWS with Rolex watches

Did a quick search on the net and found many pictures of people with watches. This is what we WIS can use a log time on ;-)
Found this site www.melrosejewelers.com where you can see some more pictures of people in the news with their Rolex watches.
Eg. Brad Pitt with Rolex

And Today it was reported that Michael Jackson is dead - 50 years old.
His is here seen shopping for Rolex watches.
And it looks like there will be many rolex watches in Neverland - probally mostly Gold versions, somehow the Rolex toolwatches don't fit him that well.

With all his challenges and financial problems, Michael Jackson still loves to buy Rolex watches. The King of Pop was recently spotted shopping with his son Prince Michael. In order to keep track of the dissolution of his former residence, Neverland Ranch, he bought a Rolex watch in Beverly Hills. Neverland Ranch is being auctioned piece by piece to pay off the singer’s huge debts. Still, even in the face of such a crisis, Michael Jackson found the time to shop for a new Rolex watch, showing that his taste for the very best in luxury watches remains intact. After he went on a vacation to Bermuda with child star Macaulay Culkin in 1991, Michael Jackson gave him a gold Rolex watch, engraved “From Michael Jackson” with the year 1991 or 1992. For years, Michael Jackson has bought Rolex watches for himself, his family and his friends, revealing a true and consistent love of the Rolex brand.

Phil Collins and is seen here with his platinum Rolex Yacht-Master.

And now with the Tour de France starting soon - here is Lance Armstrong with his Rolex.
Although Armstrong often wears a stainless steel Rolex Daytona, his favorite Rolex watch always has been the Rolex GMT Master II

Rolex DRSD from 1975 with papers sold for 24.000 US$ / 17.000 €

The auction in Denmark with the Rolex DRSD is over - sold for 24.000 US$ / 17.000 €
Maybe I should make a list of prices for Rolex 1665 DRSD - as I have for the milsubs and comex watches ;-)
Link to the results for:

Rolex DRSD 1975 with papers
Rolex Gold Day-Date from 1962
Rolex Zenit Daytona wo B/P

Linde Werdelin - Is the Oktupus Dive watch for me ?

I have been looking into the different Linde Werdelin models - and I'm sure I will someday get one - but which model - they all have something I like - and they are special.
I would not be surprised if this brand come go and be a new mini Panerai - I only hope that their sucess will not flood their brand with to many different models. Or at least they should keep as base line of models that they will always stock.

Time will tell - but for now the different models all have something to offer and that makes the choice much more diffecult - but it is a bit of a luxury ;-)

Their latest "The Oktupus" - a super name for a dive watch. Is what I would call a extreame dive watch. Going down to 1111 meters - it is in the same leauge as the different extreame watches made by Breitling, Sinn, Rolex, Paneari, GP, etc.

It looks super on the photos - and I expect even better in real life. But the price (6000 Euro in stell, 7000 Euro in Ti, 7500 Euro in DLC, 28000 Euro in Gold) makes this one expensive watch.
And would probally keep "newbies" like me, where saving for a watch takes 1-2 years at least, on hold. I would have to think more than twice before paying that amount for a "relative unknown" watch. But then again - I could see LW become the "new mini Panerai" - and that would make any early watch from LW something of a good investment as well.
Only time can tell - and if only I knew ;-)

And to answer the question - Is the LW Oktopus a watch for me?
YES - I would love to have it, but will I have it - probally not - mainly due to the price.

Here are some Photos - I looks COOL and I can wait to feel it in the real life.

My Strapmaster's Leather NATO strap for Panerai

If anyone remember my small GTG in copenhagen - over a cup of coffee - they might recall that there was a photo of a nato/zulu leather strap - well here are some pictures of it on his Pam 24.
Now that's one nice strap - and something very different that the "normal" straps.
I still love my "moster" strap (>6mm) - after some weeks on the wrist it don't even feel that big!!

Here are some picturs of the Nato/Zulu leather strap made by the danish strap master.

Here it is on the table at the little Copenhagen GTG. And a picture of my latest strap.

The Panerai community is second to none

The Panerai community is second to none. When you check out different Panerai forums, eg. www.paneristi.com or timezone.com, you will time to time see what is called "give aways" - where members on the forum will have different things to give away for free. It has become a part of the complete panerai community.
When I got my first Panerai - the Pam 25C - I recived a free strap from a very kind person in Canada - with just a note and a big congrats to my first Pam - that was something special.
I have been part of the "watch" world for some years - but it is still the panerai community that have something special.
But it looks like other forums is comming into the fight - timekeeperforum.com - has also been know to be a big part of this "give away". I recived a missing Rolex catalog and a hang tag - for free.

