Side by Side shots of my Panerai sub 25C and Panerai 1B Marina

Before I go my Panerai 1B - I did have any idea on the size difference between the Panerai Sub models (24 and 25) and the normal Panerais (Base and Marina). But now that I can make a side by side compare it is easy to see.
The Panerai 25C looks like a real work hoarse - a real tool watch - and the Ti finish gives a added tough look.
The normal Panerai 1B look bigger becasue the dial size is bigger - but it also look more like a dress watch than the Panerai 25C.
If I could have Only One - which would it be ? Difficult question - as they are two very different watches - I do think that the Panerai 25C (or the 24) is a close part of the Panerai history. So if you don't have one - get one!

Thor Heyerdahl and the Ra II expedition and Rolex

Found a old National Geographic magazine with the Ra II expedition story. And based on the many Rolex ads with Thor Heyerdahl and the Ra II expedition - I looked and looked for any Rolex in that article. A true there was a rolex submariner present - but not on Thor Heyerdahl himself - he had a different watch on - and I'm sure it is NOT a rolex.
But I did find a photo of a rolex watch in the article - but check out that watch badn - don't look line a Oysterband - more one one the old expandable bands that was popular in the 70ties.

Well below are some shots or that article and the watch and the only photos of Thor Heyerdahl I could find (I do have a better one inside the article but forgot to take a picture of it (because it was not rolex).

Voting done - Gallery number 3 won - follow up by Gallery 2

The voting is done - gallery no 3 won by a big margin - this will now be the default gallery
I will also keep gallery no 1 as a backup - gives quick overview and one I like - so there will still be two gallery's available - the default one - with some nice features - and gallery no 2 - the quick and dirty version.
Thanks for all the input - I has been appreciated - And again thanks to all the people that are visiting and coming with good comments.

Official Gallery is NOW Gallery 3 - New format
"Backup" gallery is Gallery 1 - New format

Some small pictures of my Panerai 1B - now my daily watch and link to the gallery.

I do dream of the Rolex Daytona ;-)

Can't fool myself anymore - the Rolex Daytona is a Super watch that I have high on my next watch list. It has been there for a long time - but the price and the fact that there is so many other nice watches out there has put this down the list. But the more I see this watch in real life and on photos I feel this "belongs" to me.

My Panerai 1B on Land, In Sea and with Fire !

During the weekend I was a quick trip to the summerhouse to do some cleanup in the garden, making some spareribs, drinking some good vine, and having a small malt.
Well I also had time to make a small walk to the water - Where I made some quick shoots of my Panerai 1B in some wet action. Some of the shoots was less successful but one or two was OK.
Back at the house I started a small fire in the backyard and got some shoots of as well.
I call this small update of my Panerai 1B pictures - for my 1B on Land, in Sea and near fire.

Enjoy - check out the gallery for the Panerai 1B.

Copenhagen GTG - Panerai and straps - and a NATO panerai strap!

Anybody with a Panerai watch knows that the straps are almost as big a part as the watch.
A few days ago I had a coffee meeting with a good friend and a talented strap maker (only as a hobby). What he pulled out of his little box was something special - both his own straps and straps from people he found made good quality straps.

If your a panerai owner it is easy to find many sources for starps but after having tried many I must say that the best quality is the ones made by hand - no machines involved.
Well thats my view anyway.
But what I found very special this day was a Panerai NATO strap ! - something I have never seen before! Take a look at my pictures from out little GTG in Copenhagen.

On the way to the mini GTG - through Nyhavn in Copenhagen

My next watch list has been updated - some removed some added

Now that I have got my hands on a Panerai 1B - I will remove the Panerai 005 logo from my next watch list as well as also remove the Panerai 243 - It looks so good on the photos but I don't tnink that will be for me - My trusty old Panerai 25C - I just love so much. So as of right now I don't have any Panerai on my list. But I do have one in back of my mind I might ad to the list later. I have also added a "danish watch" the Korsbek - somehow I do like the clean and no nonsense watch.

