Steve Mcqueen wearing his Rolex 5512

Steve Mcqueen was know for wearing his Rolex 5512 - here are some pictures of Steve Mcqueen wearing his Rolex 5512. But it is the Rolex Explorer II 1655 that is known as the Rolex "Steve Mcqueen" but I have yet to see a picture of Steve Mcqueen wearing the Rolex Explorer II (1655).

Rolex GMT in Street Kings with Keanu Reeves.

In the 2008 movie you can see Keanu Reeves wearing a Rolex GMT - easy to see.

Original Rolex Watch description

I found these descriptions on timezone.com and they give some nice information on e.g. the new Milguass Rolex 116400.

SINN 2009 News I find interesting

Well timezone.com have some very good information on all the news on watches that is comming from the different manufactores in 2009. I Have selected a few I find interesting - but I suggest you make your own visit to the forums and check out some of the watches.

The Panerai 60mm gives a new meaning to the word "big watch. Limited to 300, made in Ti and price around 19.000 Euro"

Other Panerai models I would like to try out. The new Panerai Luminor 1950 Titanium looks nice - Ref. PAM00305 - 47 mm

Personal I like Rolex because they don't change that much about their watches - it a slow evolution and not unlimited limited series. I'm sorry to say that sometimes I feel I'm getting older - the many new models from other high end watches houses leave me a little "cold".
E.g. there are now so many different limited series AP Roal Oak (Audemars Piguet) that I have no idea. Check out there new "limited" series from SINN 2009 here.

Updated the People in The News with Watches.

Added some more People in the News with Watches - check out the Watches in Movies - Well it is not only watches in movies but also "People in the News with Watches"

E.g. we have Sharon Stone and James Woods with Rolex Daytonas

Special Rolex Watches - How about a ALL BLACK Rolex?

Pro Hunter makes black versions of Rolex models - personal I don't like them that much but they are a nice change of the standard Rolex line. Link www.discoverprohunter.com.
Some of the know persons with these Black Rolex is e.g Bill Clinton - but checkout there homepage for more information on who is known to wear these watches.

How about a DeepSeaSeaDweller , Daytona or GMT master IIC

What is the price on a watch

I use to check out the chrono24.com site when looking for a new watch - the price there is a good guideline for the price a specific watch should cost.

People in The NEWS: Barack Obama's watch

Barak Obama's watch and more information on the watches he has used from this link. It is a Secret Service watch

Panerai spotted in the New Transporter movie

Just say the relative New movie "Transporter 3" - and again Jason Statham is again wearing a Panerai model - In "Transporter" it was a 40 mm Panerai Chronograph, In "Transporter 2" it was a 44 mm model Chronograph (PAM 196) and then now in "Transporter 3" it is again a Panerai. Which Model I'm note sure about - but I could be a PAM 212 Flyback - but any information is welcome.

Here are the watch I think it is - the model 212 - Luminor 1950 Chronograph

My next watch - narrow it down

Today I'm planning to narrow down my search for the next watch. It is not a easy task - I do have a selection of watches I would like to see in my collection in the near future if "time" allow.

Welcome to my blog of watches

Welcome to my very small collection of watch information - the focus of this blog is to collect some of all the knowledge that exist around the world concerning watches. This will be both for the latest new watches from the major watch companies but also with focus on the Vintage world of watches. I'm have no special knowledge of the watch world, but have collected some information during my latest 5 years of looking for watches. There is some very good information to be found by some of the very knowledge people that contribute to the multiple watch sites that exist.

An other interest of mine is photography, so I would very much like to focus on some special photography of watches - not the standard "nice" watch shoot - but photos that have something more - good pictures where the watch is present.

I hope you can find some good information here and if not I hope you can enjoy some of the pictures that I plan to put on this blog.

Have fun!

The Idea behind this Blog

The whole idea is for me to have a place to collect watch related information and other information I find interesting. My first idea was just to collect the data for my own use. But then I remember my own initial start into the world of watches where the problems of buying the right watch at the right price, and all the questions related to buy and spend my very limited money on a "new" vintage watch.

All this information I hope to be able to collect in one place, so some of my own questions and answers is collected here for anyone to access and use.

The BLOG archive

Well - as this is a new Blog based on my very old home page with some information on my watches I don't have anything on the blog archive right now - but I plan to have the blog archive updated like once a month or every second month - based on the number of new entries.

How you find this helpful - and as I have used a new server and hosting center - I also hope you will support my sponsors by clicking their banner. For now I have no sponsors :-(.