I do feel I will join this part of the "give away" - stay tunned ;-)
And as they say - it is nice to recive - but even better to be the "giver" - well something like that anyway.

Next Watch List (NWL) has been updated .... again ;-)

I have a "Next Watch List" that I keep updated with the lastes ideas I might have on wath next watch I would like.
After having having tried a Linde Werdelin watch on for a very short period - I have moved it up the list - The watch I tried was a Two-Timer with white dial (and I'am not into white dials) but it still got my attention. Will try to get to try some more models soon - so stay tuned ...

So here are my updated "Next Watch List"

New List is now
  • Black Black Dial Daytona Zenith movement SS
  • Black Black Dial Daytona 4130 movement SS
  • Rolex Deep Sea Sea Dweller
  • Linde Werdelin Elemental / Hard Black DLC Elemental
  • Rolex models 5513, 1680, 16800, 14060
  • Omega Speedmaster cal. 321 (the Moon Watch)
  • IWC Ingenieur
  • Korsbek watch - moved down until I can try it

Some other watches on the radar but not official on my list yet.
Sinn (EZM 1) - have been a fan of Sinn since many years.
Kobolt - like the clean look - but need some more info.
Rolex Gold Sub - yes I know - I'm not into gold - but somehow the old gold subs is growing on me
Rolex Milgauss (GV model) - It will become a classic - a Rolex that don't look like a Rolex

Added another good website to look for good deals

I have added the following website www.lex-watches.com that have been recommended by another watch friend. Sometimes it is diffecult to deal over the internet with people or websites around the world - sending money before "they" will send the watch.
And be aware - there are comming more and more scammers out there, and they are getting better - giving false reference etc. so please be aware.

So I can ONLY stress again - "Buy the seller" - Every time I have dealt with private persons I didn't know - I have asked myself during the waiting period - will I recive the watch - It can stess you a little ;-)

Here I can say trade with confidence. They have both used and new watches avaliable.

Check it out www.lex-watches.com they have watches that would be nice in any collection and they will help and answer any questions. And they have become a sponser on my blog - so thank you.

First time I had a Rolex DRSD and a Day-Date in my hand.

Today I was at a auction preview - and there was some nice watches to checkout for a WIS like me, Rolex DRSD including Papers, Rolex Day-Date from 1962, the new white gold sub with blue ceramic bezel, and many more...
The watches are here at www.bruun-rasmussen.dk and their estimated price.
Please remember that 30 per cent is added to the hammer price which covers buyer’s premium at 24% and VAT on the buyer’s premium.

  • Rolex DRSD from 1975 (with correct case-back) estimated at (€ 13,500-16,000)
  • Rolex Day-Date from 1962 estimated at ONLY (€ 2,700-3,350)
  • Rolex Zenith Daytona from 2000 (no box/papers) estimated at (€ 5,350)
  • Rolex Whitegold Sub 116619LB from 2008 estimated at (€ 17,000)
Well I was there handling them in person - and they where very nice - specially the Rolex DRSD looked perfect - and the price I find more than reasonable when papers are included (then it is only out finding a box and anchor ;-)) Then it would be a complete DRSD!
The Gold day-date was very nice - and for that price almost a give away.

For the Zenith Daytona is do find the price a little to high without box and papers - a no go for me. But did try the daytona besides my Panerai 1B - and it looks small!!!

My time as a diver - scuba before dive computers.

To continue the story about my initial scuba experience from when there existing no dive computers, and all was done by dive tables, what saturation group you moved into, what your initial saturation group is if going diving before 24 hours after last dive etc... When you take the Nordic Diver/CMAS two star dive certificate - your introduced into the many aspect of dive sickness, problems, emboli, oxygen is "toxic" below 80%. And all the fun stuff of nitrogen intoxication staring at about 40 meters and increasing. You get "drunk" and this can be dangerous because you loss the ability to think clear (you get "drunk").

These are some of the reasons for having a simple way to tell if your in the safe zone or not.
And becasue it was before dive computers - you had TWO devices on the arm when you went down.

Dive watch
Deepth gauge

And that was it - no other "technical" equipment was used - yes I told you it was in the good old days.
And that was why a good dive watch - with one way rotating bezel was to be used - Lets just say - nobody wants to have decompression sickness!