So I have really updated my "Next Watch List"

New List is now
  • Black Black Dial Daytona Zenith movement SS
  • Black Black Dial Daytona 4130 movement SS
  • Rolex Deep Sea Sea Dweller
  • Rolex models 5513, 1680, 16800, 14060
  • Korsbek watch
  • Omega Speedmaster cal. 321 (the Moon Watch)
  • IWC Ingenieur
  • Linde Werdelin Elemental / Hard Black DLC Elemental

The new addition to my next watch list - korsbek watch

korsbek watch korsbek watch

Nice Rolex Screensavers for your desktop

The guy Coleman from have made some nice screensavers for the PC desktop - I'm a linux and Mac guy so not for me ;-)
Check them out at Colemans website - always nice to be able to make your desktop more watch related - and not only the background picture.
There are multiple different watch models to select from including one Panerai model - so chances are that you will find some you like

What is happing with Panerai and their new models - something for all or ?

Why did I then choose a Paneari 001B - when that is not even on my Next watch list!
What can I say - The latest models from Panerai leave me a little cold - they don't sing to me as I believe a watch should do.
The reason for this is that I do like the design of the Panerai watches, but must confess that I'm more a traditional guy - feeling that the newer models of Panerai, is not for me. The design and look and feel of the "vintage" and "semi vintage" Paneris have a design that is difficult to improve. Why are Panerai then putting out more and more "funny" looking watches that might have good craftsmanship but don't have the "history" of the "historic" panerais.
So I will also remove the Panerai 243 from my next watch list - They are just comming out with to many new models.
This could be a case of Panerai making their own "grave" - I hope Panerai will slow down and get their model plan in place. Will they continue to release multiple number of new models every year.
I have hear someone thinking of Panerai as the "new" Breitling - with so many different models, and some many "disasters" in the design. They do get it right from time to time. But again it is their classic models I like the most.
The release of the "old" panerai sub to a price "out of the water" is from my point so bad. Panerai Please do better next time.

If this trend continues - I will probably not get any more Panerai again - but focus on some of the other brands, mainly Rolex. Beacause Rolex don't come out with that many different models in their professional line.

What I like in Panerai is the historic models (including the sub models 24 and 25).

What I don't like at Panerai is most of the latest models - mainly the "Manifattura" line.

Now for the first official pictures of my newest addition (in the wild) - Panerai 1B

Ok - here are the first pictures of the newest addition to the family.
It could have been a Panerai 005 Logo - but as I'm a kind of vintage guy - I jump at the chance to get the "semi vintage" panerai - one of the early models that you still can find to a good price. And as I don't buy for "investment" but for use - I would like the watches I have to all be seen as a daily watch if needed. No safe queens here.
My plan for the weekend was to do some garden work in the summerhouse - but due to some problems (my car was not big enough for some transport) I was able to shoot some quick pictures of the Panerai 1B in the wild.
What can I say - this is the really a pristine one - it looks so much better in real life than on the photos on the net where I got it from.

Here are some of these pictures in the wild of my new Panerai.

The joy of getting and opening a packet.

Back from the summerhouse and garden work 1 day early - weather was not the best.
So here a my short story of the packet arriving at work and the exiting part of opening the packet and check out its content.
It is always something different to see a watch in real life compared to photos on the web.
Well I did find a room where I could have some privecy. And I can only say wow! Somehow I feel that the latest Panerai models have gone over the top. I'm more the classic kind of guy that belive it the "if ain't broke don't fix it".
Well here are the story in pictures....

My New/Old watch has arrived at my Desk today!

Today when I came to work there was a medium size package on my desk in front of the keyboard. I want to take some pictures of the opening of the package - just have to find a room and have 10 minuts to spare .... It is diffecult to wait with the package standing next to me.
You will have to wait to see the pictures until after the weekend - I have to do some garden work in our summerhouse, and I have not internet access. But maybe I can shoot some photos in the wild then. That I will do. So stay tunned - more to come.

