Martin W from Amsterdam - one good photographer.

My last entry for april will be to highlight a very professionel and good photographer - at least when it comes to taking pictures of watches ;-) - Don't know about his ablity for other kinds of photography - but his watch photos are very good. I would even say better than official watch pictures.
I have been a photographer for 8 years (professionel) - but that was back in the "good old days" with film, lightmeters, etc. When you was out on a photoshoot, you never knew what was on the slides before you got them back from the photolab. That was in the times where you only shoot 2-5 photos of each setup - moved on to the next setup, etc. Now with digital it has improved very much.
But back to Martin W from Amsterdam - he does most in Panerai watches - but his photos are so good - than a look and enjoy.

So many watches - So little Time (Money) ;-)

One of the big problems of being a WIS - and interested in good watches is that there are many more watches that I would like to own, than my bank account will allow. In the present day - one must really think before making and investment into watches. I have a dilema - I want a Rolex Daytona - with black dial - but at the same time I see multiple watches that cost about half the price - meaning that I don't have to same up for that long time before I can get a new watch for the family.

So what to do?

In theory I could buy one "semi vintage" panerai for the same as a Daytona, or a "normal" Panerai and a "normal" Rolex, or a vintage rolex and a Omega Speedmaster, or ...

But I do think I will stay firm (until I get my second throughts again).

Watches as investment - yes or no

Many times I'm asked which watch should I buy if I want to ensure that I don't loose any money - or which watch is the "best investment". I have always said - but the watch that you like - nobody can give any answer to these questions.
But as time goes on - I might have to change my view. I now belive that it could be a idea to combine a hobby with some kind of "investment" plan. I now don't believe that investment in watches have the same risk as investment in stocks. And the good thing about investment in watches is that in Denmark you don't have to pay tax of the profit. This is not the case for stocks in Denmark - there the tax of the profit would be about 40%. There is same advantages in stocks if you have stocks with negative profit, these can be calculated against stocks with positive profit.
Why do I then think watches can be a good investment. Well when I look back on the watches I could have brought to a good price - and now see these watches fetching prices way above by price range - I could see watches as a "good" investment, when compared to stocks over the same period.

I now really mean that watches are not impacted in the same way as stocks, real estate. There will ALWAYS be collectors out there that will pay premium for good watches.
You just have to buy the right watches ;-)
Then what would I suggest - well do your homework first. But here are my Hot and Not for watches as investments.

  • Rolex 5513 - best if with complete package
  • Rolex 1680 - best if with complete package
  • Rolex 1665 - (if with paperwork then it is "money in the bank")
  • Panerai 001/002/024/025 models are also good - Series A,B,C (only complete)
  • Omega Speedmaser - the original with cal. 321 is a "sure" investment
  • Panerai PVD models
  • AP "End of the days" model
  • Rolex Zenit Daytona ... Maybe, maybe not.. - Only complete package

  • Limited editions in general - well I just don't believe in all these limited editions
  • Rolex Modern watches - I don't believe these will be collectible ;-)
  • AP models - they are very nice but my knowledge of these are limited (except End of the days)
  • All models I don't know to much about....

But I will again say that anyone thinking of buying watches as investment - I will say again. Buy what you like - Then if all fails you will still be able to use the watch.

Difference between Rolex and Panerai from my view

Don't get me wrong - I really like Panerai - the daily watch for me is the Pam 25C, and has been for the last 2 years. So I'm the first to understand the "qualities" of Panerai.
There is something about the DNA of Panerai that is difficult to explain. I for one gives Nothing for "people in the news" wearing different brands. It is fun to check out (as any WIS will do) but I will never use my hard earned money on a watch because a "famous" person was seen with this or that watch.

I don't see the quality of Panerai come anywhere near Rolex in terms of movement, case and craftsmanship. And there is something very professional about the way that Rolex makes there watches, they make a Sea-dweller and now a Deep Sea, they make Milgauss, the New Yacth Master II, and the classic Submariner.

I would rate the two watches like this:
"Craftsmanship" on Panerai and Rolex to (from 1 to 10).
Panerai : 4
Rolex : 9
"Special quality" of the watch(from 1 to 10).
Panerai : 9
Rolex : 7
"Resell value! of the watch (from 1 to 10).
Panerai : 7
Rolex : 8
"Toughness" of the watch(from 1 to 10).
Panerai : 5
Rolex : 9

That's all - but people can come up with many more areas to compare.

Mini Panerai GTG in Copenhagen

Had a little Panerai GTG in Copenhagen this week - well only two people a strap man and me. I was getting a new strap for my pam 25C - and his straps are some of the best I have used.
Well here are the obligatory tableshoot ;-)

Old National Geographic Ads - Updated

Found some very old National Geographic Magazines from 1922-1935 - It was fun to look through these old NG - especially the ads was funny. Old ads for Elgin watches, Longiness, Hamilton and Car models of different makers, and even a Advert for White Star Line (the ones with Titanic).
I have again uploaded the ads including the from pages - there are also some more Omega, Heure and Rolex ads (not from the very old NG).
So take a look if this has your interest.

