People in The News - Crownprince Frederik of Denmark with Rolex LV sub

I have seen the Danish Crownprice with a Rolex Sub LV on more than ones. The watch "attatched" to the crownprice is normally the Citizen Aqualand Diver Depth watch he used in his time in the danish navy. His nick name was "pingo" named after a penguien - so this watch is in Denmark know as the "pingo" watch.
But now his daily watch looks to be the Rolex Submariner LV - And I can only say - good choise.

A quick 10 min walk and +100 wathes

After lunch I did a quick walk - and was able to view +100 watches in less that 10 min. OK I did'nt have time to enjoy each window for many minutes - but that I can do another time.
I was Ole Mathiesen, Hveplund, Klarlund and last a watchshop with used watches.
All is located in Copenhagen close to the royal teather and Nyhavn. Well worth a visit in the summer time - I will post some more pictures later on when we have summertime - then the place is very nice and a perfect place to get a beer.

First we check the time...

Then I check out Ole Mathiesen...

Then I move 100 meters down to Hvelplund .....

Then trun around 180 deg. and check out "mini" Klarlund the Rolex AD...

From there I walk 200 meters to Franz Jaeger

Done - and now on my way back to work ... All in all less than 10 min.

Kevin Spacey, Jean Reno, Zinedine Zidane with IWC watches

Again we see some of the "know" faces being spotted with watches. Of cause there are something different in spotting "people in the news" being sponsored by the watch industry and on spotting them with their watch of their own choice.
A good example is Daniel Craig being "forced" to use Omega in the James Bond moves - but of screen he is seen to be a Rolex man.

Last Kevin Spacey, Jean Reno, Zinedine Zidane is seen in Sinn 2009 with a IWC watches.

Which IWC should I think about

IWC has for some time been in my mind - well at least the last 5 years after I somehow feel in love with the "original" Mark XII. But now IWC has some other watches I can feel something about. The Ingerieur in multiple versions, or the classic Mark model, or one of the newer Aquatimer. What do you think ?
For now my first choice would be the std. steel version of the Ingenieur. Its big, heavy and a real toolwatch.
But what I don't like (and I don't like this for any watch firm - is the numbers of small changes to a classic model, just to have other versions, limited editions etc. Why can't they make a design that works and keep to that.
Rolex has done the same with their daytona line - it is not a pretty sight.
A review of the IWC ingenieur can be read here.
Well below are some pictures of my IWC dreams - which one should it be ?

Rolex COMEX - The story behind the Sea dweller

Having a Rolex Comex is by many collectors the gail watch - I would like one - but they are out of reach for normal watch collectors - their price are > "lots of US$" and still climbing! When I found this web page with stories on both the mil-subs and comex from real life I was very impressed. The site is made by a man that have used mil-subs and comex watches during his working life. I do find it very refreshing to see stories from people that used and still use their watches. And not as a "safe queen" collector. All the respect to him. Check it out - the site has information on Comex and Milsubs and other rolex watches most of us can only dream of.

Comex Submariners history:
  1. 1970-1973 Early Submariners Ref:-5513 with valve.
  2. 1972-1978 Submariners Unique Comex Ref:- 5514 with valve.
  3. 1978-1979 Submariner Ref:- 1680, no valve.
  4. 1982-1986 Submariner Sapphire Ref:-1680 no valve with matt or gloss dial.
  5. 1988-1989 Submariner Sapphire Ref:-16800 no valve gloss dial.
  6. 1988-1989 Submariners Ref: 168000 no valve with gloss dial
  7. 1986-1997 Submariners Ref:-16610 no valve.

Vintage or not? Pro and cons

I'm in a dilema - my finance is limited so when it comes to getting a "new" next watch, I'm always a little split between getting a New model, etc. the newest daytona, Deep Sea, Linde Werdelin or newer Panerai model - or getting a "vintage" watch, eg. Rolex 5513, 1665, 1655, Panerai "almost vintage" (models 1A,1B, 2A,2B, 4A, 4B), Omega Speedmaster cal 321, etc. The problem for a WIS like me is that I feel that many of the "new" watches are so nice when I see them in real life. Would love to win the lottery and have some "play" money for getting some nice wathes.
I do like the new models like "Royal Oak Offshore", "PP Nautilus", "Deep Sea", "GMT II New", and many more.
But then again - as soon as I see "Vintage" Watches they take over my preference - I can see no better watch than a Rolex 5513 (or if money allow 5514/5517), a 1665, etc.
But I guess that many WIS have the same "problem" - so lets just enjoy all the lovly watches out there.

Watches I would Love to have.............

any many more to come .......

Fantastic view of a Rolex Cal. 3135 - Check it out

Found these fantastic photos and stoire of the service of a Rolex 16660 (sea dweller) and it 3135 movement.

"...introduced around 1988 Rolex’s 3135 has been their workhorse movement since then."

This is what I like about Rolex - the movement might not be the most beautiful or most elegant. But they make movements that keep on working - year after year after year.
Check the review of the Rolex cal. 3135 - and the more that rare photos of the movement from completly exploded view to the details of the Helium valve.