And what watch is it then?
Well the people subscribing to my RSS feed will know - the RSS feed sometimes have some extra info in order to have people using my RSS feed.
For the rest here are some information

It's a Panerai,
it's before 2000,
it's a serie B,
it's a L-dial (T-dials to expensive),
it's a historic
it's a manual wind
it's a Marina
it's a model 1

Thats it - on my desk is a package containing a true Panerai classic - the Panerai 1B - L-dial - still avaliabe for a fair price.

Until I have some new photos - I will only show some photos of my Pam 25c - that now - no longer is alone!

Added some new photos in my Gallery

At long last I got around to take some new photos of my Panerai with the new strap.
The photos I have uploaded is mainly my Panerai 25C with the new strap, but also some photos of my Rolex Sea-Dweller and them both together.
Below are some of the photos - both the Panerai, the Sea-dweller and both together.

People in the News - Panerai in new Movie - "The Expendables"

Looks like the new Stallone movie with Jason Statham will have some good Panerai shoots. And we all know that Stallone is a major "player" when it comes to Panerai - I guess that he has some good contacts - and can get hold of the watches he want without much trouble.
The other actor is Jason Statham, also a know Panerai watch person, as seen in his three "transporter" movies.
Below are some pictures with from that new movie. Including a close up of his pam 317 he is wearing in that movie

My "new" strap has been worn in now - and it is getting a nice color.

Some picture of my Panerai 25C Ti - with my new strap. I have had some different straps on my Panerai's but I must say that the best straps so far is the "home made" straps. Not that I make them myself - I did try that - and it was not the best result. But maybe I should try again soon.
Below are some of picture of the new strap after some "work in time" - I would like it to get a darker color - so maybe I should try some good leather oil.
Below are the quick table shoot of the new strap on the table besides my Pam 25C and the "strapsmasters" Pam 243

Here are the new "photos" of the strap after a little worn in time on the wrist. And as you can see the color has change over time ;-)

My RSS feed on your mobile - get the latest info will on the move.

I have added my rss feed to my mobile phone - and it works - must say rss feed is so easy to implement. So why don't you add my rss feed to your mobile device - and you will always have the latest info on my blog.
On you mobile phone select rss feed - select add new feed - enter - and of you go !!

What is the going rate for a Rolex Milsub or Rolex COMEX CONT...

I will continue with my price list of high end Rolex that is see as grail watches by any rolex collector. This time it is the Rolex Comex.
The Rolex Comex was used by the divers of the COMEX company in France. COMEX was started in 1961 and became a pioneer in deep diving operations for the offshore oil industry. For over 30 years, divers of COMEX, then world leader in sub-sea engineering and in manned and unmanned sub-sea interventions, scoured all the seas on earth and worked at depths of over 300 meters thanks to the use of helium/oxygen in the breathing mixtures.

Some COMEX history:
  • 1964: COMEX invents the first hyperbaric chamber
  • 1969: First industrial dive to 160 meters
  • 1981: SEABEX, the first modern dynamically positioned vessel for diving.
  • 1985: SAGA, the world’s largest civilian diver lock-out submersible of 545 tons, with an operating depth of 600 meters, developed in cooperation with IFREMER
  • 1986: First orbital welding robot
  • 1988: HYDRA 8: World record for depth in the high seas, to 530 meters
  • 1992: HYDRA 10: World depth record set at 701 m, in the chambers of the Experimental Centre; still unbroken.
  • 1994: REMORA first 600 meters submarine with a transparent acrylic sphere.
  • 2000: Construction of JANUS, a survey ship featuring a concentration of technology
  • 2005: New-generation dynamic positioning system
  • 2007: Design of a fully automatic test machine for equipment at 1,000 bars of pressure

Again these prices are relative easy to find on the net - But again I will stress. - do your home work first and ONLY buy for very respected people. And when it comes to rolex milsubs - they SHOULD be verified by Rolex UK at least, same for Comex - they should be confirmed by Rolex Geneve.