And this is my background for selecting a dive watch / or at least a tool watch that can "take a beating and keep on ticking".

So no fancy dress watch for me - I will keep to the tool watches only!!

This could also be the reason for the brands I like most - they have a "commitment" to the watches they make - and are not making watches for the sake of a fashion trend. Any watches that I feel is more a fashion trend I will not touch - see my list of next watch.

So I like Rolex - the father of tool watches
So I like Omega - Speedmaster / Seamaster - tool watches

A new one on the sky.
Linde Werdelin - they have the concept of "dive computer" and "climbing computer" to fit over there watches - That is a good concept - that I like.

Some I see more as fashion watches are:

Graham - they just look big

In general - many of the "new" watch brands have no real idea behind their brand - why should they make it - besides introducing some design/fashion and make limited editions just for the sake of limited editions.

Linde Werdelin Rolex 1665 Rolex 5513

Black Rolex watches - a new trend?

More and more black Rolex are showing up on the net. I begin to find more and more places where they take normal production Rolex watches and then "DLC" them in order to have a all black Rolex. Something that is not available as a option from Rolex.
Could be nice to see a official Rolex BLACK version - they have been know to make special models for a selected numbers of customers.

Rolex MilSubs
Rolex Comex

What would the price not be for original Rolex black version!!
Well I found some sites that supply these Black version


Personal I'm not into these "franken" watches - I'm a old fart. It is OK if all original - meaning "DLC" from factory - like Panerai, LW, etc.

Diving watches - why if you don't dive?

Started to think about people buying dive watches - that have never been in the water with a SCUBA gear on. Why is this - is it because of the dive watch functionality or to look smart at the local café - I don't know. But I can tell about my reason.

Where to start - well when I started my CMAS course as a young boy - yes it was many years ago I was on the lookout for a good watch. I read many international dive magazines - including the SKIN Diver magazine. There was a good article with all present dive watch available. There was all the known dive watches - back then - in the 1980's it was not to normal to wear a dive watch unless you used it to dive with.
A Rolex Sub was out of range - I really wanted one - but it was to expensive.

Well my first Dive watch was a HEUER quartz - I will have to find a photo of this my first real dive watch - well it was my first real watch.
After my diving years - I started to get more and more into getting my first Rolex. That happened in 1985 when I graduated - actual it was a graduating gift from my mother so that watch has a very special place in my heart.
It was a Rolex Explorer II - model 16550 - and I can remember looking at the Rolex subs, but I selected the Explorer II - as I already had a dive watch. And my reason for getting a ExpII was that it was also a nice dress watch.
Back then a Diving watch was not "seen" as very dressy. So that was also a reason for selecting the Exp II.

Well time has changed - More and more people are selecting to get a dive watch without ever going into the water.

And now we have the extreme watches - where it can go down to +1000 meters. In theory - this is to be used by ???
Well nobody in real life - see scuba records here - or here www.divingalmanac.com
Looks like any watch going down to the normal 300 meters would be more than enough for everybody.

And going into the more extreme - COMEX has many records for saturation dives - going from 500m to the record of 701m.

More to come .....

No updates during this weekend - have been busy ;-)

Sorry for no updates during the weekend - have been busy with birthday in the family.
The little one turned 2 years old - so we have been busy in the summerhouse away from the Internet.
But stay tuned - I will continue updating - have some fun info coming.

Value of a Rolex - Original Price/Year to Present value!!

This kind of overview would is nice to have - and it gives some - check out the overview here
Eg. for Subs and dwellers

  • Submariner Ref. 5513 stainless steel, gold graphics - 1966/67: € 45,19 - Present value : € 10.000/12.000
  • Submariner Ref. 5513 stainless steel, white graphics - 1974: € 97,09 - Present value : € 4.000/5.000
  • Submariner Ref. 5513 circular edged indexes - 1985: € 624,91 - Present value : € 4.000/5.000
  • Submariner Date Ref. 1680 - 1978: € 356,35 - Present value : € 6.000/7.000
  • Submariner Date Ref. 1680 red writing - 1974: € 136,08 - Present value : € 9.000/11.000
  • Sea-Dweller Ref. 1665 white writing - 1978: € 358,93 - Present value : € 10.000/12.000
  • Sea-Dweller Ref. 1665 red writing - 1974: € 137,63 - Present value : € 22.000/26.000
  • Sea-Dweller Ref. 16660 - 1981: € 562,93 - Present value : € 8.000/10.000
  • Sea-Dweller Ref. 16600 - 1990: € 1962,53 - Present value : € 3.800/4.500

And to take some of the high rollers !!