Then to the OLD NG ads.

And many more on the gallary pages.....

James Bond Watches in the Movies

Was informed about this webpage with lots of James Bond watch related stuff.
Here you can find wallpapers, movie photos of the watches, and much more nice information.

But the blog is also very nice - check it out here.

Take a look and check out all the watches used in the James Bond movies. I realy like the page with each James Bond Movie and the watches in use - check it out here.
From the early Rolex watches to the present Omega watches.

People in the News with Rolex watches - Daniel Craig

Well we all know that the "Real" James Bond is wearing Rolex - but due to some deals related to product placement - James Bond is wearing Omega in the movies. But it is nice to see a actor that is still his own man - and can switch to whatever watch when of screen - even when making promotion for the James Bond Movie.
And that he selects Vintage Rolex - I tip my hat for him ;-)
Check out that very nice Vintage Rolex Daytona on Craig here.

People in the News with Panerai watches - Sylvester Stallone and Jason Stratham

Was redirected to a webpage Zimbio with photos of "People in the News". And you can flip through the photos and check the watches on celebrities.

Check out 'Sylvester Stallone & Jason Statham On The Set Of "The Expendables"' Looks Like Jason Stratham is wearing a Panerai in the new movie - looking forward to that movie. I like the work of Stratham - and have been a fan since the first "transporter" movie.
But I like it best if he has a Panerai on (as in all Transporter movies).
But below are some of the pictures of Sly and Jason with multiple different watches.

Looks Like Stratham is wearing Panerai in his New movie.

Sly With a Big gold U-boot and IWC Big Pilot


Sly with Panerais and U-boot

Updated - Some more National Geographic Rolex ads

People have been very interested in these old Rolex ads. So I have gone through some more NG's and have uploaded them to the gallery.
I really like the Erling Kragge Ads - thats is one real explorer - And my Number one Rolex watch is the Explorer II.
Well check them out.

gallery pages here.

And more to come - I will continue to ad more rolex ads.

More National Geographic Rolex ads

Well I went through some more NG magazines and found some more Rolex ads. I have included the cover page from each Magazine so people can see which year and month the rolex ad was in. I have the understanding that ads are different from country to country so the ads I have might not be the same in other countries.

Here goes - more on the gallery pages here.

And many more - And I will continue to ad more rolex ads.

Vintage Rolex as Pension plan - not a bad idea

There is many ways to take care of ones old age - monthly pay to a pension plan. But somehow I have more trust in having the "money" close to me.
So how about putting your money in real estate (summer house), art (if you know what to look for) and last in watches.
Mike Wood from TOWS in UK has the pension plan in place. Take a look and enjoy the pictures.

Rolex 1665

Rolex subs

More Rolex Vintage models

More Rolex ads in National Geographic to come

I have been on the look out for more Rolex ads in my old National Geographic. I will add the cover page on each NG where the Rolex ad is located. As I have recived some request for the year and month for the different ads I presented some days ago.
So keep cool - I will ad some more Rolex ads including the cover page.

Rolex MilSub/ Omega Seamaster 300 update

Looks like the Omega Seamaster 300 was the first Mil watch ordered by the MOD for use by SAS/SBS in the UK. But due to some problems - they changed to Rolex and gave rolex the same request for design as they did for the Omega Seamaster 300.
Info link here and here.

Rolex MilSub (5517) a copy of Omega Seamaster 300

When I went through the old National Geographic magazines I found some nice ads from Omega as well - these was ofcause focused on the moon landing and the fact that the speedmaster was the official watch of NASA.
What caught my eye was a ad for the seamaster 300 - it looks "almost" identical to the rolex Milsub (5517) - the hands are almost identical and from I can see that these hands can be used as "fake" rolex hands on real milsubs. But that I found out only after I say the ad and started searching the net for information.

The Omega Seamaster 300 is from years before the delivery of the milsubs. I know that the Rolex milsubs are made by design from the UK military (MOD) but I think that the idea/design must come direct from this Omega Model.

The Hands and the 60 min brezel are very distinct features of the Rolex Milsub 5517 - different for the standard 5513 model. And these features are more or less matched directly from the Omega Seamaster 300.

Check out some info on the Omega 300 here. And here.

I do think the Rolex looks better - but The Omega is not a bad one.

Found some old National Geographic with watchs ads

Was a small trip to the summerhouse and found some old National Geographic magazines from the years 1963-1977 and in the NG magazines from the early 1970s there was some nice Rolex ads. I do like these ads - they are cool.
Check out the gallery...

Having regrets on watches sold is normal...

Right after I sold my Panerai 4B PVD - I have regretted it. I guess this is normal but I would like some idea on how to "get over" the loss. The more I think about it that watch was a perfect one. And now the price on getting one is raising more and more and is from my part not a option unless I win the lottery. So good bye Pam 4B, I hope you have a nice new home now - but I do regret letting you go.