Counterfeit rolex milsubs and rolex comex are to be found on the net - and some of these "fake" watches are real rolex with "just" added circle T (for milsubs) or added COMEX print on dial and caseback engravings.
This way a normal rolex - would increase 100 fold in value - so don't take it lightly when searching for these watches.

But OK I will continue this with my grail watch number two ;-) - the Rolex Comex.
The list will show price requested and the time put for sale:

COMEX 1665 rolex:
  • € 79500 Euro (April 2009) 1665 - perfect example
  • € 94000 Euro (Marts 2009) - 1665 - DRSD caseback
  • € 68000 Euro (April 2009) 1665 - very good ,fully doc.
  • € 55000 Euro (December 2008) - 1665 - not complete
  • € 50000 Euro (November 2008) - 1665
  • € 65000 Euro (Oct. 2008) - 1665
  • € 109000 Euro (July 2008) - 1665
  • € 73000 US (April 2007) - 1665

COMEX 16XX rolex:
  • € 32500 Euro (May 2009) B&P complete 16800
  • € 40000 Euro (feb 2009) - 16660.
  • € 32000 Euro (Jan 2009) - 16800 Complete B&P
  • € 53000 Euro (Jan 2009) - 16600 Complete B&P
  • € 45000 Euro (November 2008) 16660
  • € 42000 Euro (Oct. 2008) - 16610 complete
  • € 62000 Euro (Oct. 2008) - 16800
  • € 69000 Euro (oct 2008) - 16800 mat dial
  • $ 90000 US (May 2008) - 16600 Complete
  • $ 72000 US (April 2008) - 16600 - not complete
  • € 92000 Euro (April 2008) - 16660 Complete - NOS
  • € 67000 Euro (December 2007) - 16800 mat dial with B&P
  • £ 47000 Pounds (Nov. 2007) - 16800 mat dial B&P
  • € 60000 Euro (Oct 2007) 16600 complete
  • € 43000 Euro (July 2007) - 16610 Complete
  • € 38000 Euro (July 2007) - 16610
  • € 44000 Euro (May 2007) - 16600 Complete

List to be updated as I find more info - Next Grail watch pricelist could be Rolex 1665 Red Sea-dweller, or Panerai Vintage.
So stay tuned - more to come.

COMEX magazine no 3 with info on Rolex Deep Sea Sea Dweller.

I came to check to official Comex homepage and found that you can download their "COMEX magazine no 3" online in pdf format. Always nice to find out something about this company that has impacted the development of the rolex sea-dweller.
And in this issue of COMEX Magazine no. 3 - there is a good story about the history of COMEX and Rolex and their development of the helium ecape valve. And it also states that it is COMEX that has supplied Rolex with the pressure chamber to test batches of 10 Deep Sea Sea-Dwellers at a time!

It also highlights that
"It took three years of research to develop the new Sea Dweller DeepSea."

And that COMEX was the supplier of test equipment to Rolex for the new Deep Sea Sea Dweller.

PULLING OUT ALL THE STOPS TO TEST THE NEW WATCH. Rolex entrusted Comex with the task of designing and manufacturing the hyperbaric chamber that serves to test each Sea Dweller DeepSea to a depth of 480 atmospheres. Delivered recently to the prestigious watchmaker in Geneva, this chamber consists of a high-performance single-piece stainless-steel tank, capable of creating the ambient pressure that reigns at 4,875 meters, or a level 25% deeper than the new watch’s rated capability. At this level, the water column exerts a pressure equivalent to a weight of 4 tons, bearing down on the crystal, the winder and the case-back. As they emerge from the workshop, batches of 10 Sea Dweller DeepSea watches are put through extremely stringent testing in this new, exclusive equipment. Each watch takes an hour and a half of testing to complete a full cycle.