  • Daytona Ref. 6241 in stainless steel with Newman dial - 1969/70: € 67,14 - Present value : € 55.000/65.000
  • Pre Daytona Ref. 6238 gold 18k black dial - 1966/67: € 135,82 - Present value : € 140.000/160.000
  • GMT Ref. 6542 gold with bachelite bezel - 1958: € 147,19 - Present value : € 100.000/120.000

And the prices goes even higher if "like" new - but check out the info on the link.

Other sea-dweller with Print on dial - polizia di stato sommozzatori

We all know about the Comex print on the dial Rolex Subs, and there exist also some Panama dials, and tiffany imprint on some Rolex Sub dials. But this one is new to me.
"polizia di stato sommozzatori"
These have been made to celebrate the 50 years of a Italian Diving Police force.

Only 78 copies of this model were created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the diving team of the Italian State Police. Of its 78 rooms, only 28 are engraved on the bottom of the patent number and military only three of them with a personalized signature.

That will make them more rare than the COMEX subs. And the inscription on the back also looks nice - see photo.

Some real info from a Rolex WIS - he must be....

I think we should add this to how to tell as WIS

How many dots in the rolex crown etcheds in the rolex glass! Well here are the information
"I will say it's 152 in a original crystal and 170 in a replacement crystal. "
Replacement Crystal have the S inside - therefore the added dots! This is a question for the real WIS.

Who will be the first to make "hard core" watch catalogues!

What I would really like to see is a watch brand making some hard core watch catalogue - where the focus is on "action" shots of the watches in "real" life - compared to the "sterile" watch pictures we seen in almost All watch catalogues - they become somewhat "the same" and "the same". Have seen it - why not make a watch commercial where the focus is on what watch you had on when this or that situation happened in your life and with a good action shoot of that ...

  • What watch did your have on - when you got your diploma.
  • What watch did your have on - when you meet the love of your life.
  • What watch did your have on - when you got married.
  • What watch did your have on - when you tried the thing you didn't think your dare.
  • What watch did your have on - when your "firstborn" came into this world.
  • What watch will you pass on to your son / daughter ( copy paste from PP )
  • Etc.

I would really like is to see some "different" watches catalogues - And I volunteer to be the photographer !

And an added bonus would be to have the photos "dirty" - no more super polished watches - in adverts for tool-watches. I would love that.

Steve Mc Queen Rolex (Sub 5512) sold for 234.000 US$ !!

OK - it is now over - Steve Mc Queen's Rolex 5512 was sold for 234.000 US$...
More that 10 times the estimate on 20.000 US$.

I would have loved that watch - He was Mr. Cool himself!!!!

24 Heures du Mans and ROLEX Daytona - More Info

I found more information on Rolex and 24 hours du mans - on this cool racing site - Here are some more pictures of the Rolex Daytona at the 24 Heures du Mans Race - including some photos of the "real" daytona watches with inscriptions !!!

In the 24 Heures du Mans race village one finds a series of small happenings at the heart of which one finds the Rolex boutique, Official Watch of Les 24 Heures du Mans since 2001. This temporary installation is a sophisticated 10 x 10 metre crystal cube that has become a public attraction for everyone who has come to be a part of the annual 24 Heures du Mans experience.

Nice info for a WIS - for others it might not be interesting at all ;-)
That is also why the Rolex Daytona is very high on my Next watch List

24 Heures du Mans and ROLEX - Racing and Rolex

On my way around the internet - I found this article on Rolex and 24 Heures du Mans. It really looks like the Rolex Daytona has been part of the racing in Le Mans for the last many years.
It was new to me that Rolex "gave" a Rolex Daytona with the inscription 'Spirit of Le Mans' and the name of the person receiving it.

Every year there is a special 'Spirit of Le Mans' trophy presented to personalities who best embody the real spirit of Les 24 Heures du Mans. This prestigious trophy is in fact a watch, a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona in steel that has the words “Spirit of Le Mans” and the name of the recipient engraved on the underside of the watch case.
The magic watch has become so famous that visitors to the Rolex boutique know all about its legacy and they often ask where they themselves can buy the official watch of Les 24 Heures du Mans. However, the “Spirit of Le Mans” Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is an exclusive honour reserved for those selected to receive the trophy.