My next watch will be a Rolex ..... I think

I have made up my mind. The next watch will be a black dial daytona. I have many watches on my "next watch" list. But the daytona have been in the back of my mind for so many years - that I just as well can give up and give in - and get that one.
And the classic daytona is just that - a classic.

I found this picture on the net and that made up my mind ;-)

It is a classic - and I hope that it don't feel to small on the wrist - as I'm going with a Pam 25c right now.

Update the gallery with some new photos

I have re-shoot some of my watches - but I really think that I would like to make some more action shoots of the watches. I mean watches in use, not as normal tableshoots.
Eg. the subs in water actions, long shutter time, watches not in "focus", photos where the watch is not the main part, etc.
But that will come ;-)

It is the rolex 1665, 5513, 1680, 1675, 16600, 16610LV.

Summer has arrived in Copenhagen.

Well after my first post of pictures of watches and watch shops close to my work. I was remineded that I missed some.. And to get all right I will repost my little work through a small part of Copenhagen and the watch shops avaliable.

On my last tour I forgot the good shop of Reeslev This has now been corrected and I must say that it looks as the summer is about to begin.

Many watches and many temptations on a small walk in Copenhagne.

I begin my walk in Bredgade - where Reeslev is located.

The I move on - to Kongens Nytorv / "The Kings New Marked" - where the hot dog stand is in place. Nothing like a hot dog after a night out.

And The Royal Danish Teater - what about a cup of coffee and enjoying the sun.

Now I start the walk down Strøget "walking street". First stop Ole Mathiesen.

Then I move down to "Hvelplund" - I repost some of the old "photos" again.
But here The Graham watches are the most special.

Then I move down to "Mini Klarlund" - I repost some of the old "photos" again.
There is a "better" Klarlund in the other "end" of Copenhagen. But that window shopping must come at a later time.

The I end the tour at Franz Jaeger - a small watch repair shop - but the window shopping is really something to make you "stand up and beg for buttermilk"

Well I end my walk in Nyhavn - the summer is so nice - looking forward to sitting here with a new watch and drinking a "fadbamse".

And a first in Denmark - Police on bicycles ;-)

Rolex at its worst !!!

I realy like Rolex - but their bling watches leave me a little cold. These watches are so much over the top.
For me a rolex is first and foremost a steel watch. But I can accept a gold rolex, but lets leave out any kind of stones.
Thats my meaning - no need to ruin a good watch with "diamonds" or other stones.

Rolex Milgauss - A tool watch with history

One of the special tool watches made by Rolex is the Milgauss. The first models was not very popular and this is the reason for the very high price of these old vintage Rolex Milgauss models.
The Milgauss was introduced by Rolex in 1954 with the model number 6451, the Rolex Milgauss was designed as an antimagnetic watch specifically for those who worked in areas where electromagnetic fields can wreck havoc on the timing of a watch, like power plants and research labs.
Again this shows that Rolex again brought out a Special Tool watch without "focus" on the "masses". The Milgauss was introduces in 1954 and was linked to the CERN particle physics laboratory in Geneva.

I tip my had for Rolex making no "short curts" when making real Tool Watches.

  • Milgauss Reference Numbers: 6451, 1019, 116400
  • Date of production: 1954 to ~1975, 2007 to current
  • Movements: 1019-1580 & 116400-3131
  • Case size: 1019-38mm 116400-40mm
  • Power Reserve: ~44 hours

From my point the Black dial version could find its way to my "next watch" list.

Vintage Rolex info - APRIL FOOLS

APRIL FOOLS - sorry ;-)

Updated - NEWS - NEWS - NEWS - Related to all Vintage Rolex Owners

From multiple watch forums and unofficial information from Rolex in Geneve, it has been informed that all Rolex before 1980 will not be subject to full service at any official Rolex AD and service center. This means that only newer rolex will recive a full service. Watches older than 1980 will recive service but are subject to avaliability of parts and will not be eligible for any form for guarantee.

Build you own watch .. Maybe not

What about making your own watch from scratch - design the dial, case, etc. And make your own inscription. Well The internet gives you the possibility for this. I found Blancier where you can see the design and follow the price making it.
It is not for me - but for some it might be fun ;-)

3 months of ARCHIVE Present now

Already now I have three months of Archive avaliable - time moves fast. If anyone out there in the world wide web is using my watchblog please feel free to contact me with information, things to change, new ideas, etc.

People in The News - Crownprince Frederik of Denmark with Rolex LV sub

I have seen the Danish Crownprice with a Rolex Sub LV on more than ones. The watch "attatched" to the crownprice is normally the Citizen Aqualand Diver Depth watch he used in his time in the danish navy. His nick name was "pingo" named after a penguien - so this watch is in Denmark know as the "pingo" watch.
But now his daily watch looks to be the Rolex Submariner LV - And I can only say - good choise.