Now I'm just waiting for the first Rolex Deep Sea Dweller with a COMEX logo!

Download the COMEX Magazine no 3 here.

Rolex Comex Magazine no3 Rolex Comex Magazine no3 Rolex Comex Magazine no3 Rolex Comex Magazine no3

On request of many added RSS feed to this blog

Have had multiple request for RSS feed update on this blog - so I have tried to add the RSS feed. Please try it and check if OK - if you want to contine to have RSS feed let me know.

Watchblog RSS feed

The Real Steve McQueen Watches on sale - UPDATE

According to people on vintagerolexforum this sale could be a little fishy!

This is the fourth McQueen Monaco to surface.
The watch he wore during the filming now is in the museum that TagHeuer has in Switzerland, a watch I owned for a couple of years. The second is one he used for press shoots..that watch is in a private collection in Italy..the third changed hands last year at an auction in Italy IIRC, and now this one.. Watches 1 and 2 both came with authentication papers from the property master of the movie, not sure what accompanied #3..

Found a new Rolex Forum - We can't have to many ;-)

There are many forum on the net related to differnt watch brands. The biggest is Timezone but biggest is not always the best. But Timezone have some people with very high knowledge.

But these forums can for someone not a "veteran" of the watch world be a little overwhelming. So it is extreamly nice to join a forum where the focus is on having a good time talking about watches, and not just "flash" your out of this world collection.
Myself can't compete against people buying 2-3 watches in one go. I like to see my self as a watch owner more than a watch collector. I don't like safe queens that much. I like to wear my watches, use them, and I NEVER take my watch of.

So I welcome this forum where I can feel to focus is on having a nice time talking about what we all love. Rolex watches and other OT issues.

Check it out and join if you feel like me.

What is the going rate for a Rolex Milsub?

What is the price on high end watches that are seen more or less as grail watches in a collection - I for one will look mostly at Rolex and Panerai. So the first short price history of Milsub and COMEX rolexes are here now!.

The prices are easy to find on the net - but I think it is funny to see the level of price and the change in price - So All I can say to people on the lookout for these rare watches - do your home work first and ONLY buy for very respected people. And when it comes to rolex milsubs - they SHOULD be verified by Rolex UK at least, same for Comex - they should be confirmed by Rolex Geneve.

I will start this with my grail watch number one - the Rolex Milsub.
The list will show price requested and the time put for sale:

"Perfect" Milsubs:
  • € 75000 Euro (summer 2009) - perfect example
  • $ 75000 US (November 2008) - perfect example
  • $ 90000 US (October 2008) - same as above !
  • € 65000 Euro (July 2008) - Mercedes hands
  • £ 33000 UK (November 2008) Mercedes hands
  • £ 25500 UK (November 2006) Mercedes hands

"Less perfect" Milsubs:
  • $ 47000 US (early 2009) - not perfect - no case inscriptions !
  • $ 70000 US (Oct. 2008) - same as above!!
  • £ 25000 UK (June 2008) - no case inscritipons
  • £ 8500 UK (May 2006) - lot less than perfect

List to be updated as I find more.
Next to come is the Comex list!

The Real Steve McQueen Watches on sale - and cheap to !!!!

Now is the time to get the grail watch if you can - estimated at "only" $10.000-$20.000 for Steve McQueens own Rolex 5512 and the famous Heuer Monaco estimated to "only" $10.000-$12.000.
The next Antiquorum action in New York will have some special watches on sale - but for me there is ONLY three, Steve McQueens Rolex 5512, 1655 and his Heuer Monaco!

I do think these watches will be high in demand by any Watch collector.
Steve McQueen was the "icon of Cool" - And I for one would love to have the Rolex 5512 - and at that price - I would jump at it - if I had the money right now ;-).

The Heuer I do belive will fetch even higher price than estimated - I don't think Tag Heuer wIll let this watch go - with their relaunch of that Heuer model - It will find its place in the Heuer Museum.