So there is something about the Rolex Daytona and motor-sport - no other watch I know of has the same following anywhere in the world.
That is also why the Rolex Daytona is very high on my Next watch List

Got some LW info on friday - super cool!!

Well you all know I have been looking a little to the Linde Werdelin side. On and off for some time - and after I tried it on my wrist - it "feels" more right - and could move up my next watch list. But which model should it be - I'm mostly for the standard versions - steel and no fancy stuff. So I have been looking on the models (The One, Two-Timer, and Elemental) in steel and with black dial. But their DLC versions also have something special over them. I would love to try a DLC version for real. These watches looks/feels better in real life than on photos. For other watches it can be the other way around - they look super on photos - but when you get to try them on - they don't "feel" right.

Well I requested the catalog - and received it - and for a old comic freak like me - I really dig the new way to make watch catalogs. Check it out!!!

The package arrived.

And some super nice "cartoon" pictures - thats super!!

And the more technical info on the back.

Strap color and how it changes over time - and becomes like a "old" shoe ;-)

Personally I'm not that much for very light colored straps for my straps for my Panerai. It could probably look good on some - but for now I prefer the darker colors n my straps.
And now for the information - if you do get a strap with a light color - no problem - it will easily get darker and get much more patina. And In a relative short time - become like a old pair of shoes that just is fits perfect.

What do I do to "take" care of my straps ? - Nothing. My straps are not babied or in any way "handled with care" - same as with my watches. They will continue to be a daily part of my life.
After some time in the sun and after daily wear and tear - the straps can become "dry". Then I give them some "oil" from the kitchen - no fancy leather cream at my end. I will use what I have that don't smell. And the straps love it - and the look and feel don't get any worse.

To give you a idea on the strap color change and how a worn in strap look like - here are some photos.

New strap on the table besides my Pam 25C and the strap maker's Pam 243 - Look how light it is - and nice and thick (about 5 mm).

Then after about a month on the wrist - it has become a little darker and more in shape with my wrist. Seen here on my Pam 25C on the same table with a lot of straps.

Then for the final picture - after about 2 months - it looks so cool - and what happen - I get a new strap ;-)
But here the same strap is is on my Pam 1B - and you can really see how the color has changed and how worn in - it has become. It is the one in the middle - qith the new strap ready.

Women and Rolex?

Was out buying some milk yesterday - and as a true WIS - I spottet a woman with a Rolex - quick my eyes scanned the watch - it was a Rolex, the bracelet is so easy to recognize, then I moved in closer, it was a Sub, and the helium value did the final verification - A Rolex 16600 Sea-dweller.
I'm probally not the only one doing this - and there exist multiple "articles" on different forums related to Rolex and Women - Here are some.

NewTurfers - Have a very long post with this subject (>200 posts)
The Rolexforum also have a tread
Rolex Luxury - also see the trend of women wearing "mens" Rolex

Other brands than Rolex and Panerai I "like"

Are there any other brands out there than Panerai and Rolex. Many people that have Rolex - also start looking at Panerai and the other way around. But not many with Rolex will have e.g Seiko, Omega, Loginess , Bretling etc. I know this is not 100% true - but to make my point I think it is valid.

I can only speek for myself. I have had Rolex since 1985 and until 2-3 years ago - did'nt look any other way - only a very small turn towards IWC and maybe the Omega Speedmaster, but that was all.
Then for about 3 years ago - I started to look at Panerai - and I did not get it - I could not see how a Panerai could be something to have when you could have a Rolex. Well at last I did break the "Ice" and got myself a Panerai 4B (the PVD model - sold now) - and somehow came to love this brand.
I have grown up - and come to see that there exist other brands that might be as "fun" as Panerai, or at least a brand that I might find on my next watch list some day.

Let's start somewhere in random order - brand and why I might ad this brand to my Next Watch list.

  • Sinn: The Ezm waches - Have been a fan size EZM 1 was available to the public
  • Bell&Ross: The BR02 - A real tool-watch - look nice and with a super velcro strap
  • IWC: The Mark model - so classic that it will look good on everyone (like a rolex explorer)
  • Linde Werdelin: The Elemental/Two-Timer - Have been aware of this for > 1 year - and keep getting back to it - so different - and so difficult to forget - The DLC versions is even more special - but expensive
  • Audemars Piguet - The Off Shore model - in classic steel - that one I would like
  • Patek Philippe - The Nautilus (Jumbo) is the classic of big watches - so simple and so nice - but the price is a little high for me
  • Kobolt / Korsbek / And other Custom watches - Maybe - Maybe Not. I need to have it in my hand - but it is something I have looked at

The Rolex gold models on the raise ?