New Linde Werdelin Watch...

Just when I have talked about PVD/DLC watches - I recive this information from Linde Werdelin - the will introduce there new "maskulin watch" the Oktopus 1.111 m.
To quate the press release

"The most ‘masculine’ watch of the LINDE WERDELIN collection, this new model has been crafted with the diver in mind." .. "The thickness of the case has been increased by an additional 1.5mm, while the sapphire crystal has also been made thicker by 1.8mm increasing it to 4.0mm in order to withstand pressure of more than 110 ATM. The Oktopus also carries an integrated Helium Escape Valve that ensures the watch endures the pressure during resurface time.
For the first time, a LINDE WERDELIN dial carries Arabic numerals and the hands are thicker while both are applied with Super LumiNova making the watch very easy to read at depth. "

But I do like the Linde Werdelin watches - and they are on my "next Watch list".

The wathes will be delivered in batches of "Oktopus Family:"
  • OKT.2.6 – Oktopus steel - black dial: ETA 2892-A2 mechanical automatic movement – limited to 222 pieces
  • OKT.1.6 – Oktopus titanium gr.5 - black matt dial: ETA 2892-A2 mechanical automatic movement - limited to 88 pieces
  • OKT.B.6 – Oktopus black DLC steel - black dial: ETA 2892-A2 mechanical automatic movement - limited to 22 pieces
  • OKT.4.9 – Oktopus 18kt. yellow gold - dark blue dial: ETA 2892-A2 mechanical automatic movement - limited to 22 pieces

The New Oktopus

And some of the old Linde Werdelin watches I like.

PVD watches - here to stay

Are the black watches (PVD and DLC) a fasion trend or will the keep up with the more classic watches in steel. I'm not completly sure for all the different models out there but I do have some I feel will keep there value and position.
The aftermarked rolex watches coated with DLC or PVD leaves me a little cold. Have seen the daytona in real life and it don't do it for me. Check out Pro-Hunter website.

But the "original" PVD watches I find a lot more interesting. Let me just highlight some of the PVD watches I would love to have my fingers on.
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak End of Days watch - grail PVD watch. Limited Edition of 500 pieces worldwide
Panerai PAM 004 - had and sold it - I do regret it so much...

Rolex Info - dials, brezel, bands ...

A good place to check for watch related information is the Timezone classic posts.
Here you can find posts that is seen as so informative that the posts have been "moved" to the forum for classic posts.
Check out

Rolex Oyster Dials 2007/8
Rolex Oyster Bracelets 2007/8
Rolex Oyster Bracelets 2007/8
Rolex Oyster Bracelets 2005 /6 Season
Rolex Oyster Dials 2005 /6 Season

Movies and watches - Watch Ads using Movies

Movies and watches has been connected for some time and the product placement is a major part of any major movie- In the good old times - product placement was not official part of the movie world - remember the history of how Sean Connery as James Bond in Dr. No used the Rolex Submarina.

Reasently we have seen the follwing movies make ads that use the move they have been used in. Omega - well we all know Omega have their hands on the James Bond movies.

And IWC have been part of the Miami Vice Movie - but I have not been able to find the IWC ads with Miami Vice movie included, but the watches can be seen on the posters.

The watches, which Jamie Foxx (Ricardo Tubbs) wears, are a "Portuguese Chrono-Automatic" and an "Aquatimer Split Minute Chronograph" from the swiss watch manufacturer IWC (International Watch Company).

The newest movie with Al Pacino and Robert Di Nero - Righteous Kill has also been used in watch ads for Tutima watches. But this has caused some issues - as the use of the movie posters was not a deal that Di Nero and Pacino was part of. "Robert De Niro and Al Pacino have joined forces to sue the makers of their recent movie Righteous Kill - in a dispute over a watch featured in the film."
It looks like the payment of 50.000 US$(or 80.000 US$) for 3 seconds in a movie is the going rate. But the trouble here is that Tutima has used the poster with Di Nero and Pacino without there approval. So this has started the lawsuit for 10 million US $!

The Omega SpeedMaster (The Moon Watch) - Added to my next watch list

I don't know how I could forget to have the Omega Speedmaster (The Moon Watch)on my next watch list. Its a true classic on the same line as the rolex submariner and daytona. It only shows that a good design can last forever. Sometimes I think that when watchmakers want to make changes to a classic design - they should stop and think twice on what they are doing ("Think twice - Cut once"). The original Omega Speedmaster is the most beautifull watch - I even think as a chronograph it is more perfect than the Rolex daytona !!! Did I mean that. Well yes I did - almost. The rolex daytona is also a beautiful watch and a icon - but the Omega Speedmaster is in the same leauge.
But be sure to check out Maddox site - for a WIS it gives some very inside information on Omega and "The Moon Watch"

The model I would go for should be as "original" as possible - from the years 1965-1972 or or something in that range. Manual wound watch, T dial, cal 321 and ofcause also a velcro strap.