One of the most collectible vintage Heuer watches, the "Monaco" was made famous by Steve McQueen who wore it while filming the 1971 movie "Le Mans". The incredible thing about this particular Heuer Monaco is that it's the exact one owned and worn by Steve McQueen!

The REAL Steve McQueen Rolex 5512!

The REAL Steve McQueen Heuer

Hmmmmm .... XXX films and Watches.

Got to see a small movie clip with what should be see as a xxx film some time ago - and even if it started ok, the my main focus shifted between the action and the watches that both the female and the male "actor" was wearing.
Could it be right!
Was that a Rolex, Panerai, AP and B&R in these short xxx movies?
Yes, and not only a Rolex, a Rolex Milsub, Rolex Vintage Daytonas, etc.
Well guess that Wifey and Hubby have found a good way to finance their watch collections ;-)

Some very small screenshots below - quality is limited but you can get a idea.

Incomming Watch
.... And it is not on my "Next Watch List"

Well - I'm waiting for the delivery of a small package. I found this watch and could not let it go - so even if the watch is not on my "Next Watch List" - I had to get it. Only thing I can say is that it is either a Panerai or a Rolex - I will say no more. Waiting to have it on my desk in less than a week. Money is transfered - so now the waiting.
Waiting over a weekend is murder. But I hope I will have it end next week.

Which watch to buy if seen as "investment".

Let me say - buying watches is by no way a secure investment - but then what is?
But if your looking for a watch that will not be less worth in lets say 5 years from now then what should you buy.
The following is suggestions and based on my limited knowledge.

This is just the watches I would get - and that I belive will keep/increase in price over time.


Get some of the plexiglas watches - if it is possible to get with box and paper then even get the discontinued models.
  • I would try to get my hands on GMT 1675 - they are still relative priced.
  • Then any 5513 I would get, mat dials first, gloss dial second.
  • Transition models like 16800, and 16660 are becomming of high interest of collectors.
  • But in general I would check out any Rolex with mat dials.
Here I would not focus on series A, B and C. These can still be found for relative fair prices. The A serice might not be so easy to get hold on. I can say that a A series Sub was priced at 2600 euro for about one year ago. And today it is 6900 Euro! So the prices on Panerai have so far only headed one way....

  • Get the basic models (models 001 and 002) in serie B and C (A is out of reach).
  • Get the limited editions subs (model 64, etc) - but make sure it is T-dial.
  • Only the "original" Speedmasters from around 1960-1975

But again get the watches you want not the watches you think will be good investments. But if you can combine the two - then why not do it.

Why do some guys have all the luck ;-)

Some guys have all the luck ;-)
Well when I visit soem different forums, vintage rolex, panerai etc, you see some collections that would make you stand up and beg for buttermilk. Well for a WIS this kind of photos makes you dream. I can't even begin to set a price on some of these collections, but lets just say that these guys don't need a pension plan beside there watches.
I will make a "unofficial" price list for some of these collections. Lets just say almost none of these watches cost less than 10.000 Euro.

Mike Wood from "The Old Watch Shop" have a second to none collection.

Philipe from Holland have a collection to be happy with.

Rolex Milsub - If you don't have the money - sell your house - and buy a Rolex MilSub

The grail watch of any Rolex collection is the Rolex Milsub. These are not easy to find - and they are only for the really "profesionel" collectors.
Check out vintagerolexforum here - they don't come up for sale that often, and even less for the right people.
The Milsub has a price about the same a a good summerhouse here in Denmark - and right now with the slowdown in the marked for summerhouses - it "might" be a better investment to get a milsub.
I would buy it if I had the money (if I had a lot of money).
The watch up for sale has all the special things that I would expect for a real milsub. Sword hands, 60 min brezel, faded brezel, etc.