First - Gold watches is not me as a general - had you asked me 2 years ago - I wouldn't be caught dead with a gold rolex on my wrist!
But during the last year or so - I'm starting to feel that either a gold gmt, gold day date, gold sub or even gold daytona could look smart.
This is also due to the fact that the prices are not that high compared with the steel models (all is relative). And a gold watch would ad some color to ones wrist.
Other reason is that my math teacher had a rolex gold day date on - and I can remember how this watch - with all its scratches just kept looking so stylish.
And some of the day dates I have seen lately does have a price I might find interesting - but still no enough to come on my next watch list ;-).

So I predict that the gold versions of these Rolex's will start to see a price increase.
Time will tell.

Rolex Milgauss - It grows on me ;-)

The more I see pictures of the new Rolex Milgauss (black dial) The more I think Rolex have made a super watch - its a little like the Rolex LV sub - At first I didn't like it - but now I think it will be come a classic.

The layout with black dial - orange/white hour markers (GV and normal model) and the big rolex crown at 12 - and the massive case just have some of the same quality of the IWC ingenieur (which I also like). But as time goes by - I'm more and more interested in the Rolex Milgauss and less and less in the IWC (if I can't have both).


The Milgauss

Added Google search engine on my blog - easy to make search on complete site

Added the google seach engine - google makes many nice things on my site - now it should be possible to perform search across the complete website - finding what you like - so no need to go through all the archive pages - google search should do it for you ;-)


Located to the left in Services ;-)

Panerai Movie - just for fun

Here are a small Panerai Movie found on YouTube. This is for WIS only - why do we care - and look for all kind of things on the Net ;-)

My new strap is thicker than 6 mm !! This is about the thickest I will have!!

Well some Panerai strap porn here - Have now put on the new strap - made of some old leather from my strap pusher.
The last strap was 5 mm - this is a little above 6 mm (1/4 inch) - see photo - and this is about the maximum for a Panerai I think. Now it has come on - and the next weeks will be for the strap to be worn in - it is already feeling very good after one day - but lord it is thick!!
Can I return to "normal" 2mm straps - I don't know - time will tell - but for now this will be my daily strap.
And I have never seen me as a "strap" man - I have no fancy collection of straps - but somehow I have now collected > 10 straps , maybe even more that 15 straps - if I included the straps that comes with the watches.
I must make a complete strap overview photo soon - next in the photo projects.

Panerai strap Panerai 1B
Panerai 1B Panerai 1B

Two "letters" arrived yesterday - Now I have straps!

You can have more fun with a Panerai watch - changing straps is a ongoing project for many - finding the best strap, a strap for formal wear, a strap with some fancy colors, etc.
And for many the ultimate strap is a vintage Ammo strap - and they can be somewhat expensive - from 80$ to 300$ or more.
I have tried many straps - and as you can see from my pictures - I wear them all the time - people ask me - are your straps waterproof? - And all I can say - I hope so - it is leather and for me that is waterproof. Anyway I will not baby my straps - there are to be used - and I also feel that the more I use them - in and out of water - the better they look.
The straps get some patina - like T-dials - that is difficult to reproduce quickly - the color shift, the feel of the leather etc.

So one letter with a "new" leather strap - really looking forward to putting it on!

Next Letter was sent without charge - again I do like the Community - I got a Dive strap from Ted Su in 2007 - and used the dive strap on my Panerai 25C for a very long time - the buckle is very nice.
But then one of the screws broke and made the strap useless - and I was not able to find ANY of these screws anywhere.
Well Ted was so kind to send some new screws - so now my Divestrap is ready again.....

Please stay tuned for some new pictures! Here are the Divestrap from the old times - now it is back in shape!