The Speedmaster is the only watch to be worn on the moon (except for the Waltham worn by Dave Scott after the crystal had popped off his Speedmaster), and the only watch flight-qualified for extra-vehicular use by NASA. It is the watch chosen for use in outer space by the Russian space agency NPO Energija. source wikipedia and maddox

Article on wathes in space - PDF article
Maddox - site with some good omega links
Watches in Space - a nice webpage - check it out Omega forum - the place to go if omega questions ;-)
Maddox info on the price to pay for a Omega Moon Watch.
Other site - Tapestry of Time - with the Omega I want.

Rolex has been at the deepest and the highest

Well it has always been talked about if Rolex was the first watch on Mt. Everest. But is a fact that Rolex have been these two places. From the deepest bottom of the sea to the top of the world ;-) As toolwatches go - the Rolex have proved there worth - not only on the drawing board - but in real life also. That that it matters much - not many of us will climb the highest mountains or dive to the deepest of deepest. Check out the article of the Mt. Everest and deep sea watch from Rolex here.

GTG = Get Together - a chance to meet other people of same interesst.

It is not always that one better half understand one interesst in watches. That is where the GTG come into the pictures. Here you can meet people that have the same interesst as you, see watches you have only dreamed of - and meet face to face some of the persons you have "talked" with on different forums on the Internet.
A good place to start out is the GTG Zone on
The Panerai community have the most GTG of any "watch group" I think - make a search on GTG on any watch forum and you will be rewarded with pictures and information. And have the feeling - "That looks like fun - I which I had been there ;-)".

The good think with GTG is they can be anyting from 2 persons and up - as soon as you have a reason to get together and talk watches, and have some good food and a beer - that is officially a GTG.
Another nice thing with these GTG is that you will se wathces from other brands you maybe not normally would think about. Always good to get new input.

Watch Magazines of the world

As a true WIS I do link to look at watches in magazines, in movies, on people, on photos, etc. But I also like to read through a watch magazine. And the good part is that this I can keep for my self. The wife have no idea why I like to sit and read about watches (also related to books). So I have found links to some of the worlds watch magazines, or magazines that have watch related information in them.

MDT - maquinasdeltiempo -
Europa Star - "The World's leading watch magazine"
Montres Passion
Revue FH
Happy News (Spécial)
Patek Philippe (Bi-annuel)
On Time (by Maurice Lacroix) (Trimestriel)
Vox (Annuel)
Watch around

"Jacques Piccard Memorial Edition" Rolex DSSD

Found some information on Jacques Piccard and must feel that a special Rolex Deep Sea watch is appropriate for a man with his history.

Jacques Piccard was a Swiss oceanic engineer famous for making the deepest ever ocean dive, which he accomplished on January 23, 1960 along with Lt. Don Walsh. The two entered a bathyscaph called Trieste and descended 10,916 meters (35,810 feet) into the Challenger Deep, an area in the Pacific Ocean's Mariana Trench, touching down on the deepest part of the ocean anywhere on earth. That's quite an accomplishment, and one that hasn't yet been repeated.

Then I see this watch on - Somehow I like it - and I'm not into all these special watches made - I like the "standard" versions much better. But this is quit nice.

Rolex commercials - on youTube

Rolex commercials - well in Denmark we don't see these wonderfull commercials. Then it is good we can check them out on the internet.
Here you can see a commercial for the steel used in rolex, the new ceramic brezel, rosegold, the rolex factory and a daytona commercial.

Two months of ARCHIVE Present now

Already now I have two months of Archive avaliable - time moves fast. If anyone out there in the world wide web is using my watchblog please feel free to contact me with information, things to change, new ideas, etc.

Panerai Models overview

Sometimes it can be diffecult to get a overview of all the Panerai models if your not really into the Panerai world.
But lucky for us that are still learning there are many pages and links on the internet that can guide us through the multiple models avaliable past and present.
On they have a overview of the models with links to photos of some of the models. They have other view of the models also -
Strap Culture also have a nice overview with photos - it give a very good and quick overview - a good place to start.

Very good information on the "early" T-dial PANERAI's

If you as me started with a morden watch (mine was a Rolex EXP II) and you then more over to the vintage watches (mine first vintage watch was a Rolex GMT) you might know why there is something special about vintage watches. Well after some modern and vintage Rolex I got my eye on the Panerai's. My first was the Panerai PAM 04B (PVD) that I had to let go - buggers - but I got a Panerai 25C that is now my daily watch. I selected the PAM 25C over many newer Panerais because of the T-dail and the vintage look of the brezel.

Why a T-dial? Well there is someting to be said about the T-dials on the "old" Panerais - the look so gooooood.
My 25C is not seen as anything vintage by Panerai standards - but a nice watch ;-).

I have been looking into getting some of the early Panerais (not the PRE-A or anything older) - just a A or B series would do nicely. But one thing is for sure, it should have a T-dial!!!

But check out this very informative article and beatuiful pictures of Pre-A and T-dials Panerais on the official "unofficial" Panerai forum site - It will give you some idea on why I love the T-dials.