Want to take pictures of your watch - learn from the best - Martin W

Martin W has long been seen as THE Panerai watch photographer in multiple Panerai forums. Now he has his own web blog with information on watch photography. He really knows his business. Now he just need to get hold of some vintage Rolex and do the same. Martin - you could become the unofficial watch photographer for multiple brands. Have yet to see some better watch photos around on the web. These are even better than Panerais own productphotos!

So Martin W - get hold of some vintage rolex, or any other brands, I would love to see your photos of some of these watches, Rolex 5513, Omega Speedmaster, etc.

I would also love to see pictures of beat up watches - I'm sure you could get them to look like a million dollars.
So check out Martin W watchphotoblog - and your will not be disappointed.

Panerai Panerai Panerai Panerai Sub 243

Have made a "Next Watch list" - If I did win the lottery - One can always dream

This is just for fun - what watches would I buy if money was no subject and I could select the wathes of my "dreams".

My view of watches is that they sould be used - and be pratically - so the most "advanced" watch you will find in my home will be the Rolex Daytona (when I get one). Besides that I will focus on the simple no nonsence watches.

The List will consist of both vintage and new watches, as there are some wathctes I would like but they are not in my "normal" next watch list.

The List (Vintage)
  • Two Pre-A Panerais
  • Rolex Milsub
  • Rolex DRSD Patent Pending
  • AP EOD
  • Panerai A serie with T-dial
  • Tudor MN model
  • Rolex Explorer II (1655)
  • Panerai La Bomba
  • ... more to come ...

The List (Modern)
  • Rolex Daytona
  • Rolex deep Sea
  • PP Nautilus
  • Linde Werdelin Elements
  • Rolex GMT II NC
  • Panerai Submersible 2500 meter
  • Panerai North Pole
  • AP Royal Oak Offshore
  • ... and many more ...

Rolex Deep Sea AP End of the days Rolex Milsub Panerai Pre-A

Found a good site with my dream watches - now I just need the money

Well as the returning people will know I have a "Next Watch List" that I keep updated with the lastes ideas I might have on wtah watch I would like and that are within my financial limit - I only consider buying 1 new watch (or used watch) ever 1-3 years - so You will probally not see me buying 2-3 a year. Unless I win the Lottry.

I found the following website that has all the watches I like - EOD, Vintage Panerai , including many Pre-A, Some semi vintage Rolex, etc.

Probally not for the normal Watch buyer - but for WIS - that is a nice collection. And the owner of the site has been a long standing "good person". So I would say trade with confidence.

Check it out they do have some lovly watches.

UPDATE Thanks for all the good feedback to my Blog.

Had to make a quick update after reading through the numbers - the use of the site is even better than expected.
The number is not a monthly increase of 50-80% - it is more between 250-400% increase each month!! - Again thanks for all the nice words. And please come again. And lets see what nubmer we have after summer ;-)

First of all I would like to thank all that has been so kind to send a email to me. Always nice to know that ones blog is read. Next I can see on the monthly statistic that this blog has a monthly increase of about 50-80% new visitors and that about 80% is coming back. That's is very nice. I will keep you all posted about the progress in 3 months time.

I will drink a good malt whisky on that account.

Rolex and Panerai Rolex Explorer II 16550 Panerai Sub 25

April now in Archive ;-)

Well now after only 4 months with my Blog - my archive is now the source for some good information - so take the time and check out the archive - you might find some funny information. Enjoy.

Martin W from Amsterdam - one good photographer.

My last entry for April will be to highlight a very professional and good photographer - at least when it comes to taking pictures of watches ;-) - Don't know about his ability for other kinds of photography - but his watch photos are very good. I would even say better than official watch pictures.
I have been a photographer for 8 years (professional) - but that was back in the "good old days" with film, lightmeters, etc. When you was out on a photoshoot, you never knew what was on the slides before you got them back from the photolab. That was in the times where you only shoot 2-5 photos of each setup - moved on to the next setup, etc. Now with digital it has improved very much.
But back to Martin W from Amsterdam - he does most in Panerai watches - but his photos are so good - than a look and enjoy.