What is the going rate for a Rolex Milsub - new Milsub added to my list

Found a new Rolex Milsub for sale - this time a auction - so maybe not the final price - but a good indication

Rare Rolex Ref 5517 Military Royal Navy "SBS" Submariner Oyster Perpetual stainless steel wristwatch, serial 5339xxx, calibre 1520 26 jewel nickel movement, black dial with luminous markers, later Mercedes style hands and sweep centre seconds, marked with encircled "T" over 660ft-200m, three-part case with fixed bar lugs, plastic crystal, rotable black bezel with 60 minute markings, screw case back engraved with issue numbers 0052/923-7697 and unit number 845/78, the inside screw back engraved with the serial reference and 5513, case, dial, crown and movement signed, military nylon band, 42mm

The reference numbers on the watch have been checked with Rolex UK who have confirmed from their records the watch with these issue numbers is Rolex Submariner 5517 supplied to the British Navy in 1978
*The Rolex "SBS" Submariner, Ref. 5517, was only ever issued to the military and was not available to the general public, fewer than 1000 watches were made, making it one of Rolex's most collectable timepieces*
Est: GBP£40-60k

Updated pricelist with price requested and the time put for sale:

"Perfect" Milsubs:
  • £ 40-60k UK (June 2009) - Mercedes hands
  • € 75000 Euro (summer 2009) - perfect example
  • $ 75000 US (november 2008) - perfect example
  • $ 90000 US (October 2008) - same as above !
  • € 65000 Euro (July 2008) - Mercedes hands
  • £ 33000 UK (November 2008) Mercedes hands
  • £ 25500 UK (November 2006) Mercedes hands

"Less perfect" Milsubs:
  • $ 47000 (early 2009) - not perfect - no case inscriptions !
  • $ 70000 (oct. 2008) - same as above!!
  • £ 25000 UK (June 2008) - no case inscriptions
  • £ 8500 UK ( may 2006) - lot less than perfect

Again This list will be updated as I find more.

Added another rolex "webshop" to my list of places to check for good deals ;-)

When I'm on the lookout for a new watch I have collected a number of websites, I check weekly, if not daily. There might just come in that watch I can't let go. Have checked this webshop out many times - and the quality of the watches on sale both modern and vintage are as expected. Price is a little higher that when dealing private, but again I can't stress the importance of buying the seller and not only focus on the price.

The webshop is called subgmt.com and it don't only have subs and GMT's ;-) .

Is it OK to show ones watches? - Or is this seen as "to much"?

Lately I have had the feeling that the hard core WIS - don't think to much about persons that shows what watches they have.
It is seen as a kind of "outing" of one self - you should stay low key - and only the very special persons knows your "collection".
That I think is a lot of BS.
I'm having fun - and if someone around the world have the same interest lets share and keep up the good spirit and share our passion.
What could be wrong in people showing their collections? Envy ? I don't know - but for my part I don't envy people with deep pockets and a super collections - I'm at my level and can enjoy it here - Having more than one watch I see as a luxury and I don't care about the price - I have as much enjoyment in a tudor, sinn , etc watch as a Rolex DRSD or Rolex Milsub. But I know I will not have a DRSD or a MilSub or any other high price watch.
I enjoy the watches I wear on a daily basis - and save up for any new watches, day by day, week by week and month by month.
Or maybe I'm becoming a "old" man - seeing something that is not there - And I confess - I have only seen this on some forums.
Mostly we are all happy people - enjoying the fun of watches - lets keep it that way.

Had a Linde Werdelin Watch on my wrist yesterday - Super Case!

Yesterday - I went on my little walk in my lunch break - to visit Ole Mathiesen on Strøget. I wanted to see and feel the Linde Werdelin watch that I only have seen on photos on the net.
Well I went into the shop and was greeted by a very professional person - and was show the Two-Timer with white dial. And you all know I'm into black dial only - but I did try it on - "played around" with it - to get a feeling of the watch.
It is a super nice watch - the case is very big and feels just perfect on the wrist. The craftsmanship is very good. But so are the price! It cost about the same as a Rolex - but your also joining a exclusive number of people - eg. their DLC version is limited to 22 watches!

I like the steel Two-Timer with black dial - looks Cool - price 4000 Euro
But also the Hard Black DLC edition I would like to try out - Also priced at around 4000 Euro
But if puch came to show - I could live with the Elemental with a black dial - priced at 3300 Euro

What do I look for in a watch ?

We all have some idea on what watch we would like - some are to the "fine" watches, others like me are into "tool" watches. Somehow I can't see myself with a thin and small gold watch with a simple white dial - I would simple NOT look "good" on me.
The smallest watch I could wear is the Rolex Explorer I (38 mm) - and even that is very small compared to the watches I have and plan/hope to have ;-).
So here what I look for in a watch.
  • Steel watch
  • Black dial - I look for black dial Rolex Exp II and black dial Daytona only
  • Simple but effective design
  • Don't mind rotating bezel - for added functionality
  • Can be worn ALL TIME
  • Can be worn at all time ...
  • Can be worn at all time and all places ...

Then comes the none "technical" features
  • Proven value
  • Classic
  • Good service avaliable
  • Something I can hand down to my kids in many years
  • Good looking ;-)

There are many more factors that come into play - but over the time I still get back to my roots for the watches I have had a interest in - going back to the late 1980's
So even if my Next Watch List will have some new watches added and removed - they will always be based on the above list.

Linde Werdelin watches is still on my next watch list

I keep getting back to Linde Werdelin watches - they have something I can't put my finger on. Somehow I think it is the focus on making a Tool watch above all - and that is something I like - make a watch that can "take a licking and keep on ticking" ...
A really like the elemental watches - and the new dive watches also looks nice.
Check out their website - maybe you will like them as much as I do.

Added a info page on my Panerai 1B and why that watch..

I have always liked the basic historic Panerai models - and the Panerai 000 and 005 (the logo models) have always been on my next watch list - but when I found this Panerai 1B - I just had to jump in and add it as my daily watch.
Have added a new page about the Panerai 1B - why I selected that watch.
Check it out - and check out the panerai 1B gallery.

Awaiting my new strap for my Panerai 1B

Well my "strap pusher" have just informed me that my strap is ready!! Now awaiting the the postman to come by with a little package. After I have used his last strap that is the most "massive" strap to date - I cant't put on my other small straps -they feel to small. Almost like watches - it is easy going up in size - but more "diffecult" moving down in size.
Well writh now I'm looking forward to the new strap!
Below are some pictures of my Panerai 1B with the latest strap.

Added www.fratellowatches.com on the link page.

There are many websites around on the net - and I try to visit as many as possible - but some are "better" than others. I have always checked www.fratellowatches.com That site will give you hours of enjoyment and high quality information from the watch world.
The autor of this site also makes contributions to WorldTempus’s Chronicles. But check out his site and lets all share the pasion of watches !

Tudor watches - the mini Rolex watch

The Tudor brand is "made" by Rolex, Rolex case but no in-house movement.
And the prices are beging to rise for some of the older classic Tudor watches - mainly the submariner models, If you can find the sub with the "snowflake" dial and hands that is a big plus. These Tudor submariners was used by some navys as their diving watch. Most famous is the french navy (they don't use Tudor anymore).
Another type that I find very nice is the small size Tudor Submariner - it looks so perfect on a woman.
So finding a midi-size Tudor Submariner is my next quest for the wife - and if I find a snowflake I will keep in for myself.

For the ref numbers for correct snowflakes:
Non-date snowflake
  • 7016/0 latter version
  • 9401/0 and 94010 (earlier version)

Snowflake with date
  • 7021/0
  • 9411/0 and 94110

Some "action" photos of my Rolex Sea Dweller - Gallery updated

Has been offline this weekend - but was then able to shoot some action photos of some of my watches in real life.
As it has been a long time since I have made new photos of my Rolex Sea-dweller (the old model) - I will now bring some of these on this page.
First a little howto for anyone that would like to do the same.

  • This is best done in the wild - so head down to the beach.
  • Not to much wind - smal waves are best - and keeps your feet dry
  • Place watch near water - I put mine on stones
  • Aim camera - and fire off when the wave comes in
  • Keep shooting - many will have nothing - some is OK - and maybe one or two is really good

  • Some lets see some more action shoots out there - get the camera ready and watch wet.

    My Rolex Sea-dweller is some wet action.

    What is it with Panerai and the community - I love it!

    I brought a dive strap for my Panerai 25c i 2007 - about 2 years ago from a dealer far far away. It was a super dive strap - see the pictures below. Well after about a year one of the special screws broke - and the buckle was less that perfect. This strap has been in my strap box for over a year now - with no use - could not find any of these screws around.
    Well to put a long storie short - I email the maker - he is still in business and makes some of the best ammo straps (I don't have any yet). And was quickly prompte back that he could not find me in their archive.
    Well I email back that I have moved - supply old adress and new adress and lord and behold - he finds my adress and will send screws to me with no charge !!
    Now that is customer service - and why I love the Panerai Community.

    May 2009 is NOW in archive !!!

    Now the May 2009 is in the archive - one of the months with most postings ;-)
    And again a record in visitors - And again I will like to thank the people subscribing to the RSS feed - that is the 3 page with 3 most hits!
    I will try to continue with more info, small as well as big - anything in I find interessting - maybe also on whiskey (malts) and photography. Time will tell.
    Remember to check out the archives - There might be some funny info ;-)

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